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George Takei Wedding Pictures -- FIRST PICS

George Takei Wedding Pictures -- FIRST PICS

Star Trek legend George Takei, aka Sulu, holds hands with husband Brad Altman after tying the knot before 200 loved ones during a multi-cultural ceremony at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday.

As guests shot firecrackers into the air, the ceremony featured a Buddhist priest, Native American wedding bands, a Japanese Koto harp and a bagpipe procession. Several of his Star Trek costars were in attendance including Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), who was maid of honor, and Walter Koenig (Chekhov), who was the best man.

Takei, 71, and Altman, 54, married after being partners for 21 years. The couple received their marriage license back in June, shortly after California announced its same-sex marriage ruling.

10+ pictures inside of George Takei and Brad Altman‘s wedding…

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Credit: SC/BB; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • t

    yayyyyyy :)

  • anon

    good for them!! and congrats!

  • lauren

    awwwwww i dont know who they are but GOOD FOR THEM! everyone deserves to be happy

  • tia

    theres gunna be a ton of republicans commenting this saying its wrong but I just wanted to say I think this is amazing! every single human being deserves a chance at happiness and i think its great that they are getting that chance!

    oh and Im listenin to ‘teardrops on my guitar’ by taylor swift and its adding to my happiness for them lol

  • james

    good foe them. thats pretty awesome.

  • katie n

    Congratulations!!! They have been together for 21 years that in itself is wonderful. They deserve every happiness in this world.
    I am so happy for them as well as everybody else who are in love and committed to each other who can now do that legally.

  • Godiva

    It’s a shame that they had to wait so long to finally get married. I think it is ridiculous that in the land of “freedom” two people who love each other can’t get married.

  • Awwww!

    Congrats to George and Brad! They are so adorable. Much continued happiness to them!

    To all Californians: Vote NO on Prop 8 on Nov 4th!!!! Let George and Brad remain happily and legally married!

  • G550

    Congrats. Live long and prosper!!

  • dkf

    That is so cool you always see two chicks. It’s nice to see 2 men getting married.

  • ejwlover

    How Cute!

  • Hannah

    awww thats cute! i hate they had to wait so long..!!!

  • Nerf


  • kei


  • eddie jones

    when the people of the great state of california are actually heard and counted let’s hope all these mock marriages are revoked. let’s also hope that someday we have far right politicians that make homosexual anything illegal, let’s see how the gays like it when the wind blows the other way.

  • Rachel

    Sweet :D

  • Al-Jur-Ari Mudeet

    I am so disappointed that one of the men who I grew up admiring on Star Trek has done such a vile deed. Yes, social conscience and equality are good things to strive for. But at what cost does total equality come?

    What if a person wishes to walk around naked in public? Is that not acceptable? Why do we have a right to tell that person he cannot do that? Who are we to say he has to cover himself? It’s his life and he can choose to live how he wants. If he doesn’t wish to wear clothes on his body then he should be allowed to be that way.

    Unfortunately the above sort of thinking is deleterious to mankind. Al Dharmm Alaam Musat Der Ed Leeleed Ealleda Muaan Shet Yassen. Roughly translated, this means that man is entitled to many benefits but not all. Society cannot function without certain rules in place. Star Trek wasn’t about freedom at any cost. It was about learning to co-exist within an environment in which everyone followed certain rules. When joining Starfleet, the good of the Federation was always held above the good of one’s emotional response to a situation.

    I was always think of George Takei as Sulu the helmsman. Not this. This leaves me crestfallen.

  • Nicole

    Congratulations! It’s so wonderful when people who have been together for a long time get married!

    Just wait until all these old fart Republicans die – more and more people are okay with homosexuality every day, soon that prejudice will go the way of people who don’t like mixing of races.

    I’ll be so happy when that day comes. Also, I’m a white Republican.

  • girl

    #17 really needs to grow up. Homosexuals getting married is not comparable to a person walking around in public. Plus, there are such things as nude beaches and such, so why shouldn’t two people who have lived happily together for 21 years, much longer than most heterosexual couples, get married? Think about it, 50% of heterosexual marriages end up in divorce!

    It’s ludicrous to think that this world should be stuck in the 60s when it comes to homosexuality. We should be happy for them.

  • Emilie

    agree with #19
    they seem happy and they’ve already been together for 21 years
    wow that’s a whole lot longer than “normal” marriages
    congrats congrats congrats and star trek stars are all so old now
    has it been that long ago???

  • black

    Hehehehe……..this is kinda funny- but cool none the less.

  • sueli

    Yes, all you homophobes, God forbid a couple who love each other and has been together through thick and thin regardless of what narrow-minded ignorant people thing should be able to get married.

    Marriage is something only for those hetero couples who love each other or for those who marry because if it doesn’t work out they will divorce and just marry someone else or who marry for shits & giggles in Vegas or because their parents make them because they got knocked up.


    Congratulations to Takei and partner. They look very happy and I cannot believe Takei is 71. He looks great.

  • mina

    # 15 How dare you call a marriage between two people that have been together for -21- years a mock marriage. You sorry piece of cowardly sh*t. If there is anyone that deserves to marry it is these two.
    I think of Bristol Pahlin who is marrying her boyfriend because she’s pregnant. Now that is a mock marriage if you ask me

  • Mary

    Congratulations !!!

  • Anonymous

    teardrops on my guitar adds to your happiness for them? go to the jonas posting with that shiznit you nerd as for this posting glad he got to do it before he croaked! Amen .

  • charlotte

    25- whats your problem?? she was just saying her opinion so why do you have to be a b!tch?? im sorry i just hate when ppl are rude to ppl on here when they are just saying their opinion. its so pathetic

  • katie

    15- I live in california and i hope that NEVER happens.

    your a stupid ignorant piece of republican trash. go drown or something

  • Kitty

    # 19 and # 23
    Y’all are completely right, i agree with all of that.
    And Congrats Brad and George couldn’t be happier

  • lucy

    hooray for legal gay marriages! congrats to them!

  • Khaj

    Congrats to George and Brad.

    With that said…

    I don’t think we need to resort to name calling when discussing the topics at hand. (I’m not trying to tell you not to, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s necessary.)

    First of all, in regards to the statement that says: “letâ��s also hope that someday we have far right politicians that make homosexual anything illegal, letâ��s see how the gays like it when the wind blows the other way.” … either you’re not up on your history or you’ve simply forgotten it, but there was a time when “homosexual anything” was illegal. Well, I mean except for beating homosexuals, killing homosexuals, using extreme methods of aversion therapy on homosexuals, firing homosexuals (for merely being homosexuals), placing homosexuals in mental institutions and much more… Hell, since the invention of the “gay panic defense” one can even use their victim’s sexual orientation to legally justify their crime. It is statements such as the one I’ve just quoted that makes it extremely difficult to let go of the pain and fear.

    Whenever I hear/read comments such as those put forth by the “anti” contingent here, I pause and wonder… if you became close friends with someone, new them for years, and they came out to you after all that time… what would you say or do? Think about it this way… imagine your closest friend making such a revelation. Think about it *carefully*

    As for Al-Jur-Ari Mudeet’s post…
    Ah yes, the need for rules, laws, order… control. And assimilation. You should know about that one, seeing as you feel using a sci-fi show as a standard bearer for reality. What did they think about assimilation?

    Regarding nudity… c’mon… I think we all know you don’t really think they’re equal, especially considering the fact that the marriages (and relationships) are consensual acts and walking around in the nude outside of a designated area is not.

  • athena

    Completely agree #30! And congrats Brad and George!

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    Sulu’s çock has boldly gone where no man has gone before. Good for him.

  • [marie]

    Aww go Sulu… I mean congrats… they look happy!

  • Anon

    It’s sweet that they can look so happy and excited after being together for 21 years. Congrats to them!!! No one has the right to tell someone else who they can love.

  • depeche

    Congratulations. I hope soon gay marriege will be legal here in my country! Everyone deserves to be happy.

  • elle


  • S***B

    Oh gag gag –pass me the barf bag.

  • mouche

    Aww, these guys are really sweet – they look so very happy together!

  • Janeway

    Mazel Tov!! Congratulations!! It is about time- they have been together longer than most married couples. They deserve every happiness-and anyone that can’t see that is an ignorant , selfish a-hole. I have been a Star Trek fan forever and I believe Gene Roddenberry is smiling down from Heaven right now. in his vision of the future all people would be equal no matter their color, gender or religious beliefs or where they came from. He populated his ships with all kinds of people working together and I am sure had the times been different he would have portrayed gays in Star Trek. Maybe this is the first step in moving toward that better world. I hope they will live longer and prosper together.

  • GB

    Congrats to George and Bard for finally legalizing their relationship and commitment to each other.

  • Sarah!

    it’s not right.

  • Lia

    Sarah!: Sarah Pahlin, is that youuu? How’s Bristol? :)

  • Dancer

    Live long and prosper George and Brad! Congrats to you both.

  • becca

    Congrats to them!!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Awwwww. They look so handsome!! GOOD FOR THEM!! IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!! They’ve been together for such a long time. I’m so happy for them.

  • sandra

    That’s so cute !!
    Congrats to them !
    A very sweet prove of love after 21 years together !

  • James T Kirk

    Mister Sulu, lay in a new course for Uranus.

  • dialectic

    21 yrs together! if anyone can be around the same person for that long and they still love each other then i say that deserves all the respect in the world! its a shame they couldnt have gotten married sooner…this kinda makes me believe that love can last,its beautiful.
    if some people cant see that then i feel sorry for them ,god is supposed to be about love and if you worship a god thats all about hate then maybe your worshipping the wrong thing…….love, peace , music and liberty to the happy couple as bob marley would say……..

  • gina

    Congratulations to these two!

  • zc

    Its Brokeback All Oveeer Again Haa
    Good For Them