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Suri Cruise is Helicopter Happy

Suri Cruise is Helicopter Happy

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise leave their Manhattan residence and then are spotted heading to the Heliport in New York City on Sunday.

Katie Holmes performed for the Sunday matinee of Broadway play, All My Sons at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in NYC. After the matinee performance, Tom, Katie, and Suri all went for the helicopter ride.

On Saturday, Tom took Suri to a Build-A-Bear Workshop. After Suri made her bear, she put her bear in her stroller for her to push around.

10+ more pics inside of Suri Cruise being helicopter happy…

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tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 01
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 02
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 03
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 04
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 05
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 06
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 07
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 08
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 09
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 10
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 11
tom cruise suri cruise helicopter 12

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  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She is like the most adorable celebrity kid =].

  • pauline

    Where is Connor!?? Where is Bella!?
    Why are they being rejected!??

  • Jonas brothers small weiners.

    Cute family.

  • Cheetah

    o boy o boy.. how happy she looks. Get some new headlines that are fitting for the subject.

  • James Mason Fan

    Stay strong haterz! Don’t let this warm and fuzzy propaganda get to you. Hey, I wonder if Tom directs the paps like on a movie set, you know…”now, that camera here, and close up on Suri there”.The side-profile shot of the kiss is outstanding cinematography.

  • cult tickets for sale

    the staged “family” outings, what phony freaks, still whoring out Suri to make themselves look good for their own dying careers.
    nothing has changed, just another act in their effort to manipulate the public to build themselves up. makes me want to throw up.

  • NZ

    Even though we don’t see Suri smiling a lot, it does seem like she is a happy kid, but god I hate seeing her covering her ears like that, she looks scared. You’d think her parents would get her some earplugs or similar to make her feel more comfortable…a kiss from dad doesn’t take the noise away!

  • I’ll bet this happened

    She told daddy she wanted to name the bear Teddy, but Tom typed L. Ron on the birth certificate.

  • James Mason Fan

    LMAO @ #8

  • Julietta

    Sweet family !

  • andamentothat

    Suri has a lovely face.. and an outstanding wardrobe of course!! Tom actually looks decent in these pix but Katie still has a few hurdles to cross… Someone up thread suggested these are staged pix.. perhaps, but atleast this gives some semblance of normalcy.. rather see these than those out and about in the night pix with Suri..

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`suri’s a super`model.

  • videodream


    Bella and Connor are teenagers and they have their own lives. If Tom wanted to “stage” it, he would have brought Isabella and Connor! Tom loves those kids. If we think about it, he started all this adopt a child trend than the others who followed suit.

    I adopted and I have a biological child. I love them both the same way, equally. There is no question about that. People should just leave them alone.

  • bejeebus

    is it the helicopter sounds or the evil voices in her head that are making her cover her ears?????? she needs to go on and sling something else across her eyes to save her from having to look at cruise’s mug up close. every day he looks more and more like his fug big-teefed mama.

  • bella

    katie is beautiful without make-up. i have seen her and she’s stunning. i’ve also seen her on broadway and i think she did a great job. she kinda hunches at times though. i think she is conscious with her height.

    she is lovely. her face is flawless in person, without make-up.

  • bells

    these are not staged. there are videos of these and its really normal and its not that long. the pictures / reporters make it look like a story. but when you watch the videos, its just less than 10 seconds of them in public.

    heidi and spencer (yuck!), now, those are staged!

  • bells

    this kid has the most perfect eyes!! they’re almost purple!

  • dancer

    I can’t stand that idiot Tom, but I agree with Videodream.
    He loves Bella and Connor (as does Nicole) as much as they love their bio kids. I too have an adopted and natural granddaughter. I couldn’t love either one more if I had given birth to them.
    We don’t know what goes on inside the families. I do think Bella and Connor of the age where they go to intensive Scientology brainwashing. Although I very very much disagree with Scientology and think Tom is an idiot for belonging, none of us are going to change his minds and get him to see the horror of the cult. Maybe Bella and Connor will.
    Hopefully they will get a chance to see Katie in the play and visit Nicole in London.

  • fred

    yeah, her face is flawless (lol…yeeeeaaahh)……except for the NASTY HERPES that cover her lips.

  • ma and pa kettle

    What a bunch of jealous, haters on this site. Just because they are in love with a gorgeous child who has seen the world and has a wonderful life you losers sit on your computers all day spouting venom at everyone who are happy living a wonderful life. Get off your fat (or skinny) asses and make something of yourself so you won’t need to be wracked with jealousy!

  • Jess

    Suri is soooo cute…and agree with that she is the prettiest celebrity kid…

  • karen

    i just don’t get it……..katie is wearing a turtle neck and blazer while her daughter is bare arms……….was it cold or hot that day? i find her daughter is bare arms alot while she is in layered clothing……is it cold in new york at this time.?
    i don’t think she is happy with tom….she made a mistake and its alot to go threw to fix it , so she is just hanging on til the right moment…he is an idiot……hate him and his movies…..

  • karen

    me again……… more thing …how come you don’t see tom or nicole with there other two kids? where are they?

  • S***B

    Doesn’t this child EVER wear pants?? Little kids like to wear jeans, gym shoes, fun shirts…why is she always in a dresss and ballet shoes???? And why oh why do they have to take a helicopter somewhere???? Is Cruise going to fly it too???? And why does the media need to take pics of this ‘EVENT” anyways??? Must be running out of magazine ideas.

  • Heavenly

    #24 – not all little kids like to wear pants. My daughter is 3 months older than Suri and she went through a period of about 6 months where ALL she would wear was dresses. I even had to buy her nightgowns because she refused to wear pajamas. Lots of little girls go through phases where they want to be a princess and wear dresses all the time. And you know what? Dresses are comfortable!

  • http://google toni

    I agreed with #2 we need bella and connor include in the pics.
    it is kind of boring seeing those 3 all the times.
    Where is bella and connor? are they not leaving with their dad Tom?

  • defap

    I like to see this happy family. It is built on a solid foundation. Many Hollywood stars’ personal lives are a mess or they are very lonely or they are in a relationship that will fall apart any minute.

  • dariah

    Pauline trust me Connor and Isabella are in much better situation than Suri. Who cares if they don’t have the 15 million dollar trust fund that she has . They will never be a target by the paps and kidnappers. and they have more chance to have a normal life. And they don’t have to be photo ops with Tom Cruise all the time.

  • larry’s brother larry

    Re: ma and pa kettle #20:
    Now that’s funny. Your post is the most hateful message on here! You have no business accusing anyone of hate. You’re full of it. Look in the mirror you moron.

  • veronicas

    aww sooo cute

  • Lisa

    Why doesnt this child wear socks with her shoes? I guess Katie is really dumb. Tom too. Im a teacher and I HATE when the little girls come to school with fancy shoes and no socks because they end up with blisters and start limping around.

    By the way, I think this title is wrong. It should say Tom and Kate Helicopter Happy. I don’t think Suri probably likes it at ALL.

  • parker

    He doesn’t think to get the kid ear muffs for the helicopter rides because he doesn’t live in the real world. A kiss looks so good for the cameras just like in the movies.

  • Kitty

    I agree with you. My cousins daughter is going through that phase right now.

  • S***B

    How do they manage to hide the other kids all the time? Are they stashed away at a boarding school? And why doesn’t their mother ever see them—very very odd relationship with those other 2 kids. Think they will toss Suri into a boarding school when she gets older and pouty? I bet they will.



  • sarisue

    defap @ 09/22/2008 at 10:13 am:
    “I like to see this happy family. It is built on a solid foundation. Many Hollywood stars’ personal lives are a mess or they are very lonely or they are in a relationship that will fall apart any minute.”

    This reminds me of how Nicole was so blindsided by Tom telling her he wanted a divorce. She thought they had a solid relationship too. Of course Tom left his first wife Mimi Rogers for Nicole when they hooked up on their movie set, so she shouldn’t have been that surprised when Tom did it to her with Penelope Cruz.

    “If we think about it, he started all this adopt a child trend than the others who followed suit.”

    Are you f*cking kidding me videodream? That has to be one of the most idiotic and preposterous things ever written. Tom Cruise started the adoption trend? Where? With whom? LOL! If you seriously believe that then you need to seek help. And you claim to be the parent of an adopted child?!?! Did you adopt because Tom Cruise did?

  • WendyLou

    You are so right about the dressy shoes, Lisa. They are uncomfortable and many kids often get hurt when they are just trying to play with their friends in these silly, inappropriate shoes. Also very bad for growing feet and first walkers like a toddler.

    But they only dress Suri with the potental photo opportunities in mind, not for her to be a fun-loving kid.

    Katie looks like death warmed over in that close up.

  • Olivia

    Tom sure spends a lot of money on helicopters, his jet fuel, and how many security guards, drivers, and the fleet of black SUVs.
    Does he pay for all this or doees his cult foot the bill since he is the second in command?
    Katie is in hog heaven spending Tom’s money. She works hard for it, though, with all the auditing and saunas she has to endure since she is a member of the cult of scientology.
    Tom is a little shrimp of a gay man who likes money and power. Instead of those 4 inch lifts in his shoes, he should invest in a pair of stilts!
    Then he could tower over Katie!

  • dfkjq

    beautiful family

  • mARGIE





  • jAKE

    It’s not a “helo ride”. It’s just a helo taxi to skip the bridge traffic to either the private airport or a country rental in the Hamptoms.

  • seriously

    Okay I just checked the weather in NY and it seems to be very mild warm temperatures. Which I figured gathering from the photos of Katie were people on the street are dressed in shorts, short sleeves over the past few weeks.

    Does this woman have a condition or something because she has been wearing winter clothes since July in NY and I know it has not been cold there. Why hasn’t anyone brought up how weird or unusual this is. The only thing I can think of is that she is severly underweight for her height and she can’t stay warm because of it.

    It is just odd seeing her in coats and turtlenecks and everyone else is in shorts, no jackets, and short sleeves. Just very strange to me.

  • pauline

    I pray #13 is right!!!!!!

  • olin

    very very cute

  • america

    They are the best and full of class. God Bless them…

  • Dancer

    The teens aren’t alone. They are Scientology teen brainwashing school or teen camps. Getting more courses under their belt for their spiritual career path. Doing their RPF’s. Doing hard labor. No escape. Learning to shun those like their mother who don’t believe in Scientology.
    So why do they need Tom?
    What is really funny, is Tom did not advance in Scientology the “normal” way. He was literally waved through a lot of the steps to become Mr. #2 man. He is an idiot. I feel really sorry for Nicole as I think she feels powerless against this all. I think Katie is going to regret marrying him as they take over Suri.

  • no cross for katie

    No, she’s not wearing a cross. Remember, the ONLY person or being that she worships is Tom’s money. If he cut her off with $$$, she’d be gone so fast his head would spin!!!

  • lennox

    Precious baby and the parents are gorgeous!

  • >>>>>

    love them

  • donna

    Can I babysite this baby? I love to see Tom in NY especially Katie’s performance and Patrick Wilson. Jared thanks for all this.