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Travis Barker is Shirtless

Travis Barker is Shirtless

Travis Barker spends Sunday on the beach with his kids Landon, 4 1/2, and Alabama, 2 1/2, on Saturday in Malibu, Calif.

The 32-year-old Former “Blink 182″ drummer took them for a ride around town in his old school Cadillac and then they enjoyed some family fun time wading in the water.

Landon and Alabama‘s mother is former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler.

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Credit: Max Butterworth/Nate Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • liz

    yeahh first

  • ash

    she named her kid alabama?


    LOVE Travis.

  • amy

    EEEEWWWWWW!!!!! Too many tattoos!!!!!!!!!!

  • idunnowhy

    I get the feeling this guy is a good daddy. I know his image is a bit distracting, but somehow he wins me over…and he’s always friendly with the papz. But his X is a real piece of work…..

  • gross

    his kids looks adorable but the whole tattoo thing is too much. it’s disgusting.

  • matt

    1 word;
    2 syllables;

    cute kids tho.(:

  • 007

    He doesn’t seem fit to be a father but we really don’t know. It’s too hard to judge someone based on pictures..

  • skankyHO

    Alabama is such an unfortunate name. poor girl.

  • idunnowhy

    skankyHo, I kinda like the name Alabama..they can call her Ali…’s original, and better than the overused names such as Madison..etc..
    Now the names Apple and Moses are good examples of lame names.

  • ellie

    he spent time with all three of his kids, not just Landon and Alabama.

  • booyay

    those tattoos look disgusting

  • booyay

    007, i dont know how you can say he doesnt seem fit to be a father, the tattoos may be a bit much but that doesnt make him a bad dad. In fact from everything ive seen he seems like a good one

  • black

    What an ugly animal.

  • Carter

    Man, how much to i miss Blink 182. My favorite band ever!

  • b

    just no.

  • Sylvia

    Even though I’m not a fan of him, I can’t deny that he seems like a good father.

  • http://justjared ryan

    yOo tRaViS hEs dA bEsT dRuMmEr iN dA wOrLd !!! bUT dA tAtToOz tOo mUcH dAtS NaStY !!

  • Kim

    I cannot believe how much some people suck. WTH do tattoos have to do with anything? And his daughter’s name?! COME.ON. Some idiots will find fault with anything.

    All I see in these photos is a guy being a good dad and taking his kids to the beach. Good for him!

    And, uh, Atiana is Oscar’s kid… yet, here she is with Travis – and her brother and sister.

    How on earth can anyone find fault with someone who is, at least in these photos, keeping his family together? MAJOR kudos to anyone who does their best to BE A PARENT despite the marriage/relationship not working out.

  • maria

    Travis ROCK!!!! As a daddy and person… Once I saw him with his kia and he is a great daddy and a very polite person.

  • Rae

    He looks like a sweet daddy. Pics like these are great to see!

  • Melrose

    THOSE TATTOOS…………. AWFUL. I wonder how he will feel if his son or daughter ink there bodies. Probaly by then that generation will be fully embaressed by there parents tattoos. Yea!!! How far can it possibly go, ON TRAVIS the only thing left is his face. HE LOOKS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • habeeb123

    You guys dont know you shit, Travis is and amazing Father. When he has his kids friday-monday he doesnt leave them, he is great to them. Thats all that matters. His tattoos are amazing as well…its art…… You dont have the right to judge his “image” im sure you are just hermits who sit behind the computer screen waiting for celeb pics with there family to come on so you can fucking judge them, when you dont even know them.

  • M

    Travis does seem like a wonderful father and a better parent than the ex. I think it is fantastic he still remains in the Atiana’s life. I must say, the tattoos are off putting. They are just too excessive.

  • haha007

    i like trav, and think he’s a great father

  • carol

    Travis is cool! and I loved Blink 182

  • lissa

    Despise those tattoos, he seems like a wonderful father!! His kids are adorable. And Atiana is gorgeous and is this spitting image of her father Oscar.

  • Beatriz 182


  • jackie

    Shanna is a wonderful mother, and Trav is a great dad. It just doesn’t work between them b/c Trav wants a submissive housewife and that’s not who he married. It’s not fair to try to change someone after you’ve vowed before God not to. But, they work well together raising those 3 kids. Oscar doesn’t see his daughter, he’s too busy trying on Shann’s pantyhose.

  • suh

    OH MY GODD! look at this little girl.. she is soooooooooo cute!

  • angell cakes

    i think travis is a wonderful father, and hes even spending time with atiana. i heard that he dating shanna again, anyone know for sure?

  • Shanna


  • http://myspace smalls211

    Fuck all- yall!!! He ROCKS THAT SHIT!!!!!!! I can not think of a better looking man than TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you baby!!!! MD

  • REbelrebel

    I didn’t know there were still so many closed-minded assholes out there. As if tattoos actually coordinate with someone’s ability to raise children or be a good person. I think his tattoos are fucking awesome and none of you boring square motherfuckers have the balls or endurance to truly live your life and do what you want with it. I think a lot of people that referred to him as “ugly” or “disgusting” are nothing more than automaton tools- the “Yes” men and women that conform to everything society wants them to be.

  • j

    wow how mature you sit there on the computer and make fun of a little girls name, and the fact that a grown man decided to customize his body wow get out of your home and do something positive with your life.

  • Carren Sleister

    Why do people stereotype tattoos , This is 2008! People wake Up !!!!! Who are you to judge this man !!!! Travis you are a fine man and father figure to two beautiful children. Both my daughters have tattoos and gave me my first on my 41st birthday. May God Bless you and your family!!! From the Sleister family , Hope to see you soon back on the road. We love and have deep regrets for you and your friends that have passed away in this tragic accident and wish you and their families all the best God can give. Love the Sleisters from Harlem , Georgia.

  • http://Myspace Bratt

    I dnt care wut any1 says… Travis is da shit!!! I will do anything to meet his ass…

  • Bella

    Isbella bennett is travis barkers new girl friends shes australian