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Brangelina and Kids - Fun in France!

Brangelina and Kids - Fun in France!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoy the sun with their kids on one of the balconies of Paul Allen’s house in the South of France on Thursday.

Brad, 44, and mom-to-be Angie, 32, spend some quality time with their four kids Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh before the birth of their 5th child.

Can’t wait for the new member of the family!

10+ pictures of Brad, Angelina and kids having fun in France…

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brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 01
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 02
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 03
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 04
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 05
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 06
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 07
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 08
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 09
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 10

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  • ~~&~~

    jennifer fan @ 05/02/2008 at 8:11 pm
    Are you not happy with CHIN’s new man?

  • anustin

    jenwhore fan,never post to ur azz eating panties idol.i got nothing to do with ur fake idol.she’s old!

  • the truth is this

    jennifer fan @ 05/02/2008 at 8:11 pm

    Your numbers are shrinking. Fact.

    People are now ashamed to be her fan to see her so desperate with Golden Shower JohnMayer. Fact.

    Angie and Brad are respected for being good and doing good the world over. People worldwide love seeing their muticultural family.

    Outside of US and UK your idol’s name is not even known, she is just someone Brad used to be married to years ago, she has no name recognition. That’s a fact.

    You would do better using all your energy to support your idol. She will need all support posssible once JohnM starts blogging about her, and he will, he always does. Maybe they will get married like MC and NC, afterall she is a cougar now.

    Seas are about to get rougher for her, better run to her assistance, she will need it. Yes she will.

    Angie and Brad are doing just fine, happily waiting for the birth of their 5th child, getting ready to dazzle on the RC together at Cannes, loving and supporting each other. Fact.

  • anustin

    jenwhore fan,if i wer u,i would rather change my idol to miley xerox.

  • LL

    Brad takes Z out for ice cream JJ please post the photos.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    jennifer fan…b!tch go howl at the moon, you and that lame ass
    post was as weak as your spine, you are just a small fish in a pond
    of barracudas, we sharpen our teeth on s!hit like that flimsy rap
    you just tried to give, go some place and practice…beat it!

    Damn!!! I talk to a troll :roll:

  • Jill

    the truth is this @ 05/02/2008 at 8:25 pm
    once JohnM starts blogging about her, and he will, he always does.

    LOL, not any more he doesn’t. Somebody (he or his publicist) wiped all the entries except for March 2008 off his blog. That entry is a lot of rambling nonsense, but has no references to peeing or pooping on his partners in it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his publicist tries to delete all those photographs of him in that ghastly green thong as well.

    He and X can’t get up an ounce of class between them. They deserve each other.

  • piper, with a low

    Oops… I forgot Barbara Walters and her 5+ year affair with a married man. I admit… I watched the View and there was no mention or discussion of this; she did mention Allen Greenspan, though.

    I just marvel at her and the rest of the ladies’ hypocrisy. Unless this show was prerecorded, there is no excuse for them glossing over this particular area of Barbara’s life when Angelina’s alleged involvement with Brad was fodder for years.

    Maybe Barbara’s affair and the way it went kaput was the reason why she wouldn’t let the so-called Bermuda Triangle go. She saw a man who was intrigued by a woman, despite having the ‘perfect’ wife at home. The man seperates from the wife and the divorce was a done deal within months of the seperation. And the man goes to the woman who intrigued him and scarcely left her side and proceeded to build a fuller, better life with her.

    It didn’t happen for Barbara, although she clearly put out, so she got all cheesed off.

  • anustin

    hehehe jenwhore fan,papa pitt looks cute around he’s children ey! just lovely!oh well, jenwhore got the urinator,greg norman and dolly parton!….and they all smell.

  • To #252

    You should support your idol as she desperatly needs it

    She is reportedly pretending to be a nurse in a bid to find a boyfriend in !

    How desperate she must be ! It isn’t enough to have one night stands in a row with Johnny Scatolo, aka pee-poop man. Now she has fallen so low that she created a fake profile on a site to meet eligibale men…

    your idol needs you ….go there and comfort her cause she will need it as no eligibale intelligent man would never wants to marry such a lazy neurotic pile of no talent but a huge ego.

  • bdj

    Warner Bros snaps up FTII film on Jolie
    Pallavi Kharade/Anuradha Mane
    Saturday, May 03, 2008 03:50 IST

    PUNE: The mad rush to catch a glimpse of Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt during the making of A Mighty Heart made headlines in India. Now, an Indian documentary that captures the frenzy surrounding their visit to Pune is going to vie for eyeballs in the US.

    Chasing Angelina Jolie, a documentary made by Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) student Saurav Dey, will be broadcast on the Warner Brothers’ owned Extra Television this weekend.

    Though Dey never managed to meet Angelina, he has tried to capture the Hollywood couple in action over more than a month. “The film will be broadcast in over 200 cities in the US over the weekend,” said Dey, a third year student of direction.

  • Vee

    Wow–tons of BAMPZS fans here tonight! Hello to all! I’m so glad to see pictures of them as these pics don’t seem to be too invasive. I hope they have lots of play space besides the balconies.

    I don’t think this is the birth place for the new baby–just a stopover for the Cannes Film Festival. Does anyone else agree?

  • anustin

    eewwwww @ the link264.

  • loveBPAJ

    Vee @ 05/02/2008 at 8:59 pm

    Wow–tons of BAMPZS fans here tonight! Hello to all! I’m so glad to see pictures of them as these pics don’t seem to be too invasive. I hope they have lots of play space besides the balconies.

    I don’t think this is the birth place for the new baby–just a stopover for the Cannes Film Festival. Does anyone else agree?
    I agree with you.

  • bdj
    (Louboutin inspired by AJ. )
    Yesterday at Barneys New York, Christian Louboutin parted the red-soled sea of eager women in line to get their shoes signed. Even Patti Freakin’ LaBelle popped by with a whole trunk full. In the midst of the chaos, we stole a minute with the footwear icon. From our Fashion Director, Harriet Mays Powell’s, Studio Visit last year, we gleaned he designed heels with sexy French showgirls in mind. But what modern gals inspire him? “Well, Dita Von Teese is the obvious one, but there’s a big spectrum of performance artists. Like as a dancer, Madonna. Or Beyoncé is a great artist. Even some actresses like Angelina Jolie. It’s really about body language, attitude, and how you carry yourself.” Speaking of actresses, he hadn’t read or heard anything about Gwyneth Paltrow’s sky-scraping shoe choices. But he did get a text message about something with Gwyneth, so maybe it was related? Yup, Louboutin texts! He’s also planning on attending next week’s Met Gala but don’t expect him to arrive in a cape and tights. “For me, the idea of superhero is about the big shoulders. And I don’t have those, so I’m going to skip that.” We also asked about his favorite spring shoe, which he had trouble recalling. “You have to understand that, for me, spring was a year ago.” Luckily, all the shoes on display were pretty amazing. One day we dream of owning a pair, but it looks like we’ll be saving up for a while. The designer outright dismissed the idea of a cheaper divison line.

  • please

    Please let’s not make tons of replies to only one hater, it ruins the thread.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. Best wishes to BAMPZS + one or two. It would be nice if we could all jet off to Cannes to see BP and AJ walk the red carpet. However, it ain’t cheap according to Variety. I would probably brown bag it. Peace to all.

    2008 Cannes costs
    Deflated dollar makes fest even more painful

    With its legendary snootiness, the Cannes Film Festival has never catered to all walks of life, but it was just a matter of time until the overwhelming strength of the euro would propel the fest’s exclusivity to the next level. This year, doing business in Cannes will not only take years off of your life, it’ll thin your wallet more rapidly than before.

    For those headed to the French Riviera, here’s a quick price preview:

    Cab ride from Nice Airport to Cannes
    E65 to E70 ($103 to $111) before 7 p.m.; E67 to E82 ($106 to $131) thereafter.

    A cappuccino at the Carlton Hotel
    E7 ($10); an American coffee — with unlimited service: E8 ($13)

    A large bottle of Perrier sparkling water at the Noga Hilton
    E7 ($12)

    Three-course lunch special at Gray d’Albion beach
    E25 ($40); a bottle of rose, Chateau de L’Escarelle: E16 ($26)

    A ‘Festival’ lychee martini at Century Club Cannes
    E13 ($21) at the London-based private members club’s temporary beach outpost

    A Bellini with Laurent Perrier Champagne at the Hotel du Cap
    E39 ($62); a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne: E25 ($40)

    A four-cheese pizza at La Pizza Restaurant
    E12 ($19)

    A Mojito at the Martinez hotel bar
    E18 ($29); a Vodka and Burn (similar to Red Bull) cocktail: E16 ($25); a Bellini with Taittinger Champagne: E18 ($29)

    A tuxedo rental from the concierge of the Majestic Hotel
    E100-E120 ($158-$190); bowtie rental: E15-E20 ($24-$32)

    La Roche Posay sunscreen at La Pharmacie du Festival
    E15.90 ($25)

    A pack of AAA Duracel batteries at Monoprix
    E4.90 ($8)

  • legs


  • AlwaysHungry

    I’m glad the pictures aren’t clearer. They deserve some privacy

  • tabitha

    It sure is expensive in Cannes esp while the festival is going on.

  • louboutinlover

    i think they wont be bothered that much by the pap’s and media. they all look wonderful i love the way they travel the world aswell, i think they will have a restful, peaceful, and joyful time from now- to the birth of the baby in france! love the JP’s!!! brad looks hott in a singlet….

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pictures.

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    facts1.brad married jennifer and stayed married with her 7 years now that must be a reason for that he won’t marry angelina are losers for worshiping those two worthless fame whores pretending to care about others they make good pr for their movies so you will go see them it that simple 3.angelina loves asian woman 4.once a cheater always a cheater brad will find some hot young bettr looking woman to cheat on angelina that will happen soon if not now latter can’t wait for you to go all crazy about that o wait you ollrady are

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks bdj for the new articles and links

  • Jill

    jennifer fan @ 05/02/2008 at 10:16 pm
    facts1.brad married jennifer and stayed married with her 7 years

    Facts1. He stayed married to her for less than 4 and a half years, not 7. They married in July 2000 and separated in January 2005.

    Facts2. Once he met Angelina, he couldn’t unload Aniston fast enough.

  • lol

    10:16, shouldn’t you be off bothering the jessica simpson fans?

  • nanny

    Glad to see one of the nannies finally and an Asian lady at that.

  • Bailey

    jennifer fan:
    1. you can’t spell
    2. you are a loser for worshipping that fame whore who cares only about tan lines, and the free lighter you get when you buy 3 packs of smokes.
    3. jennifer loves golden showers.
    4. you have a pretty pathetic life if you are waiting around for a couple that you don’t care about to split

    Hello anoble, alia, irma, vickifromtexas, felinelilly, yes, guli and all the other cool, intelligent posters. Trying to get some late night laundry done, so be in and out. Hope you are all doing well tonight!!!

  • http://justjared Queen of Hearts

    A family that has some fun together stays together.

  • Andrómeda

    Hi people!!
    “Troy” is on TNT here in my country right now!!, and i´m watching it again.

  • Bailey

    what country are you in?

  • sandisk

    jennifer fan = bet

    Please use punctuation mark !!!!

    Oh, your Jen is a LIAR. Her lust for fame and movie stardom caused the demise of her marriage.

    She is a liar. She went to Oprah, Access Hollywood, Diane Sawyer and told them, “….a baby is on the way…..”. Why cant she tell the truth?
    And what about that faking a relationship with Vince Vaughn to sell movie tickets?

  • Andrómeda

    Bailey: Hi!!, I´m in Argentina, and you?

  • Jill

    Has anyone heard how is Saraicita doing with her new baby?

  • Bailey

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia. How is the weather in Argentina? What time is it there?

  • Pretty In Pink


    I can’t seem to post on this thread but have posted in another thread (non Brad/Angie) with no difficulty.



  • Pretty In Pink


    You need to check your system … something is wrong somewhere.

  • Saraicita

    hola Jill :) que casualidad tu preguntas por mí y yo estoy aqui :lol:

    Baby S. está perfectamente bien. yo estoy agotadisima él come cada 2 horas. yo pensaba que ser abogado era duro pero ser mamá es + duro aún.

    quieres verlo? si tienes el correo de Missouri Fan dile que te de el mío y yo te envío las fotos :)

    Andromeda, Estelle, Perpetual Lurker, Guli, Sam p, I love Shiloh, Hottest Couple Ever, Ameena & MF ya lo vieron

    por fin puedo venir porque él ya se durmió

  • Andrómeda

    Bailey: Is cold now (we are in autumm), and is midnight. What about Atlanta?

  • Saraicita

    good night ladies :) Baby S. is crying again :oops: good bye

  • Jill

    Saraicita — hola mamita, qué alegría verte por aqui! Bien me recuerdo lo agotada que el cuidar de un nene te deja, pero no va a pasar mucho tiempo hasta que duerme por toda la noche y come en las horas regulares, y entonces mami va a poder dormir un buen rato también.

    Yo no sabía que eres abogada, mi nuera es abogada y me dice que el trabajo es muy duro, pero por lo menos las abogadas pueden dormir bien por la noche mientras que las madres nuevas tienen que dormir con un ojo abierto.

    Dale al niño muchos abrazos por parte de todos nosotros.

  • to those who don’t get it …



  • Andrómeda

    Saraicita: Hola, que gusto saber de vos!!. Me alegro que todo esté bien, especialmente el bebé. Es comprensible que estés muy cansada, cuidando al nene todo el día y dándole de comer. Aprovechá para descansar cuando él duerma.
    Cuidáte mucho. Besos para vos, tu esposo y tu hermoso hijito.

  • anoble

    Hello Bailey, how’s going lady? Kids keeping you hopping? LOL at the laundry – my college girl brought a ton home tonight – then left to go out with friends so Mom’s doing her laundry – thought those days were over :lol: :lol:

    Hey Andrómeda, how are you tonight?

  • vickifromtexas

    hello bailey, anoble, andromeda and all regular posters.

  • anoble

    Hey vicki :)

  • Andrómeda

    Hi anoble!!, i´m fine, i was watching Troy. How are you?
    Pretty In Pink: hello there. Try using Firefox.

  • anoble

    Andrómeda @ 05/02/2008 at 11:41 pm

    That’s one of my favorite BP movies. :D

  • takeabreak

    These ‘poor people’ are hounded by paparazzi because of all of YOU! Yes, you…you nutty people who sit on the internet obsessively daydreaming scenarios in which you are bffs with a couple of mildly talented movie stars who loath paying for accommodations….take A BOW! You should be ashamed of of yourselves for forcing the wonderful Jolie-Pitts out of the good ol’ USA.

    It’s ALL YOUR FAULT! haha!