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Sophia Bush Hits Up Smashbox Studios

Sophia Bush Hits Up Smashbox Studios

Sophia Bush is seen in Beverly Hills, California on her way to a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios in Culver City on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill star will be starring in an upcoming film called The Narrows. The film is based on Tim McLoughlin‘s novel “Heart of the Old Country”, which sees Mike Manadoro (Kevin Zegers), a 19 year old Brooklyn boy who is torn between two worlds of his new college life and his tight knit Italian neighborhood roots.

Sophia plays Kathy Popovich, a beautiful, cool, intellectual young woman who meets Mike at NYU, but he already has responsibility to his long term, girlfriend Gina (Monica Keena) from the neighborhood he’s promised to marry.

10+ more pics of Sophia Bush hitting up Smashbox Studios…

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sophia bush smashbox studios 01
sophia bush smashbox studios 02
sophia bush smashbox studios 03
sophia bush smashbox studios 04
sophia bush smashbox studios 05
sophia bush smashbox studios 06
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  • nice

    I love Sophia Bush. Just Jared i read this other user’s comment about Disney Channel’s Brenda Song and i want to request the same thing. Can this site start requesting Brenda Song candids for it. Or like get permission for Brenda Song candids from X17 and TMZ. I LOVE BRENDA too. And Sophia is looks amazing.

  • mike

    Sophia Bush rocks. She is so pretty.

  • Mia

    Sophia is so cute and i agree on the Brenda Song thing. I think that Brenda is so cute and i would love to see Brenda pictures on this site.

  • Kim

    OMG Sophia is beautiful, shehas a wonderful body. She is amazing. And i love Brenda Song too, she is like the only Disney star who hasn’t done anything bad. I can’t wait to see season 6 of One Tree Hill and Brenda’s spinoff The Suite Life on Deck.

  • agent1029

    sophia bush is looking better than ever she is so beautiful and brenda song’s new show on deck will premiere on september 16th on disney channel, and her wendy wu sequel is for 2009 and her lifetime movie will hit stores on dvd in 2009 too. I heard she is romured to star in a warner bros movie called american darlings, that will come out in 2009 too so lets see.

  • kat

    OH Sophia is pretty and i was going to reuest Brenda Song pics too. Can someone work that out. I have searched everywhere for brenda bikini pictures so can just jared get those. pretty please. or just random pictures of brenda walking pretty pretty please.

  • whateva

    I can’t WAIT TO SEE ONE TREE HILL 6 season, Sophia kinda looks like Brenda!!!!!!!!1 S.B. is GORGEOUS. And is Brenda Song dating Joe Jonas i read that is was like they were holding hands at Disneyland and Brenda is way prettier than Taylor Swift (anerxicia) Can just jared post those pics for like the relationship to be blasted

  • Zaina..

    i agree shes soo prettyy!!


  • ullis

    Love the necklace, the belt, the “dress”. She looks so freaking good :D

    Cant wait to see the narrows :)

    Sophia has a bright future ahead of her. She will be one of the best female actresses in a couple of yrs. Give her time and youll see..

  • Mandy

    Ugh, boxy body.

  • lolo

    Sophia Bush is amazing she doesn’t party or drink and she handles fame nicely i agree she will be one of the greatest actresses in a couple of years.

  • BRIT

    I Love sophia bush she is talented, beautiful and fantastic in every way. And i totally agree she is pretty and i would so love to see brenda song paparazzi candids on this site daily i love her to death sophia and brenda are one of my fav actress and teen idols.

  • angela

    whoa, what was up with like 6 people commenting on brenda song? was that one person?

  • popy

    when is narrows coming out/

  • popy

    is sophia married????????? i read some where that she married lucas and cheated on him is it fake

  • mrs jonas

    what is up with sophia’s pet

  • alice

    didnt rachel bilson wear that dress? :)

  • hales


  • kate

    Sophia is hot and relax hales. It’s only a rumor. B and J have not officially announced it.

  • bush-beauty

    She looks nice!!!
    But a little bit like Rachel’s style

  • lo low

    Sophia and Rachel might have the same stylist. I know that Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Keira Knightley, Brenda Song and Cameron Diaz have been styles by Rachel Zoe who has similar style for her clients.


  • randi

    Awww Sophia!! Stunning as usual. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the photoshoot. I love how she is Starbucks double fisted!!! Tazo Green Tea Iced Tea…yummmmy!!!! :)

  • Candice


  • Lia

    SOPHIA IS A HOTTIE!!!!!!!! She has such a great body, face, EVERYTHING! And she’s so friendly, funny, talented, adorable, has a great personality, and is beautiful, both inside and out!

  • ellyda

    I just love her, she is gorgeous…a great human being.

  • Tonya

    Sophia gorgeous as always. I’m always anxiously awaiting her new projects

  • manny

    When is Brenda’s The Suite Life on Deck going to be released in Europe??????????

  • michelle

    Sophia looks beautiful. I love her outfit.

  • Elien

    Sophia is so beautiful! All haters to the left.

  • Betty

    Love Her.thanks jared!
    sophia looks hot

  • Jen

    Two Green Tea lemonades! My favorite.

  • agi


  • Tamara

    Sophia looks amazing. She’s got the trifecta; brains, beauty and a wonderful personality.

  • Amalie

    to whomever said hat soph doesn’t drink!!!! have you ever been to wilmington and visited a local bar… cuz she is local there. i used to love her but then i went to wilmington and i lost all respect for her. she talks about morals and shit, but it is a fucking hypocrite. most celebrities are like her. i guess you can say she fits right in with them and their papzzz.

    and i will never forget that rosie chick on ff who knew forehand that soph had given an old man a bottle of water on a certain day, only it didnt happen that day but two days after and then pictures surfaced. soph is not a bad actress but she is so desperate for fame.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    I ♥ what she’s wearing. Sophia is one of my favroite actresses, because she plays all roles so good!!
    I can’t wait to see her upcoming movie!

  • Danny

    Thank you for your continued articles and pics on Sophia. I and many others will be sure to keep coming to the site to look for her. Sophia is the entire package of beauty, talent and personality.

  • tia

    i LOOOVEEEE her! shes not given nearly enough credit!

  • mandy

    Omg i love sophia! She is beautiful and so talented! GREAT BOD too! I seriously wouldn’t have the confidence of wearing a dress like that!!

  • Sophia is best, no protest

    Thank you Jared for posting about Sophia. Sophia fans are loving it, and we are feeling so spoiler right now :)

    She looks amazing as usual. Love what she is wearing and I cant wait to the the narrows

  • abby

    She is so pretty. Gah, I love her.


  • sarah:P

    # 15… sophia was married to chad michael murray back in 2005, but they broke up after 5 months cuz he cheated on her or something so she searched for an annulment.. so they are divorced…

    Love sophia <33 she looks stunning (: (L) i wanna see the photos from the photoshoot now (A) <3

  • maya

    oommgg sophia looksss so effortlessly beaautfyuuuul and me likey her shoeeesss
    anyone know where those are from?? i want em!!!!

  • lily

    can some plz tell me what FF is? i know it is a site for haters or soemthing, but what is it :D i looooove sophia :D cant wait for oth to start again <3333333333

  • Colleen

    #35 Amalie
    Rosie a liar. Spare me! She is the kindest person and doesn’t bash the cast like you.

  • heeyys!

    sophia is an amazing actress!

  • la

    She wasn’t calling Rosie a liar. She was saying that it was a PR stunt by Sophia. Not surprising as she’s also been photographed, wearing a dress, cleaning up a clean beach (anyone who actually does volunteer work will tell you that you don’t show up to clean up a beach wearing a cute summer dress). Sophia is very savvy when it comes to PR, but its fake.

    I don’t really think there are a lot of genuine people in Hollywood. You have to be a little cutthroat to make it in that environment. Sophia definitely strikes me as someone who puts on a public persona to be likable and relatable, but its just an act to get her what she wants: fame. Especially when you take into consideration that a lot of the bts talk about Sophia paints her as the witch with a B of the OTH set.

  • SophiaFan

    Sophia does drink….thats no secret. But then again so do most people. What annoys me is how just because someone is an actor or actress, people think that these stars should be saints or martyrs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is NOTHING wrong with drinking. Just as long as you don’t do something stupid such as drink and drive.

    I’ve met Sophia before a few times because I absolutely LOVE her and she is always such a total sweetheart and just a really big pleasure to be around. I am a diehard Sophia Bush fan and I think she is an absolutely WONDERFUL actress.

  • Shana

    I know people who work on set of OTH down in Wilmington and they always say that this crap you hear about Sophia being mean is nothing but crap and lies.
    Sophia is one of the nicest people of the entire cast. She’s always really nice and friendly with her fans and doesn’t act like a diva. She’s a very respectful person which is kind of rare to find in Hollywood these days.

  • la

    SophiaFan, its not that its wrong to drink. I’m sure everyone on the cast does it and so do most of the people commenting here. But none of them have said that its only okay to go out and get drunk when you’re young enough not to know better. None of them have tried to sell themselves as homebodies that never party the way that she has. The act of partying is not what turns people off. Its that she’s a hypocrite about it.

    And Shana, the rumors of her being a diva come from people on set too. Everything, both the stuff about her being a sweetheart and the stuff about her being a jerk, is all hearsay. But generally speaking, when the rumors are as widespread and as long lasting as they are about her, they’re not completely unfounded.