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Rachel Bilson is a Toothy Grin Girl

Rachel Bilson is a Toothy Grin Girl

Rachel Bilson gives paparazzi a funny, toothy grin as she makes her daily visit to pick up groceries at Whole Foods supermarket in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 16).

Yesterday, fiance Hayden Christensen accompanied Rachel to Whole Foods.

P.S. Remember to protect your skin when going out in the sun! Rachel has said, “I still like to go to the beach. I love the ocean, the sun – I love it all. I’m just very safe, covered and SPF’d.”

10+ pictures inside of toothy grin girl Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson toothy grin 01
rachel bilson toothy grin 02
rachel bilson toothy grin 03
rachel bilson toothy grin 04
rachel bilson toothy grin 05
rachel bilson toothy grin 06
rachel bilson toothy grin 07
rachel bilson toothy grin 08
rachel bilson toothy grin 09
rachel bilson toothy grin 10

Photos: GSI Media, Flynetonline
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  • jennifer

    If she was going to dress decently, at least comb your head to match it. geez.

  • cm

    she is so cute why is she wearing a tent!!

  • tpl

    Aw, did Hayden send you to the store to shop and cook so he could spend all day doing damage control on IMDb with me? LOL

    Again, I’ve been a busy bee on IMDb.

  • voice of reason

    I’m sure Rachel is a nice person, but that dress is as ugly as ugly can be.

  • soph

    but shes so cute she can pull off the dress, btw i love the toothy grin :D she looks so annoyed at the paps

  • Michelle

    i love her dress. does anyone know where she got it?

  • tonie

    That is the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen but it goes with the unwashed, uncombed hair. Fashion disaster from head to toe.

  • Sabrina

    She looks annoyed by the paps? I’m not even going to touch that one. I’m just going to laugh.

    Jared, where are the pics of Scarlett Johansson grocery shopping last Wednesday? I seen her myself here in LA. Oh wait, she didn’t call anyone to witness the festivities so there aren’t any. Shocking.

    Cute shoes, ugly dress.


    Are you nuts?

  • Kat

    Cute shoes, nice bag. I guess we’re going to be bombarded with pics now and everyone is going to pretend like she’s not tipping them off. Am I right? LOL.

  • Chuck Bass bitches

    Oh look, she borrowed my grandma’s housecoat, lol. She wears something similar when she vacuums in the mornings.

  • Stormy

    We in the car, we ride slow, we doin things that famewhores do
    get on the phone, call my PR, who calls the paps, then when I step out the store the cameras flash.

    Pap tipper, pap, pap, tipper, pap tipper pap pap tipper

    Everytime I see pictures of her or Jessica Biel that song with those changed lyrics pop in my head. Yes, I’m bored, lol.

  • hahaha


    nothing can make Rachel look bad. you must be jealous of her. be cool.

  • saadia

    @ 12

    Why is it that whenever anyone makes a comment about a celeb that’s not flattering, they have to be jealous? I’m sure you have made unflattering comments about ordinary everyday people. Are you jealous of them when you make the comment? Or is it just your personal opinion? I seriously would like to know, because the “j” word is thrown around quite a bit. It’s like everyone’s opinion comes with a label. It’s not taken as a regular old “This is just what I think” anymore.

    She looks very cute. But I feel weird about calling her cute because she’s almost thirty. You’re supposed to grow out of the cuteness and blossom into something more than that. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t get a lot of movie roles. She’s just the “cute” girl and not seen as a bonafide Charlize-type leading lady. And who cares about her coming out of a grocery store? Isn’t this the second day for that? Slow news day when Rachel Bilson shopping is one of the headlines I guess.

  • sharon

    Actually she was practing her hand waving skills as the new Queen of grocery shopping or could have been waving at the paps HEY I AM OVER HERE PLEASE TAKE MY PICTURE in my tent of a ugly dress.

  • jake

    She is a beautiful girl, but that print overwhelms her.
    The dress is really ugly, somethings may look good in print, but in real life regardless of designer it is just plane ugly.

  • twitter

    She is adorable.

  • Gasol_fan16

    I’m certianly no JEALOUS!! Yes. This word is thrown around way too much. The dress is HIDEOUS with a CAPITOL “H”! I would not be caught dead wearing grannies house dress. Word to Rachel. Granny wants her 70′s house tent dress back ASAP!! The girl plans on being in threads like this looking less then ordinary then, she should expect negative reviews from fan’s. After all she is Hayden’s girl right? She should or you would think be looking like the trophy g/f of Hayden. Instead she looks like or has been looking like sh*t lately. Sorry to say. IMHO only. NOT JEALOUS!! People that claim jealously are probably sanctimonious sounding tweens that have not had good sex yet or have never been in an actual relationship and only are dreaming about it! ;)

    Oh please!! Rachel or Crapchel as Crapshack say’s so well. Crapchel just want’s to stir more PREGNANCY rumors once again! Pregnant again!! How many kid’s does Hayden and Rachel have already? Must be two or three young one’s by now as, long as these pregnancy rumor’s have been previously on the boards! Geez!! This woman loves to play the media. Reason I call it a media Ho!

  • sharon

    Ok, so you’re probably saying to yourself enough with the Rachel Bilson posts. They all sound the same.

    -Rachel Bilson is cute.
    -Rachel Bilson is hot.
    -Rachel Bilson and I are meant for each other.

    Blah, Blah , Blah”¦

    Well folks, this post is no different than the others. And that’s because there’s just not all that much to say about Rachel. The day she shaves her head, gets sent to jail/rehab or has crazy monkey sex with me, I’ll write something else.

  • Sara


    You have to have sex to get pregnant. And these two have about as much sexual chemistry as Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley did. LOL. In all seriousness, he has to be gay.

    I guess my head will be bitten off now for saying that. But oh well, I went there anyway. I haven’t really seen anything to prove my theory wrong either. They do have a friend vibe going though. Oh, but that’s making photo assumptions and in the history of all the world, that’s not possible to photo assume anything. Oh, well excuse me, lmao. The hayden fangirl claws will come out now. I might even get stoned or reprimanded with big words.

  • Chuck Bass bitches

    @ 18

    What? Did you copy and paste that from someplace else?

  • sharon
  • Wendy

    I just don’t get her appeal. She has great style, but she’s not even all that cute. I do not see a “beautiful” woman as someone said earlier. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Halle Berry, and someone mentioned Charlize earlier, now those are beautiful women. But , that’s just my opinion.

  • annie

    i cannot figure why this girls pics are in anyhthing ,she does nothing but shop,no acting. cute where is that bring on jessica or scarlett. i love hayden but aren’t you bored yet.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Sara!
    Oh hell no! I’m not saying Rachel is pregnant! Not one bit. But, Rachel loves people to speculate on that. This rumor has being going on in the blogs for almost 2 years now. I’m saying if Rachel is pregnant she, would be looking a bit like OCTO MOM right now ready to have her 8 babies! LOL!

  • Gasol_fan16

    I mean. As long as the pregnancy rumors have been flying on the jj board on Rachel since, 2008. Rachel would look like this by now! Elephant baby!

  • jen

    why does she go grocery shopping EVERY day? Oh yeah, cos she knows the paps will be there.

  • schullen

    She looks crazy… well she is isnt it… thinking that she is that famous by appearing regularly on the tabloids!

  • kery

    Love her dress

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel are only into two things in her HW career : shopping and photo opps!
    She is a forlorn tart whose main profession consist & specialized in “Manipulative Attention Wh*ring Management”
    She is that sneaky, vacuous, futile and desperate nearly aging at 30.

  • amaranth

    Another Blah! The “printed style” had been in the news 2 weeks ago. And mighty pondering that she shouldn’t be left behind coz she what she claimed to be a so-called fart…err…fashiniosta. Tsk… not only a media dog but a fashion dog as well.
    And probably she could take a hint from (the genuinely beautiful & adorable) “Alexis Bledel” on how or even where to pull off that kind of style of dress – lol!

  • greeny

    @ 26 jen
    There are two reasons:
    - you’re right, to stay famous, she must be papped more than once a month, otherwise, people will forget her,
    - organic foods can’t be kept as long as others because they’re healthy and without preservatives:

    “If you choose food without preservatives it must be kept fresh”:

  • Anakin

    @19 – But it IS possible to photo assume something for example if I saw a picture of you, I could tell you’re an idiot

  • what the hell!

    this is someone who is giving fashon tips on life and style. wearing that dress you have got to be kidding that thing rb has on should be cut up and used for cleaning. its the only thing its fit for.back to pap tipping she is nothing but a joke no wonder she cant get a much food do they eat anyway (or need) this is one desperate case.p.s to anyone who says the dress is nice get your eye’s tested.

  • periwinkle

    @ 13 – But I feel weird about calling her cute because she’s almost thirty. You’re supposed to grow out of the cuteness and blossom into something more than that. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t get a lot of movie roles……

    Ellen Page from the movie, Juno is realistically tiny cute yet a serious & working actress so those cutesy excuses would just be plain excuses.
    So how about that Bratchel can’t simply act and like a one trick pony – she’s just a three-expression-hacktress… i.e. “acting happy, acting sad, and awww how & what about me, me & me?!”

  • stacy

    I just don’t understand “fashion” people. That dress looks like something Bea Arthur might have worn as a blouse on The Golden Girls in 1987. I wonder if she actually looked at herself in the mirror before leaving home and said to herself, “Rachel, you look amazing!” WTF?

  • martin

    y’all don’t like her,
    she’s so insufferable
    so why why why write ’bout it — what goes?

    Besides the dress is pretty. It would look good on a red carpet, with different shoes and a hice haircut. But you have to be really tall to accentuate the legs.

  • Jen

    eww what a horrible outfit, this girl is so blah

  • Aprilreign

    OH GOOD GOD that is the worst possible outfit she has worn yet.!!! What happen eat all the food from the day before and now she is not shopping at her usual Gelens or whatever it is she is following the leader in the Whole Foods market campaign that the celebrities go to.

    LOL on has to have sex to get pregnant that’s for sure when so said fiance is like rumored GAYMAN. He sure acts the part of a gay man. Something is just totally wrong about these two and both scream scam artist to me.

  • adamantia claus

    I dont get it. She’s barely been in anything and at this point is obviously living on boyfriends Star Wars money. She is a small, cute, bandy legged scrawny girl, AND…? I dont mean to be mean but she just is that interesting for the amount of copy she gets.
    Hey J, are you related to her?

  • voice of reason


  • mrs. c.

    eww…..ugly dress for a fugly girl….another proof that she is no fashion expert!

  • Aprilreign

    Damn all she needs is the fuzzy slippers and hair curlers to make the outfit complete piece of shit. the shoes only make it worse and this woman is so said to be some fashion ICON…Please I read the INSTYLE her comments were total junk.

  • lexie

    @ 13 saadia

    there’s a difference between a personal opinion and a personal attack and most people here know very well what they are doing is not just stating an opinion. It’s always a contest to see who can say the meanest thing with a lot of them. It says more about them than HC and RB.

    So maybe the question should be why do people feel like they have to be mean about RB and or HC?

    btw, I don’t like the dress either but it’s California and people try a lot of different fashions. It’s just clothes.

  • jess

    Everyone hates her because she is using Hayden to appear …

  • atlqueen

    If she’s not cute to you that’s a good thing. At least you know you’re not gay. She’s not supposed to be attractive to you silly. Her couragious fashion attempts are….. Well, at least you like them. But no one listens to a girl/woman when she says another girl/woman isn’t cute. It even goes the same with men. Because to everyone else it looks like plain old you know whatousy. That’s why if I don’t think someone is cute I just don’t say anything.

  • atlqueen

    If she’s not cute to you that’s a good thing. At least you know you’re not gay. She’s not supposed to be attractive to you silly. Her couragious fashion attempts are….. Well, at least you like them. But no one listens to a girl/woman when she says another girl/woman isn’t cute. It even goes the same with men. Because to everyone else it looks like plain old you know whatousy. That’s why if I don’t think someone is cute I just don’t say anything.

    They don’t hate because of that. They just don’t want her with him period. Why should they care if she’s using him? They should be roting her on for that because men do it to us all the time. If she’s using him I say suck him bone dry girl. But since I don’t believe that’s what’s really going on I’ll say who cares and congrats on the engagement. Bye! I have ish I have to do.

  • Saudia

    she looks really good .. but the dress is really big on her and if that collar wasn’t so high it would look really cute ..still love Rachel’s style

  • lexie

    @ 44

    1. Not everyone hates her.
    2. You don’t know her or her intentions.

  • Purplerain

    @ Aitiqueen,
    WTF and WTH are you talking about?! No one cares what kind of scatimonious bull you love to bring up. The dress is the most ugliest thing I have ever seen her in. This dress is for a tall lanky girl but, I don’t think no model even would sport that one.

    How do you know why the hater’s think? What ticks people off is, her media wh*ring and looking fugly at it. Plus, all her gloating like Chesire that cat is about as childish and stupid and worse then what Spencer and Heidi would do. She is actually an embarrassement to Hayden. She is trying to pull off the trophy like g/f and looks really fashion horrible. It looks like she just got out of bed. Threw the dress on and horrible flat’s on and pulled her hair back and threw the big sunglasses on. Yeah. Great style Icon you love. Greasy mop head in a grannie dress. :lol: But, as you sounding like a tweenager will probably love her fugly dress. Your the one who sounds silly and repeat’s yourself over and over. GTFO!

    This is funny jj mentioned Rachel loves to go to the beach. How come we don’t see Hayden and Rachel at the beach then and enjoying the sun? One. Rachel does not have the bikini clad bod like Heidi Spencer. Then, Hayden is a tall bone rake and pasty white. I say, do show the two at the beach then. That would be good for a laugh or two.

  • jess

    You have to admit, were it not for his relationship with Hayden, Rachel would not be anything. Have you seen a post of Rachel in the Just Jared where Hayden is not Mension? There is but very few. She has no talent, has no job, is not pretty, is not smart, is a complete idiot.