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Hayden and Rachel Love Lacoste... And Each Other

Hayden and Rachel Love Lacoste... And Each Other

Hayden Christensen and girlfriend Rachel Bilson are seen spending some time together and kissing on the set of a commercial for Lacoste in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 10).

For the commerical, Hayden was wearing a Lacoste polo and was attached to high-wires. During breaks, Rachel sat on Hayden‘s lap, while holding her dog Thurman Murmen.

In a September issue of Page Six Magazine, Rachel, shared a little bit about her relationship with Hayden, noting how happy she is and how he can always make her laugh.

10+ more pics inside of Hayden and Rachel loving Lacoste…

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hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 01
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 02
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 03
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 04
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 05
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 06
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 07
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 08
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 09
hayden christensen rachel bilson lacoste commercial 10

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  • aliens

    cute minus the cancer sticks and straight jacket

  • lips,tits and smack that ass.

    What is he wearing?

  • Noelle

    Finally! Love these pictures. They’re so cute, but Hayden stop smoking!

  • cheryl

    hmm finally some real PDA

  • mel

    To be honest I don’t like him with long hair, and that cancer stick isn’t doing him any justice, but he does show great judgment relationship wise Rachel Bilson is HOT!

  • stacy

    NOW will you people shut up and accept it? Oh, but friends can kiss like that, right? I’m sure it means nothing.

  • Darko

    So, it`s obvious that they are a couple. Nevertheless, I still think that they don`t fit together (at least physically).

  • stacy

    She annoys the frack out of me, but what can you do? If it’s for real it will last a long while; if not, it will end. Time will tell.

  • sandy

    what the haters are going to say now?

  • Meg

    I would have never thought that these two last this long. Thank you for the pictures, Jared. They are adorable.

  • andy

    They’re using their private lives to get commercial and fashion endorsements . Both are sellouts. These two will make money but nobody will take them seriously as actors anymore.

  • funnymunny

    Where is the passion?

    and why would their first kiss (in candids) as a couple be caught on a set? Are they working on the same commercial ?

  • Darko

    This girl is hot? Not in my eyes. Maybe with a man who fits with her, but not with Hayden Christensen. Just take a look at he picture where they walk besides each other. I think that picture shows or “tells” everything (and a picture tells more than a thousand words).

  • funnymunny

    More importantly, where are his curls? I do not like this hairstyle on him, blech!

    I miss the wavy-curly hair!!!

  • maya

    all of my guy friends said she is hot =)

  • flirtlikecrazy

    That strait jacket made him extra hot.

  • anon

    You can tell that he adores her. I mean..come don’t lie.

  • emma

    Finally, they have been dating for 2 years and here is the proof!

  • lilie

    don’t think she is here to word but just to see him during his work …

  • giselle

    Heidi and Spencer part II

  • Darko

    She looks very small and has very short legs. Her legs look also fat when she is wearing skinny trousers/trench-trousers. That isn`t sexy to me. However, Mr. Christensen seems to be attracted to small girls/women (look at his past girlfriends Lola Skye, Sienna Miller etc.)

  • stacy

    Well, andy, you may be on the right track. Yeah, they’re a couple but right now Rachel has a fashion line to promote and what better way to do that than to have “candid” shots released of PDA with the boyfriend she hasn’t exactly confirmed? Good move. Her PR people are brilliant. But that doesn’t make either one of them more of a sellout than anyone else in Hollywood. They all do it. Especially Brad and Angelina. But I guess that’s different. That’s not selling out.

  • one legged prostitute

    too clingy. i mean there is no room to breathe he cant do not 1 project without her following. definaty not healthy. they are still in the googly lovey stage which can last a few years.if you base a relationship on that chemistry, then the novelty wears… have nothing left. we’ll have to see. of course i am no longer a fan of his. i lost a lot of respect fot him. He lies to his fans about well…everything. wasnt he supposed to do an interview online with them? guess they arent important. his head is all fvckd up

  • emma

    Can’t wait to see what all the people who have been in denial all this time have to say LOL

  • sterling

    Hey HayDENT dont be that smug! You’re still nothing and got nothing for being a loser and for being w/’ another loser.

  • Mn

    Here PR people are brilliant.

    At this point, that’s entirely what RB’s career is all about . She uses everything as a form for promotion for herself.

    Brangelina do the same but they have solid careers and Angie has real acting skills. Bilson and Hayden have none.

  • at last!

    Maybe she is pregnant, the way he is holding her in one of the pics looks like he is staring at her tummy

  • M

    Rachel go back to Adam please!!!

  • isnt_it

    Smoking then snogging ( she inhales what he smokes) ICKS! Both of them would eventually die of lung cancer aftter the media pedestaled them already on the “has-beens” category. Just plausible

  • em

    think she’s preggers was right look how he is holding her and looking at her stomach

  • one legged prostitute

    she should not wear a belt that tight. waaaay too skinny! yuck

    lots more pics

    wearing the ring which i think he gave her for her bday. probably engagment. it wont last. either he will get sick of her being by his side every waking moment or if she does give him space, in time he will wake up! she knows this and thats probably why she is basically attached to his

  • erose

    she probably is pregnant, that is why after 2 years they have come out properly as a couple

  • sterling

    @ 27 & 30

    Yah Yah she might bre pregnant and he cant stop smoking infront infront of her. So very ideal and considerate of him!

  • Darko

    After looking a couple of times at the pictures, I still think that these two look strange together. I think he shold be with a taller woman and she with a smaller man.

    Not to mention their characters; i mean this guy seems to be one of the nicest celebrities out there (he always gives autogramms when asked for, he never looks strange at or acts pissed towards photographers or paparazzi, he seems very funny,smart and “down to the earth” in interviews; he really seems to be a “down to the earth guy”.

    Rachel Bilson, on the other hand, by all what she is doing, seems to be the total opposite.

    But that`s just my opinion.

  • roekeats

    They’re coming out (again) in the open?! How brillliant!
    Surely is that these freaks (most esp. BilHO) have been reading their (paid) post/threads here in JJ. So lets now get on to the (expected & soon-to-be) splitville!

  • yeah

    he’s such a dumba$$
    he has no clue what is in store for him.

  • trish

    Notice the one picture she’s staring right at the camera. She knew they were being “caught”. My first reaction was I guess they really are a couple, but now it looks like one big setup.

  • reedley

    I thought Biltroll is supposed to be filming huh?! Is it FAUX (again) or got FIRED?! Either way, BOTH are possible right?! As being jobless & a mallrat are just her real thing.

  • Darko

    Yes at one of this pictures he looks at her belly (maybe she is pregnant, but then he should stop smoking in front of her and then kiss her), on another picture he looks at her boobs. Whatever that would mean.

  • reedley

    I thought she was filming some mushy movie. What happened to that – is it FAUX (again) or got FIRED? Either way, BOTH are possible. As being jobless & a mallrat are just her real thing.

  • skylark

    @ # 25

    They got to have a new tag name as in … The SMUG and the FUG!
    The really reminds me of Josh Duhamel & Stacy Fuggison & the Beckhams too – really!

  • yeah

    i think its funny. i mean come on what guy would want his woman with him 24/7?

    all day at work all night at home day after day after day same ol thing.
    wont last! even if she gets preg.

    this is how insecure women reel in a man, they think having a baby will make him stay. she seems insecure and possessive; very unattractive to any guy. I mean come on, she is like his shadow, it will get old to him. i mean he cant do the thigns he loves like rally racing, cant go anywhere lone. yep i have seen my brother go throug this. but he may be the type to suck it up and deal with it. who knows

  • alba

    Adam Brody is grateful to be free from her clutches. Whew. What a lucky escape.

  • reedley

    @ #39

    What boobs?! He wont see anything there as it was flat (chested) just like what her brain looks like – lol!

  • yeah

    bet she is the one who wants a kid and is pressuring him. i have seen this behavior first hand. sad she is taking advantage of him. she has him blind and whipped. she might as well put murmens leash on him and walk him around.. but he is to blame too for being an idiot. im so not a fan anymore

  • Molly

    They look cute together and they look like they are really in love. I doubt she is pregnant though otherwise he wouldn’t be smoking around her.

    And as for her filming, they may not have started filming her part yet. She won’t need to be on set until they start filming scenes that her character is in.

  • yeah

    i love how suprised he looks in some of these pics. bet she knew the paps were there. what a dis on him…lol

  • Molly

    I can’t believe how cruel some of you are. Do you even know this girl. Sure, she comes across as a little dim witted in interviews but maybe she’s just nervous and doesn’t really how to word things elegantly.

    And just because she mentioned wanting a baby within the next few years doesn’t mean she’s trying to tie him down. Most women want to start having babies when they hit their mid-late 20s. It’s only natural. And hasn’t he mentioned wanting a family as well.

  • yeah

    he wants family/kids becuz she does
    he got pigs becuz she wanted them
    he is making lavander fields becuz she wants it

    please he is whipped!! this indicates he hasnt really had too many relationships. Not saying he should tell her no BUT have opinions of his own instead of being a mindless servant of hers

    and 2 years is not long enough to know someone enough to marry them. people make the mistake of rushing into things because of the chemistry; the rush you feel when you are attracted to someone. people interpret that as “love” well, after awhile it fades and is you base a relationship on that euphoric feeling then you are in trouble. add to that people change, fall out of love, and her glued to his side every waking moment all equals up to it not working out, it may take him awhile to see it. oh well he’s a dumbfvck!

  • blairite

    @ 42 – this is how insecure women reel in a man

    Of course she is INSECURE! As she got NO real beauty, talent & stable career to speak of. At least her boytoy can still do some tricking for him to be still legitly working while she… she’s doing nothing (again). So everyone could not expect of more PDA’s or whatever as she will tag along w/ him as long as she wants too and as much as more tabloid post she could get into. And w/ that, RB’s still in the Hollywood Radar.