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Janet Jackson "Rock Witchu" Tour Pictures

Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson kicks off her concert tour during the first show of her “Rock Witchu” tour at General Motors Place on Wednesday in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It’s her first tour in more than seven years.

“This show is for all the fans,” Janet, 42, has said of her Rock Witchu Tour. “A lot of the kids have told me what they’d like to hear,” she said of a call-in number she set up for fans to leave her message. “I’ve tried to do as much as I possibly can and incorporate it into the show.”

10+ pictures inside of Janet Jackson‘s “Rock Witchu” Concert…

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janet jackson rock withchu tour pictures 01
janet jackson rock withchu tour pictures 02
janet jackson rock withchu tour pictures 03
janet jackson rock withchu tour pictures 04
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Photos: Jeff Vinnick/Getty
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  • jazmine

    i wouldnt go see her lip synch through a whole concert. her dance moves are just ok

  • a

    wow, she looks like something from mad max! I think she’s a good artist though. can’t deny she can dance!

  • gina

    She is still amazing. I would love to go see this tour.

  • dee

    luvs her cant wait to see her next month

  • me

    www teddy bear! :)

  • ace tomato

    umm. Janet is kind of scaring me.

  • Jacqueline

    hahah vancouver bc
    thats where i live

    but i didnt go, not interested

  • the incredible edward!


  • llm

    Janet ! Janet ! Janet !! What were you thinking ? This couldn´t be worst if you tried.

  • Brittney

    That outfit should be outlawed.

  • cain

    what an outfit…

  • Julie Bear

    YUK… She’s late and boring.. and trying to raise money for
    her brother… jacksons are done.. go back to Gary..

  • required

    lol. old pop stars are scary.

  • someone

    For yall h8ters info if u would read some of the reviews shes doing pretty good and the concert was great. Go watch some of the videos on u to for ur info b4 u judge someone cuz of their front cover image and name “jackson”… *rolling eyes* ANYWHOO JJ BACK F*CK THE H8TERS AND THE ALL THE PPL ABOVE ME !!


  • Dawo

    dont like her outfit and dont like her hair

    like in the 80″s janet is still on her 80″s trip,like she did with 20yo album coverd tha 80″s tracks=nobody like it at the moment

    she looks like mad maxxxxx .lolss

    sorry Im a fan for life,but this is not what I expect= first tour in 7 yaers,

  • annon

    I watched the concert tonight and wasnt impressed. ive been a janet fan all my life and her other concerts were by far amazing. this one tonight didnt blow me out of the water :(

  • ohhhhhhh

    lip synch

  • sueli

    From Miss Janet to Miss J…



  • manul

    what a has been

  • manul

    what a has been!!!!

  • light n fluffy

    I will always love janet but I’m considering getting my money back. I mean like some people said, the outfit? yuck. It looks like one of pattie labells outfit that she wore when she had a group back in the day. I also heard janet wore her mohawk with an evening gown…Uh..Huh? That’s like wearing cowboy boots with a prom dress instead of heels, and last but not least the pulling the guy on stage then performing a simulating sex act, with dancers making out too? I mean is it a concert or an orgy?

  • uuuuuuuum

    Ew :( She’s too old for this ish!

  • light n fluffy

    I’ve got to see more before I can say I’m still going cuz right now I don’t know what I am the most. Disgusted or Disappointed…

  • light n fluffy

    Something in this show needs to change my mind for real. I won’t say she’s too old But damn bringing somebody onstage? C’mon that shit worked throughout two eras man, hang it up.

  • ****

    “Jesus, mom! What are you wearing!?”

  • hanna

    the outfit is just not on

  • kimani

    love this woman and always will. Am sure the concert was great….its all good not to like her….am sure her bank account aint hurting…I appeciate a performer when i see one,…..

  • James Mason Fan

    She looks horrendous! I could see Rihanna pulling this sprayed-on outfit off…MAYBE.

  • toni

    Tina Turner and Cher are still touring and making records, why is Janet who is 20 years younger all of a sudden to old for you kids? Learn about real music and real performers!

  • me

    Because Tina Turner and Cher are legends, there is absolutely no comparison to Janet Jackson.

    As far as this outfit goes…she’s a little too outta shape for spandex and it’s just horrible all the way around. The hair is bad and maybe she needs to just hang it up.

    No one is intrigued by the Jacksons anymore. They are all too damn weird.

  • SEAN

    She’s still #1. All the haters need to get a life. I cannot wait to see this show!

  • Andy

    Can’t wait to see this show!!!! Janet is just incredible!

  • Ms Gunn

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  • @#30

    I never thought Janet Jackson was anything special. Just some overly produced “product” and not really a unique performer at all. So super choreographed, image heavy, and her sounds are always like I said overly produced. She’s way more of a product, then an artist.

  • Anon

    That outfit is gross. She has no class. She looks clownish and silly. And fat. It does not flatter her at all. I don’t know what she was going for, but she blew it.. Who ever produced this listened to Janet instead of doing what was best. I am not being trollish. I like Janet. I hate to see this happening when stars get older and they have no judgement about what works. They see themselves much different from the reality.

  • Ja*Net

    i don’t care what anyone says… janet is the sh!t… i didn’t watch her concert or even knew anything about it but she’s got staying power…. the outfit is kinda gay and all but forget that, her body ROCKs…. y’all whities might call her fat and obese but she’s thick and looks perfect

  • Ilovejanet

    The guy she pulled up in stage is 100% CLOWN!!

  • welovejanet

    The guy she pulled up on stage is a 100% CLOWN!

  • SEAN


  • James Mason Fan

    There’s nothing wrong with Janet… It’s her outfit that is wrong!

  • raeveon

    janet is the best where do u
    jasmin think the rest of them got it from…
    lip synch
    as far as the hair and outfit
    lets think wicked 80 rock or the movie tron
    futuristic open your minds think outside the box

  • sweetpea


  • hmmm

    My question to her is why “Rock WITCHu” is she into withcery or something?? I mean the witch thing has me hesistant to go if she came to my area. Just curious do anybody know?

  • ha

    Ew! But I agree she can dance.

  • mickey

    Did she mean for that costume to look like that?

  • JOn

    I’m shocked. You people are crazy. I’m a lifelong Janet fan and although she looked kind chunky in them outfits, she was amazing! I mean amazing! Noone does it like Janet. What the hell is wrong with you stupid haters. She danced her ass off! I mean seriously. It was an incredible show, and the catwalk loop made it even better for those not lucky enough to be up against the stage. I guess none of you “dance.” Because if you did, you would not only love her music, but love how the show came out…lots of dancing. Y’all need to stuff the negativity us your nose and back off the “has been” talk. Her fan base is solid and her shows are amazing…as always. This new show is a total departure from the old Janet shows. Really good. I was on my feet the whole time. Love you J

  • watsdabuzz

    You people or haters have obviously no idea what yall are talking about. I was same as you guys BEFORE the concert, i wasnt really into janets music or performance from what ive seen on tv or heard on radio. But LIVE she literally both ways put fire on that stage. I was so shocked and impressed and entertained from beginning to finish. I am a hard core beyonce fan and ive been to her concert but i gotta say janet was the best concert ive ever been to she had all the right elements. Best part about it was that she had 3 cat walks!!!!!!!!!!!! so all the ppl in the plaza could get a good view of her so row 14 actually had a few mins of feeling what its like to be front row. I thought that was very nice of janet.
    Janet has: great stage presence, choreography, dance, consistency, she played out as a dance queen or true diva the whole way through, she smiled, she enjoyed herself, she touched fans hands, she welcomed a audience member up to the stage and kissed him, she is a fierce performer, she danced and smiled through it all, true icon, true diva, true entertainer, true queen of rocking a concert =janet jackson

  • Larice

    She is awful, almost as hideous as her wacko brother.


    I went to the show in Vancouver last night and it was incredible…Janet seriously knows how to move! Plus, it was super fun to hear all the songs that I’ve grown up listening to. LOVED IT!