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Jose Canseco: Madonna Wanted To Have My Babies

Jose Canseco: Madonna Wanted To Have My Babies

Madonna is being hit with another curve ball.

Last week, Us Weekly insinuated that Madonna, 49, had been cheating on husband Guy Ritchie with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. The mag’s latest issue delves into Madge pursing other athletes, namely former Oakland A and onetime Yankee Jose Canseco in 1991.

Canseco was married at the time and first talked about the incident in his 2008 biography Vindicated. Here are some samples from US Weekly‘s latest interview with Canseco, now 44.

What can you tell us about your relationship with Madonna? She was interested but you were not, correct? Well it’s in the book. We were not intimate. I was married at the time. I was interested in my wife.

Where did she approach you? Where was the first time you met? How did it happen? At her house I think it was in the Hollywood Hills. Our people set it up. Her people approached me saying she was interested in meeting me. She had a Cuban child and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me.

That was her intention to have a child with you? Yeah, I’m Cuban and she wanted a Cuban child.

So she was interested in your genes. Yeah, I’m Cuban 6-foot-3, athletic, built.

Check out the full interview at Us Weekly.

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  • mike

    *eye roll* it’s funny how people only say this stuff when they have the chance to get their 15 minutes of fame…

  • the shuk

    i hate madonna shes a stupid bitch in my opioin

  • Maria (Shorty)

    She’ll be spending her days and night at the Kabblah Centre to get away from all the dirt that’s coming out. And they’ll be more to come, I’m sure!

  • amy

    the end of this makes him lose his credibility…….i agree with the first comment, all this only to get his 15 minutes of fame! ridiculous….although i don’t like madonna, i think it’s insane to talk B.Shh** about her..this guy has no brain

  • amy

    besides what “cuban” child is he talking about?? never heard of this..yet i know almost everything about madonna, who does not!

  • Angelove

    This is getting reDICKulous!!!!

  • girl

    I’m not really fond of Madonna either, but this Canseco guy is a crock of sh!t! I wouldn’t believe anything that came out of this idiot’s mouth. He’s just a wash out trying to get in the limelight.

  • amy

    oops sorry…i forgot she had lourdes LOL it doesn’t change the fact that this is unbelievable!

  • f.

    Yeah. “Athletic, built” because of all the steroids, dipshit.

  • You/Me

    Not a Madonna lover either but this is total b*llsh*t….every loser in America is going to come out now talking sh*t about her just so they can jump on the Madonna Money Wagon :(-

  • Shar

    that dumbass, Lourdes was born in 1996, what cuban child did she have in 1991. None!!! if ur gonna make Sh-t up, make sure u have ur story straight.

  • ri23

    Is July official shit on Madonna month? I haven’t even put up decorations.

  • Den

    Umm, I think all the drugs addled Jose’s brain. Lourdes wasn’t born until 1996. So I don’t think Madonna had a Cuban baby in 1991. He’s just a wanker who wants more attention.

  • Dez

    Madonna sure does like Latin Men. Alex R, Canseco, and her Cuban Baby daddy. Maybe Madonna is trying to tell us something….mmmmhh.

  • Michell

    Ok wait a minute it reads that in 1991 they met and Madonna wanted to have his baby because she already had a cuban child?? Lordones(sp?) is her first child right? She’s only 11 1/2. 2 + 2 is not adding up to 4 here.

  • Michell

    LOL Den, almost same post.

  • Michell

    LOL Den, almost same post.

  • Mejx14

    haha. its funny what people will do to get attetion.
    this makes me sick..imm not a bigggg madonna fan.
    but i dont hate her.. just alot of people are going after her
    because off all the rumors. People just need to stop trying
    to brake up her marriage..if her marriage went through this
    what else can break it up..

  • kristi

    I really don’t like Madonna but I still don’t believe that she would want a child with a random stranger just because of his heritage

  • Sinna

    I agree with u guys. I’m not found of Madonna also. Sometimes she can come off kind of cocky, but this is ridiulous.

  • rex

    Lourdes was born in 1996. Haha!

    Madge pursing onetime Yankee Jose Canseco in 1991.

    She had a Cuban child and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me.

  • Shrink

    Good gracious. Does this guy have any self-respect, tact, or manners? Or anything better to do? Oh, sorry, I forgot, nevermind. f

  • noneya

    Hell yeah! I want to have one of his babies too!!!!!

  • Jaded

    What does he smoke to have these dreams and where can I buy some of that stuff?

  • katie

    Well, I agree that this story sounds kind of made up and this guy is just up for the 10second-fame – but: I could imagine Madonna being a female Tom Cruise, who is not interested in finding a partner to love but only to have his child. I think Madonna is such a self-centered, self-absorbed person, to me she doesn’t seem very much interested in men as a equal partners. To me she is a little creepy.
    Just a thought, if you know what I mean….

  • taraji

    Ok now this is just plain silly amn I supposed to beliefe this…LOL

    You Fail Jose Canesco

  • alisha

    Ew. Was Canseco always this much of a prat?

  • manny

    being athletic and built do not get passed down in genes!
    gosh he really is a dumbasss!

  • Jaye

    Good Grief, you’d think he’d know his 15 minutes were up a LONG time ago. He’s one of the most useless people there is. I doubt that he has any friends, he’s just too much of a sleaze ball.

  • NAT

    what…. a…… JACKASS

  • MM

    US Magazine “changed” their story

    She had a Cuban child (Lourdes) and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me – she wanted a Cuban child”

  • nmm

    ehh….If we take the time to analyze the “facts” he presented to sustain his story, LOURDES WASN’T EVEN BORN IN 1991!!!!!!! It was 1996. So obviously his story is not true and is just trying to get publicity.

  • mrs R

    funny..jose canseco cant produce any sperm..due to too much HGH…

  • Joseph Culligan

    Madonna’s state tax liens, Alex Rodriguez’s tax liens, Dennis Rodman’s federal tax liens and Kravitz’s corporations

  • laurie

    Madonna is nasty, used up old hag with roots……

  • Vee

    Madonna always finds a way to “reinvent” herself. Is she enjoying all her new-found publicity?

  • scottdavis0676

    Jose Canseco has ALWAYS been full of himself. It’s all about him and stroking his ego. I most recently witnessed this in his appearance on the Sureal Life. It seems to me that everybody is piling on Madonna right now. Talk about kicking a horse when their down! If Madonna and Guy can withstand this onslaught of media attention and scrutiny, then their marriage may indeed by infrangible. I don’t particulary care for Madonna, but this no-holds-barred attack on her must be difficult to bear!

  • Gwynfan

    um, Lordes wasn’t even born until late 1990s, so right there this is a lie. This guy is saying in 1991???? Please!!!!! Lordes is only like 12 years old.

    Yep–these guys are done and looking for another 15 minutes of fame!


    I feel bad for Guy Ritchie and the kids.

  • Kelly D.


  • nikomilinko
  • Paige

    *rolls eyes*

    Ew, he’s gross(especially in that see thru shirt that shows his paunch) and he sounds like he’s full of sh*t. Surely she can shop for better genes then that slimeballs.

  • Joseph Culligan

    The four amigos and their tax liens

    Madonna’s state tax liens, Alex Rodriguez’s tax liens, Jose Canseco’s tax liens and battery arrest, Dennis Rodman’s federal tax liens



    ENEN US Magazine “changed” their story

  • jennie

    # 19
    kristi @ 07/10/2008 at 4:11 pm

    I really don’t like Madonna but I still don’t believe that she would want a child with a random stranger just because of his heritage
    Yes she would have a baby by a ransom man. The sl*t put an ad in papers across the country when she wanted a baby. She then settled for her trainer, who happens to be Lourdes’ father.

    Before she got pregnant with Loudes, she was actively advertising for someone to impregnant her. Jose is telling the truth.

  • Tam

    Some of you guys must not remember when Madonna was advertising for a babydaddy. Conseco is not lying on her. Madonna was actively looking for a babydaddy before Lourdes was conceivedl I remember that very well.

    Lourdes’ father, Carlos was her trainer, they never had a real relationship, she just used him to make her pregnant. She probably paid Carlos.

    Madonna is a real sl*t.

  • He’s telling the truth

    Jose is telling the truth. I remember when all of this was going on. Madonna even tried to get Dennis Rodman to impregnant her. She is a nasty woman. She has no moral compass.

  • Jill

    I suppose Guy is only staying with her for the sake of the children or for her money. She embarrasses every husband.

  • Katie

    Jose Canseco is a piece of human spam. Nothing would surprise me about Madonna, but I also don’t believe ONE WORD that comes out of his mouth.

  • OM