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Jessica Simpson: Real Girls Eat Meat

Jessica Simpson: Real Girls Eat Meat

Jessica Simpson and her main squeeze, Tony Romo, land at LAX airport in Los Angeles after a flight from Texas on Friday.

Jessica, 27, sported a shirt that read, “Real Girls Eat Meat.” You can just see it now. Tomorrow, headlines will scream, “MEAT LOVER JESSICA SIMPSON SLAMS VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS.”

Tony, 28, recently just addressed the rumors that Jessica‘s father, Joe, has been meddling in their nearly seven-month-old courtship. Romo told People, “It’s all laughable. [It's] so far from the truth.”

10+ pictures inside of meat lover Jessica Simpson

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Credit: Dave/Jason M/ZFI; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • sally

    FIRST…POSSIBLY Her shirt is funny ;)

  • Carlos Castejon

    humanas son tigres e fieras leonas
    con nuevos cadillos, e virgo piadosa
    aquella Elenesa que a las Amazonas
    pensó facer libres por lid sanguinosa

  • Lillianne

    I bet she does eat meat.

  • joy

    I love them together!!! I can’t wait for her country album to come out!!

  • Deb

    Hmmm… could her shirt be referring to world’s sexiest vegetarian and Romo’s ex Carrie Underwood? lol

  • http://msn penny

    she was soo mean too nick lachey
    uhh good she got a uglier boyfriend

  • Little miss sunshine

    They’re so cute together!

  • sharon

    Haha Deb, I think those are going to be the headlines next week. I can just see it now.

  • kkcc

    her outfit is all mismatched haha…she is at the airport though

  • kkcc

    I just noticed..her WR jeans really aren’t flattering her butt and she needs to get them hemmed!!!!

  • Ann

    As someone who does not have the nerve to order a steak while out with my vegan friends, I love the shirt. Snide, off-color comments are a waste because these two genuinely seem to be fun and funny. We could all use a little more fun in our lives. There’s something new about Jess that is really starting to grow on me.

  • tim johns

    that is so funny she would slam vegans. when she dropped 15lbs for that movie she wasn’t eating meat at all … I read on that she is now taking up yoga.

  • chelss.

    um. okayyy?
    well i guess its true.

  • Xio Pio

    Oh, I thought the shirt was referring to a different kind of meat, LOL!

  • Jack

    Hah. Yes. There are two kinds of meat in this case.

  • Sharon

    I think its an insult to lesbians. Might as well say real women don’t eat fish! :-)

  • XxMANAxX

    Love her T-SHIRT. Tony and Jessica make such a cute couple.

  • Evelyn

    Go FUCK YOURSELF Jessica! That’s why she is so dumb!

  • bee

    I think they are so hot together more so then her and nick was I hope her and tony are happy together and stay that way everyone should butt out and leave them alone! go jess your glowing

  • mia

    What I’d like to know is what consitutes being a “Real Girl”?


    can’t wait for PETA to go batshit insane

  • polkat

    ………………………………………….AND ALL BLONDES ARE STUPID

  • oh snap!

    real girls with hug boobs eat meat

    she means

  • polkat

    ………………………………..AND ALL BLONDES ARE STUPID !!!

  • ha

    She’s so stupid, she probably doesn’t understand what a backlash she is going to get from that shirt.

    It has two meanings, so she’s basically slamming vegetarian lesbians! haha

  • l

    And thats why she has gained 20 pounds. Love Carrie Underwood and she looks so much better than Jessica.

  • Paige

    AGREED! Like her shirt lots, it’s funny :)

  • sunnykidstyle

    OK, I don’t quite get the point of wearing that shirt, but I do like the color on her. But hey, she probably thinks it’s a really funny slogan, so just let her wear it.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • Carolyn

    I love the two of them together. It says New York on the back…probably just a funny shirt…with no hidden meanings. I am glad they are still together. I love her dressed down look…simple is beautiful on her! They don’t need to get dressed up to fly from Dallas to LA. Gee!

  • Don Corleone

    I guess she doesn’t know how the meat she eats (which had feelings and was fed milk by his/her mother) was brutally killed before she ate it and wore that t-shirt. Then again, not suprised, with how dumb she is.

  • Aloney

    that shirt is such a dig at Carrie Underwood. Jessica is so insecure.

  • ellen

    I wonder if Carrie Underwood is aware of the extensive animal testing that cosmetics companies undertake when developing their products? I’m sure if she was, she’d stop wearing 20 pounds of makeup every day.

    Oh, and does she wear leather? I’m sure her car’s seats are vinyl!!

    Step off!! If you’re vegetarian for dietary reasons, that ‘s your choice. It doesn’t make you one iota morally superior to others.

  • Little Loca

    Chill out Ellen.

  • red head

    She is so dumb. She just took a direct hit on Carrie Underwood. Now how stupid is that. Carrie has like what 8 million fans and she takes a direct hit on her. Dumb while she is trying to break into country. Carrie fans are not gonna put up with that crap. You saw what happened when
    she had to dump Chace for partying. The ratings on gossip girl dropped
    28%. Jessica has already alienated the Cowboy Fans and now she does something like this. Bad Bad Bad

  • Carrie Lover

    I couldnt have said it better red head…jessica is so childish and you wont see me buying or even spending my time listening who piece of crap music!

  • Carrie Lover


  • Jaye

    Some of the comments on here are so laughable. It’s like people think they have the inside track on this woman’s life. Why anyone cares so much about what she has on a t-shirt is beyond me. Some of you need to tackle some real issues. You’ll feel much better.

  • Fan

    actually, Carrie does have vinyl seats in her car. She has mentioned this. She won’t buy leather.

  • Fan

    Jessica, you don’t mess with the Queen of Country Music! Stupid (shaking head) Girl!

    shirt should have said

    Stupid Girls Eat Meat

  • courtney

    That shirt is cute! But the possibility that it might be a dig at Scary Underwood makes it funny as hell….

  • annoyed

    stupid T shirt and stupid woman. real woman don’t need fake titties Jess.
    I wish I could explain why these tow bug the creep outta me…but I have better things to pass the time with on this friday the 13th!!

  • annoyed

    oops that should say two, not tow!

  • Michael

    She is such a loser!!! That shirt was directly related to her hatred of poor Carrie Underwood, a vegetarian-= who never did a thing to the wench!

    What an idiot!

    Vegetarians rule!!!

  • Intelligence

    You know everyone else can get out their shirts that read
    Real Girls Have Brains
    Real Girls Can Sing
    and lets dont forget
    Real Girls Don’t Need Plastic Surgery
    Real Blondes Are Really Blonde
    Real Girlfriends Don’t Let Their Daddy Watch
    Real Artists Can Make It Country Music
    and last of all
    Real Girls Don’t Get Jealous Of Exes

  • Chelsey

    Sounds like shes slamming Carrie to me. Not a good move, Jess. haha

  • What

    Tony Romo is a dumb a$$ for letting her wear that shirt in public and a bigger one for being associated with her and her famewhore family.
    I hope he doesn’t marry her. Can you imagine having her for a mother and Joe for a Grandfather? Didn’t he just win worse celebrity father today?

  • uh oh

    She probably doesn’t even realize what she’s done. She needs to get on the phone right now and smooth things over with Carrie. You know she
    can get her number from Tony.

  • Country fan

    I am not believin this. It is very childish for Jess to take a stab at Carrie.
    Carrie is very professional and would never speak a negative word about Jessica. Tony is Carrie’s friend and nothing more but Jessica can’t seem to understand that. I can tell you right now, I love country music but I will not buy a CD of Jessica’s and will turn the station if any of her songs play.
    How embarrassing to possibly be boo’d at a concert for being so childish as to take a stab at Countrys Sweetheart. She better not treat Taylor, Kellie, or heavens forbid Miranda like this. Miranda with get out the gasoline. I’m not buying anything Jessica has to offer.

  • teamcarrie!!

    WOAH there! Jessica– you just directly insulted carrie- and that was a bad bad move- especially since PETA will have your stupid ignorant head for supper.

    What an idiot!

    I wonder if Papa joe set this up on purpose for more publicity for her album release! lol

    They knew the press would be at LAX and she wore the shirt on purpose….think about it.


  • XxMANAxX

    R u people for reals? The world does not revolve around Carrie Underwood. Jessica probably doesnt even know Carrie is a Vegetarian. I didnt. You guys are trying to create stuff that just isnt there.