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David Cook: Kissing Is Uncomfortable!

David Cook: Kissing Is Uncomfortable!

American Idol champ David Cook opens up to Life & Style about fan gifts, kissing for work, and all the great opportunities he’s had. Here’s what the 26-year-old shared:

On celebrating the success of his self-titled new album, which has sold more than 1 million copies: “It’s been nuts. I’ve gotten to do some amazing things, like perform for the troops in the Middle East and throw out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals baseball game.”

On being amused by some of the gifts he receives from fans, like a cooler filled with ice and QuikTrip Taquitos, his favorite food: “[I tried to ship it to his home in Tulsa, Okla.,] but by the time it got there, it was just a box of moldy food. I got a phone call from my mom asking, ‘What’s wrong with you?’”

On filming the video for his single “Come Back To Me”: “I had a kissing scene. You watch stuff growing up, and I always thought I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Now I know! [Disturbia's Sarah Roemer] knew what she was doing. I kept apologizing the whole time.”

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  • Nativenyker

    Wow, and we’d care about his scripted Disney-esque answers why?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Behind the Hype

    If nothing else, that is a great picture. He’s clearly coming off a wicked Salvia trip.

  • powderpuffgirl

    I totally volunteer to help him practice the kissing parts LOL. He’s hot!

  • Amanda

    ha ha.. I love this guy!!!

  • Amanda

    # 3 – me too! ha ha… David is HOT!

  • Scott

    Nativenyker, such a sad little negative person you are. That you bothered to comment at all. Sad. Go back to hateville.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………………A T*RD, that is!!

  • jo

    That freakin’ video is going to be soooo hot !!!!!

  • jo

    That freakin’ video is going to be soooo hot !!!!!

  • Cookiepaige

    I’m with Scott. Why did nativenyker even bother to read this much less comment on it? Needing attention?

    BTW, I’d kiss Cookie’s juicy lips in a heartbeat!

  • liz

    Love love love David Cook’s music – and David Cook

  • Brandon

    I was in a play at one time, and had to kiss a woman I barely had said ten words to, then we were kissing. My mouth was so dry, I could hardly swallow. It’s a wonder I got my lines out after the kiss.

  • zara

    David’s HOT and I agree w/#3 LOL!!! The naysayers just want attention–so sad!!!

  • Terri

    Sarah is very luck to have kissed David Cook. David is a hot dude. I’d do him. Nice to see the chick is classy and not skanky like his former ex gf.

  • UGH

    This dude is FUGLY! Are ya that desperate ladies? Come on!

  • Noelle

    Love him.

  • cheree

    aww…he apologized to her ??
    he’s soo SWEEET !!!

  • mrs. p

    He IS a talented singer but is a UGLY man! Jeesh, if this is some people’s idea of “hot,” or “attractive,” I ought to be a male model then. Yuck!

  • Liz

    I’ll volunteer my services to help you out David Cook!!

  • fugly

    I like his singing, but dude is short, bald and fug.


    UH, short and bald? Who are you looking at? The guy is 6 foot, has muscles and even though he has a little bit of receding hair line is no where close to bald. I have no idea who you are talking about. David is an honest to goodness talent and I am very happy for him. I hope that he has a very long and happy and healthy career. I just hope that the fans that are stalking him will give the guy some space. They wouldn’t like it if it was happening to them. Stalkers tend to murder or hurt the people they stalk so I think he had every right to make a plea to give him some much needed space. He did it in a very classy way I thought.

  • Jessica

    He is such a sweet down to earth guy, and I can’t wait for the video to be released.

  • Jeannie

    David Cook is god damn beautiful, inside and out. That is why he won AI because his beautiful soul resonnated to his outer beauty. Anyone who can say he is ugly is well totally blindsided and you really, really must be those kind of people who are quick to judge. The world can do so much better without people like you. But the world now has David Cook and we love him, inside and out.

  • JRC52

    MRS. P a MALE model? Really?
    Those of you calling Mr. Cook, fat, ugly, bald. Have you looked in the mirror? Usually people putting down others, have low self-esteem. Poor dears!

  • kristie

    i love david cook, & i can’t wait for the video. i’ll bet it is awesome. :)

  • Amber

    Aww :) Hes so cute sometimes.
    Lol @ the taquitos! What a cutie.

    Apologizing for kissing…aww. That is just so cute.

  • Sydney

    Oooooh let me at his juicy lips we can practice over and over! Cook is one hot sexy dude!

  • lana

    Cook is balding, flabby and pasty. You old hags don’t get out much, do you? When was the last time any of you had a man, or had a boyfriend? Or are your standards and self esteem so low that this fugly POS fake ass karoake singer looks like Brad Pitt to ya? Get some glasses first, then put down the kool aid you’re all drinking. Dude is Butt Ugly, and uncomfortable kissing… A girl? I have always suspected he swung the other way, and if true, you’re more pathetic than I thought – he’ll never have sex with any of you old, wrinkled, fat hags, prolly ’cause he’s strictly all about the dickly. Losers.

  • JRC52

    lana dear, we are not into getting sex from Mr. Cook, we just appreciate a great singer when we hear one. Our self-esteem is fine thank you, but you may need more help than you know. Perhaps a free trip to the Dr Phil show? More than likely you would belong on Jerry Springer, but alas, he is no longer doing his great therapy work :(

  • cooksgal

    To everyone leaving negative comments-

    Raise your hand if you have a platinum record….what noone? Then why don’t you take your jealous hateful asses back to the hole from which you crawled out and GROW UP! Not everyone has to love/like the man. Just be respectful, he is after all a human being.

    BTW – I love the man. I think he one of the most beautiful men to walk the planet. My self esteem is perfectly fine and I have a man every night. He has a permanent smile on his face!!!

  • snerkette

    Ah, the naysayers….. so full of invective, so smug, so superior.

    So lacking in platinum singles and albums.

    I am glad all of you are such perfect specimens of humanity that you enjoy critiquing others’ physical appearance so wholeheartedly….. from the artist to his fans, no one meets your elevated standards. Truly, it must be satisfying to be so superior.

    Do enjoy stewing in your vitriol. Meanwhile Cook and his fans will just keep enjoying the music. (Not to mention raising tens of thousands of dollars to fight cancer. Yeah, you can snerk at that too. Knock yourselves out, criticizing people who donate. We’ll start to listen when you’ve had that kind of money raised in YOUR name….)

  • T

    So…where do we line up to help him feel more comfortable while kissing?!!?!?! Man…I totally wouldn’t mind THAT job!!! I love him!!!!

  • Calli4

    David Cook is hot, handsome, and talented and an all around good guy. Can’t wait for the video and I wish the radio stations would start playing his new single. If I have to hear one more Daughtry song I’m going to have to hurl.

  • flugel

    Cook is a whimpy, fugly, atonal piece of wanna be “rawk star”. This crybaby and his army of cougars and psycho freak fans are a joke – ya’ll know and appreciate great music when you hear it? Sure it’s David Cook you’re talking about? This 2 bit hack can’t sing for crap….

  • mandy

    wow.. y wud he appologise to sarah wats her face? if i were sarah id be thanking him

  • mandy

    awl the douchebags who think its oh so important to leave a negative comment- y dont u guys get something called a LIFE. and dont worry
    about cook. im sure hed rather bartend again than kiss OR EVEN LOOK at any of u bitter creeps.

    sarah is a lucky girl. BITCH :P

  • Love David Cook

    Wow I cant believe some of the nasty comments on here. Its really quite sad. I was always taught “if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all.” Besides if you dont like the way he looks or his songs why bother even looking at the pics & reading the story!
    While I have never met David Cook he seems like a really nice guy & I love his voice. And you know what he is a normal guy, I personally dont want a body builder with no brain. David Cook is sexy to me with his kindness, brains, politeness, sense of humour & cute face. Honestly what more could a girl want. So all you haters find something better to do with your time!!

  • Terri

    To lana – you are such an idiot.

    I am 24 years old. David Cook is very good looking. I met him close up. He does have muscles and his pics do him no justice. I will admit he has to work on his stomach, but man, great arms and butt.

    Now, to clear things up since some of you don’t know how to read. David did not say he is uncomfortable kissing, he meant that it is awkward kissing someone unknown in front of tons of people in a directive fashion. Really, some of you need to grow up.

    I am a pretty blond, and I think Sarah Roemer was an excellent choice. I hope he would date someone like her in real life. Anything is better than that trash bag Caldwell he use to date.

    David has an incredible voice, and the fans he was talking about in his blog, were disturbing. He is a very cool dude and didn’t deserve the disrespect. Stop hating on him.

  • MMA

    He needs to man-up! He’s acting like a little kid.

  • davidnerd

    i love him so much!!!! iam a real davidcookaddict in short part of cookies, if he felt uncomfortable he could practice with me anytime maybe i can do better than sarah har har just kidding:) lol:) dc forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goaway

    Um, Jeannie, okay, I agree, he is great, but the way you worded that made you sound like you were high or something..

    Anyway, David is not at all ugly, most women fall under his spell eventually, cause he’s just that sexy.

  • hollyiscrazy

    Holly/Maryann is pretending to be “Terri” again. A pretty and classy young blond girl, you know, the kind of gal who is NOTHING like the SKANKY HORRIBLE KIM CALDWELL.

    Holly/MaryAnn/Terri/Mandy/RedHotTopic, you should really Give it up

  • Matt

    Tell me about it. There she goes with the fake names again. Anyone keeping track of how many she’s up to now? Pretty, classy, young blond? WTF! She’s older than my mom! And how classy can she be when she goes all over the internet spewing her hateful crap and calling Cook’s girlfriends all those crude names? “Classy” ladies don’t do sh*it like that.

    Here’s what one of the ladies at had to say about Maryann:
    “Maryann777 is a racist, homophobe and a proven liar. She is also a known troll.”

    The Clay fans were happy to see her move on to Constantine. Much as I don’t care for him he didn’t deserve her any more than Cook does. Here’s what another snowcream lady had to say:
    “IF maryann777 has moved on to Connie, I can only be glad. He’s welcome to her. No offense, FFC and other Connie fans.”

  • IKnowIt’sYouHolly


    We know you’re not really 24 Holly. Try more like 52. Stop pretending to be something you’re not. You must be really insecure about yourself the way you keep trying to tell everyone that you are a young, classy, beautiful blond professional. When you’re not. Why can’t you just be honest and tell people who you really are? Are you afraid no one would want to join your stupid site if they knew who you really are? And stop picking on Kimberly Caldwell. Really! They broke up months ago.

  • Really?

    O my God! I wondered whatever became of Maryann777. Poor David!!!

  • kristie


    she probably disappeared or something.

  • MMarsha

    I remember maryann777. She used to talk to herself for pages and pages on redtopic. I guess she still is talking to herself if she’s Holly too. Everyone knows that Holly keeps making up new members on that site of hers to try to keep things moving along in the direction she wants. It’s so obvious when they all sound alike and even misspell the same words.

  • ss

    david can be such a dork at times. i love that picture of him. he’s a great guy and so talented.

    we used to call maryann777 maryannkkk because of the racist comments she made about kimberly locke. sorry to hear she’s a david cook “fan” now. i see she still claiming to be a young, pretty, classy blond. no way she’s 24, more like double that. is she still claiming to have inside knowledge of the biz?