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Ziyi Zhang Raises Awareness About China Earthquake

Ziyi Zhang Raises Awareness About China Earthquake

Ziyi Zhang and Christian Slater raise awareness for the recent China Earthquake at the Carlton Beach during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday.

The May 12 earthquake left at least 41,353 people dead, destroyed 5.4 million homes and damaged another 21.4 million.

China may take as many as 10 years to recover from the disaster, which left an estimated 32,666 people missing, Christian aid group World Vision said.

Ziyi Zhang has personally donated one million yuan ($140,000) for relief efforts.

Sports star and Houston Rockets center Yao Ming has given two million yuan ($214,000) and half a million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China.

20+ more pics of Ziyi Zhang raising awareness and wishing fortune would come to China…

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Photos: Francois Durand/Getty
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  • oh snap!

    thats a good cause more celebs should do things like this

  • this is sad

    they should be asking all the chinese/ asian billionaires and government for money…america can’t help. we still haven’t finished cleaning up katrina

  • joss

    regardless if america is till cleaning up katrina or not, they should still help, b/c when katrina happened, many countries who had their own troubles still contributed
    this is where international aid comes in, everyone pitches in and helps, regardless if its a large contribution or not
    this isn’t called everyone helps, but america…

  • joss

    everyone should be helping regardless of the size of contribution, its not called everyone helps, but america…

  • Buzzkut

    China only needs specialized help and not any money or goods. Let the governments help them and gain diplomatic benefits in negotiations for democracy.

  • zhaoyang

    God Bless China!。。

  • brenbren

    everyone should help if they can….we are all human.

  • Helena

    That’s very nice of her. I saw some footage and I couldn’t help but cry.

  • jing

    It’s sad that lives had to be lost, but china is overpopulated.
    It was good it happened there.

  • toolip

    aww she looks so pretty and sad. poor gil <3

  • Kim

    Jing – I disagree with you comment. It isn’t good to happen anywhere to anyone even if the area or country is overpopulated.

    I feel really sorry for the Chinese people. I wish I could help them in some way. I wish I could physically go over there and help them. :(

  • p

    are you fukken kidding? she makes 10 times more than that in a movie and she’s dating a fukken billionaire. is 214K really ALL she can give? that’s a shame

  • sue

    p, i agree with u…and take note she gave only 140k, 214k is by yao ming.

  • LALA

    GOD BLESS CHINA indeed!!! I truly feel for the people of that country (as well as Myanmar). There needs to be a relief concert or comic relief for the 2 countries. Something about disaster fatigue, but come on we thing we’re tired- imagine how they feel.

  • JAn34

    32,666…..uh oh doom

  • oh

    this is sad @ 05/21/2008 at 11:43 am

    they should be asking all the chinese/ asian billionaires and government for money…america can’t help. we still haven’t finished cleaning up katrina

    oh, Chinese billionaires are donating billions actually. some HK billionaires donate hundreds millions EACH….

  • oh

    I have never China, HK, TW and all the oversea Chinese are so mobilized. It seems every Chinese is donating…

  • oh

    Every famous Chinese athlete, actors, entrepreneurs etc…are donating..

  • guys who cares she only donated a million! THATS MORE THAN U COULD EVER GIVE

  • Mai

    this is sad @ 05/21/2008 at 11:43 am

    i totally agree. many of the chinese are richer than the americans.

    And I hope some of the Chinese doesn’t steal the money that were donate. If they did, I am not surprise.

  • ah!

    China made billions of dollars (US) in selling chemicals to poison food in the form of preservatives to Asia, South America, South Africa and even America and Europe and its government officials made billions in corruption, selling organs of prisoners. It is time they pay these billions back to the people. After all, Communists have been telling their people that everything belongs to the people, nothing is private thus cannot be privately owned. I’m sorry about these victims but I refuse to help. Aids will end up in corrupted officials’ Swiss bank accounts, not these people. The people should replace their public servants.

  • Anon7

    Where’s Angelina?

  • Hi

    are you ****** kidding? she makes 10 times more than that in a movie and she’s dating a ****** billionaire. is 214K really ALL she can give? that’s a shame

    WORD!! She is promoting herself.


    Yep, Where’s Angelina?

  • noelle

    who cares where angelina is? thousands of people died. there are more important stuff than following brangelina and their kids everywhere blaah

  • mabes

    it’s just really sad to see some of the comments made here..
    what do you mean by “good it happened there b/c it’s overpopulated”.. it’ is human lives we are talking about here.. i can’t believe comments like this are being made.. u should be ashamed of yourself..

  • human nature

    *”good it happened there b/c it’s overpopulated”
    If is a good thing than why don’t you kill yourself now coz earth is overpopulated now and you will not say if that happen to you. F**k you Jing.

    *it doesn’t matter how much she make, at least she donated. have you donate any to help?

    Thank you to who help in anyway to those people who needed it

  • SF

    Maybe this is the best time for Angelina and Brad to adopt a chinese child orphaned from this tragedy?

  • shane

    now everybody in China is donating, money, food, supplies, blood, even some street beggers give money, it’s overwhelming…

  • wei

    some of the comment here made me sick and angry. I’m a chinese. A lot of us have always thought of American people are kind and good-hearted. I can’t believe people can be so mean and cruel, in a country who alwasy claims yourself the best people in the world, promoting ‘humanity’, or ‘human rights’ all the time. Now I see you guys are so superficial, selfish and dark.

    China will survive! And she will continue to grow. Unfortunately your ‘wishes’ won’t come true!~!

  • 2 wei

    Please don’t preach us about superficial, selfish and dark. Americans are kind and good hearted, but Chineses (in China that is) have rarely helped anyone else but their own people. Rest assured, our tax dollars will come to the victims in aid and rescue experts too. And certainly China will survive (communism didn’t annihilate the country) and will grow with all fake medicines and harmful food preservatives China is making and selling to the world, and with buying organs from poor people in Vietnam for less than $50, mutilating them to near death.

  • wei

    how did you chinese never helped others? When katrina happened chinese at least donated 12 millions dollars! not to mention all other donations around the world ! don’t talk about things you don’t even know! all you know if yourself and pointing fingers at others!

  • wei

    to 2 wei

    your words only proved my previous post was correct. i was hoping someone would come out and say there are good-hearted americans out there. but apparantly you definitely is not one of them. you words only proved how pathetic you are!

  • Chen

    Americans are kind and good hearted, but Chineses (in China that is) have rarely helped anyone else but their own people.
    How can you say that? Shame on you !
    Chinese government donated 104 tons of relief materials and 5million dollars to the people affected by katrina and China Red Cross donated 100K dollars!
    Before you decide to attack Chinese, please at least Google to have more understanding of China!

  • zoe

    its awful such a thing happened to china…especially with olympics approaching. but i think this made china more aware about people….they’ve been helping and everyone around the world is to. people should give this girl a break. she donated one million dollars herself…dont compare herself with anyone. at least she helped not like some other celebrities.

  • ashley

    It’s a tragedy. The whole nation is so sad. So many people passed away within seconds. Yet, China will survive. I’m Chinese. I have such faith. I always think many westerners misunderstand China a lot. They are influenced by some westerner media. There are a number of foreign students in my college. It seems that they like China very much. Today, I saw a Japanese student wearing a T-shirt, which says “I love Bei Jing”!! Almost every Chinese is donating these days, no matter how much. The terrible earthquake is really horrible and heartbreaking. It is reported that all the orphans have already been adopted, by the way.

  • 2 wei

    Yes China contributed to the aids for Katrina and other disasters but the amount when comparing to that of America when she donate to other countries’ disaster relief is small. Go search and compare the amount historically. America and her people have always been the largest aids contributors, most eager, most compassionate. The fact that media outlets in America has been reporting China’s tragedy non stop for days and telling Americans to donate money or efforts attests to our compassionate nature.

    Your saying ‘Americans are superficial, selfish and dark’ after reading opinions of twenty some people is what irked me. You lumped all Americans together. And this is a blog visit by international bloggers. You are an example. If you can generalize in that fashion then I too can generalize in my fashion. Please don’t cry foul when you get back exactly what you put out. It’s too communist a tactic.

    I admit I am less inclined to sympathize with China, the government and to some extent with the Chineses who are making billions producing and selling fake medicines, harmful food preservatives, unsafe equipments and weapons to terrorist countries. I do know that each country has good and bad people and am not disputing that this earthquake is a tragedy. I do feel for the victims, particular the youngsters who died in the school that collapsed. I don’t belittle the loss of precious young lives, but honestly, all things are relative. Myanmar is smaller a country and much poorer one too and has lost a great deal more than China. So was Indonesia and Thailand when tsunami hit them. China’s government officials and elites who have garnered billions in personal fortune in so short a period using the resources that are supposedly owned by these victims need to cough up the money and help these poor people first.

    Every country on earth will survive as long as its people love it and occupy and cultivate it. So China will survive, with or without the help of us the “superficial, selfish and dark”. Why not take that pride with the dignity of silence?

  • alexey

    Ziyishka impresses of the sincere man and consequently is the most valuable agent of influence of China.
    The Americans the sympathetic people .

  • alex

    omg! #9 urr comment is veryy foolishh
    yooh selfishh b!tCh
    wat daa hell yooh racistt fUck3rrr
    itt shouldntt happen att all idc wheree and howw

    heyy at leastt god knowss wheree you’d end upp when yooh die
    coughcough partying w/ daa devil cough cough

    hopee manyy will be found and rip to all who failedd

  • cel

    Regardless of American or Chinese everyone is equal, kind and good hearted in helping the less fortunate ones

  • The Narssist

    I’m not even going to START on some of the hypocritical slanderous comments posted here, so let’s just focus on the clothes hey?

    Very elegant in classic black. *Nod of approval*

  • fuck this bitch

    this woman is a real bitch. Im not touched AT ALL to see her cheap tear. Dont forget her job! she is a f**kin actress, who are good at acting and faking!!!! she didnt this only to promote herself, and I can swear to god. If she really cares, why doesnt she go to Sichuan where the earthquake happened and do more things practical like what Jackie Chen and Jet Li are doing, other than posing and faking crying in front of the camera??!!!
    fuck this woman. never know she is a nice one. she should be the one who died in the earthquake not those innocent poor school kids…

  • Xbang

    I have been the UK for four years. after our olympic torch was interrupted in London, I could not help arguing with my friend who told me that she supported the exile tibeten. after the quake happened in china, she asked me whether my parents were ok or not.
    You and me are all normal people.our oppinion are unvoidablly formed by our haman nature and media or education given by others.
    for the whole week I have been searching on the latest news and crying by those reports. in order to control population, one child policy has been issued in China for several decades. have had a western media given a objective comment on its contribution to the whole world? the only child has been lost this time, even the western journalists show somewhat thympathy, how about you? many tibeten people live in the area where the quake happened, has Dalai Lama told you or his hollywood stars denoting or do something to help?
    our disaster has not ended. there has been more than a thousand afterquake accured since last Monday, and the thread of flood has becoming more and more serious because of the bad wheather. most of you have not been there before, you cannot know how beautiful it is. and I don’t expect how much concern you should give. for myself, I just hope you can give a hand for the live people whose lives are still in danger if you can or give a good wish. and also, I told myself I definitely retrun those love to others no matter where and when it will be needed because I have got a lesson this time.
    as for ZIYI‘S BEHAVIOUR, it is her own right to choose how to help her homeland, you can criticise, but it does not matter, I think, because it is not important any more for most chinese.
    in the end, I have to tell the western people that one of reasons which lead to many trouble for China is that we chinese have been followed your civilisation or culture for too long …

  • dontfake

    Please Miss Zhang.. Just stop using earthquake to make yourself look good. I wonder why no any other Chineses have been invited by her , when so many famous Chinese actors, actresses and directors were there with their new movies. It also said she didn’t go to another donating activity which was hold by an Chinese director who came from Sichuan.

    People in Sichuan would appreciate donations but they are not tools for personal Show, Miss Zhang. I feel very sick about it. While there are lots of Chinese people, including actors and directors over there, opening their hearts and wallets to Wenchuan, this Miss Zhang was just begging money from Americans–even not Chinese-Americans, and she thinks this is going to contribute her career!

  • Irene

    Zi never miss anytime, anywhere to promote herself and show off!
    She won’t to loose this big fish, billionaire Warner big man!

  • Wi

    Clever woman always know anytime to promote herself!

  • Ros

    She has a billionaire boyfriend, don’t need to pretend cry face!
    Her boyfriend can donate a big money!!

  • pastor secky nyenza

    we need help

  • Carter

    @The Narssist:
    ha,you are funny.

  • dreamlotus

    how much dollar did Zhangziyi got from west country people’s contribution?in China,she only contribute 840 thousand RMB.where is the other money?She is a lier!!!!!

  • lily

    Shame on HER !!!!!!!!!!! Put ALL the donated Money in her own pocket!!!

    Held by Ziyi Zhang during Film Festival of Cannes in May 2008, in which reportedly $1,000,000 US DOLLARS(her boyfirneds said was 2 million dollars) had been raised during this single even.

    Zhang Ziyi has been under fire the past week for an controversy. The charitable foundation that she formed in the aftermath of the May 12 2008 Sichuan earthquake has fallen under the scrutiny of the internet denizens. As you may recall, Zhang very publicly berated some festival goers who were unaware of the tragedy and made a plea for contributions at the 2008 Cannes Festival and herself pledged to donate a large sum for the victims. Netizens looking at the public records of the foundation and the Chinese Red Cross, registered in the US under her manager’s name, discovered that the foundation’s income and assets was zero. This raises the questions of whether a) Zhang Ziyi misdirected contributions, b) actually collected any funds, or c) donated any promised funds herself. Netizens in one popular forum called for a boycott of Zhang Ziyi endorsed products. Zhang Ziyi issued a statement stating that most of the pledges were from foreign contributors and reminded them to honor their pledges. She said that she would disclose account details and welcomed the monitoring

    A Letter From : We are a group of civilians from China. There has been a heated interest in the investigation on charity donation scandal related to Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. We would like to seek unbiased opinion and assistance from you, since your name has been repeatedly cited by movie star Ziyi Zhang’s team in Chinese newspaper, indicating your participative relationship with Ziyi Zhang Foundation [1] and your pledged donation for the purpose of earthquake relief [2]. Specifically, the fundraising party we are talking about here is the one held by Ziyi Zhang during Film Festival of Cannes in May 2008, in which reportedly $1,000,000 US DOLLARS has been raised during this single event [3].

    Although we do applaud your generosity and encourage others to join in supporting and volunteering for charitable organization, Ziyi Zhang’s team has failed to provide any valid receipt from Chinese Red Cross and other charities as mentioned above [4], nor could we find record from IRS or other federal bureau in United States, which can demonstrate traces of normal functioning of this organization. Meanwhile, initial attempts to contact Ziyi Zhang’s publicist have failed, or non-satisfactory, at best. In her most recent official statement as response to increased suspicion of this scandal, she claimed that the majority of the money as the result of fundraising in 2008 Gannes event is still “pending”, and she “would pursue this issue to all the donors in a timely manner” [5]. We would hate to make any pre-mature allegation right now, and any comments from you would be invaluable to clarify the whole situation: for example, the amount of money you donated, any follow-up communication with Ziyi Zhang or her foundation in this regard.

    We would appreciate your prompt response so that we can make sure the donations and the support from everybody at Cannes in 2008 can be utilized in helping hundreds of thousands people who lost their homes during the tragic earthquake. Thank you for your help!