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Jennifer Aniston Leaves Sunset at Sunrise

Jennifer Aniston Leaves Sunset at Sunrise

Jennifer Aniston and a friend leave Sunset Towers in West Hollywood early in the morning on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old actress’ dog, Norman, reportedly dislikes her new boyfriend John Mayer. “It’s funny because John likes dogs but for some reason Norman has taken a disliking to him. Jennifer dotes on Norman,” a source said.

“She treats him like a child but she’s got to the point where she’s had to keep him out of the way if John is around. Jennifer has been reassuring John her beloved pet doesn’t hate him, but just needs to learn to trust him.”

10+ more pics of Jennifer Aniston leaving Sunset at sunrise…

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jennifer aniston sunset towers 10
jennifer aniston sunset towers 2
jennifer aniston sunset towers 3
jennifer aniston sunset towers 4
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  • Jill

    So if she has to chose, who’s her pick — Norman or the Pisser?

  • jen fan


  • Jill

    Who is that weird-looking friend, Jared?

  • jen fan

    O.k second!

  • The incredible edward!

    It’s amazing how JJ is playing with you all… another Jen thread to compete with the Jolie-Pitt’s

    Let the hit-count begin!!

  • …………

    Jill said she was going to work but look where she is and who shes talking about

  • jen fan

    Who writes this stuff? Good grief.

  • Jill

    LOL I can see the tabloid headlines now:


  • lyla

    Thanks for the pics. She’s a lovely person.

  • coco

    You are full of talent and wisdom. I am such a big fan of you since last year. Wish everything goes well for you. Can you do me one favor? just tell me is it you on 【W e a l t h y L o v e s】? I love that photo you without… there.

  • Angelove

    I do love Angelina but I would still like to see Jennifer happy. When is the last time we saw her smile.

  • Angelove


  • anonymous

    And this is news why?

  • anonymous

    And this is news why?

  • *


    even the dog can sense that they’re faking it.

  • tondogirl

    ugly fugly chinny chin chin….manho meets the ho !!!!

    that dog knows that these fugly fakers are both losers …

  • laura2

    she is looking good. Love the “new” hair… : )
    Jill, i don’t think i know that friend of hers…and i now a lot of them. So i find difficult that Jared knows who she is.

    Well, on other Jennifer news, and this is kinda cute:

    John Mayer Discusses Aniston In Concert!

    On Friday night (July 18th), my roommate and I went to see John Mayer in Tinley Park, IL. Halfway through the set, he broke out into a weird John-Mayer-style rant. The following is a brief paraphrase:

    “I used to be mean, and witty, and I had lots of smart lines. Then, one day, I met someone. And I was mad because I had lots of new lines, really smart lines that I wanted to use. But I found myself walking up to this person’s door, and I thought, hey! I might really care about this person. And now I find myself sort of responsible for the future of this person.”

    I’m not sure if he said “emotional future” or just “future” – but “future” was mentioned, nonetheless. Then he started playing “I Don’t Trust Myself With Loving You.”

    Also, The Red Eye (NY Post of Chicago) wrote this this morning: “Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer spent the weekend in Chicago as a part of a stop for Mayer’s summer tour. The couple stayed at the Peninsula and had a pretty low-key weekend. Mayer performed in Tinley Park on Friday night, and Saturday he and Aniston dined at Mia Francesca.”

  • Victoria

    Always choose your dog over your man!
    Dogs can sense a persons character, Jennifer should trust Norman’s opinion!
    John Mayer must be a wrong’un!

  • Megs

    Oh, John. Those two are amazing together.

    When is the last time we saw her smile.

    Lately, since she started dating John she smiles a lot.

  • PardyHardy

    She treats her dog like her child because she’ll probably never have one of her own.

  • Deb

    Where did you get your infor from – the fly on the wall?? Who knows that this is really true. JJ could be writing fiction now like all the other taloids.

  • Jos

    Jared, it’s such a treat to see pictures of her. She’s such a lovely person.

    I really do hope her and John last; they make a smoking hot couple.

  • Stefanie

    aww I love her! she’s beautiful!!!
    thanks Jared!!

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    i love her before the haters show up ruining this thread i just want to say i love jenn she is classy,beautiful and seem like a good person and is a good actress i just love her movies and she is a good comedian and she is funny always good to see her pictures

  • Noel

    She looks great! I’m loving the hair.


    only other women with big chins and jaws love her. you guys need a serious nose job, too. yes, i am talking to you, Stefanie!

  • anon

    Wasn’t there just pictures posted of him walking her dog? Going to say this is made up and why would anyone come up with something this stupid.

  • Linda

    That dog is better at pick a persons character then Jen.

  • laura2

    Jared, i think you might be wrong. Those pics are from last night, not “early in the morning on Tuesday”.

    “Enjoying a little girl time, Jennifer Aniston was spotted leaving the Sunset Towers in West Hollywood, California where she was having dinner with a gal pal.

    And the former “Friends” babe did what she could to avoid the paparazzi by having her massive black SUV pull all the way up to the building’s front door so that she could just hop in and escape with minimal shutterbug invasion.” (

    And here:
    “Yes, here was the occasionally elusive Jennifer Aniston leaving the restaurant at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles last night.(…)” (

  • So funny

    This is too funny that dog is smarter then dumb Jen. He knows Mayer is cr@p. Jen and her fans are so desperate for her to have a man they don’t care what she ends up with. The out come of this is going to be so funny. John knows what ever happen the media will be on his side. The same way the were when he and Jessica Simpson broke up.

  • Ann

    She should send Perez Hilton a thank you card because if it had not been for John being scared of the gay rumors she would not have him. John better be glad Jen is pushing 40 fast if not she would not have consented. Now we have two very desperate people. No wonder that dog hate John.

  • Nicole

    OMG ,, Look at that CURTAIN HAIR as per usual,,
    but this time >> LINDA BLAIR << like to have her face back !!

  • chris

    Love her! gorgeous as always

  • Lisa

    That dog should hate him. Douchifer love the attention they get. Since John is touring through Ca she will be intertaining big time to brag to her friends about having a man. She is so pathetic.

  • n.o.l.a

    PAY ATTENTION TO THE DOG!! Animals and children ALWAYS know the real deal.

  • Gini

    That dog is smarter. Look at that long chin whew! You can tell she is trying to put hair in her face to hide it.

  • jmfan

    Laura2, I saw the clip of his banter that you mentioned in your post and that’s not what John said. He actually said he realized the person was actually starting to like him, not that he was starting to care about the person. I doubt he was talking about Jennifer anyway, considering how old that song is.

  • Lane

    Lol the dog hate John. John needs a women to help keep his name in the media. Last summer it was Jessica Simpson this year it’s Jennifer. I think Jen and Jess have common traits. One is low self esteem. It takes losing who you are if you are going to trail behind him on a tour bus.

  • Pat

    He actually said he realized the person was actually starting to like him, not that he was starting to care about the person

    jmfan I was there you are right. I did not get the sense that he was talking about Jennifer Aniston either. I can’t believe how desperate JA fans are.

  • Face

    Good lord. I can’t believe this is even on the site. An actress’s dog not liking her boyfriend …

  • laura2

    JMFAN & PAT,

    i saw that video too…he could be talking about her, he could be talking about someone else …we don’t know… all i know is, she was in Chicago with him (maybe at the concert?)
    also, you could get a lot of different meanings from what he said…(i’m not that kind of obsessed fan to spend time analyzing his words.)…he did blurted all that out before a song called “I don’t trust myself with loving you ” or something…

    anyway, what i posted i just copied and pasted from a blog. So, PAT, It was the blogger’s (girl in the show) words, not mine.

  • Di

    I sure think it would be hard… having cameras in your face recording every move you make… I understand you sign up for some kind of public license to have your life displayed in a fish bowl when you opt to become an actor but…. does that give us a right to decide on who she dates & how she walks her dog?
    It’s hard enough to break up, have your ex flaunt his new family all over the place while you are trying to graciously move on with your own life. It’s like she has all of these grandmas saying they are cute together…. he’s not right for her…. etc….
    Biting off that grandma part I have to say…. Brad’s a waste of space. The outside may be nice to look at but the inside is like every other player! I have no respect for Angelina. I don’t care how many kids she adopts… you just don’t steal another woman’s husband. I will always vote for Jen! Even before the break up… if you woulda asked me…. who I admired more… it would have been Jen. I have never heard her say a mean thing about anyone in any interview.

  • laura2

    Di #42,
    as a JA fan myself, i understand you wanting to defend her. But, there’s absolutely no need to bring BP&AJ up. It’s been a long time. JA has moved on, she seems really happy, and i’m sure she doesn’t care about them so neither should we.

  • JennyPoo

    Di @ 07/22/2008 at 12:11 pm

    Sweetheart. your pain is palpable. Do you rally think you should be on a blog so soon after your break-up? Because, I mean, its so obvious, ya know, you seem unable to separate your pain from jen’s……….see, you even think that Brad and his family gives a sh*t about her/you.LOL

  • Tibet

    “… you just don’t steal another woman’s husband…”

    Oh, boy, this is the exact dumb attitude causing men walking out on women.

    They are not ThINGS/ITEMS that you can steal. Period.

  • bet betty

    Better. Be. Lesbo. Than. Being. Alone.




    Brad before eye surgery

    Brad after eye surgery

    and the picture Justjared has up in the latest J/p thread is after the mini face lift/eye lift and loads of botox he had done.


    I am not even a jennifer Ansiton fan, but c’mon.. John is better than this. her fans should be laughing at Brad’s cosmetic surgery with me. he’s just like travolta.


  • sshhii_baby

    Di can you please explain to me how Ms. Aniston exit her relationship gracefully? We wouldn’t know shiit about her divorce. If she didn’t open her big fat mouth and air her DIRTY laundry. I don’t even want to know what part of the appalacian mt. you are from. If you consider dry humping your boyfriend (before the ink on your divorce paper is dry) graceful. How is Brad flaunting his family? He is minding his own business, living his life. He does look EXTREMELY CONTENT, doesn’t , he? Yeah, I guess I feel your pain. I mean just look at your old lady. hehehhehehe. Now her dog can even see through her maybe gaybe boytoy.

  • LuckyL

    LOL That dog has so many men around him he as confused, defensive, and screwed up as a child

  • Marina

    esta cada dia mas linda!! gracias por colocar las fotos!! jen es la mejor!! besos