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Jessica Simpson: Real Girls Eat Meat

Jessica Simpson: Real Girls Eat Meat

Jessica Simpson and her main squeeze, Tony Romo, land at LAX airport in Los Angeles after a flight from Texas on Friday.

Jessica, 27, sported a shirt that read, “Real Girls Eat Meat.” You can just see it now. Tomorrow, headlines will scream, “MEAT LOVER JESSICA SIMPSON SLAMS VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS.”

Tony, 28, recently just addressed the rumors that Jessica‘s father, Joe, has been meddling in their nearly seven-month-old courtship. Romo told People, “It’s all laughable. [It's] so far from the truth.”

10+ pictures inside of meat lover Jessica Simpson

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Credit: Dave/Jason M/ZFI; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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156 Responses to “Jessica Simpson: Real Girls Eat Meat”

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  1. 126
    Blondie Says:

    Is that a snap at Carrie Underwood, Since Carrie is a Vegetarian????

  2. 127
    Blondie Says:

    Is that a snap at Carrie Underwood, Since Carrie is a Vegetarian????

  3. 128
    Meghan Says:

    Real girls endorse the torturous, terror-enducing penning, force-feeding, live skinning/general mutilation, electrocuting, and dangerous drugging of animals (often as smart as 3-year-old children) BECAUSE WE CAN!
    I’m friends with meat-eaters and try not to offend them with guilting or “recruitment”, but this is bullsh!t. Maybe the Simpson clan should try developing talents outside hocking fake hair, wearing too much make up, and getting knocked up for publicity.

  4. 129
    greatabs Says:

    Silly. this teeshirt is super funny and a giveaway from one of nyc’s steakhouses that jessica eats at…nothing to do with PETA or slamming vegetarians. Its just funny

  5. 130
    t-shirt Says:

    She is really dumb for wearing that shirt. PETA is going to have a field day with her. Real girls eat their veggies!

  6. 131
    muffin Says:

    I think we all know what Jessica likes to eat and what she has to do to keep Tony…

  7. 132
    muffin Says:

    I think we all know what Jessica eats to keep Tony interested.

  8. 133
    britt Says:

    jessica simpson is so freakin stupid..first carrie is so much cuter and is just jealous that tony is still talking to carrie..haha stupid stay jealous!!!

  9. 134
    Leigha Says:

    i know exactly where this shirt is from- a restaurant in NYC called Primehouse New York (I live in NYC). it is actually a great steakhouse. i have been a few times and love their porterhouse and to die for desserts. i hardly think jessica is trying to insuate anything here.

  10. 135
    Kevin Says:

    It’s a f*cking shirt. Get over yourselves vegans.

    As for me, I’m going to have a steak.

  11. 136
    john Says:

    Not a Simpson fan.
    Not a Underwood fan.
    Not a Cowboys fan.

    But dang, Romo is sure getting some. I think he’s having the best laugh.

  12. 137
    me Says:

    Carrie’s skinny ass needs to put some meat on the bones. Peta need to mine thier own business and get a life. What are they now the moral police. They need to go after some of those members that are listed on their site who have committed more crimes than most of the people in jail.

  13. 138
    Carnie Vore Says:

    I love this shirt! I found one for sale on cafepress:

  14. 139
    Marianne Says:

    Not that I like Jessica Simpson, but what’s up with vegetarians? I’ve seen women wearing shirts proclaiming how bad eating meat is, what’s so wrong about someone wearing thier own shirt? Can’t take the heat vegetarians, get out in the real world wear people are starving and need to produce meat to feed their families. Next thing they’ll be protesting people eating anything, plants have feeling too you know (living on water alone will eventually kill the planet too- so how do you win?). I don’t go around telling vegetarians they can’t eat vegetables, so I don’t want to hear it Thanks.

  15. 140
    Terrell Says:

    Well, for the one asking where Tony got his Hickory Hoosiers shirt… go to and click on mens shirts… its for sale their.

    Love you Jessica and Tony!!!

  16. 141
    Courtney Says:

    Even though I occasionally eat meat, I think her shirt is ignorant and offensive. I officially can’t stand her now.

  17. 142
    UNderwoodfan21 Says:

    I agree!!!!! Carrie Underwood is naturally pretty and Jessica Simpson is fake. Carrie is prettier anyway!!!!!!! If she is starting country music why would you make a slam at Carrie Underwood?? That is sheer stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 143
    molly Says:

    *****. real girls eat veggies. lame attempt at humor, dumbass blondie.

  19. 144
    morticia Says:

    what a *****, how would she like to be tortured just to be ate FUKING DUMB BLONDE *****

  20. 145
    morticia Says:


  21. 146
    morticia Says:


  22. 147
    morticia Says:


  23. 148
    laz Says:

    this is hillarious:

    some one made a “real girls huff dong” shirt

  24. 149
    ure mom! Says:

    she means: Dumb Blond Girls Eat Meat….All blonds are dumb!!!!

  25. 150
    justsayin Says:

    I think the shirts go together…his says hickory and she says she eats meat..obviously it’s freudian..they probably had a good laugh in private as they were getting ready to go out. (would love to see their sex tape)….and tony probably likes that jess will go out and eat real food with him…vegiatarians or any kind of picky eaters can be a buzz kill…the guy is huge, so he’s gonna eat!

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