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Kate Walsh Likes Leopard Prints

Kate Walsh Likes Leopard Prints

Kate Walsh, wearing a leopard print scarf, walks through LAX with an airport representative on Monday (March 15), in Los Angeles, Calif.

“No, I’m not dating,” Kate told The Billy Bush Show last week. “I have not been dating. I’ve been too busy. I’ve been working.”

“There’s this hot new doctor that Addison meets… and there’s a major, major twist,” Kate said of last week’s episode. “You do get to meet this foxy new guy. There’s a lot that transpires.”

Kate even named her latest love interest on the show. “He’s McDelicious? He’s ridic! How about that? He’s McRidic!” she said.

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kate walsh leopard print scarf 02
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kate walsh leopard print scarf 04
kate walsh leopard print scarf 05
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  • NativeNYker

    She needs to let it go! Seriously,

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lori

    I love her scarf!

  • Anna

    I feel sorry for her- she’s just been trough a divorce and people are already asking why she isn’t with someone new. It’s nasty.

  • Jen

    Thanks Jared. Nice pics. Not keen on the sunglasses though.

    Looking forward to PrP. The new Doc is McRidic LOL

  • A

    Ugh McRidic is right. Do not like new doc at all!

    Kate looks pretty thanks :)

  • jamie

    Thanks JJ. Kate looks cute. I love the scarf.

    Let what go? Kate can not help what the reporters ask her. Sheesh.

  • Marie

    Still missing her long hair that was so worthy of a shampoo advertisement.

  • Karla

    Kate looks really pretty, cute outfit too. Love that scarf!
    Thanks for posting!

  • Matt

    This woman mystifies me. Honest. I don’t even get why she’s famous…I know this will come across as mean, i swear I have no bad intentions, but she is really unattractive. Downright ugly. Looks like a plain Jane spinster type….why is she focused on like she’s some attractive star? Yeesh, I wouldnt touch that with a 10 foot pole.

  • Jaden

    ^ Matt, sometimes people’s opinion on beauty varies. You may think she’s ugly but some people thinks she’s beautiful.

  • The Fly

    Matt, it’s sad if you think only beautiful people should to be famous. Plus, I don’t think it’s fair to Kate Walsh, she’s more than just “some attractive star”. I think you should give her another chance. :)

  • Sam

    Word Jaden.

    I think Kate is beautiful and far from a plain jane ! She is tall and slim with a great pair of legs, gorgeous red hair and fantastic bone structure and huge eyes. She is compared to a young Catherine Deneuve, one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s also an excellent actress who comes as funny and down to earth in interviews and with everyone who meets her.

    Thanks for the candids JJ. Kate looks good even after a long flight. Hope she has some projects planned for the hiatus.

  • natasha

    Kate is beautiful as always. I love Noah but I think that storyline may end in heartbreak for Addie, sob :(

  • gerard Vandenberg

    with other words: NO NEED FOR COND*MS WITH THIS GIRL, folks!!

  • Clare

    Kate’s cute, love her xoxo

  • sarah h

    She looks good!

  • galove

    She is beautiful and has the best personality. Thank you Jared.

  • Jon

    No Matt you have that wrong. Kate Walsh would not touch you with a 10 foot pole. She is gorgeous. She was on the Maxim Hot 100 list in 2007 and has the hottest Cadillac Ad.

  • ANNA

    Thanks JJ! I Iove the leopard prints too!

  • JOcelyn

    I think they are asking her if she is dating because they know the marriage wasn’t real. If the marriage was real or lasted longer people would ask how’s the single life. At least that’s what I think.

    I honestly don’t think she’s dumb enough to do a fake marriage again, so we will have to get used to her being “single” just like before. It’s ok Kate I understand your situation.

  • Lindsey

    Love Kate! Thanks.

    #20. They asked her if she is dating b/c she is single. You make no sense.

  • Suzie

    Jocelyn – Dont talk trash about something you know nothing about ! Your conspiracy theories smack of jealousy. Bet Sandra Oh was asked the same thing after her short marriage. Nothing new in Hollywood.

    Thanks for the photos. Looking good :)

  • may

    JOcelyn do you have proofs that it was a fake marriage? I don’t think so. Then you’re not in a position to say those things.

  • Katekat

    UGH! She sucks. Bad actress.

  • PPfan

    I love our leading lady and I love PP.

  • lylee

    love Kate! she is very attractive I don’t have any idea what are you talking about?
    McRidic? :D I love him :P

  • Kate and Xtina 4ever

    Yeah! New kate pics! Thank jj! She looks great! Gerard vanderberg is a pathetic bastard.

  • Anna

    Has anyone else noticed she’s wearing Addison’s cardigan from Greys lol Love it and love Kate.

  • Addiefan

    Adorable. I love her.

    I don’t like the new guy but I am interested in the storyline. I can’t wait for PP.

  • JoCelyn

    Um it’s called the truth.

    I HATE fangirls like you guys, #21/22/23 because you know NOTHING about Hollywood and how it works, but yet you are willing to defend your favorite celebrity because you think she’s pretty and wears nice clothes… Please for the sake of your dignity do a little research then get back to me. Until then, stop complaining about what I said and keep getting yourselves off to KW’s pictures. Freaky obsessed weirdos.

  • Heaven On Earth

    #30. How do you know it was a fake marriage? Have you asked kate or alex young ? When they were together, it was obvious they were in love. You could tell they were in love by the way they looked at each other. Research, my ass. The only people who can say if it was genuine or not are kate and alex. Kate is the best and you are nothing. Just a stupid, pathetic girl. I HATE people like you. You need to get a life fucking whore.

  • may

    JoCelyn: Do a little research???????? There’s no way WE and YOU could find out somehing. So, since you don’t and can’t know you shouldn’t say things like that. That’s all I am saying.

  • Jake

    Where’s this research of yours then JoCelyn ? Thought so, there is none, just jealous speculation from a sad individual. You must live a very pathetic life.

    Thanks Jared for the photos. Us fans are always appreciative :)

  • M.L.

    JoCelyn, I have 1 question for you; If you don’t like Kate Walsh, why on earth are you commenting here?
    Kate is REAL and not perfect, that’s why we like her, if you don’t like real people, try googeling Paris Hilton next time, maybe there is a forum there where you can bet on how much her boobs weight.

    and even if Kate’s marriage was fake, SO WHAT?
    If you don’t like her, why bother reseaching the whole thing. we, “freaky obsessed fangirls”, as you call us, happen to have an interest in this actres, and we like to share it with eachother here, do you see me commenting about every celebrity I hate?(and believe me there are a lot) I don’t think so…
    so next time you comment bullshit about people you don’t even know, and then to make things worse, call people who happen to have an other opinion names, you can get my-freacking-middel-finger…

    ok, so that said, I love her outfit!!, The vest ,has anybody noticed?, I think she wore it as Addison, on Grey’s, the ferryboat scenes if I remember correctly…

    Thank you JJ!

  • ellis

    Matt, that is your opinion but she’s an amazing actress and she’s gorgeous. People would kill to look like her. She’s tall and she’s got really great skin. She is definately not a plain Jane. She looks fabulous as always :)

  • ellis

    BTW. Kate is definately genuine. She has had a hard time in the past year with love and all but her success is endless. Kate has definately put everything she has into her career and it’s made her a role model to many many people. Jocelyn do you see Kate Walsh at a night club dancing on tables and getting DUI/DWI’s….nooo. She was involved in the election, which included knocking on people’s doors telling them to vote, while still having time to work, and be with her husband (even though it didn’t work out in the end) and she is also apart of many other foundations. She has a good heart and personality. Her shows are amazing, and just because us obsessed fan girls look her up is not weird at all. Why did you look her up? Huh? Get a life.

  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    Kate looks pretty cute in Addison’s cardigan.

    People ignore the bitter ones that quote gossip has fact, They are just desperate because TVGuide announced the 10 sexiest people on TV, and Kate made the cut.. Guess who still didn’t, and who got cut? Exactly…

  • Paddisonluvr

    Thank you for posting this! I love her nickname for Noah! Kate is amazing – can’t believe PrPr is going to end its season in a few weeks! So sad.

  • MMA

    Love those sunglasses!

  • Irina


    Leopard prints are cool. I think that this scarf by Tolani is perhaps even nicer: