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Happy Birthday, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

Happy Birthday, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

Proud parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrate daughter Shiloh‘s second birthday today.

Shiloh is the smallest and youngest of the Jolie-Pitt family and was born in Swakopmund, Namibia exactly two years ago. She has three older siblings — brother Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, and Zahara, 3. Shiloh will soon have twin sisters, when Angie gives birth later this summer.


FYI: Brad & Angie are using their Maclaren stroller.

15+ flashback pictures inside of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

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shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 01
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 02
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 03
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 04
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 05
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 06
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 07
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 08
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 09
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 10
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 11
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 12
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 13
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 14
shiloh jolie pitt 2nd birthday 15

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  • Rita

    happy birthday

  • passing Through

    Happy Birthday, Shiloh!

    Thanks for the thread Jared!

  • Belle

    Happy Birthday to Shiloh!

  • sandy

    Happy bithday to the most precious child on the planet!!!

    Many happy returns to little princess and all the luck to the whole Family!!!

  • sandy

    Happy bithday to the most precious child on the planet!!!

    Many happy returns to little princess and all the luck to the whole Family!!!

  • sandy

    Happy bithday to the most precious child on the planet!!!

    Many happy returns to little princess and all the luck to the whole Family!!!

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    Happy Birthday to cute little Shiloh!!!!

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    Aww, she’s cute. Happy Birthday, Shiloh.

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    Aww thank you JJ!

    Happy Birthday beautiful little Shiloh!

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    Joyeux Anniversaire Shiloh!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Shiloh!!! may your day be fill with balloons, sweetness, laughters and loves.

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    Haha!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shiloh

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    Happy Birthday little cutie Shiloh, the big 2 and many more.. Best wishes to AJ on a healthy and happy delivery of the twins. Best wishes to the entire family. Thanks for the thread Just Jared.

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    Happy Birthday Shiloh

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    Happy Birthday, angel.

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    Happy Birthday Shiloh!!!

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    Many happy returns to the little princess, xxx
    Feliz aniversario, Shiloh

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    happy birthday baby!!!!

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    Happy 2nd Birthday ,Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt!

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    Happy Birthday beatiful Shi!!!

  • bdj,0,5710917.column?page=1

    (Congrats to Mama Angie for two sucessful movies at Cannes. She walked (waddle) that Red Carpet. Interesting summary of Cannes. Entire article at link)

    Notes on a Season
    Cannes ‘08: It’s over, but what just happened?
    Great year to be Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie. Bad year to be a pig.
    By Pete Hammond
    May 27, 2008
    In the end, it was entirely appropriate that “What Just Happened” got the last flicker of light from the projector at this year’s Festival de Cannes. It’s about a troubled movie, starring Sean Penn, that plays to a rainy Cannes within a real-life troubled movie that closes a rainy Cannes. This in a year when the fake film’s star (Penn) served as president of the official selection jury, and the real film’s star, Robert De Niro, presented the Palme d’Or — all during the wettest Cannes in years.

    It’s art imitating life imitating art and so on. For the film, which was recut after failing to sell at Sundance (in retrospect a big mistake taking it to the wrong festival in the first place), it was a re-premiere on the closing night in Cannes, and its several-minute standing ovation must have been sweet for the filmmakers, director Barry Levinson and screenwriter Art Linson, who based the film on his own autobiographical book of life in the producing trenches.

    Even though movies about Hollywood are often considered too inside for mainstream success, this one has lots of knowing laughs and some teriffic performances, including De Niro in the Linson-like role and especially Canadian actor Michael Wincott as a tantrum-throwing auteurist director. Should this film find decent distribution and a release before the end of the year, Wincott’s performance is the kind of comic gem that could draw awards attention on its own.

    So even on its final night, Cannes ‘08 continued to provide some intriguing possibilities as we move forward.

    As noted in our preview piece, “No Country for Old Men” and “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” got lots of traction last year coming out of their competition slots in Cannes ‘07. Together they went on to garner 12 nominations and four Oscars for Miramax, including best picture for “No Country.”

    This year another Miramax film opened the festival, but Fernando Meirelles’ “Blindness” did not generate the same kind of critical enthusiasm and was quickly forgotten as the competition accelerated. The film, which opens Stateside at the kickoff of awards season in September, will have to shed its shaky Cannes image quickly if it’s to have any shot in the upcoming awards races. Julianne Moore’s brave lead performance could be a contender depending on how the best actress race shapes up this year.

    One nominee in the best actress race this year is clearly Angelina Jolie for Clint Eastwood’s dark and mesmerizing “Changeling.” Even though she didn’t win a prize in Cannes, losing to one of those quirky, completely unexpected jury choices we so often see in fests (Sandra Corveloni, who plays the mother in the Brazilian youth drama “Linha de Passe”), her fierce turn as a mother who goes after a corrupt police department when her son is kidnapped is sure put her back into the Oscar hunt for the second year in a row after an Oscar nomination eluded her for 2007’s “A Mighty Heart.”

    Like “Mystic River” in 2003, Clint’s fifth competition entry and fifth loss (other than a consolation prize for, well, being Clint), the critically praised “Changeling” should win widespread awards talk and numerous Oscar nominations. One film company head (and academy member) with absolutely no corporate ties to the studio (Universal) told us, without a doubt, that a November released “Changeling” would be a major contender for picture, actress, director and many other categories.

    Complicating matters is an embarrassment of potential Oscar riches, for not only Universal, but “Changeling’s” production company, Imagine and co-producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. They also have Howard’s sensational film version of Peter Morgan’s (”The Queen”) Broadway play, “Frost/Nixon” opening December 5th and directly positioned for maximum for award impact.

    Howard could, and likely will, find himself in competition with Eastwood in the directing category. His funny, complicated and fascinating film (we’ve seen it – it’s completed but so far avoiding the fest circuit and bypassing election season) is brilliant, even matching his Oscar-winning “A Beautiful Mind.”

    Both Frank Langella as Nixon, and Michael Sheen as David Frost, the man who conducts a series of TV interviews with the former President are equally superb re-creating their Broadway and West End triumphs and both are Best Actor candidates unless the studio decides to try and squeeze one or the other into Supporting which really seems unlikely. Langella won the Lead Actor Tony for the role.

  • ///

    Thanks for the new thread, Jared. I knew you wouldn’t let us down … Shiloh Nouvel really deserves a thread on her second birthday. I just hope that the haters will wait until the next page to post their disses, taunts and other negative vibes (you know they will, they are just foaming at the mouth and waiting).

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    Happy Birthday Sweetheart.. Hope you had a wonderful day with all your beautiful family.


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    Ouch!, someone just got bitch slapped. Jared just put up this thread to shut you up, some crazy chick. YOU rock Jared, thank you!

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    Happy 2nd Birthday Shiloh!!!

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    wow. babies get big fast

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    # 7 Pssst @ 05/27/2008 at 5:31 pm

    YES! Now close your own damn mouth, it’s stinkin up the whole thread!

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    Happy 2nd birthday Shiloh !!!!!

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    # 20 Pssst @ 05/27/2008 at 5:37 pm
    You are obssess with Brad. You are scary and prolly a stalker.


    You are soo late Jared. You losing your touch. I was thinking that you’re going get us some new pictures, so thats why you’re later wishing her happy b day..No new pictures?. I’m sad.Anyway.

  • Ellie

    happry bithday to the cutest celeb baby going around!

  • the real tita

    I guess Jared wasn’t able to procure new pics that’s why the thread is late and he’s onto flashbacks. Anyways, it’s good to see old pics and the progression of one of our fave cuties.

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Shiloh girl. We hope you got lots of presents and plenty of snacks to share with your bros and sis. By this time next year, there’ll be two more to add to your lively party!

  • olga

    Happy Birthday!

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    She is so beautiful.
    I can’t wait for the 2 little Shilohs to come.

  • get off their nutts


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    Happy Birthday to Shiloh !

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    Happy Birthday Shiloh!
    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

    re posting Missouri Fan’s new video.
    You’ll Be In My Heart – by Phil Collins

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    Happy Birthday Shiloh,Blessings to you,Sweet little Angel and to your Family.

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    The family keeps on growing and growing.
    When was it confirmed that Angie was having twin girls?

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    Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful Shiloh!

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    Jared, if you are reading this.. I think you should get rid of those pics of Brad that # 7 Pssst has put up. This is very distasteful especially when its Shi’s birthday. Also Jared you need to watch your back just incase Brad is on the lookout. You might get into trouble.

    As for # 7 Pssst .. listen if you don’t like the jolie-pitts then take your sorry butt and don’t go checking stuff out that has anything to do with them. Im sure somewhere in cyberspace you can go with all your smutt.

    Thankyou & goodnight.

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    Happy Birthday
    beautiful ,cute Shiloh

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    lmfbaooooooo @ all the happy bday wishes – as if the kids gonna sign on can read them. haha

    to bad the kid has no friends. like allllll the other celeb kids.

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    Happy Birthday Shiloh

    Thanks Jared

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    Um..Its also Gwen’s song Kingston’s 2nd B-Day. We need a thread for him too, especially since Gwen said that she wants the two to get married someday.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. :)

    Joyeux anniversaire
    Joyeux anniversaire
    Joyeux anniversaire, Shiloh
    Joyeux anniversaire!

    Happy birthday Shiloh! :D

  • bdj,,20202517,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    Report: Angelina & Brad Rent French Chateau

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have signed a long-term lease for a chateau on the French Riviera, according to reports.

    The couple, who have four children and two more on the way, signed a three-year lease on the 880-acre estate called Chateau Miraval, where neighbors will include Johnny Depp and David and Victoria Beckham, according to the French newspaper Nice Matin.

    The estate, reportedly valued at $70 million, comes with its own vineyard, olive groves, lake, moat, 20 fountains and even a forest to help ensure privacy.

    “They’ll have total privacy, which is exactly what they’re after,” a source told E! Online. “No one will ever be able to get pictures of them relaxing at home, it’s just impossible.”

    At the Cannes International Film Festival, Jolie, 32, who is expecting twins this summer, told reporters that she was thinking of giving birth in France, and that French is the “second language” in the family’s home.

    A rep for Pitt and Jolie had no comment on the estate.

  • Belle