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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

Just Jared on Facebook
sophia bush james lafferty couple 01
sophia bush james lafferty couple 02
sophia bush james lafferty couple 03
sophia bush james lafferty couple 04
sophia bush james lafferty couple 06
sophia bush james lafferty couple 07
sophia bush james lafferty couple 09
sophia bush james lafferty couple 10
sophia bush james lafferty couple 11
sophia bush james lafferty couple 12
sophia bush james lafferty couple 13
sophia bush james lafferty couple 14
sophia bush james lafferty couple 15

Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ed

    People that spread lies about her are hilarious.
    Sophia i love you girl

  • lana

    What the hell does this have to do with Chad? This is about Sophia. She’s just as unprofessional as he is.

  • Pleaseeee

    Awww Sophia one husband and one boyfriend until now. James and her hooking up after 5 years. Bad Sophia! get a life. James is such a doll and so is he. Sophia is filming a new movie not having her tonsils out! Hard worker too. What are you numb nuts doing?

  • Court

    hate to break it to you, LOL, Sophia ISN’T as famous as you’d like to think.
    Her people are planting photographers and stories…which is why James was PISSED at her at the CG. He knows it’s just a wham-bang-thank-you-maam routine…which isn’t uncommon for him.

    Whatever…I feel sorry for Sophia worshippers!

    Lay off Joy, Marie…sorry she’s beats the shit at Sophia at acting. She WAS VOTED Cw’s Hottest, and has been recognized as the best actor on this crapfest of a show.
    Joy does her lines, leaves, and lives her life.
    And as for someone saying he and Joy aren’t friends….WRONG! They are close…they just don’t screw around, unless some media whores. She’s the only one he really hung out with at the CG.
    Stupid Brathan-ers hating Joy for no real reason.

    Sophia a ho. James is scum and is doing other girls at teh same time. They are fucking, and it’s only a matter of time before he says ‘peace out’ and it’s OVER, and yay, more onset awkward drama.

    And anyone who thinks it’s more is an idiot.

  • Elisa


  • Julia

    I do like Sophia but I am a hardcore James/bethany fan! I know they haven’t dated bu….I am still pathetically waiting!
    and wishing!

  • bigfthunterHJS

    >>Yeah too bad Bethany is so fat she looks preggers. LMAO!<>James and Joy do not hang out at all.<>You wish Joy had publicity like Sophia.<<
    I don’t know about the other Joy’s fans, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t. I don’t need to see her attending tons of parties or the details of her celebrating her birthday. As long as she continues to amaze me with her acting, I will be content with lack of info.
    And how much of the attention Sophia receives is due to her work and movies? How much of that is due to her failed relationship with CMM, other guys and her attending various events? Because to me, attention because of your work and accomplishments is much more valuable than the attention you get because of your private life.

    Honestly, I don’t like Sophia, I don’t think she’s this wonderful, classy, amazing girl, “the bestest in the whole wide world”, BUT I don’t believe she had multiple abortions or surgeries. Can’t know for sure, but it’s quite ridiculous. There are way worse people in the world. To me, Sophia is just fake, but she’s not the Devil incarnated.

  • bigfthunterHJS

    Oookay, don’t know what happened with my comment, has it gotten eaten or something? ;)

  • lana

    bigfthunterHJS you said it in perfect words. That’s why so many people don’t like Sophia Bush. I don’t respect her because she’s not credited for her acting. She gets more attention from the events she attends and her clothing. Sorry, but it’s the truth. This article on Just Jared is just proof of that.

  • Too funny!

    Love Sophia. keep up th e good work.
    You and James are good people.

  • bigfthunterHJS

    Wanted to add this… Overall, Joy may not get much publicity, but at least when she does, it’s all about how great she is at what she is doing, not about who she may be sleeping with. This year, they have written about her in various magazines and she has been praised for her amazing acting, especially in 510, and then called “the MVP of the season”. Quality over quantity. I wouldn’t trade this kind of gushing for articles like this one or her photos from numerous parties all over the Internet.

  • rony

    LOL people get a LIFE it is really pathetic to bush someone that you never meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ed

    What the hell does this have to do with Chad?
    because his hardcore fans make all this

  • mia

    It is really sad to bush someone that you never meet

    Sophia and James are good people.

  • anonymous

    why are ppl even bringing joy into this? some of you guys on here are real s**t heads. its amazing how so many ppl on here just know sooo many ppl in wilmington who know every aspect of james and sophia’s personal lives. James isn’t a manwh*** and Sophia isn’t a sl*t. I think it’s great that theyre such good friends and if they’re dating..more power to them.
    and seriously, some of you ppl really need to get a life. it’s almost sad to think that you get a thrill of sitting behind a computer all day and bash actresses/actors.

  • Marty

    Its ridiculous that people are complaining about people not liking Sophia or James in this thread. This is a celebrity blog, and like all celebrity blogs, pretty much half of the comments are going to be negative. It doesn’t make the person commenting jealous or pathetic. It just means they don’t like the celebrity in question. I’m pretty sure everyone in here defending these two has other celebs that they don’t like. Does that make you jealous of them? No. Its a stupid defense. People that don’t like Sophia are not wrong or pathetic for having that opinion.

    And I’m sorry, but its stupid and a little classless for Sophia to hook up with another co-star on the same set as her ex-husband. Yeah, so Chad hooked up with someone too, but it was an extra, someone who was easily cut out to ease tensions. James and Chad or Sophia and Chad share scenes in almost every episode. How crazy awkward is that?! And there were all sorts of rumors about the set splitting up and cast members not getting along because they took sides after the last split. Why would Sophia put herself in the position to tear about the set once again? You would think she would have learned that lesson. From someone who goes on and on about being a professional, I honestly expected a little more from her.

    One last observation, but James does not look pleased in those pictures. Sophia is smiling at the paps, and James won’t look at them and seems to disappear from the pictures once the paps got close. He’s not even helping her with the dog. If they are dating, he seems pissed about the paps, and if I were her, I’d be pissed he didn’t bother to help out with that giant thing.

  • Luving James

    I really don’t know why Joy is mentioned at all in here. I think the people that are mentioning her to protect Sophia are just as classless as they claim the haters to be. Calling Joy fat is classless, especially when its a lie. Joy is the smallest of all the girls. Also I don’t like that people are claiming that the girls from the James and Joy thread are in here from the CW boards bashing. Hate to break it to you, they aren’t. I know those girls well and they don’t have to come on here to bash anyone.

    The people bashing can just not like Sophia and not be Joy or Chad fans.

    James and Sophia are just friends. It really isn’t that uncommon to take the same plane home with a co-star. They didn’t do anything in those pictures that would even show them being a couple.

    I can’t believe all the awful stuff being said on here. No one should be talked about like that. EVER. I hope Sophia never sees this, same for James and Joy and Chad. They would be ashamed of their fans.

    Step away from the computer…stop defending…stop being mean. Just step away.

  • McKenzie

    Wow, people need to back off of SB. Like, she ruined things? She’s not the only one who dates co-stars. Even though, they seem like they are just great friends but it wouldn’t be a horrible thing. They both look lovely here.

  • lame

    honestly, why is joy in this at all? shes not even mentioned in this article
    sorry to break it to you but joy is MARRIED! and the producers arent stupid, if james and sophia really are together, they arent going to tear the most loved couple apart, no matter what.
    and i’m pretty sure it was a lot more awkward for sophia when chad got engaged because they werent even over yet. But its been 2 years and if chad is engaged to be married, then it shouldnt affect him on who his ex dates.

    And just for EVERYONE, whether your a naley shipper or a brathan shipper, this really shoudnt affect you. the pictures your looking at are of REAL people, they arent nathan and brooke. So please, stop with the hating just because of who they play on television. if you dont like them because of what you seen outside of the tv, then fine, but if you are just hating right now because its “brooke and nathan” and you love “nathan and haley” then PLEASE get a life

  • Bri

    I can not believe how rude some people can be.
    First off, okay if you don’t like Sophia then why waste your time scrolling through all the pics, reading the article, and then going through the time to write a paragraph completely trashing her. Just keep your opinions to yourself and do not spread lies. There are plenty of celebrites that I do not care for, but I don’t waste my time complaining about them.

    Second off, why are people completely bashing her? There is nothing wrong with being 25 (legal and quite mature) and having a little fun, especially if those are her PRIVATE pictures that she never intended for millions of people to see and share over the internet. I highly doubt she has ever had any plastic surgery, as someone pointed out before, especially not a nose job, she looks exactly the same as she has when she was a kid and even if she did, that wouldn’t even say anything about her class. I know 1 or 2 people who have had boob jobs and are some of the sweetest people, in fact my friends mom has gotten a boob job and I assure you, it has not effected her class.

    I don’t know why people get their jollies out of saying that she has gotten multiple abortions before. Once again that is personal information, I highly doubt you would enjoy people spreading rumors about you getting abortions, and also I find that highly doubtful anyways.

    Just by watching her interviews and reading them, you can clearly tell that she is not the kind of person that so many seem to like to believe. It’s truly ridiculous. How is it her fault if all of a sudden she is blowing up and getting more attention? As for being pictured everywhere, uhm, she has always gone to Fashion Week and many other events, she just hasn’t gotten as much attention for it in the past. She is simply becoming more well known.

    And who is to say that these 2 are even dating in the first place? They do not look cozy in any of these pictures, they just seem like friends. And even if they were, who cares? You do not know them personally and do not interact with them on a daily basis, so why should it bother you that badly?

    I don’t even know how Joy got brought into this argument, but it is totally unneccessary.

    Alright, enough of my rant. Some people should probably take their own advice and acquire some class, instead of saying that Soph needs to.

  • Marisol

    OOKay ppl just because Chad cheated on her..that doesnt mean she cant Date other people and who cares if its her FUCK YALL IDIOTS…DONT KNOW SHIT..

    i bet all of yall have been dumped by LOsers hehe

  • ana

    James Lafferty is a gentleman. He doesn’t need to draw attention to himself, and he doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anybody

  • Kristen


    I’ve read over and over again that “Sophia’s dating another co-star”. Get the fuck over it. None of them have come out and said anything about them dating so I don’t understand why people are already claiming that they are. And if they are dating….why the HELL DO PEOPLE CARE??? Sophia and James can date whoever the hell they want…eachother included.

    And all those bashing Sophia….YOU ALL REALLY NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And to Court:
    Sophia Bush is CLASSY. Do you have any fucken proof that she’s dating James??? HELL NO. Just because their are rumors doesn’t make it true. Are you in kindergarten or something???? Fucken grow up. And if they are dating…..why THE HELL DO YOU CARE????? And if James lost you as a fan over this…then I say GOOD FOR HIM. He doesn’t need idiots like you rooting for him anyways. And whats up with this STD shit??? R u a doctor or something where you can just look at someone and be like “oh, he’s got an STD”. Seriously, grow the fuck up. And I don’t know why people brought up Joy. And for you to say that its Brathaners that are hating on Joy…thats not true. Sophia’s not a ho but is instead, a talented and beautiful actress. I don’t know her personally and I’m pretty sure you don’t either….so what your keep your nasty remarks TO YOURSELF.

    And Alanna:
    For you to say that Sophia’s fans need to get off their high horse is just stupid. Her fans love her and support her which is why when idiots like you go around saying shit about her, we get pissed and of course we’re gonna defend her. Like I said, I don’t know her personally so I’m not gonna comment on her personality…but what I do know is that she is a talented actress and stunning. I can’t believe you said she has a fat face. You must be very blind or just very stupid. Do you have any idea how many Hollywood lists she’s made just for being beautiful??? And if you don’t agree, then too bad. You don’t have to agree but bashing her personality is just PLAIN WRONG. How do you know she’s “fake”??? And now you gotta an issue with her turning down events?? Well if you don’t like her, then whats it to you?? Why do you care so much??? Its funny really, when you think about it. Its almost as if some of these haters are bashing Sophia and James because they feel threatened by something. I have no idea what but I’m go with my theory and believe its because they’re demented.


  • ana

    I think the only classy woman in Hollywood is Meryl Streep. Sophia does not stand a chance.

    James Lafferty is a beautiful man btw.

  • nikki amazes me how ignorant people are. She has said over and over again that they are best friends. Clearly, some ppl (ahem, those talking shit about her) have never had someone from the opposite sex as a good friend/best friend. I’m not talking about friends with benefits, i’m talking about a platonic relationship. They’re single. They’re in their 20′s. Geez.. have fun with as many guys/girls as you want.

    Seriously, what kind of place do you guys live in? do you live in some convent or something. People in their early teens are having sex.
    There’s nothing wrong with single 20 years olds having fun, getting drunk. When do you expect to that, when you’re in your 40′s?

    For that chick Jackie who wrote
    “Sophia Bush – “Remember—parading around this town half-naked and getting wasted is only excusable when you’re young enough not to know better.”, get your facts straight. I’m pretty sure she said this after Paris, Lindsay, Nicole’s DUI and the former 2, along with Britney Spears, showing their vagina to the world.

    That picture that “Karen” posted apparently shows her purple “bra”, that could easily be a lace tank top.

    I swear, these people that say she’s a slut, probably live in a convent. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

    She’s one of the few positive role models out there.

  • omg

    How about everyone stop assuming. It makes an ass out of you and me. We have no proof that Sophia and James are dating. You don’t know who the fuck is posting on here so don’t put down people that you think are James and Joy fans, not that that even belongs in here in the first place. Don’t talk about Joy when she is completely separate from this situation. The fact that you are posting about how Joy is fat and isn’t popular makes you on the same level as those people you are trying to insult. Why don’t we all just take a breather and wait and see what happens.

  • Komal

    I still think they’re just friends but I’d be all for them. They’re both really great people and she definitely deserves someone nice in her life =)

  • JHZ

    Pathetic. Can’t keep her legs closed.

  • notafan

    whenever sophia tries to cry on one tree hill, which seems to be about every damn episode, she never has any actual tears. why is that? she’s making this big old cryface, but not actually crying. it looks ridiculous. even hilburt can make tears.

  • Dayu

    c’mon sophia and james lafferty?…why dont you just take mouth instead of james…what’s with the affair thing with her co-star, duhh!!! she’s sound cheesy…

  • Dayu

    sophia and james?! why dont she just collect all of her co-star to marry her…i mean..hellooo another co-star! what is she thingking?!! look and sounds cheesy to me, sorry to say!

  • Cutie

    LET THEM BE!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexis

    I think this is BS. They are friends.

  • Kayla



    I swear some people have no fuckin lives then to talk to talk shit about others, GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And just cuz SOPHIAS HOT and your not, should be no reason for you to be JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Cuz thats exaclty what all you dumb ass haterz are.

  • Linda

    i find it funny how people call sophia a slut and a whore just relying on her character on one tree hill. people need to relax one tree hill is just a show dosent mean that shes a real whore real life LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE !! people saying she opens her legs to anyone and she cheated on chad as well, if she did the media would of been all over it OKAY ! it wouldnt be kept as a secret okay you chad/james/joy/peyton FANS


  • Ray

    Sophia is hot, beatiful, sexy, talented, and just plain rocks.

    I LOVE her and ALWAYS will. Some of these people who claim to hate hore sure do spend a lot of time talking about her. Keep it up, because it just makes her more popular you idiots.

  • Allysa

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know Sophia’s gonna make it big in Hollywood. In fact, she is the most recongnised star from that crapfest of a show, OTH…..used to be Chad but now he just sucks (And I think most of us, including his fans know why. I just heard that he recently made the list for Hollywoods 50 most stupid people. Thats quite an accomplishment Chad!!!!!lol)

    Anyways, SOPHIA BUSH IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACCEPT IT.

  • Elisa

    why people keep with this? sophia is so cute and talented!
    and all this things you’re saying about james, i just don’t believe in it! he looks like a gentleman!

    i still think they’re just friends…but anyway, who cares? they diserve to be happy!

  • cristina

    I, too, think they are just friends. Can’t two friends share a plane ride home????

  • and

    She might be a skank. How do you guys know she isn’t? Her actions don’t portray her as classy whatsoever.

  • Nichole

    WOW! I can NOT believe how JEALOUS all of you are. You can say your not until your blue in the face but YOU ARE JEALOUS of her!!! Haha! You know nothing about her except for her character’s on tv and yet you are talking about her like you know everything.

  • and

    Can some of you narrow minded people that probably don’t get out much realize that people who dislike this woman are in fact NOT jealous of her? I’ve met so many educated, wonderful, genuinely kind people to say that this woman is actually not that remarkable.

    I know a lot of teens emulate her, but for mature people who actually have some relevant life experience, she really isn’t that great. What exactly has she done that makes her great? She is the typical Hollywood-stamped, female celebrity. She adheres to that criteria and that is all. Now stop dismissing people that do not like her as idiots.

  • Nichole

    Nicole #123

    I was at that Charity game and I heard that conversation and she did NOT say Sophia and Chad she cleary said BROOKE and LUCAS. She was not saying anything at all about her and Chad’s private lives. Please just go away. Your dumb.

  • me

    and # 342

    Not liking her is one thing, but going on and on and on about not liking her and stating “facts” about why you don’t like her is jusy crazy. How can people call them “facts”. Seriously, It’s because there JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    [!]OMG[!] They were like brother & sister 0.0 (^_-)


  • Chloe

    Hate is even an ugly look over a computer screen.

    She’s adorable and he is HOT. They look good together whether they are just friends (most likely) or more

  • monique

    i think that they are just friends but they do look really cute toghether even though im a total chad/sophia fan.
    but if shes happy then thats all that matters.
    so all of you people that are talking bad about her seriously just leave her alone and move on with your lives.

    well anyway ilove one tree hill!!

    and sophia is my favorite.

  • Renee

    I agree, it’s ridiculous to see how many people think that those who really don’t like Sophia are jealous of her…PLEASE. I don’t aspire to be too-faced and that’s what she is.

    She has talked about her personal life on various occasion to fans, especially about her hatred to Chad. I understand that, I really do especially based on the circumstances of their split, but you just don’t bring that into the topic when you’re dealing with things centered around your profession…but clearly, she’s never one to be professional, which she even admitted to when she and Chad began dating. Telling her fans, most recently, who adore her so much that they can’t expect a couple on the show (i.e. Brooke and Lucas) to be together anymore, and that the only reason she can be “friends” with her ex is because they don’t have to be romantically involved on the show is a low blow for them. I know a lot of people after this weren’t too happy with her. And, according to what some might say, she wasn’t just saying that to throw them off.

    She’s also talked bad about Hilarie Burton to a fan, who, unfortunately wrote about her meeting with Sophia, online, and everyone started passing it around. It’s so ironic how she says bad things about both Chad and Hilarie and they were the FIRST ones to comfort her on set when one of her family members passed away. Way to go Soph.

    It doesn’t matter what people want to believe or even if they question where everyone gets their info. Most of the negative stuff is true and most of it isn’t. But, no, those of us who don’t like her aren’t jealous, we simply choose to be everything she’s not and choose to disagree with what she thinks and her fans think she is. She needs to stop acting righteous and hide those drunken pictures before they DO become public. It’s fine that she’s young and has fun, but she shouldn’t make it a point to talk bad about other celebs when she’s in pictures with her bra hanging out (and yes, it IS her bra, you can clearly see where it cuts off), making her fall under the exact same category.

  • Jenna

    I don’t remember SB or anyone saying she was perfect. I can see that you clearly are righteous. LOL

  • SAra

    Everyone hating on Sophia and James has nothing better to do than sit at their computer all day and make fun of people they wish they were or could be dating!! Leave her and James alone whatever they do is their own business and everyone putting them on blast should maybe get off the computer and try something productive like reading a book oh wait none of you haters can probably read over Dr.Seuss level because you sure spell like a kinder-gardener! Get off your high horses and stop judging and spouting rumors you don’t know are true ( like you saw James f***** his ex on side pleaz!)