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Tina Fey: I'm 'Done' If Sarah Palin Wins

Tina Fey: I'm 'Done' If Sarah Palin Wins

30 Rock star Tina Fey reveals what it is like spoofing Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, and the radical move she will make if Palin is elected in November.

Fey tells TV Guide, “Election time is always good for [SNL] and this is a bonkers election. And that lady is a media star. She is a fascinating person, she’s very likeable. She’s fun to play, and the two bits with Amy [Poehler], that was super fun.”

Regarding her plans to continue spoofing Palin, Fey adds, “We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

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  • Havana club

    Yes, we will all leave Earth if she wins

  • vicky

    i agree. it would leave too

  • kate!

    I’ll leave if shady Obama is in!!!!!!!!! SHADY SHADY SHADY!!!! Don’t be stupid and turn your cheeck!!!

  • Rayt

    I love Tina Fey

  • cary

    Go Tina!

  • tb

    So over Obama. People wake up.

  • PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha hehehe

    Typical idiot celeb. who has to do the “in” thing in H-wood! I rather take McCain/ Palin any day over Obamas inexperience and the “pals” he keeps. I love how everyone is missing the fact he has no experience, and that he has made no major decisions in his time. I mean all they say is Palin has no experience….which she has more than Obama and Obama is the one running for President! Not Palin! Obama is like the ipod….a fad…one person likes it and then it spreads like fire!

  • hahaha hehehe

    Oh and Tina looks like a bird. She is no where near as hot as Palin!

  • Ashley

    I am so sick and tired of the media bashing Palin and McCain, I mean come on please keep the politics for the politicians because young dumb Americans don’t look into candidates and just believe anything that is published in magazines, and airs on television.

  • me…

    she is hilarious. I hope s.p dont win cos ill leave to!
    (tina is way prettier than palin)

  • mike

    people she is a comedian ok??? Jesus Christ! Get over it…and Idon’t know about you but I am TIRED of this election. It’s so annoying. All it is is arguing back and forth and name calling. They all have their flaws…I can’t wait for it to be over…politics is so exhausting… lol

  • Sarah

    Oh, shut up, Tina.

  • OctoBer sky

    And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

    Have a nice trip!

  • Cristy pag

    Obama has no experience? true, but at least he is very smart , Palin after all this years in public office still has not a clue about anything.she is an idiot. Did you see the interview with Katie Couric? She is stupid as one can be.
    I love Tina Fey!

  • John

    pack your bags, tina!

    or i’ll pack them for you! mccain/palin 08

  • Janie

    John- I couldn’t agree more! What makes celebrities think we care about their opinion?

  • natalie

    and what makes you think anyone cares about your opinion?????

  • Mel

    Sarah Palin is scary. She doesn’t believe in teaching about birth control or dinosaurs. *Her* pals say the only good Jew is a converted Jew, and they hunt witches. She uses her power to advance personal grudges. Her rallies resemble lynch mobs, and her speeches race-bait like mad. And since McCain will be dead from cancer in less than two years, she’s the one people are voting for, or against.

    I guess if crazy incompetence worked with Bush, people are willing to put up with more, but I just don’t get it. I thought we wanted better than that.

  • gina

    She left SNL. It makes sense she doesn’t want to return for another four year run, even if she is just playing Palin. She has other things to do.

  • marisa

    i’ll leave earth if obama wins.

    pack your bags tina.

    mccain/palin 08

  • Jamie

    I have some conservative views, but Palin is simply scary. The repubs have no justification for picking her over Romney, except the Christian right hates Mormons.

    Save room on the spaceship for me if SP wins, Tina!


    It seems that we have really missed the point. SNL is having fun and Tina Fey is the luckiest woman in the world right now due to her resemblance to Gov. Palin. Success comes three ways; hard work, the grace of god, and being in the right place at the right time… Do the math…

    My question to everyone is simple… Given the media or should I say the information free for all, how many of us really know what we are or are not voting for in this election? We continue to enable the media and the so called experts who love to disect every facet of a person from body language, to speach content, to performance… and the list goes on.

    Our electoral system is flawed due to the advances we have made in the past 232 years as a nation, as is the role government is playing. We are largely overstaffed (governmentally speaking), and we focus on too many external matters. We need to focus on the US and what will make us strong again.

  • Lauren

    You guys promised to leave the country when Bush won, 2x, and you never did.

    Please keep your promise when McCain wins. We don’t need you here anyway.

    Then again, anyone voting for Obama already has their head in space.

  • morons4McCain-palin

    Shows what kind of brains people have when they are talking about who is hotter instead of who is smarter. Are you for real, people? Do you have any brains? The Vice Presidential nominee should be judged on brains and judgement, not looks and like-ability. People would be better off reading more and watching less TV, because if you just look at Sarah Palin’s words without all the winking and waving, you would understand why the majority of people are so very scared at the idea of McCain-Palin winning.

  • Kendra

    Is that a promise? When Palin / McCain wins… will all of you hateful, angry people please leave?

  • ashley

    Normally, I try to avoid the candidate bashing that occurs in politics, but seriously, Palin is fair game as far as I’m concerned. Is it the media’s fault that everytime she takes her foot out of her mouth, she manages to wedge it back in … in less than a week?! As for her performance during the debate, the bar was set so low, that anything she said would have been an improvement. Palin is likeable enough, but is she qualified to help run a country? H*ll no, she can’t even run Alaska without scandals threatening to ruin her political career. I believe John McCain sealed the deal when he chose her. Consider his political campaign over. I don’t think anti-Palin voters should be viewed as angry or hateful. Just as I don’t think anti-Obama/Biden voters should be considered angry and hateful. I think everyone is concerned about who is best qualified to run the country. That’s the beauty of America, we’re entitled to our opinions and our own vote. So pipe down on the “you shouldn’t bash Palin” crap and endure. As for Tina Fey’s comment, I’m with her. Sign me up for the first shuttle to space.

  • Hmmm

    Good, dont let the door or whatever hit you on the way out……lol

  • Halli

    God willing Obama will win. The world will all vomit a little bit in their mouth if McCain and shady Palin wins.

  • Christian

    I will not vote for McCain ever since he started his race-baiting campaign. Planting the seeds of doubt, fear and outright hate for Obama. McCains rally’s look more and more like a lynch mob everyday. Shame on you John McCain! I thought you were better than that.

  • mm

    i love this comment

    I’m done. I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

  • meg

    hey moron4, take your own advice and read up on your candidate. Have you read his book? Read his wife’s thesis? Checked his credentials, friends and influences? You demos are so foolish, in this world today, we have to be strong. George Bush has kept us safe. The man did the right thing, the thing 90% of Americans approved of, but the going got rough and all the weak bailed on him. Leaving him to be savaged by the liberal press. And the ignorant, we will never forget (but did) masses. Obama is the worst ‘change’ that could happen to this country. Tina, liked you but not your politics. Won’t be sorry to see you go.

  • no hussein osama for pres.

    it’s the WHITE House and it better stay that way. Oh God help us if osama and that nasty michelle wind up making it a black house.

    it will be the end of America. Pray for McCain our Pres.

  • neil

    tb @ 10/13/2008 at 10:56 am

    Oh? Were you a supporter once upon a time then? Or is this yet another pop-culture diss? God help the WORLD if Pallin is the one a heartbeat away from geriatric President, who to this day suffers lingering physical ailments from his days as a POW and then of course there is his recurring melanoma. This woman doesn’t behave like a politician. NO sirree bob, she behaves like she is a Queen. My god, Americans have to have a death wish if they really want someone like her running their country. If you like the idea of your President having either no regard or even no interest in the concerns of other nations then by all means vote for her, and enjoy your continuing and growing isolation.

  • psh


    OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    I’m leaving with you too Tina, Palin is an idiot! I don’t know why people try and stick up for that lady,her IQ is jello. She represents everything that is wrong with America: racism, having people think its ok to be “one of the regular folks”when you will be in one of the highest political office in America, that its ok to kill animals for no reason but to use them for decoration, its not ok to kill babies-but after they are born they could careless about the baby(they don’t need healthcare,education and lets send them to war), having people think global warming its man-made, its ok to abuse power while you are in office,the list goes on and on……
    I’m not saying Obama is innocent, I am saying that he has two brain cells to rub together. I’m voting for the guy who has neurons that work.

    The people that vote for that McCain are doing harm to this country that they supposedly love.

  • andrea

    *isn’t man-made

  • Layla

    OBAMA/BIDEN for a better country and a better world

  • Yasmine

    I’m not an american, so I’m goin to give some outside information.
    I didn’t think Obama would be a good president because of his inexperience, but then I decided to do some research on him and I liked what I saw.
    He’s an intelligent, well educated and firm man, and I think that after 8 years of Bush that’s what the US deserves. A man who knows how to deal with other countries as well as his own.
    I didn’t have anything against McCain, to tell the truth he would be better for the economy in my country, but then he chose Sarah Palin for VP, and that is something I just can’t understand!
    She’s scary! She must be the dumbest woman (person) in politics!
    Do you guys have any notion of how much you lost because of Bush?!? I don’t know ANYONE in who likes him.
    Anyway, it’s your country, it’s your financial crisis (my country is the least affested by your crisis) and is your life, so I shouldn’t be saying anything, but I care for the rest of the world, and another republican president now would just ruin your lives.

  • eddie jones

    gee what a loss this will be, in fact, perhaps SNL can just disappear, who watches it anyhow.

  • eeeaaaahhhh

    People think he’s going to give them $. That’s actually funny. You’ll get $500 that he’s going to take away from the rich. Remember Robin Hood?

    Change, my a$$.

  • tina leaves earth!!!

    Can’t wait for her to leave earth. She sounds like a twit.

  • tina leaves earth!!!

    Yasmine, so how are things in your country? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Robert NYC

    Excellent! One more ‘celebrity’ (notice the quotes) we wont have to listen to anymore. I am amazed at the number of people that care what you think. I am betting you have no idea about what economics, poli-sci, geo politics or anything means. Maybe someday the hollywood and media simpletons will just shut the hell up and entertain us. Dance monkey dance!

  • aw

    Im McPalin all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cammie

    McCain and his Palin Veep “soulmate” choice are an insult to astute women and America….I won’t leave this country as a “patriotic American” who believes in diplomacy and peace, but I’m counting the days until ignorant Palin and her tribe return to Alaska on November 5 so she can face the music at home!!!!

  • http://thefootstomper/ Steven

    Republican replies printed here tire of typical “I have no life so I must infect yours with my lack of personality” bullshit! Obama does have the expierence needed to run this nation. America deserves representation worthy of recognizing all our country’s ill’s and strengths. McCain does not recognize poverty or the middle class citizens of this nation, nor does he relate to the diversity of this nation. From a heart felt perspective, watching McCain rallies where Palin speaks, the only thing missing is KKK white hoods; however, take the comment from the skin-head policeman with Palin in Florida and certainly you have your race-baiting answer. Down with racism, homophobia, and indifference! Up with equality, strength through diversity!

  • Michelle

    Time for positive change on every level in America…..time for the best team on the campaign trail, Obama-Biden ’08!

    Many poor choices made by the Republican Party and McCain this summer but the worst are:

    #1 Republican Party let the extreme conservatives take control!

    #2 McCain thought he was being very clever in an attempt to outsmart Americans by selecting a neophyte, second runner-up beauty contest participant whose I.Q. cannot be more than 90 to 100 and who speaks like and has the emotional quotient of a 16- to 19-year-old girl instead of a grown woman. This is the exact reason she has experienced serious challenges with her two older children….you can’t parent and be your children’s hip friends.

    Yes, it’s time for Sarah Palin to take her vile campaign talk back to Alaska where she doesn’t have to confront “melting pot” social challenges and ideas. There she can continue letting the wolves raise her children while she hunts and kills as many caribou and moose as her “little old heart desires”. Maybe she and Todd Palin can enjoy a rare marriage renewal ritual of making love in the blood of the animal she has slain.

  • FromMyEyesToYours

    Tina Fey is gorgeous.

    Tired of the Palin/McCain constant negativity and mistating things they have been factchecked on

  • GP fan

    I’m finished too, with American, if McCain/Palin win. The last thing this country needs is for McCain to pass away (god forbid) and Palin to become President. My god! That would be worse than Bush–and no one ever thought it could get Any worse!