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Sophia Bush is Roosevelt Hotel Hip

Sophia Bush is Roosevelt Hotel Hip

Sophia Bush is black, white, and sexy all over at Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood Issue Party at The Roosevelt Hotel on Monday (May 4) in Hollywood.

The event was also sponsored by MySpace.

Tomorrow, the 26-year-old One Tree Hill hottie will be there to officially debut the “LIVE! On Sunset” boutique as well as celebrate Hollywood’s glamorous fashion staple: The Hervé Léger by Max Azria “bandage dress.” Max & Lubov Azria, Gerard Guez & Jackie Rose and Hilary Duff will host the swank event.

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Photos: Jordan Strauss/WireImage
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  • me

    she looks chunky and plain.. no me gusta.

  • hu.

    weird shes there still supporting the Leger bandage dresses.. she looks terrible in them.. her body is def. not made for those types of tight fitting dresses.

  • jen

    she is one of the most beautiful people on the planet

  • Kelli

    I love the length of her hair and the color.

  • james

    wow some people r really sad and stupid if u dont like someone get a life and dont go to there pics jeez does putting down someone u never met make u feel good about yourself

  • anonymous

    she doesn’t look good. so average

  • jen

    I think Sophia looks gorgeous! Her hair looks amazing!

  • janiece

    @james: seriously!! if your not a fan cool. but dont purposely go on threads and make ignorant comments to give your low self-esteem a boost. haters gtfo

  • laura

    i guess since she is not shooting any movied this summer she will probably go to every freaking event so that she can promote herself, thats just low…

  • athena

    I like her outfit, but think it could use maybe a jacket…or a different shirt underneath…other than that, she knows how to rock black and white ensembles.

  • imissmyflipflops

    I love her!!! She’s seriously one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. and She’s super down to earth and intelligent. I hope she;s still with James!

  • imissmyflipflops

    I love her!!! She’s seriously one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. and She’s super down to earth and intelligent. I hope she;s still with James!

  • jules

    She is STUNNING!!!!

  • soph

    I’m not a fan of Sophia but I can say I’ve met her before and she is super thin. She is a healthy size and I don’t know why the camera always makes her look so big because, really, she’s really not. She’s not a stick but she’s definitely skinny and normal for her height.

  • Bree

    aww she looks soo pretty!!!
    i’m really jealous..

  • beth

    She looks awful.. I used to think she was cutesy in that john tucker movie.. Here it doesn’t even look like the same girl. She looks very frumpy. When ppl make comments like she’s the most beautiful girl on the planet.. First I laugh.. But then get really confused.

  • lily

    you sound jealous beth :)

  • Mila

    I’m sure you get confused Beth seeing as how you clearly need help. Sophia looks GORGEOUS. And she looks beautiful. Period.

  • jughed

    I’ve never really noticed Sophia Bush until now. She looks like she might have a wild side! :D

  • Sheri

    Lovely. I hope the article means she will be at an event with Max Azria tomorrow I adore them together. He looks like her grandpa.

  • diva

    YAY! her hair is growing back and it looks so good the cut and colour really flatter her and i luv the outfit!

  • LIPS

    Where is this lady’s upper lip? And her waist? She has a boyish figure. I like a lady with some curves. Sophia is built like a stump.

    She does have pretty eyes, that’s about it.

  • jane

    So personally i don’t love the black part of her top, but I think she pulls it off. She’s absolutely beautiful!!

  • beautimagnet

    She looks like a better version of Nelly Furtado. Anyway, she pulled off the outfit.

  • Melanie

    Give me a break. Get glasses. One of Sophia’s best features is her beautiful smile. AND she has a beautiful body-very feminine. She ALSO has sexy curves….have you never seen any of her other pictures?? She’s gorgeous.

  • Again!

    This is from THE INSIDER.
    from The Insider:
    Sophia Bush looked pure magic as she posed for the cams at the Los Angeles premiere of Star Trek. Clad in an exotic black & white striped dress and armed with her signature smile, Sophia justified once again why she’s a regular on the various Sexiest Women countdowns. Not only does her dress strikes the perfect chord with the occasion, it also speaks a lot about her unerring fashion sense and bold attitude.
    No one thinks Sophia is unattractive except her haters that is to be expected.
    You can insult away but the professionals don’t agree with your bashing.

  • haha

    Why do ppl automatically say girls are jealous if they don’t lover her looks! Its weird. Puuuleeasse, I don’t find her particularly attractive, not jealous .. Maybe other than the fact that she prob. Has more $$ than me.. That’s all folks. Plus she’s short and stubby.. Not my type.

  • amina

    aww sophia looks so pretty

  • sarah

    She is so beautiful! I love her!

  • james

    janiece r retarded or just cant read i was defending sophia and saying people who dont like her should get a life but i guess with your head so far up your ass its hard to see

  • jess

    She is gorg!

  • meg

    I don’t understand why Sophia insists on wearing things that do not flatter her figure. Its like she wants to look short and stumpy.

  • Marieme

    Very pretty girl, but she might want to stop looking so matronly. It’s the hair – layer it! Go crazy – do something fun!

  • Diana

    James you rock.
    Sophia rocks.

  • Kaylie

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!

  • janiece

    @james: wow are you for real? you have issues. i was agreeing with you dumb ass. i was just adding on to what you said. maybe you took the “seriously” part wrong or something but you should relax

  • sTUMPY

    She’s average. Too bad she so stumpy looking. Girls should have curves and Sophia is straight at a board. Look at her photos and tell me she has a waist! LOL I didn’t think so.

    Not jealous, just telling it like it is. It must be hard for her mother,who’s making all these glowing posts, to read that Sophia is not perfect.

  • Dana

    I like Sophia’s body she is thin but not skinny. And has curves.

  • Melissa

    Aww I like her outfit, and Sophia looks very pretty!

  • mary

    Linda como sempre

  • Shawna

    The people calling her “stumpy” are the same old two or three idiots who think that by calling Sophia “stumpy” will automatically make her one. Get a life you f*ckin losers.
    Sophia is FAR from being stumpy. Compared to some of the other women in Hollywood, Sophia is flawless and has an amazing figure. And she’s taller than a lot of them too. So I’m assuming you think people like Eva Longoria who is actually shorter than Sophia is “stumpy” too?? You guys are idiots. And unlike many actresses who look as if they’re suffering from an eating disorder, Sophia has a beautiful body. I love the fact that her body is very healthy looking and still looks so stunning. Had she been any skinnier, these same no-life idiots would be whining about how she was nothing but a sack of bones. Get real.

  • LOL 41

    Tell us how you really feel Shawna. Are you her PR agent? Jessica Siimpson PR reps use the same adjectives: curvey, amazing, flawless, tall, and she’s none of those things. It’s so obvious. Plus the more you sing Sophia’s fake atributes, the less her fans will believe you. You are trying too hard and it shows.

  • anonymous

    She ruined her nose. Stop with the surgeries lady!

  • Shawna

    No, you psycho. I’m NOT her PR agent. I don’t know what the hell Jessica Simpson and “her people” do but just because someone says Sophia is amazing, flawless, etc. doesn’t mean its her PR agent speaking. Tons of people call her amazing, curvy, and flawless so I’m assuming that you think all of them are her PR agents too. What about the fashion critics and the media who also think she’s beautiful?? I guess you think all of them are also her PR agents. Stop being a stupid, senseless maniac and coming up with pathetic little “theories.” Because I assure you, the only person who looks stupid here right now is YOU.
    And #43,
    Are you stupid?? Sophia’s nose is REAL. Its been like that since she was born. If you’ve ever seen any of her childhood pictures online, you’d see that’s her real nose. What the hell is wrong with you idiots?????

  • Katie

    Damnnn……Sophia looks HOTT.

  • fghgdh

    She’s so beautiful! <3

  • what

    People that say Sophia has had the same nose since she was a little girl make me lol. You are blind and delusional. She doesn’t even have the same nose she had at the start of OTH. Its noticeably thinner. Jeez, you can be a fan of someone and still not be a blind follower. It is possible.

  • kris

    You all are freakin nuts. That .is her nose. You will do anything to trash her looks. Too funny. At least she isn’t knock kneed or has a face full of zits.

  • IvyMades

    Ugh. I’m so over the haters.
    Sophia looks GORGEOUS.

  • jami

    yay for not smirking