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Keira Knightley is a London Lover

Keira Knightley is a London Lover

Keira Knightley is pictured leaving the Scotts restaurant after having dinner with her boyfriend Rupert Friend in Mayfair, London on Tuesday.

In a recent interview with UK’s Glamour, Keira admitted being very self-conscious about showing one particular part of her body. “I don’t really have a problem going topless, but my bum is a different matter,” she says. “I like to have a body double for that. Other than that I don’t have any problem with my body.”

The 23-year-old actress also revealed that she and her mom have a tight-knit and very open relationship. “Mum and I would always talk about sex,” Keira said. She’d come up to my room, have me roll her cigarettes and then tell me I’d have to have one with her. “It’s not the typical mother-daughter thing but we’re extremely close.”

10+ more pics inside of Keira Knightley as a London lover…

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  • alanna…ok?
    Still love Keira!

  • leonor

    i dont know why, but i dont like her so much

  • poser

    Why do you copy articles directly from Gossip Girls so much?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • Mindy

    I’m not usually a fan of her fashion choices, but she looks very pretty here. Ironically enough, I just finished watching Atonement last night (excellent movie, by the way) and now the first thing I see in the morning is Keira Knightley, the star of film. And she is rarely posted about, which makes it even more ironic. Alright, I’ll stop now, lol…..

  • Lynn

    Very pretty woman

  • lucy

    looking gorgeous as usual

  • Helena


  • acki

    wow her face is just perfect – a real beauty….but she could gain a little bit….

  • HEY

    what is she wearing?
    it’s hot!
    luvs it!

  • squeezymcfeel

    hmm are they serving heroin @ The Scotts now?

  • Elise

    I’m close to my mum too and we even didn’t do any bonding over poisonous substances (apart from maybe chocolate cake) in order to have a good relationship.

    Half of ciggarette smokers are eventually killed by their habit – nice parenting skills Keira’s mother has.


    #12 – I agree with you, and 1/3 of cancers are caused by cigarette smoking, which is why everyone in Hollywood is always getting cancer.

    Yeah, no wonder KK has problems – her mom sounds like a character off of Absolutely Fabulous and too busy trying to be her daughter’s friend to be a good parent. She and Sienna’s mom should hang out. They could be each other’s friend, since apparently they both need one.

  • Regina

    “The 23-year-old actress also revealed that she and her mom have a tight-knight and very open relationship. “Mum and I would always talk about sex,” Keira said. She’d come up to my room, have me roll her cigarettes and then tell me I’d have to have one with her. “It’s not the typical mother-daughter thing but we’re extremely close.””


    Love Keira, but her mum would have cigarettes with her?! I’m not a fan of smoking, anyway.

  • Vogue
  • erica

    I have to say Keira I saw pictures of you in a bikini it was pretty horrific.
    It was really the most disgusting sight. Stop lying to everyone saying that youre not enorexic it , you def are no doubt, our little girls dont need that…………gross

  • Mahmuda

    Maybe not a bad actress.
    But i absolutely hate her british accent.
    It’s too thick london cockney sort of accent. Ugh!!
    And in these pics she looks quite drugged out.
    Like she has been using. HA!
    Can you imagine that!!

    You might have not got her in her best state Jared. ;(
    But then again does she know what that is?!

  • christine

    All I can say is she is certainly with the poor mans Orlando Bloom, isn’t it interesting? Do you think maybe the real thing wasn’t interested in her so she took the only thing available. Rupert has copied everything about Orlando down to the necklaces but somehow it just dosen’t work on him. I just think Keira could use a few pounds.

  • Karina

    What’s so wrong with having a good and tight relationship with your mother? Being a good friend to your daughter also makes you a great mother. Are you people really that closeminded you won’t see that? I love Keira and her style, and I think she looks great no matter what.

  • tanya

    skeletal and whiny actress

  • h

    I adore Keira Knightley–and I hate how people say she’s anorexic. I’m just as skinny as she is, and I eat a lot. Some people are just really thin–just like some people are really fat! Why does everyone jump on her ass for being skinny? It’s not fair! And the ‘poor man’s Orlando Bloom’? PLEASE! Orlando Bloom looks like a freaking girl! Rupert Friend is way cuter.

  • k

    that’s just not normal for a mom to ask her 23 year old daughter that she can smoke with her. i mean, it wouldn’t be that bad if she was 30, but geez…23?

  • k

    i mean to TELL her 23 year old daughter…

  • omg

    why does she look so haggard

  • omg

    kiera = road hard + put away wet

  • daisy

    No. 17.

    You must not be from London right? Because KK’s accent is far from being cockney! If anything, it’s ridiculously posh!

  • remember da truth

    Anorexic? Maybe if you’re fat you think she’s anorexic!

    Keira in a bikini is all muscle. You can see how toned she is. Just because someone has no fat doesn’t mean they are ill. She has muscle, which means she’s healthy and eats — she’s just slim.

  • kaitlin Hess

    She definitely has body image issues , couple that with being so boney and thin plus she has dropped ALOT of weight recently….very suspicious…..sets off my eating disorder radar and trust me , i have a very good one.

  • Nick

    I love her and her sense of style..this girl is simply gorgeous..I couldn’t care less really whether she smokes or’s her choice..If u don’t smoke then that’s ur choice..and ppl pls stop being jealous of her..ur ugly then just deal with it.

  • ****

    such a bad actress but [i]such a posh bird, isn’t she[/i]

  • ****

    love her though


    Yes, some people have naturally slim, rangy physiques, but that does not mean their bones show through skin in such a grotesque fashion. There is a healthy kind of slimness that looks attractive and elegant, and is required for most Hollywood actresses these days, but then there is another degree of thinness again, which occurs when someone is not taking in enough calories for their body. This is a kind of thinness that makes you wince when you see it. It is not pleasurable to look at, and rather than associating it with health and attractiveness, the bones that stick out through the skin conjure up thoughts of sickness and suffering. The photographs of Keira fall into the second category in my mind, because though she is a beautiful girl, to look at her makes you think of sickness.

  • caaro!

    emm… i like the fact that she is sooo close to her mom but…there’s no need to smoke… anyway i like her ideals.the way she thinks,the confidence that she has for her body, I LOVE that in her. She is so admirable!:)

    PS: even i don’t like rupert friend thought.

  • sara

    Keira’s accent is not a regional dialect, which means she’s had some vocal training. She is NOT cockney or London.

    I like the shirt but the pants have got to go. Also, that quote is from an interview she did when she was about 17 or 18. I suppose a paper dragged it out because of The Duchess or whatever.

    She never really takes a demanding role (reasonably upper-class British woman experiencing romantic woes in costume dramas) and seems to keep to what she’s good at: posing (she’s especially fond of angling her head back, jaw out), giving reasonably stilted line deliveries, and starring in questionable adaptations of English novels that are far prettier than the scrip usually deserves. When she tries to step outside that (The Jacket, Domino) is when she falls flat on her face. She should stick to Joe Wright like glue.

    Also, if you think she’s just naturally scrawny, you ought to google a fansite and look at pictures (premieres/candids) of her from around 2003-2004. Before she became a Stah, she weighed probably ten to fifteen pounds more. Looked better for it, but she shouldn’t be accused of having an eating disorder. That’s too serious a charge to be made lightly.

  • Ava

    Forget about her, what about Rupert Friend. He is the beautiful one. I love him.