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Matilda Ledger: It's Chilly In Brooklyn!

Matilda Ledger: It's Chilly In Brooklyn!

Michelle Williams takes daughter Matilda Rose, who turns 3 later this month, for a walk around their Brooklyn neighborhood on Friday afternoon.

After the 28-year-old actress attended the premiere for Synecdoche, New York on Wednesday, she was seen holding hands with her new beau Spike Jonze.

Jonze, who produced Synecdoche, also kept caressing Michelle‘s back affectionately throughout the evening.

“He couldn’t seem to keep his hands off her,” a source told People. “It was very cute.”

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Credit: Vila/Anderson; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Leticia

    own, she’s so cute!

  • Julien

    Oh cute is that little girl????

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    she is such a sweet little girl, I love her outfit here :)

  • LolaSvelt

    #1, pathetic comment.

    Love Michelle’s outfit, once again! My style icon!

  • Ingrid

    Jared, I’ve always wondered, why do you always post Michelle and Matilda topics to Heath Ledger?

  • b chick

    matilda –> cutie pie

    whenever i look at matilda i feel so sad . i cant imagine how hard it must be to grow without a father.
    god bless her.

  • helen

    Stylish mother/daughter duo! Thanks for the pictures Jared!

  • Flora

    So cute.

  • michelle

    Aww how cute!

  • helen

    “Jared, I’ve always wondered, why do you always post Michelle and Matilda topics to Heath Ledger?”

    Maybe because Heath is Matilda’s father?

  • Ingrid

    Yeah, but Matilda is her own person, she’s with her mother. Why does Heath Ledger always have to be related to the post if it had nothing to do with him?

  • Emily90

    well i guess its not that weird that she is with somone else i mean her and heath were like broken up before he died. can’t expect her to mourn forever and not live her life. matilda is such a cutie pie though! i love how they are so normal compared to so many other celeb parents. i hardly ever see michelle like holding matilda all the time she lets her walk and stuff which i think is nice :D

  • helen

    #12, I still don’t get why it bothers you. I don’t think it’s an issue at all.

  • tia

    wow her daughter looks WAAAYY older than 2!

  • pam

    cute baby
    Michelle looks like a hag

  • osama

    Ice Queen Michelle……..

  • Lala

    Aww. . . I <3 them! So cute! She looks just like her father!

  • Lala
    Cutest pictures of Matilda EVER!!!! and NEW!

  • Fantasyisland

    #15…that’s because she will be THREE at the end of this month. READ!!!

    On another note, maybe Suri’s parents could take some tips from Michelle on how to dress a child properly for chilly Autumn days in NYC!!!

  • Alison

    Pam is the one who probably looks like a hag. Michelle looks pretty.

  • Mr. Rabbit

    They’ll do so when it’s chilly enough like today and unlike those other days, #20.

  • Lucia

    Does anyone know what Michelles boots are, brand I mean. They are just so beautiful!

  • Matilda is adorable!

    I agree with #20, somewhere in N.Y. Suri is skipping around in a short sleeved dress and no socks or jacket.

  • Fantasyisland

    #22, Mr. Rabbit…I’m not in NYC, but based on what I’ve seen in other photos, the Cruise clan are either nuts (wait they are) and dress in layers in warm weather or they are leaving their poor daughter to freeze by dressing her in summer clothes while they bundle up in cooler weather. Take your pick. Either way they are messed up and I feel bad for little Suri Cruise. She’s adorable but her parents are nuts.

  • Ni

    Brooklyn? What Brooklyn….NYC? It wasnt’ cold here so I don’t get it…..Cute outfits, for when it does get cold….

  • Nicole

    OMG!!!they look soooo cutee!!!
    i love their outfits!!!!
    and i agree with #13 i think is perfectly normal that she´s moving on i´m happy for her!

  • The Love Boat

    Gotta agree withFantsyisland that Matillda is always dressed appropriately. Michelle could give tips to The Cruies. Also ,Matilda is lawys dressed little a tod , romping freely aroundin her soft cotton sets. Michelle Williams and Jennifer Garner have the most precious, smiling, happy little girls.

    To those who say about her dating, HEATH AND MICHELLE HAD been long separated when he passed away. She seems to have stuck it out for as long as they could and he had some drug issues.
    He and Michelle were single when they got together for not her reason but their own. Heath was good to her and she to him and it just ended.They weren’t legally married. No reason to be.

  • Mr. Rabbit

    They wouldn’t harm their daughter, #24 and #25.

    It was warm those days and you can check with the National Weather Bureau rather than examining photos.

  • fame

    God bless Matilda. Social Service should take her away from this trash. Michalle could compete with Madonna how many men she will bed.

  • becca

    matilda is adorable! i’m sure michelle is a wonderful mother!
    heath would be proud… i’m sure he’d want them to be HAPPY above all else.

  • seriously?

    I don’t know what the people are on who said today wasn’t cold, but it was not only cold (chilly, really but for a young child it was cold) but it was windy as well. For a young child who is susceptible to getting colds, especially with the strange weather we’re having in nyc — hot, cold, hot cold, she is dressed properly.

  • anon

    I’m sorry, but I get the impression that she wouldn’t allow Heath to see Matilda the last few months of his life. That is WRONG! Even if the rumors of drug abuse are true, she could’ve supervised visits, she didn’t have to completely keep him from her. Every parent has the right to see their child. I believe Heath loved her more than anything and would have NEVER hurt her. God Bless Matilda!

  • lin

    where did michelle get those aviators and boots?? I love her outfit.

  • Jess

    Matilda is the cutest! Ah! She’s so adorable!

  • Michelle

    I agree, the stylish mom and daughter pair yet! They just look so adorable together, especially Matilda with her little coat on… :D

  • cello

    I dont like their outfits even when I find Matilda a cutie. Michelle always gives me the chills and she looks mannish.

  • joy

    she is the cutiest girl on the planet

  • dee

    wut an adorable, stylish little girl !!!!!!!!!! omg my heart just melted :)


    #1…seeing as they weren’t even together when he died it shouldn’t matter how fast or slow she gets in a relationship. They’d been seperated for a long time before he died. How can you hate on someone when they only want to be happy after having a miserable year? Seriously, Karma is a BITCH.

    #6…Maybe because Heath is her dad? Usually when any blogger or magazine posts about a child they list the parents equally even if the parent isn’t in the photo or has died or just doesn’t have anything to do with the child. Heath IS her dad

    I love them both…I’m so happy that Michelle has found someone that makes her happy and makes her smile! Matilda seems like such a well rounded child and I think her dad’s style has rubbed off on her! SO CUTE!!

  • JB

    her boots are lanvin

  • regina

    Katie, this is how you dress a little girl in october in New York !! NO summer dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rand

    she’s my favorite actress and she’s my favorite celebrity baby. matilda is so cute!

  • Melinda

    she has split up with Ledger way before his death…she still has a long life ahead of her…why can’t she date?

  • anon

    I guess I was on the other side of the planet yesterday, because it was cold in NYC where I was.

  • sweetpea

    She is SO adorable. The spitting image of her daddy. I know he’s looking after her like a guardian angel.

    Michelle is doing a great job as a single mom. And I wish her all the happiness.

    You have to remember she and Heath had already split up at the time of his death. And she has been nothing but respectful to the man she still loves and will always be in her heart. But she has to go on with her life and do the best she can to raise their daughter.

  • lavett

    they both look cute. i love michelle’s style

  • man

    most stylish, classy celebrity in hollywood today. congrats michelle!

    both look so beautiful and normal. :)

    anon- i don`t think u need to take haters seriously- she NEVER kept Matilda from Heath. that is the biggest lie…heaths family would be furious to hear that. they are both actors. they can`t do all movies together. that means they had to be parted due to work.

  • Claire

    Fame, Michelle is not trash and Social Services only takes children away from horrible parents. Since you don’t know Michelle, you wouldn’t know how she is as a mother or how many men she has been with.

    Cello, why would she give you the chills? She doesn’t look manish at all.

  • Mimi

    Laly, she isn’t using her daughter to get famous. You know nothing about Michelle or her parenting skills.

    Kelly, Michelle is in her 20′s. That’s not old and she isn’t ugly either. You’re just a stupid hag.

  • Mimi

    It’s so obvious that the above comments were typed by the same pathetic troll too. Laly = Kelly = Keira.

    Get over your obsession with this woman and typing such nasty comments. There is something deeply wrong with you.