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Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawhughes: Baby Bump!

Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawhughes: Baby Bump!

Ethan Hawke and his pregnant girlfriend, Ryan Shawhughes, walk their dog in the West Village of New York City on Saturday.

As reported in January, Ethan, 37, and Ryan, 29, first met when she worked as the nanny during his marriage to Uma Thurman. Ethan and Uma divorced in 2003 after five years of marriage and two kids – Maya, 9 1/2, and Levon, 6.

“There’s defininitely tension there,” one insider told OK! about the former couple. “They try to keep it private for the sake of the kids, but now he’s having a baby with a former nanny.”

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Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • remember da truth

    Golddiggers of the world, take note! Sarah Larson should have taken this route — this is how you hold onto a rich, famous guy.

  • bonnie

    You know these Hollywood relationships never cease to amaze me. They fall in and out of love and have kids with everyone and think nothing of it! Some get married and that never seems to last and others just go out and make babies. Yikes!!

  • h


  • depeche

    Bonnie said the truth.

  • 007

    Well Bonnie. I think there’s a simple explanation to that. They have too much money to the point where they don’t have to worry about paying for their child’s expenses. They think they can use money to get their kid through life. In reality, money can’t buy you everything.

  • ha

    typical man… can’t handle the fact that his wife became more famous and respected than him, so he had to demean her by effin the (much younger) help.
    and i’m tired of these stories of nannies, maids, gardeners or whoever turning on their employers. can’t these people just focus on the job their hired to do and go home?

  • celebaddict

    Who knows, this relationship may be a long and happy one?
    Good luck to them and their baby!

  • bejeebus

    two trash people. trashy inside and trashy outside. nice example he’s setting as a father for his children….i guess his peen is more important to him then them.

  • Helena

    Lmao at you people. You don’t even know them and you’re calling them trashy and her a goldigger. Because someone is dating someone that is famous, they’re automatically a goldigger? Move on!

  • wella

    not sure about somethings, but sleeping w/your employer when you’re a nanny does seem like a trashy thing to do. but i do agree w/#7, maybe they’ll have a long and happy relationship & good luck.

  • dora_rice

    if it wasn’t her , it would be someone else. What difference does it make. If he cared for Thurman he wouldn’t have fathered a child. Thurman is better of without him. I wouldn’t keep a dog , that constantly jumps the fence and takes of, and I wouldn’t keep a boyfriend or husband. Get real. Either you are domesticated or you wonna be a bum.

  • dedaas

    lol classic

  • mytake

    well I guess there’s some sex appeal about a nannie, can’t quite figure it out, but ok. Ethan has always seemed Dark to me, disturbed. the nannie isn’t very memorable looks wise, but that’s just a judgement, who knows, maybe she’s brilliant, or if not, a good sc*ew.


  • ick

    Why does Ethan Hawke always look like he fell out of bed? Why does he walk out in public with his hair like that? His teeth are also nasty. I used to think he was cute, but after he split with Uma, he began looking like a bagman. I think Ethan and Uma were a poor match. It’s sad that he is the type who doesn’t value family life. He likes being a dad part-time and living with women.

  • Justine

    I like his look ;D

  • tawi-tawi

    Uma is hot!
    How could he leave her for this?…ew!

  • tanisha

    #11, I would definitely keep the dog!!! There are other ways to deal with the pup. Leashes, training the method of reward and punishment… you name it. But with a man who likes to stray? Ahh, that’s something else. Give him the boot IMMEDIATELY! One shouldn’t cry over him because they are not worth to be cried over and those who would be worth it don’t make us cry.

  • Anon

    Didn’t Robin Williams announce that he was divorcing his nanny turned girlfriend then wife….
    It’s bizarre that these men go banging their nannies.
    There is something about these men with fame and prominent positions needing the sexual adoration of their nannies to admire them.
    Remember Jude Law.
    And now this business with Rob Lowe is panning out to be another nanny saga.

  • Miapocca

    welll: Hired help getting pregnant by teh famous rich dude certainly reads gold digger, what more do you need to understand that if she were rich she certainly would not be the hired help and if she didnt have aspirations of catching a rich duds, she would be working for a famous family..same with Tiger woods baby mama…

    These girls know what they are up to and if you guys think you are smart , they will use thier female wiles to make you think they are dumb but their game plan might be a lot tougher for you to understand

    RObin willians nannygate already went bust, so these two willbe following..I dont see longlasting in this one ..even when not famous , a relationship starting on lies is hard to maintian!!…


  • P

    What I want to know is how this was covered up for so long? When U&E split they said it was because of a relationship with a costar in Canada. Then it was announced he was expecting with this woman who used to be his kid’s nanny. I remember I was so confused, but apparently this woman was the cause of the split.

  • Sam

    #1 – You think Sarah Larson wouldn’t have tried to get pregnant if she could? Either George got a vasectomy or he is extremely careful. If he wasn’t, he would have 20 kids by now by various women.

  • hotbitch

    I find that extremely tacky on his part. How do you get your kids’ former nanny pregnant? What an example he’s setting. There are too many women in this world for him to have to get this chick knocked up.

  • tanisha

    well, i guess she had her share in this knocking up

  • @ Helena

    I guess you see nothing wrong with a married man and the family’s nanny sleeping together….and them he and his wife getting a divorce….and then he and the nanny eventually having a baby together…when they aren’t even married? How do you think that must make his already existing children feel? Confused at the very least? Probably somewhat hurt and conflicted? Sorta makes him seem like a selfish person doesn’t it? Because, usually, a good father would show a little more consideration towards his previous relationship and the children that were brought into this world during that same relationship. It called being SENSITIVE and COMPASSIONATE.

    Shows what sort of background you must have that this is acceptable behavior. I’d hate to be at one of your family reunions! God only know what you all get up to!

  • truvy

    He apparently still has some feelings(maybe some of anger) toward Uma, b/c a few months ago, he got up on stage at a club and sang a song her wrote during his breakup with her and he seemed peeved. It’s very ballsy considering he’s the one who can’t keep it in his pants. She seems very happy without him and her career has taken off(Kill Bill), while he was once something and now is kind of a nobody. I heard he was trying to make it really difficult for her to work on movies claiming that the kids needed more time with their mother and trying to tie her work to a custody battle.

    All I can say is karma. He looks old and his ex is dating many fabulous rich men. Good for her.

  • feminine intuition

    I don’t know any of these celebs, but following the news about them, and using my intuition, I think there probably was a strong attraction between Uma and Quetin when they did their movie. Ethan, being a young man, probably couldn’t stand to look cuckold, so, when he first learnt about the attraction (could be from Uma herself), went and did a preemtive “cheating’ in public with another woman, so it will look like he was the one who did the cheating, and not the one cheated on. A Lot of men are that way. I think it’s the same thing for Reese and Ryan. That’s why Ryan said people won’t like it if they knew the truth. There probably was some thing true to the rumor about an attraction between Reese and Joaquin on the set of WTL. Appearance is not always the truth.

  • beatrix kiddo

    I would say your “intuition” is WAY off. Uma and Quentin are close and have a great working relationship, but nothing has ever happened between them. (And besides, Quentin has a well-documented “thing” for Asian women.)

    Simply put, Ethan became jealous when her career was taking-off. Their marriage fell apart during the making of Kill Bill. I distinctly remember reading an article – after his affair with a Canadian model just broke – with Ethan complaining about “having to stay in a hotel room with the kids, while the wife was on set working” – and how it profoundly bothered and depressed him.

    I also remember hearing about Uma’s father and brother “wanting to kill Ethan” for doing what he did, as she was devastated by it.

    Years ago, just after she had her first baby, Ethan was on the Howard Stern show – he made an awful and tasteless joke about her on air, about how her “lady bits” got all stretched out after the birth, and having sex just wasn’t the same. REAL classy guy.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    I agree with number #6. Why can’t the hired help just do the job they are there to do, and go home. But no, that is to easy. We have to figure out a way to demean and buyout and write about and black mail a family, and then possibly sleep with one or two or both members, then produce a child, and create a bloody royal mess. So when THIS child is born, and a new nanny appears on the scene, and Ethan daddy-o, gets antsy-pantsy about something, is the same scenario, going to repeat itself in a year or so? I guess time will tell. Poor children.

  • rolling eyes

    the trend seems to be young 20 somethings who have no future and so can easily pray on the rich at some point.

    Its not like there’s a school for nannies, so Im sure its not like huge creditials are necessary…as long as there’s no past history of abuse of any kind, and no criminal record, your pretty much set….

    the actors should probably include “might get pregnant” as part of the job description.

    OR just save themselves the trouble and get a nanny you don’t find attractive??

  • silentsophi

    This is not a good look Ethan. I hope he has some feelings for her! What ever happened to birth control?

  • American

    Hey, #6! You have it all wrong. Ethan Hawke is arespected actor, he’s only 8 years older and she’s not the reason why they got divorced

  • ew.

    This whole story just makes me feel gross. She took care of their children, which means they trusted her. And now she’s pregnant? Ick ick ick.

  • Marieme

    I personally feel this is one of the worst kind of betrayals. I mean poor Uma. She’s over it now, but to have someone in your home take up with your ex? No, no, that is not something you forgive so easily. What a sticky and ugly situation. Wonder how the kids will feel when they get older and understand. Hmm.

  • Marieme

    I personally feel this is one of the worst kind of betrayals. I mean poor Uma. She’s over it now, but to have someone in your home take up with your ex? No, no, that is not something you forgive so easily. What a sticky and ugly situation. Wonder how the kids will feel when they get older and understand. Hmm.

  • Marieme

    Sorry I hit twice. My bad.

  • kkcc

    she looks cute.
    it is gross though when nannies go on to end up dating the husbad.

  • lilyanne

    I’m guessing they will have a “manny” for this baby and not a nanny.

  • shorty


  • Julie

    When a man settles down with his mistress, he leaves a position open…this poor unborn child will read about his sleeze bag parents and 1/2 siblings. Ethan has a much too high impression of himself and his ex wife and children are better off not having to bow to the man king…

  • lilyanne

    How low can you go?

  • Grace

    She’s nothing to look at.

    He’s totally ignoring her.

  • Ely

    Yea, that is weird. The kids’ little brother/sister is the nanny’s kid. Ethan is pork breath. He couldve done anyone, but he decided to lay on the nanny. Come on

  • MovieMadness

    Let the HATERS HATE…do your job and move on

  • Westvillager

    My border colllie is much cuter!

  • Cat

    Maybe they really get along and have a love that is satisfying. Has anyone ever thought of that? Who gives a shit if she is physically beautiful or not. I mean, by commenting on her looks you perpetuate this superficial beauty standard that almost no one lives up to. Maybe if people focused less on “trophy girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives” and more on finding someone that truly makes them happy, there would be less divorce in the first place. First scrutinize yourselves as harshly as others, ask yourselves the hard questions and let other people take care of themselves.

  • yucky yuck yuck

    Someone needs a SHOWER!!!!

    Maybe he should have the nanny give him a bath…oh wait, he’s already done that and has a baby on the way. My bad.

  • jessegirl

    Ugh…he is so disgusting and nasty – I can’t even imagine being downwind of that mess. Why doesn’t he get his teeth fixed, take a shower and comb his hair? Why does anyone care who this vagrant impregnated?

  • Sarah

    The body language from these pictures is very telling. They don’t look like they are fond of each other at all. Maybe they had sex for sex’s sake…not because he or she was in love. The pictures just don’t show a happy couple in love. Kinda sad when you think about it.

  • maty

    memory its film realites bites was watched very well, by the way was called Troy.

  • Morello

    Grace, i agree. I hope he has some feelings for her, but we dont know his personal life so we cant judge, only to express our opinions.
    By the way, how tall is Ethan? ?