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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Baby Boom

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Baby Boom

007 actor Daniel Craig plays with a pal’s cute little daughter at Saline Beach in St. Bart’s on Saturday (December 27).

Check out all the pics of the 40-year-old James Bond star playing with the baby. Sooooooo adorable!

Also present: bikini-clad girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell and Bravo TV exec Andy Cohen (blue button-down).

The trio has been vacationing in the Caribbean the past few days, soaking in the sun and having picnics together.

UPDATE: Apologies, baby images removed!

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  • Again

    Yeah, still the body language is horrible between these two. I bet she is too frickin jealous of that baby!

  • howlovely

    How cute. He looks great with kids!
    Satsuki looks broody

  • aww

    He is blowing a kiss ont he bay’s stomach..hoe sexy is that man!

  • awww

    New dad in training

  • wow weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, she is getting to be quite a sex symbol,,her figure is all over the world

  • 4

    You must be joking!
    One day with a baby will without a doubt change his mind.
    Especially when he looks at the baby and then at sats. ewwwww

  • 5

    Yeah, she’s a sex single for all stick insects all over the world!
    NO figure at all. Totally no class.

  • thanks jj

    great pics, thanks JJ

  • why

    why is she walking behind him almost all the time!
    weird man.
    I gotta agree, horrible body language between these two, she looks more like a friend, or treated more like a friend than a girlfriend.

  • Rockstar

    whatever their relationship is, apparently it works for them.

  • 10

    It definitely works for DC, she’s definitely a great cover man.

  • pics

    i like the way they insert a pic of her on the main pic to look as she is jealous

  • ????

    they didnt take this many pics of him when he was on holiday last year, why all the coverage now?

  • baby

    are they going to hound this man all the time?

    there are more pics elsewhere of him and his daughter too with the baby

  • baby

    the baby is laughing at him
    and i think there are pics of him as they thing a marriage will take place

  • DC with baby

    Oh ! Isn’t he adorable ! I meant DC of course :)

  • satsuki

    i wish i was that baby lol, i wonder whose baby it is ? i wonder if sastuki is nagging him a lot now because of the baby, she hasnt held her so far as I see

  • 13

    I think it’s called a set up. Probably the idea of the Bond franchise. He comes across so impersonal and cold, it’s been hurting his image a bit. And all the people who don’t like Sats. This smells very strongly of a PR set up. It seems very obvious that one pap is following them around. I have a feeling this photographer works for his PR team since he is everywhere where they are.
    I don’t think it matters that they showed the pictures of them arguing because as was proven on this thread, most people won’t be able to figure that out.
    Most people will go ahead and assume that they are a happy couple, and they will see him as an ordinary guy and in a more personalable light, which will help his image.
    I wouldn’t be in the bit surprised if this whole thing was set up by the Bond franchise to improve his image before the Bond 23 comes out so even more people will like him.
    There were too many rumors of and pictures of them looking miserable, there were rumors of him being in a bar fight, too many people were complaining that he looks dull on interviews, and after the MH interview I think they decided to start early with image improvement and damage control.
    Unfortuantely, they think that just being seen together will prove that they are a happy couple, but unfortunately, you can see from all the body language that they are not.

  • whose baby

    Its the guy in the brown t shirt’s baby.
    andy is the one in blue.

  • emma

    Love the pics, he looks great, finally smiling and having fun, the gf looks a little less happy, strained a bit

  • to 18

    tell me about the body language? they seem very distant to each other although JJ only prints a few pics. Im sure on other sites pics of them being closer wii emerge

  • 21

    That the thing, they are rarely seen walking together on this vacation, she is either in front of him, or behind him. From all of these pictures only strange kiss picture emerged which he looked very unemotional and unromantic in.
    There is absolutely closeness detected between these two. It is almost like they are just friends, trying to act like a couple.
    It’s very strange.
    If they were from a Middle Eastern country with different customs, where the woman is treated as second class, I might understand.
    But why is DC treating her like she is second class. He seems more concerned and happy around all the other people, his family and friends.

  • 21

    There have been a lot of pictures in a very short period of time, I’m really starting to believe there is some kind of set up going on here.
    A lot of pics and no real closeness with them.

  • emma

    apart from the odd peck he gives her sats looks like she is ignored a lot or something, i know pics dont tell the whole story as im sure in the evening they maybe hold handsbut he looks so lonely at times

  • 24

    You’ve noticed that too?
    There seems to be something missing when you look at his face and eyes. You can almost see the loneliness or saddness in his eyes.

  • to 23

    maybe he is fed up with her and their relationship is on the rocks but why not just dump her then
    it looks like he has no interest for her , he may kiss her but it is jsut like a friendly peck
    im beginning to smell a rat here and i think all of these pics are set up to prove they are a couple
    i have not seen so many pics even when they were on holiday before we may have gotten one or two

  • emma

    yes its always there, dont know why as he has a great life and all
    you think he isnt happy deep down and going through the motions

  • 26 and 27

    I truly believe she has been adopted and contracted as his business girlfriend, a cover, to help his image. I think it may even have been the Bond franchises idea. They need to keep his image as one of steady, clean and honorable. A steady girlfriend is what they need for him to have, they can’t have him running around with a bunch of different women and creating scandals and rumors. Also, many actors that are single are immediately labeled as gay, and that is the last thing they would want!
    Well, as wel know, something people who have everything, don’t have the most important things in life, like love. Money doesn’t buy that kind of happiness. And I think, like you, he simply can’t hide it from shining through his eyes and face.
    This definitely stinks not only of a set-up, but it definitely stinks for poor DC.
    I’m also afraid that this whole thing is going to make it worse for poor DC because seeing him play with the baby is going to trigger her hormonal clock and the poor man will probably not hear the end of that!

  • baby

    he looks happy with the baby, more so than I have seen him lately, i hope this doesnt signal that satsuki is pregnant, breaking it to us gently?

  • defiance

    She looks like a bond girl, I’m sure she will turn up looking tanned at the Defiance thing wont’ she?

    is this a PR thing for Defiance anyone think?

  • 29

    No she not pregnant. People have been wanting her to be pregnant for over a year and it has never happened. But I bet my last dime that she’s pissed he’s playing with the baby when he’s probably told her he doesn’t want a baby anytime soon!
    I have a feeling he won’t be hearing the end of it for a while!

  • to 28

    I think it will too. I’m sure he can’t ignore the baby like he did on the beach but I think Satsuki will nag him over this. I’m sure of it. Thats is what I’m thinking about this.

  • 30?

    She is the furthest thing from a bond girl. Bond women always have beautiful figures, she has absolutely none!
    She doesn’t even look happy, it looks like she’s looking over a DC playing with the baby and getting upset.
    Poor DC, shes going to be nagging him into the ground now.
    Well, maybe it will eventually break him down and tell her to take a hike like he did heike, “hell no I won’t marry you and definitely don’t want kids with you.”
    I have read various articles where he says he wasn’t a great father, but seeing him with his daughter and the baby, I have a feeling he wasn’t giving himself enough credit.

  • ella

    ella is getting a lot of pics now, he must not mind anymore as she is 16 and im sure her mother agreed too

  • shorts

    Des he own one pair of shorts or what?

  • SM

    She is not that bad she is in good shape and ok looking……

  • 34

    He looks much happier when he’s walking with his friends than when he’s next to Sats.
    It almost looks like that’s all he wants, is to spend time with his friends. It’s almost like, who gives a crap about her, she’s around my neck 24/7, I wanna be with my friends!

  • 35

    LOL He must really love those shorts LOL

  • to 33

    agree, not a great thing to be doing when he says he doesnt want kids right now although why shouldnt he? he ignored the baby on the beach and probably wanted to play with her then, i agree satsuki looks a little pissed off although she always looks that way, a grimace on her face although she is smiling in one pic

    its this holiday going to be entirely of being on the beach and these photo ops leading up to what, a major passionate tongues and all kiss with fireworks going off in the back on NY Eve?

  • 39

    LOL That’s great about the fireworks.
    They should have a sign too, “And it’s a touchdown!” LOL
    I have a feeling we are going to be seeing beach everyday they are there. Inundate the media with him look like an ordinary guy, happy with his family and his girlfriend, except he doesn’t look happy with her at all!
    Then when he comes back for the Defiance premier, maybe people will like him a bit more.
    This set-up may also have to do with Defiance being shunned from the Golden Globes and probably the Oscars, and a lot of people think it has to do with his association with Sats, maybe they’re also trying to make her look more likeable, but I think that aspect of this set-up is failing horribly.

  • baby

    You know his best friend Liev Scheiber had anoter baby and some of his best pals like STW have young kids

    maybe by this he saying he is ready now?

  • to 40

    Im dreading what pics come next.

  • 41

    I just don’t think so. He recently said in an interview that he wants to start a family “but not now.” He is very concentrated on his career. He wants an Oscar. He has another good five years to start a family, there’s no rush for him.
    Also, he’s been a father to young girl up until recently, he’s finally to be a little more free and not so tied down. I really don’t see him wanting to jump back into fatherhood that quickly. He knows everythng that is involved and how much work it takes.
    Playing with a baby on a beach is fun, raising them for 16 years is a whole different story.
    Besides, he probably feels he wasn’t a great father because of all his traveling and everything when making movies, so I don’t think he would do that again until he is finished with the Bond Contract and can be more of a steady at home father. If he had a baby right now he wouldn’t be home very much because of the upcoming Bond movies and other movies he’s going to be working on. I really don’t think he would do that right now. I see him waiting at least another five years, he’s only 40. He knows he has time.

  • 42

    OMG, so am I LOL, let’s hope he doesn’t accidently bite her tongue off so she will stop nagging him LOL

  • SM

    In five years Sats will still be young enough to have children so I am sure she will do what he wants

  • 45

    If they’re still tgether, I give em 2 more years.

  • SM
  • Pathetic

    Her face says it all. “Look all you want, he’s mine b-i-t-c-h-s! See the fuchin ring! I own him, he’s my property!” LOL
    Totally pathetic!
    You know if you take off her head off and put my husband head on top, she looks exactly like my husband would in a bikini!! LMAO

  • Alexia

    Aww this melted my heart.
    That is adorable.
    I never ever posted any comment other than Zac and Vanessa blogs but this really caught my attention Lol
    Craige still has the bluest eyes I’ve seen

  • anon

    she’s built like a telephone pole. weird body. what’s the fascination with this guy. I fail to see his appeal. but don’t jump on my case, just my opinion.