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Jude Law as Dr. Watson -- FIRST LOOK

Jude Law as Dr. Watson -- FIRST LOOK

Check out the first pictures of Jude Law as Dr. Watson, the sidekick to pipe-smoking sleuth Sherlock Holmes. (On Friday, we brought you the first pictures of RDJ as Sherlock Holmes.)

“We’re going to try to introduce something we haven’t seen before, authentic to the narrative,” director Guy Ritchie has said of his new flick. “We’re trying to make this film fresh. We should have some good fight sequences.”

He added, “My one concern was the accents but this is no longer the case. Robert Downey has the best English accent I’ve ever heard. Also Rachel McAdams is playing American (love interest Irene Adler), which is true to the books. Outside of that, Jude is obviously Brit. Robert was obviously going to be the big one, and we seem to have transcended that particular hurdle.”

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law as Dr. Watson…

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dr watson jude law 01
dr watson jude law 02
dr watson jude law 03
dr watson jude law 04
dr watson jude law 05
dr watson jude law 06
dr watson jude law 07
dr watson jude law 08
dr watson jude law 09
dr watson jude law 10

Credit: Matrix; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • sheryl

    Yay, Watson pics!

  • hello1

    ugh i just want to see what rachel mcadams looks like, forget RDJ and Jude

  • Jen1

    Eee! I love it. So glad Jude’s doing this.

  • ericap

    Jude and RDJ! I want to be between them!

  • bronte

    yeah sherlcok n watson on set together,
    RDJ & Jude looks good.

    @hello1, be patient, soon we’ll get all pics of her.

  • pete

    love the suspenders. even guy is in on the action. i think i’m going to help bring them back this season. :)

  • Daphne

    Jude looks exactly like Dr. Watson as I imagine him from Doyle’s stories, except Jude’s a zillion times sexier. Guh.

    The man changes his looks so completely for a role. Somebody (I think the costume lady from Cold Mountain) said he is like water; he’ll take the shape of whatever you pour him into. How very true.

  • AnnieRich

    Finally. He looking great.

  • mike

    great actor

  • Brenda

    God, he looks good as Watson.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..from a leading man.. to a sidekick.

    `that’s what losing your hair will do to ya.

  • nikki

    My boo is owning that Dr. Watson role.

    I would love to take the supender off of Jude slowly one at a time.

    Jude= Super Sexy Watson

  • Taylor

    I hate Jude Law!

  • angie


  • angie

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆], it’s just you and your hand tonight, right? Ha ha ha ha

  • dee

    Submit to ” His Hotness” Jude is smoking hot !

  • purpleworm

    I am diggin’ the shadow of his sexy undershirt peeking through his braces (suspenders) in some of those pics. still not sure about the stache but appreciate his devotion to character…. think I prefer him with either full beard or clean shaven. Then again, sexy stubble is always in fashion. Oh hell, it’s all good. who am I kidding?

  • jill

    Jude Law on set playing Dr. Watson and ( Ok wait for it… ) Remaining sexy while doing so.

    Love you Jude.

  • jill

    Jude Law on set playing Dr. Watson and ( Ok wait for it… ) Remaining sexy while doing so.

    I can’t wait to see this movie !

  • purpleworm

    OK, why (&how) the hell did “under$hirt” get hotlinked in my prev. message? What’s going on Jared?

  • Analia

    I love when he completely disappears behind a character. Jude is great!

  • britgirl

    Holmes should’ve been Hugh Laurie… hands down.

  • sharyllee

    wow! Jude is so beautiful. I love Jude!!!

  • UkUsgirl

    Honestly, I wish they would’ve cast a native Brit in the Holmes role… I pictured Hugh Laurie as Holmes forever.. He would’ve been supurb!

  • anna

    Jude is a great actor, I love him

  • dulce mirita

    Who would have me told me that one day I would fall in love with Watson? Well, now I am¡¡¡ Sexy, sexy Jude no matter the adopted look you might have, you are always stunning.

  • mery

    Thanks, JJ!

    The changes of Jude. With mustache and sideburns… voilà, other Jude!

  • rien

    I feel so high, I feel so dry
    I am in love with My Dear Watson
    and I feel like I am in trance

    Traces from Saturday night
    hang around my head, tight
    close to insanity
    little bottles which I called my friends
    start calling me again
    to join this messed life they call a party

    Shall I lay down my path
    and follow to the near of London
    or shall I keep my head
    and try to put my heart down
    where it belongs

    To you, my dear Watson
    as you walk down the line
    and steal my soul
    Care not for the heart of mine
    For it has jumped
    and does not return

  • elle

    .my word Dulce “stunning” hehe kidding yes he is absolutely stunning
    Thanks Jured.

  • ashly

    They look great together. RDJ will kick ass once again.

  • Kealyn

    Damn, I’m falling in love with RDJ, haha! He looks great, and I can’t wait for this movie.

    Jude looks good too, I think they are a great duo!

    Jared please keep posting pics of this movie!

  • bonnie

    I love Jude as Watson, he looks perfect. Proved me wrong.

  • Sara

    Jude as Dr. Watson…
    OMG!! OMG!!
    What can i say about the most incredible man?
    Love him!! **

  • Sara

    I’d, I’d like to put my fingers on you !!
    Love You Jude ♥

  • ISA

    The most perfect Dr Watson ever!!
    He is lovely as always!

  • Sandy

    I’m not surprised at all – Based on all his previous work it was obvious Jude was going to ace Watson and the performance will be stunning. Now the ball is in Ritchie’s hands and he better not drop it!This is a terrific cast though I have to admit Hugh Laurie would have
    appealed to me more for Holmes, more quirky with a terrific comic sense and great reactions. I would love to see him do somerhig wirhJude. Thanks again Jared . there are also some pix of Jude and Iris and friends from Belga pictures which could use exposure
    and being seen in the larger format.

  • shea

    VERY EXCITING! I am thrilled for this production of Sherlock Holmes and they make a great team, RDJ and Jude! Love the new pics of Jude on the set…I love seeing him at work and I am so happy we will be seeing a lot of photos from this set…woo hoo!

    thanks Jared

  • sheryl

    Shea, they definitely look great together! :) Definitely a lot of hot on that set. I’m looking forward to seeing their performances together as well.

    I’m sure there will be some pics of Rachel and Kelli soon.

  • ISA


    The following adresses can be used to send your fanmail to Jude himself. These are not his home adresses off course.

    Jude Law
    c/o Julian Belfrage Associates
    Adam House
    14 New Burlington Street
    London W1S 3BQ

    Jude Law
    c/o PMK/HBH
    700 San Vicente Boulevard
    Suite G 910
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

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    Have fun!

  • Liv

    jude law is fascinating, such a great actor.

  • kim

    Hello Sexy !

    Jude is banging Hot !

    This movie is oozing sex appeal and it just begining to shoot.

  • vinny

    yay finally wwe can see new Dr. Watson on set with Sherlock.
    love Jude.
    can’t wait to see RDJ & Jude work together.

  • jenny

    RIEN @ 10/13/2008 at 9:25 am ,

    I already voted! I hope Jude wins!
    Thanks for the link :D
    Now gotta work :(

    Cheers every one!

    i posted you in the older board

  • ISA

    # 44 is ISA
    Dam cockies!
    jenny is my co-worker and a fan too!

  • dolorescraeg

    o.k.ok. what can i say that i haven’t said a zillion times on this board. that jude gets into a chacter like someone getting into a tight fitting glove. he just slithers into the role. he is never the same…..i’m dizzy from trying to keep up with the real jude law…blonde long hair in sleuth, gorgeous brown jude’s natural hair in the holiday….alfie look, ripley look, cold mountain beard. short haircut enemy at the gates…buzz haircut for his new flick repossession mambo with forrest whitaker….what remains constant is…..jude law is the most beautiful man on the screen today. he is so special. i just watched the dvd the day after peace where he visited afghanistan put himself in harms way, saw to it that children were vaccinated…i tell you there aren’t many jude laws. he is so intelligent…but as usual i’m getting carried away….WATSON be prepared to be played like never before. you are going to sizzle on that screen. thank you jared.

  • lala

    I agree, I’ve never seen and undershirt look so good. Wjhat if he were to take of the white shirt and wear the suspenders over the undershirt?

    Okay…need a minute here…

  • cleos

    jude, SMILE!!!

  • Pole

    He looks very good as Watson..

  • G

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie. I love the stories and pretty much all the movies. This is going to be a romp!