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Bar Refaeli: Hello From The VMAs!

Bar Refaeli: Hello From The VMAs!

Israeli model Bar Refaeli ran into Just Jared at the In Touch Weekly’s Icons and Idols after-party at Chataeu Marmont. (Yes, her eyes are super gorgeous in person. Every photographer on the red carpet was saying so!)

The 23-year-old Israeli beauty, who looked positively gorgeous in a hip-hugging Hurley dress, is set to co-host fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger‘s one-off TV special, a unique and voyeuristic look at today’s pop culture in America.

Tommy Hilfiger Presents Ironic Iconic America, based on the book cowritten by Hilfiger and award-winning American Art Director George Lois, is set to air in the fall on Bravo. Can’t wait to see it!

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  • haki

    Jared, we don’t like InTouch tablod.


    uggh jared not this ugly orange chicken tanned b*tch


  • Ruth

    That’s a great photo Jared!

  • tUXEDO

    OMG Jared it’s the first I see your face. You look so young.

  • Svetlana

    How much she pays for you Jared?
    Why so may threads about her?
    I cannot understand.

  • Russell Brand

    You look like a wanker in that shirt, wanker. Try putting out a decent article once in awhile instead of tossing off with Leo’s girl.

  • Russell brand

    You look like a wanker in that shirt! Why don’t you try writing a decent article once in a while instead of tossing off with Leo’s girl!

  • lulu

    jared , we don’t like her she’s so ugly and she is a bitc*

  • liteflyr

    haha, awesome pic jerid. so proud of you :) altho i wonder, who do you get to take pics of you w/celebs? and do u just use your regular little digicam? :)

  • lala

    Jared- that t-shirt you are wearing is super cool! Who makes it?

  • jen

    awesome picture! might I say, you look adorable next to her! :)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared had a hard-on the entire time. lmbaoo

  • Jade


    i dont get why so many people dont like her!!

  • whuut

    Ughh I hate this girl, stop posting about her Jared!

    She has done absolutly nothing to deserve to be written about in the tabloids, the only thing she has done is to date Leo Dicaprio.

    Who you dont write about !!!

    and also she looks REALLY old in this pic, like she is 30+ years old.

  • hahah

    she’s so pretty, she doesn’t look real.

  • ??

    well at least she’s pretty to look at, not like that ugly man looking jen A., i can look at this without feeling the need to barf, you go jared nice pics, now she’s a looker. that’s what you call beautiful, i don’t care if she’s not that popular, now that’s pretty. not like that fame seeking shallow non talent jen A. urg!!!

  • Mike

    Gorgeous, gorgeous young healthy and happy woman!!! We love to see pictures of her!!!

  • TR

    #13 – I am indifferent to her, but I always notice the hate towards her whenever there is a posting. I am willing to bet it is the same 2 people posting over and over again.

  • who am i?

    Ok, Jared – so did you ask her about Leo?? C’mon, we want the scoop!!

  • bridget

    Jared!! You look good..cute pic. Bar on the other boring. Get a pic with Gisele..that’d be cool!

  • Styleaddicted

    Hey! That’s so cool u meet all those celebs. And I adore your blog. why don’t u write smth about yourself?

  • kate

    jared you look so cute but bar is ugly and a very bad model and i hope Leo broke with her because she is a bitc* and she use him for her career

  • anti-bar

    Just like #19 I want to know if Jared asked Bar about Leo. Hmmm interesting that Jared didn’t introduce Bar as “Leo’s girl” or “girlfriend.” Are you trying to tell us something Jared?

    It’s Jared’s decision to put whoever he wants on his blog but at least he should try to get the latest information on the person. It’s only fair to us readers.

    Bar was asked by E! channel if she was dating anyone and she blushed and replied, “I can’t tell you that, I don’t know, I can’t tell you that.” We already know Bar’s been dating Leo so what’s the big deal? Unless Bar didn’t want to say Leo dumped her because she knows the media wouldn’t pay attention anymore? I think there’s a conspiracy going on. It looks like Bar and her managers are going to milk her relationship with Leo even if they already broke-up. There’s something going on.

  • ihb

    mike, are you on Bar`s payroll? She definitely has that ridiculous orange glow. She looks at least 35.

  • Naima

    You look great Jared, but please for the love of god, stop posting about this nobody, believe me less people are interested in this user than you think. She is only in the public eye because Di Caprio is an insecure moron who can’t date real women, stop posting about BAR she’s a nasty woman, trust me, go on a photo shoot with her and you will see how ridiculously snooty she is, Gisele who is the best, is more down to earth and normal than this greedy jewish biatch…

  • babydoll.

    she is flawless. i adore her looks. not so much personality. my best friend is jewish with polish roots and she lives in israel and is working as a secretary in one of their model agencies. well, she reported to me once that bar is extremely disdainful towards people and acts like a total princess, which she isnt. she talks a lot about dicaprio and on the other hand complains on pains and strains of everyday life as a ‘dicaprio’s girlfriend’. she also likes to have just a little bit too much alcohol during parties.

    just not a friendly type of girl next door.

  • antibar

    ihb; you’re right about Mike. He has to be working for Bar. Remember a few weeks ago when Mike tried to downplay the rumours of a break-up by saying that Bar was working really hard in Israel. For two months? All the while Leo was going all over the world having a great time.

    There’s someone else on another blog who I believe works for Bar. It’s ONTD(Oh No They Didn’t). The person is Levev(?) and posts pictures of Bar all the time. This person always insist that Bar and Leo are still together. Someone asked Levev yesterday and of course she said, “Yes they are.” Even though they haven’t been together for two months? Whatever! Like I wrote before Bar’s people will try to get as much publicity out of Leo until he’s seen kissing another woman. It’s pathetic!

  • jenn

    so fun to see a pic of you jared! this one is great – you look fabulous and so does she. not sure why everyone talks so much shit about her – she is gorgeous! keep the pics coming… xoxo

  • lurkenstein

    lurkenstein thinks jared is cute-ish! bar does have pretty eyes, but i never quite saw her as top model material…i’m sure she works, but will never be supermodel famous…not that it matters, as she does very well I’m sure. as for the constant giselle comparisons, totally silly. giselle is known for the perfect body..her face is really not pretty in my opinion, but with the hair and make-up/lighting, she photographs well…in person she’s nothing special except for her knock out body.

  • Lo

    Awesome Jared! Nice picture the two of you!

  • haters

    I like how the haters are the VERY first people to post comments, and I’m gonna have to agree with TR, I’d bet its just the same person posting over and over again because they have no life really. She is absolutely STUNNING, a fantastic model, and I wish her the best of luck in her career, she looked gorgeous at the VMA’s.

  • Dieter

    Jared – you look at hot as it get´s, but I still prefer Bar´s pooper. Did you have a smoke with Bar?

  • ihb

    #31, why don`t you ask Jared about the IP addresses so you can see that it`s not the same person posting about her all the time. Maybe `haters` are the first to post because the majority of people don`t see her appeal at all?
    babydoll, it was really interesting to read about the her real personality and quite honestly I`m not surprised at all. Thanks for posting it.
    Jared, you make her look even more orange.

  • ihb

    I don`t say that it never happens that the same person posts under different names ( pro and con ) but trust me, it`s not the same person who keeps leaving negative comments here. Bar is a pretty girl I don`t think anyone denies that but that doesn`t mean everyone likes her. Do you think this is any different on other blog sites and on other threads about other `celebs`?

  • To #25

    Naima, you are an anti-semitic pig. That is probably why Bar gets trashed her all the time.

  • laura

    There might be some anti-semites who don’t like Bar because of their bigotry and that of course is wrong. But for the most part there are plenty of people who don’t like her for other reasons such as she is a shallow b!tch. It is her own fault that she made enemies. People being jealous or anti-semetic are not the reasons people don’t like her.

  • antibar

    #35; Naima is a stupid, ugly, anti-semitic bitch but most people who dislike Bar are not! Give me a break! Bar is hated in Israel and the majority of people there are obviously Jewish!

    Ironically Bar said comments that many people thought were anti-semitic when she attacked Israel and it’s citizens. Bar is a spoiled, mean snob who treats people like crap. Read comment #25. That is why people can’t stand Bar, especially in her home country. We deserve an apology for being labeled as bigots.

  • Who am I?

    Laura, good points! Also, my Israeli friends all hate her because of her deception to get out of the required military service. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then went about giving interviews bragging about it and claiming that she had “special needs” that the “ordinary” Israelis doing the mandatory service didn’t and that she deserved a “pass”! How self-centered and uncaring to make such statements when her fellow countrymen were dying! She has made horrible statements about Israel and Israelis, so it is no wonder they hate her. Yes, some people might be anti-semitic and that is why they post bad comments about her, but just as many Jewish people hate her, too!

  • a realist

    You look good Jared.

  • johnny depp fan

    Jared, you are gorgeous! The two of you look like a super hot celeb couple.


    she’s 23! damn, only 2 years older than me and looking like that.

    I feel ugly

  • tess

    Naima-you have problem with jews,should i guss from which country you are coming from?!

    “all jews hate bar” give me a f…..break , what do you think people in israel talk about bar all day? trust me we have other problems, about the army thing please ……so many people in israel dont want to go to the army .i dont get it people in the us people didnt attacked or critisis bush the war……all she say is that she doesnt understand why young people need to die in a war…..big deal,alot of people agree with her.

    but unlike other people here i wount trash her, because i dont know her!

  • jill


  • JJ

    Bar is the lucky one…yeah she needs to find another rich famous older man…thats her type..

  • ihb

    Definitely Bar is the lucky one not Leo. And calling an actor under the age of 35 old? How old are you? 12?

  • tammy

    #45 – Bar’s fans are 13 year old boys, her family members, and 10-12 year old girls.

  • brown Power

    You look so gay you gay!

  • who am i?

    I would definitely go with the “Bar is the lucky on in the relationship” side of the argument here! Come on – she was a huge nobody outside of Israel until she hooked up with Leo. She got a lot of publicity because of her relationship with him and she got jobs because of his connections. Do you REALLY think she would have to the “Iconic America” job on Bravo without her Leo connection? No way – without him, she would no one!

  • french

    You are right who am i?

  • lulu

    If we speak about her it is only thanks to Leo, everybody in madman of her model’s career she makes pics only because she goes out with a famous actor (we know even not it’s name rafaeli or refaeli? it prove that the media in one nothing to make of her)