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Zac & Vanessa Are Fontaine Friends

Zac & Vanessa Are Fontaine Friends

High School Musical co-stars (and real life couple) Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens grab dinner at a traditional French restaurant in the 7th arrondissement of Paris on Wendesday.

The pair dined with director Kenny Ortega at “La Fontaine de Mars”, a small restaurant that offers delicious bistro cooking. After the meal, the trio visited the kitchen with the owner and posed for a souvenir photo!

The gang is currently on the European Leg of their promo tour for High School Musical 3: Senior Year, out Oct. 24.

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
Posted to: Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron

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  • zanessa

    i love zanessa

  • zanessa

    yay i was s 1 n 2

  • zanessa

    vanessa hudgens is so gorgeous i love her soooo freaken much n zacs adorable i love them together go zanessa

  • grace

    i love them two together.

    they look so right for each other

  • CWB

    i hope all is ok in zanessa land <3

  • Desireé


  • uhh

    wtf is she wearing? ew..

  • riley

    # 6 because people kept on bashing them.

    i love v! she’s gorgeous!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Aw…what an adorable couple :D Vanessa’s looking great #7, she’s no where near the ew factor…and Zac is just looking FINE !! You can tell that they really love each-other when they look into each-other’s eyes :D Hm, where’s Corbin and Ashley ? I’m missing Corbin’s crazy hair !! And who the heck keeps bashing them !?

  • Trina

    I hope everything goes well for the cast in Madrid. Let’s hope nothing goes amiss there and that no more photocalls are canceled or anything else that will piss of the powers that be in Madrid.

    Good luck to them. Break a leg.

  • Malia
  • Malia
  • ashlee

    glad they got to go to a nice restaurant with “papa” kenny. hope zac and vanessa go to tsee the eifel tower. alone. :)

  • Sezza

    They look GOOD together!

  • ashlee
  • cami

    I really hope high waisted pants don’t come back in style, it just doesn’t look flattering.

  • tia

    turn the comments back off jared~! i hate hearing how obsessed people are with these two. it kills their appeal

  • yets

    wow i love it JJ.

  • 8v

    ZV overload. Not that I’m complaining. Sucks for haters and great for fans! lol. And Kenny as the chaperone….awwww….

  • Riley


  • kylA

    17 i totally agree!!

  • Curiosity

    Love them….can’t wait for more. Thanks Jared.

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan
  • missUK


  • zac is mean to V

    why does it say friends???????????

  • ilya

    i love zanessa..
    they great.

  • misty

    i love them and now they go too madrid spain

  • misty

    malia- i cant get on vabn do you now whay?

  • mhay

    Thanks JJ
    I lOve Zanessa

  • rosielee9

    JJ Did also put in brackets that they are a real life couple, the friends part could have been referring to Kenny as they are all friends.

    And if they don’t look to happy in some photo’s Kenny included it could be becuase of what the pap’s are apparently saying about the HSM cast, now I don’t know how true these followering comments are but it’s what’s been posted and I for one would’nt be to pleased if these things were said about me.

    1. Zanessa is fake and the love is not real

    2.Zac can’t act

    3.Zac is cheating on Vanessa

    4.Zac is sleeping with Ashley and Nikki

    5.Vanessa was kissing Corbin

    6.Zac is a loser

    7.Zac is gay

    Now as I said I’m not saying that these are true, but if they have been said you could understand why Kenny does’nt look his usual self after all he has said that he classes the cast as his kids and I would’nt like any of he above said about my kids. And it’s unfair to take it out on the cast becuase a photoshoot got cancelled after all they are on a tight schedule and just perhaps there simply was’nt time, they did the premier, signings. Suely they are all entitled to have some time to take a break and enjoy being where they are.

    This is why I think that Zac and Vanessa will really enjoy Australia becuae they love the country but also have a whole week there to do work and also relax. I’m not saying that they have’nt enjoyed being where they are but with press like that it can spoil a trip.

  • mhay

    i miss vabn.
    pls teach me how get there.

  • Budi

    Comment #30 STFU!!!

    Zac isnt gay like your face! I just hope he doesnt get with Vanessa, cause i hate her!! He isnt a loser like you!! If he cant act then why do people kill theirself for him!!

  • misty

    mhay- i miss vabn too so you have the same problems?
    and i love vanessa she is great and sweet

  • lalelu

    i ♥ zanessa^^

  • Kitty

    Budi #32

    #30 wasn’t saying he was gay or a loser or can’t act. She was saying PRESS was. some of the things on that whole list that could bug someone. Not her. So before you start telling people to shut the fuck up. Next time read it twice if your a little confused before dissing people. an I agree with #30 Btw he is with Vanessa. Its called Zanessa i think they make a lovely Couple. I support them. Plus Vanessa is Beautiful. I’d kill for her looks.

  • Brandon

    shes damnnnnnnnnnn beautiful.
    I would do anything for just one day with her.
    Zac is one fucking lucky guy and he doesn’t even realize it.



    Aww arent they just so good together? It was so kind of them to vist the owner of the kitchen and take pics,that was sweet:) They are amazing:)

  • rosielee9


    You seem to have some serious anger issues.

    I am NOT saying that Zac is gay if you read my post properly the it’s what’s been put on the net from france and not whatg I’m saying personally.

    If you hate Vanesa then that’s up to you b ut you not wanting Zac to be with her is kinda too late he has been with her for 3 year’s and I don’t think that will change any day soon.

    I personally think Zac is a good actor and with the commitment he has to his chosen profession and how serioulsy he takes his work he will contiune to do well and grow.


    Hi Kitty I’m glad that someone got the point I was making which was’nt mine but the press. Thanks for your support.

  • sarah


  • Cher

    These 2 make a good couple. 3 years is definitely a long time in hollywood and I hope they last. Vanessa is beautiful and I admire her for being mature for her age and for handling things with grace and dignity. Too bad some people don’t give her enough credit for that.

  • Key

    nice couple.
    see this vid Shia LaBeouf vs. Zac Efron
    who is best young actor?

  • poppy

    Zac and V look amazing.

    Its typical of the French press to say things like that, they aren’t the nicest of press, I’m sure they won’t let it get to them too much, the paps were probably just trying to get a reaction out of them, its just a bunch of rubbish stuff that is posted on the net anyway, being re-hashed, pathetic really but there we go, nothing original there. I mean as if the cast could have cancelled the photocall themselves, it will have been the Disney Reps, typical that they get blamed though. They all seem like strong kids, I’m sure they will rise above it. I’m sure Kenny was just giving them advice and talking with them, bless him , he really is amazing.

  • evelyn

    we all miss VABN!

    i’m still thinking zac needs to show v some more attention! who cares if the cameras are on!

    ps – super cute video of a troy/gabrella kiss on the previous thread

  • sam

    They’re such an amazing couple.

  • http://justjared.buzznet beverley

    rosielee # 38

    If only people would READ comments before jumping off the deep end……
    Hope you are o.k,are you going to London on the 7th ????

    Just wanted to say that I think some peoples reaction to Zac and Vanessa on this tour is disappointing.

    The fact is that they just can’t win.If they are too ‘couply ‘,they are wrong because it takes attention away from Ashley and Corbin.Not enough PDA,and there must be a problem.

    I’m sure that they are all very well aware that the main draw for the press is Z & V .In my opinion,they have acted with maturity and very professionally to ensure that everyone is included,and to play down their relationship as much as possible.

    I think more of the attention would have been drawn away from Z & V if a bigger group of the cast were with them.Ironically ,just the fact that Z & V are doing a lot of promotion on their own (Sweden,Mexico and a week in Australia),doesn’t help,because it plays down the contribution of the other cast members ,and draws more focus onto Z & V.

    Just my opinion…….

    Can’t wait for them all to arrive in London next week.

  • V-loyalist

    They are not just adorable but very kind and “Friendly” showing how much they appreciate the cuisine they tasted. The owner must be so happy and gets a chance to have some souvenir shots.

    What a sweet real life couple they are.

  • nadine

    Vanessa looks soo beautiful , like always!!! Zanessa and Kenny:)

  • nathalia do brasil

    I’m not quite understand why the jj has made some bad photos with titles, turning this site sensacionalinta? poxa one of the things that I like to come here is because I am always informed of zac and vanessa and always with good reports about them, always with Liability.UNDER’m sure one of the largest volume visitates here are fans of zanessa, I am not saying for them not omitting information that is the world caso.aqui in a number of major media, come here to relay the news, and pass what it is what draws the most attention.
    not everybody, go in search of other sites, details, and just believing in quele it is reported.
    Jared you just do not need to turn site sensational, everyone comes here so you always have been, not change.
    a question because it will not post the picture that this vanessa on the stairs smiling?

  • me

    GO BABY V!!


    This is not true lovee !!

    They are kissing when they see cameras and they are doing show to cameras so they are popular but it is not real love !!