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Bridget Moynahan Carries Her Baby Boy

Bridget Moynahan Carries Her Baby Boy

Bridget Moynahan walks barefoot with her son John Moynahan in the Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Friday.

John Moynahan‘s father is ex-boyfriend, Tom Brady, who is currently dating and rumored to be engaged to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

On Wednesday, Bridget helped jewelry designer Neil Lane unveil his flagship store at Melrose Place.

, 38, will start shooting the pilot of TNT series Bunker Hill, next month with Donnie Wahlberg, in a drama about crime, corruption, and cops.

10+ more pics inside of Bridget Moynahan carrying her baby boy…

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  • penny

    i hate paparazzi baby pictures more than anything

  • reva

    Dang girl, can’t you afford some flipflops?!

  • olga Kruvey

    Maybe Giselle Bundchen’s flipflops :D

  • pop

    I feel so sorry for that kid. No child likes to see their parents broken up. Tom Brady should be ashamed of himself. ABANDONING HIS SON AND THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD FOR HIS OWN SELFISH INTERESTS. Part-time Dads never measure up to 100% full-time devoted fathers. How disgusting!!!!!!!!! He’ll just dump Giselle once she gets older too. Once a cad, always a cad. Wake up Tom and do the right thing!!!

  • dd

    she and her son is better off without tom in their lives who wonts a poor excuse of a man around i wish bridget and her son well

  • ST

    How sweet. Looks like Bridget was out with John in the neighbor. Probably playing with neighbor kids and taking pictures. I love seeing pictures of these two but am sorry that the paps have to bother them in order to see them. The both look great.

  • Classy mother

    Bridget is such a classy woman – she has really handled this whole sordid situation with Tom and Gislut with such dignity. It looks like little Jack is going to have her dark hair. He looks like he is really going to be tall too. Looking at the beautiful family that Tom threw away makes you realize what a jerk he really is. It was all for a fling with the supermodel and in such a public, poor taste kind of way while he ignored the pregnant mother of his son. I doubt he will marry Gislut and if they do, it will never last. At least with his sidelining injury he will have a lot of time to think about it. I think the best justice would be for him to marry Gislut. Then he can be miserable for life! Can’t wait to see Bridget in her new projects!

  • K

    I hate what Tom Brady did to her. She always looks so sad :(

  • JLS

    Karma has Tom in his tight little grasp. You go Bridget. You seem like a devoted Mom. Keep it up. Good things will come back to you in their own time.

  • xoxoliz

    you guys need to get the facts straight. Sure, it’s sad that little John’s parents aren’t together, but stop making Tom out to be such a jerk.

    Tom Brady and Bridget broke up BEFORE he even knew that she was pregnant. He and Gisele had been dating for a short while when they found out.

    but anyway…that baby is so beautiful! omg he’s going to be such a handome young man in 20 years.

  • katie n

    What is the point of having a man around just for the sake of the baby. Women are better off without men who do not want them. And also Tom does not become a bad man just because he does not want to marry a woman he does not love any more because of an accidental pregnancy. if he is financially responsible and do the co-custody thing right, he is an ok man.

    Also #7 what is all that anger against Giselle. What is worng with going out with a man who has a baby by another woman but not married.

  • HB

    Tom Brady has not hurt Bridget. She chose to get involved with a man she thought could be snared by a pregnancy. Stop projecting your pathetic, painful lives onto her situation. Bridget is smart enough to know happiness comes from within, not another individual. For those who say they hate Tom, you definitely have psychological issues, displaying emotions for someone you don’t know but make an ASSumption about.

  • sse

    oh please….she got preggo on purpose because she wanted tom to marry her! they were already through before she was pregnant. she did this to herself!
    tom is a good guy- he is even buying a house out in cali to be closer to his son!

  • katie n

    Ity is not like I like or know Tom Brady. But enough with this moralistic rants. This is America and people get married for love not just for babies. if Tom fell out of love with B. what is the point in marrying. it will be miserable for both of them and children are better off without such bitter parents.

  • pop

    She did not get pregnant on purpose or use it to snare him. Tom was never forced to have sex with her so that theory is bs. He is equal cocreator so to make her out to be evil is total bs. He’s old enough to know that sex = chance of having babies and you’d think he’d step up to the plate and be a man and do the right thing but no, he walked away for something even better.

    The POINT in marrying is to give that child a SOLID foundation. The POINT in marrying is to give that child honor, dignity and respect and a united front. Ive seen enough broken homes to see what damage it does to a child whether you like it or not.

    Its not about MORALS, its about giving your CHILD the best upbringing possible and putting aside your own selfish interests for the sake of your child.

  • Daria

    Poor kid with a flake loser for a dad. That’s just too sad.

  • mattie

    beautiful mom and son….few people today ever experience real mom and dad have been married forty nine years last month, and they are more in love than ever…they had hard times, but worked together…they still hold hands when they walk and share many hugs and “I love yous”…hope I am blessed enough to have the same in life..maybe bridget will find a true love since she has already been through the heartbreak of a false one…hope so..

  • oh no

    Poor kid. At least he’s handsome, rich and has one good parent. But boys need their father. It’s such a sad situation.

  • Paul

    OMG! You guys are still worried about that??? come on! it’s been a long time now. Tom is not with Bridget, he is with Gisele and they love each other. And the relationship between Tom Gisele and little Jack seems to be very good.

    I would not like to know that my parents stayed together just because of me. They deserve to be happy with who they love. If Tom and Bridget didn’t work out, what’s wrong with that???

    Tom is spending his days in LA, and spends a lot of time with his kid, of course. and gisele is really a great woman for the way she handles the situation.

    I think a lot of people think that this is a soap-opera or a hollywood film, to be the bad guy, the slut and the poor woman. But wake up! This is real life, guys. Really, there’s no such a thing of the bad guy, the slut and the poor woman. GET A LIFE!
    Tom, Gisele and Bridget are all very good people, and from T and B’s relationship there is Jack, an adorable baby!!

  • tina

    Tom and GĂ­sele are very happy together and love undying each other and the both are get married soon. .Where is the problem?

  • Ray Palmer

    I think Bridget has way more class than the garbage disposal Katie Holmes.
    Look how she shields away her son from the paps.
    Look how protective she is towards her baby boy.
    She doesn’t exploit her son for attention and exposure.

    She’s class!

  • Justine

    Tom Brady is the class act here!
    Bridget, older than Tom, talked about wanting marriage and a baby for a while leading up to when she eventually could not wait anymore and then pulled the goalie. She is the gross one here!

    Also, pretty irresponsible to walk around with your kid barefoot. God, get some shoes and then get a life.

    PS Tom Brady had his surgery in LA to be close to Jack. He loves that darn kid by all appearances. So much for so many of you losers that so desperately wanted him to be a no show Dad. Fact is, that guy is pretty stand up and considering how awful B has made it of him, he never says a bad word about him and continues to see that kid as much as he can and is allowed.

    TEAM BRADY 100%

  • Justine

    Ray, are you HIGH???
    Bridget posed on OK! as soon as the kid could hold his head up to exploit him and get attention.

    She is GROSS

  • Marieme

    It’s such a fantastic neighborhood to live and take walks in. Everything is so clean. The air is always clean and the sea breezes are constant. I don’t blame her for being barefoot – it’s just that kind of place.

  • Angi

    It takes two to make a baby. Tom knew the chances. To me it looks like Bridget is doing at the work….end of story.

  • Yole

    Bridget OOHHH

    because we refuse the privilege of seeing the face of Baby MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD

  • haha

    tina…love undying each other?…what grade are you in?…some of these comments are idiotic..shows why America is in such a bad state..

  • Zeus

    She announced her pregnancy after they broke up, she had a keeper baby, things didn’t work out. She isn’t the first woman to have a kid to keep a guy.

    But they seem to be on speaking terms and tom spends time with john.

  • ugh

    Tom Brady had his surgery in LA because that was where the doctor Gisele and his family told him to go to. Not to be close to his kid. That’s why the Pats are pissed at him and will probably miss a good chunk of next season too because he didn’t go to the team doctor, who probably would have found a way for him to be in LA with his kid if that’s what he wanted.

  • JK

    Lovely to see Bridget and Jack out in her neighnorhood. She is protecting Jack and they look like they have been out on a playdate in the neighborhood.
    Will be great to see Bridget on Eli Stone and Bunker Hill.

  • taylor

    I really like this debate people are having about Tom’s responsibility.
    It shows people still care about fathers and about how important they are in a famiyl’s life. I think this little guy got seriously short-changed. No matter whose “fault” is was, it’s the little boy who is left without a participating father.

    Sad pictures. I hope John has a surrogate daddy, like his grandpa, or someone else male who is close to him and he can bond with.

  • taylor

    No matter who is at “fault” it’s little Jack that suffers. It’s always the kids that suffer.
    I hope he has a surrogate dad around the he can bond with, like his grandfather.

  • ellle

    I love Bridget and John, so beautiful. I think the whole she’s sad without Brady crap is so over because look at Tom now what’s there for her to be missing??

    TEAM JOHN, all the way!

  • tina

    @haha I know from many people Marco Sturm and his wife (they are friends from Tom and Gisele) that Tom and Gisele are undying in love.

    You are idiot and you not American

  • haha

    tina, I am an American and you are the idiot….Yeah, and you really know someone that knows brady and you are posting on this site?

  • haha

    tina, I am an American and you are the idiot….Yeah, and you really know someone that knows brady and you are posting on this site? go away you are a bother..

  • haha

    tina..I am an American and you are a pesty idiot…Yeah, you really know someone that knows brady…bug off..

  • metoo

    haha just wanted to be sure tina got the message…bridget and son are beautiful…who really cares about brady and his boo…


    She is lovely, please keep posting JJ!!

  • cocoa

    I think Karma is making Mr. Brady suffer right now. Bridget and John are 1 million times more beautiful and easier to look at than Tom Brady and Ms. Pinocchio-sized-nose Bundchen.

  • rob

    Really like seeing pictures of Bridget and baby Jack. Two beautiful people. Can’t wait to see Bridget back on tV, I really like her in six degrees. I hope her and baby the very best.


    It will be so funny when Gisele dumps Tom and he realizes Bridget and Jack were the best thing that ever happened to him.

  • ivermom

    I would not want to be in her shoes……it is so sad for her son. I wish them all the best. Boo Brady, you stink!

  • ellenb

    Brady and Gislut have handled this whole situation about as badly as they could have since the very beginning, in their selfishness. Bridget, on the other hand, could not have handled it with any more class and grace than she did. Everybody knows how selfish Brady and Gislut are, and how Bridget put her baby first. If it had been up to Tom “I’m a good Catholic” Brady, little John would never have been born. And we all know what Gislut thinks about abortion. I hope they marry and live miserably ever after. I don’t know anybody who respects Brady anymore.

  • The Truth

    Tom Brady never paid any attention to Bridget or Jack during the whole pregnancy or his birth or his infancy. There is a reason that Jack’s last name is Moynahan. Tom didn’t want him. Bridget fought for her son to be able to have a relationship with his father. FINALLY Tom is seeing that he has a beautiful son – his firstborn – that he can learn to LOVE and cherish. Tom Brady is so pathetic – he chose a relationship that will never last and is all about lust over his own son. How do you respect that?

  • anon

    thank you !
    The Truth.
    Well said

  • Dani

    This is a heated discussion and in some many ways irrealistic!

    1. There is no poor, bad Tom or Bridget. They are adults, beautiful and have money. They are not your every day type of people.

    2. There is no poor Jack. He is a healthy kid, with two loving parents. He will adapt just fine. Better off than many children with two parents at home.

    3. Marrying to keep a child happy, or a spouse happy is the most absurd and unloving thing one person can do to the other. It is treating the other as a weak, unworthy and pitiful person.

    Life is what it is… not a fairytale and after a while everyone learns how to live with it.

  • sara

    @listen up Sorry Gisele will never Tom dump. Tom is Giseles love of her life.she said that in a Interview for two weeks

  • sara

    Many people have a problem and hate Tom and Gisele I dont understand that

  • Tina

    Shame on her for refusing to give the baby his Daddy’s last name. Wait until he grows up. I can guarantee you that he will change it to his Dad’s last name.
    A grown man I’m sure wants his Dad’s name, not his Mommy’s ! Especially such a famous Dad as his !
    Shame on Bridget. But I bet she likes Tom’s child support payments though !