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Kanye West Debuts More Louis Vuitton Shoes

Kanye West Debuts More Louis Vuitton Shoes

Kanye West and LV creative director Marc Jacobs (in another skirt) show off a red Louis Vuitton shoe designed by Kanye during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday (January 22).

Earlier this month, Kanye showed off a white pair of loafers/sneakers that he also designed. The entire shoe line will be available at LV stores in June.

Kanye also just took to his blog to clear up some rumors and to complain about the tech troubles he’s been having lately. He said, “Yoooo! Why won’t you let me be great!!! I had the two greatest days of my life and when i get back from the Louie [sic] show i read some s– claiming I said I’m down to do porn and some bisexual porn!!!! I can’t believe the AVN would post… I just gave the performance of my lifetime for our new president. Then I flew to Paris and they debuted my new shoes that I designed with Louie [sic] Vuitton which was a dream come true. Please I beg you, give me a break!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me be great!!! Who have I hurt so bad that they want to destroy me? Who have I ever spoke about so negatively?”

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  • mike

    i LOVE Marc Jacobs

  • NativeNYker

    Thats just tacky. He has about as much fashion sense as a tick…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • chichi

    Why do people hate you so much? Hmmm, maybe because you are full of yourself, you have an ugly giant face with some kind of post nuclear mutated trout fish lips. And because your designs are absolutely disgusting.


  • LuckyL

    All of his shoes, I must say, are ugly.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`these shoes are sanitation (trash).
    …`every time i see kanye’s hair, i just wanna smack the shiit outta him.

  • Amy

    Wow, that took a lot of thought! Just make it RED!

  • niggalips

    oh ma , that shit aint right.
    he’s becoming more feminine.
    i doubt he’s straight

  • niggadesigner

    the real question is, why does marc jacobs look black?

  • abie

    I love Marc Jacobs too…he’s sooo cute!! I wish he wan’t gay. :(



  • yawnye

    If you take it up the butt like Kanye your shoes would be red too.

  • lola

    i really miss the old marc. u’ll kno what i mean if u r a real fan of his.
    the old marc would not even have his pic taken with kanye.
    i hope LV will fire him. he designs simply suck now.

  • hahaha

    looks like any other sneaker

  • not me

    This Marc Jacobs guy looks cute but what an outfit? Kanye looks very uncomfortable with him.

  • not me

    oh, and also I don’t think Kanye himself designs these things. He just lends his name so that lv could attract some rich black kids.


    Is Marc Jacobs senile or in crack??? What the f*uck is that? Kanye, do u think you’re a designer? I have news for you, you’re not. Not even close. Those shoes suck.


    Sorry, I am posting again, Marc Jacobs should be fired as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, he’s completely losing perspective.

  • brie2009

    Dude these shoes suck! I could even come up with a better idea on designing shoes for LV.

  • frenchman

    La HONTE sur Louis Vuitton, le pauvre il doit se retourner dans sa tombe.

    Those shoes are hideous, and I prefer ignore the leggings, the skirt and the mullet head

  • Lily


  • fayera

    kanye i appreciate u ilike your music please write me

  • junior

    I love Marc Jacobs. And I like Kanye – as a singer/music producer! Honey, you ain’t no Pharrell! This multi-purpose man is really a trendsetter. Marc, fire ‘Ye and hire P!!

  • Shemp lugosi

    If he can’t spell Louis Vuitton, he certainly has no business copying shoes that Reebok did over a decade ago for them!

  • Chaz

    This looks like a spray painted recycled shoe. Nothing new about it.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I wonder, there are also important things to share, folks?

  • deka


  • Peter

    Kanye, you say “bisexual pron star” as if it’s a bad thing.

  • RJP3

    ugly ghetto shoes
    a play to make poor folk poorer with negative “status” symbol product
    where those out and people are sure that you you have no class.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont like the color of the shoe, but it’s alright, it’s just way 2 simple in my opinion for what it’s worth
    also kanye is starting to become such a fag now…

  • Sherry


  • Br!on

    The byline should have read….

    Kanye West Debuts More Hideous Louis Vuitton Shoes.

  • Isaac

    True label whore. Like we need another label. Why doesn’t he open charter school or something?

  • Bendskier

    When will he GO AWAY???

    First and foremost, he should be instantly fired for not even caring to spell the brand he is “designing” for correctly!!!

    Second, those shoes are Air Jordans from the 80s painted red!

    Third, Kanye sucks!

    Fourth, Kanye sucks dick, and can’t admit it… leading to #5

    Fifth: Kanye sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t even download him for FREE off the internet…….. you can’t PAY ME to listen to him!

  • Marcus Troy
  • Shut up

    Yall need to shut up and hatin on Kanye just cuz hes better than you. You have no right to be hatin on him. Yall wish you could be in his sick red shoes. Maybe you have no life and just shit on people all day
    Peace out Haters!!!


    These Joints is off the hook!

  • john

    i love the red versions!

    more information on this website:

  • LEE

    Whats with the hate mail ??? And comments like rich black kids??? Stereotyping are we ??? getting fired up because you can’t afford a pair yourself ??? Get down off your soap box losers because none of you commenting are worthy of lacing a pair of those kicks on kanye’s foot. He’s the biggest thing at the moment, yes he’s arrogant i agree, but he’s worked his ass off and i think he just wants people to know that. As for being a fashion designer, what do you class as one ??? because your saying he isn’t one. Yet anything he wears sells to the masses, and lets be honest, anyone commenting on here is far from a fashion critic right ??? Thought so!

  • jgrec

    These shoes are tight, like he said, why can’t you just let him be great! Too many haters.

  • Verónica

    THOSE SHOES ARE TACKY AND UGLY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who told this douchebag he was a designer????

  • me

    danm ppl can be harsh…yea that shoe aint all that dope but yo he been through alot gotta give him some credit, the rest of the line i saw was pretty dope, you guys just posting on here because your not in his position really no one can hate on these dudes becuase they not sittin on they’re computers hatin on other designers or musicians. these dudes must be doing something right becuase these names are the only ones im really hearing right now..marc jacobs done alot with alot of different other lines like vans, his DESIGNES he did with them were pretty dope, foreal no one realizes that kanye is fuccin dope. STOP HATING PEOPLE, ITS A PREVIEW, THE REST OF THE LINE DOPE….

  • hate dirty white people

    White people so dirty…yall ain’t NEVER had no class, no fashion, no culture…just hating azz dirty muthafuckz…if it wasn’t for black people…yall wouldn’t be shit…and still ain’t shit…just smell like shit…but as soon as yall would see kanye west in person…you would be all in his ass…and like i said, if it wasn’t black people….yall wouldn’t even know how to wipe your own azz. If you take notice in your surroundings, yall the dirtiest race of people around…you just nasty..and you can’t help it…cuz your ancestors dirty and nasty and could never do anything with out the help of a black person…especially you wouldn’t be able to make a shoe…especially without some knowledgeable black person to help your stankin azz…check through history and see if i’m lying…you stankin azz white bitches!

  • http://JUSTJARED N.E.R.D


  • to the HATERS!

    To all u motha*^%$. haters hatin kanye, yall juz mad cuz yall cant dress fresh and as fly as kanye… yall c that shoe and yall dont know how to match it wit da rite clothes to make it look good…… so get off of kanye’s …….

  • berad19

    personally i think this shoe is great think the shoes hes done with bape have been great and the really problem most of you hate this shoe is that i cost more than most of you make in two years…

  • yimi

    W.bush!!!! lol

  • jay5mane

    i’m so tired of people hating on kanye you mf r lame stay broke hating like that the man is not gay he rep my ciy chicago very well if you ask me so fall back!!!!!! i so tired of you haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • armando

    i rather buy jordan shoes

  • Danny

    You guys need to stop hating on the man. Kanye has style and its different from everyone else so you guys dont noe what else to do but to hate on him. You guys are wasting your time, those shoes are hot and is going to sell cause at the end of the day hes kanye west and you guys are nobodys.