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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets' Birthday Sunday

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets' Birthday Sunday

Jon & Kate Plus 8 sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel Gosselin jump around in their magic castle inflatable bouncer during their fifth birthday party at their home on Sunday afternoon (May 17) in Reading, Penn.

Also in attendance: A few friends of the Gosselins as well as 8-year-old twins Cara and Mady.

It’s presumed that both parents Jon & Kate Gosselin threw the kids the party but there’s no photographic evidence of that yet. The party was recorded by a TLC film crew for their hit reality TV show.

FYI: To rent the Gosselin 13′ x 13′ moonwalk bouncer for one day cost them (or TLC) $185. The sextuplets’ actual fifth birthday was last Sunday (May 10).

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  • Ariana



  • Just Jared

    @Ariana: Just stating the facts!

  • Courtney

    To correct this: the party was actually at Blue Falls Grove in Leesport PA and I was there that day. I seen the whole event and all i can say is she needs to stop exploiting her children and get a real job. Poor kids.

  • listenuppp

    If Jon wasn’t happy, he should of left and got a divorce instead of partying at 2am with another woman and humiliating his family. His kids didn’t deserve that. I don’t believe Kate cheated. That’s just something the tabloids made up because kate’s bodyguard is sorta attractive. If he were 350 pounds and ugly, there would be no cheating rumours.

  • katehater

    what kind of a word is “costed”??

  • katehater


    “i SEEN the whole event”. who is posting here? 3 yr olds?

  • observer

    I was there as well….I got in to see Kate and soon after they realized people knew THEY were showing up they blocked the entrance and cops showed up…there should be more pics bc there was a TON of Paparzzi in the bushes and trees

  • Lisa

    This whole thing is hilarious! Just all a big publicity stunt!! Let’s see how many people they can get to watch this season…………

  • jamie

    This reminds me of the Office episode wher ethey rented a moon caslte.

  • observer

    @Courtney: AND TODAY WAS THEIR PARTY!! you were there “that day”…..

  • Jen

    Funny….Kate said they never film on Sundays because they go to church. Yeah right.

    Not surprised that another untruth was now revealed. Plus, TLC had already promoted before this most recent debacle a season premiere that featured their birthday party. So was this Birthday Party Number 2? Did they redo the party for dramatic effect so that more things could be incorporated into the show (like the impending breakup)?

    This is starting to look more like a scripted soap opera rather than a so-called “reality show”. But that won’t eff the kids up and their perception of “reality” or anything right?

  • Laila

    I love watching the show however Kate treats Jon like crap and the guy probably just got sick of it. As far as Kate is concerned she is the “only” one that can do anything right. She doesn’t even let the guy finish a sentence. They make $75,000 per episode so either stop the cameras from rolling and focus on your family or SHUT UP! Who is watching the children if their both out whoring the family name!!!

  • Connie

    I seen?
    Should of left?
    Where did you all go to school?

  • Emma

    EXACTLY! People are so nosey! Just leave the poor family alone so they can enjoy time not in the spotlight for once

  • dutch girl

    Just Jared, really these daily pics of them have got to stop.

    One thing you do have correct, is that TLC paid for the items for the party. Especially, if the flim crew was there.

    So sad for the children.

  • A

    @Ariana: Oh yeah because the paps snapping pics of their birthday party, and TLC showing said same birthday party weeks later on TV are two totally different things. Give me a break. They exploit their children on TV, so don’t see how paps snapping pics is a big deal!

  • Reecie

    Jon’s not missing a beat.

  • not a fan

    I would be pissed if I planned to take my family out to a local park, cops show up, and close the entrance.


    Because a family that wants to pimp their kids is there, and they don’t want the attention.

    Don’t they have a 60 acre piece of land and a huge house? Why go to a local park? More Attention.


  • Morgan

    I am sooooo over this family.

  • nicole

    Leave the family alone please.
    Paparazzi at a 5 year old’s birthday party?

  • Donna

    GUYS! I have a question:

    is it me or does the only time kate spends w. the kids is only when they’re filming?? That’s just what it seems like…when they went to the party store, the cameras were there and now look at thesep pictures. Maybe it’s in the contract that Kate HAS to be w. the kids for them to be filming…

    here’s my take on something else: when my mom had my sister and I, she literally gave up EVERYTHING for us. She wouldn’t go on vacation unless we all went as a family. We’re all adults now and she stil doesn’t wanna do things on her own w/o us. I understand that you need to get more money to survive, esp. when you have kids but when it allows you leave all the time for “business” and you would never see your kids that much – that’s where it croses the line and I KNOW for a fact my mom would never do that to us. She would rather be “getting by” and getting help (in any way) fr. family, then being seperated fr. kids for that long just for MONEY. Any mother who sincerely LOVES their kids would definitely not do w. kate is doing. I guarantee it.

  • jdub

    OMG leave this family alone. i understand if the paps want to stalk jon and kate, but the kids??!! come on now. this whole thing has gotten out of control. i wouldnt be suprised if the kids act out when they get older. they’re gonna be so used to cameras following them around, that they’ll probably start doing crazy ish. they need to be left alone, so they can grow up somewhat normal

  • lexi

    @listenuppp: i totally agree. he shouldnt be partying at 2am with kids his age. he should be there for his family even if he was having issues with kate instead of spending time at the bar with other women.

  • terry

    @Ariana: Kate was always using her children for money and fame. She never treated jon well. She is getting what she deserves and I wish the show and the bunch of mediahores would just go away.

  • Juliann

    jdub, I dont doubt they’ll act out but I suspect it will be from the footage their parents allowed to be filmed and broadcast to the world – for example Mady’s numerous meltdowns and Colin having feces extracted from his behind by his dad with a plastic bag in the back of the urban assault vehicle they drive – and NOT the few photos of the kids walking into a party store at the same time they are being filmed by Figure 8 anyway. (Note the boom mic in the picture of Mady in the back of the van – they were also filming for the TV show there.)

  • TVsnarkie

    It seems that TLC cameras are just fine the the paps are “animals?”
    No, Kate is the animal for selling her kids pain and discomfort. That picture of Mady yesterday said it all. The sadness in her eyes was powerful.

    Jared, I appreciate you bringing this all to light. Too many are “snowed” by this woman and she needs to stop exploiting the dysfunction of this family. Kids need privacy. Poop is private. Dissolving marriages should be private too.

  • Babymama

    I was there also. I could not believe Jon’s GF and Kate’s bodyguard were there also. Seems like they are pretty much in an open marriage. Jon’s mom and Kate’s family was there, even Kevin and Jodi. So much for their interview. Jon stayed with Jodi and did not go near Kate. The GF stayed with the kids, though. It was nice and will be on their show.

  • Solara

    Babymama so funny. As usual.

    BM, did Kate also serve that special tea (instead of the usual koolaid shes passing out) at $150 a cup?

  • aida

    They are going to have to replace the children with actors, because these kids do not act happy when they are suppose to be.

  • observer

    Kate WAS there…i SAW her….and Jon brought the kids!

  • Educated

    @Connie: Exactly! How do people expect to be taken seriously if they don’t speak correctly?

  • Eye Roller

    @Courtney: You SEEN the whole event? Really? REALLY?

  • Sosososad

    It is not the public or paps fault the kids are being filmed and followed. It is THE PARENTS fault. Shame on you for telling everyone to leave this family alone.
    How about demanding the parents keep their children out of the public eye?
    They could have easily had the party in the back yard of their house away from everyone. But instead they chose to have the party in a public park where everyone could easily watch them film.
    Wake up sheeple! Take your wool off your eyes.

  • observer

    COURTNEY is full of crap!

  • Concerned Citizen

    @Sosososad: What is a “sheeple”?

  • Anon

    In these pictures is JON AND THE GIRLFRIEND AGAIN.

  • Sosososad

    Sheeple = People who follow their mentor and Queen, Kate Gosslin, blindly like sheep.

  • danceguard

    I think that Jon and Kate should preservere through all this. They have 8 beautiful children who needs them. It bothers me that people think their marriage is too damaged to save. I keep reading stuff like “people will remind them about this wherever they go.” Who cares what other people think? Why should they or the kids give a flip about people that are just out to say hurtful things to them anyway? I could care less if the show goes on or not, but I am in favor of them working it all out! Good luck Jon and Kate!

  • babymamasdaddy

    Why are all of these people outraged about the children being photographed? What has been happening over the last 5 years? The difference now is it’s the paps and magazines making money off of them – something their parents have been doing since they left the womb. I am not saying this is not wrong – I am just saying there is not a difference.

  • Anon
  • kiddo

    Hey Jared,

    Any info on how much $$ Jodi and Kevin got diming out the family to save the kids?

    Now this is good stuff this family fued. The almighty White Trash bash. Gets better and better. Who needs lindsay and whats its name?

  • jolene


    Thats just Kate thats upset. She doesnt make a dime off those pics in the tabloids of her kids. As long as its the book “Eight Little Gravy Trains” being snatched up by pedos from coast to coast, only to end up with all the pages stuck together, thats fiiiine. Thats a new pair of shoes for Kate.

  • kiddo

    Kate got hooked on the juice of power.

    I have produced beautiful twins. No lie. I often wonder how these two beautiful little faces were pulled from my ugly homely self. They are everything I feel was not. So while on the high of twinage and attention i did the dumbest thing. I signed with someone. Aproached in a deli on 22ave (might have been st) in NYC. I went on the interview, I signed. I knew better. I didnt want to go back to work. I took time off to drag them to union, nj for print ads.

    After my friend laughed at me at work, actually laughed at me, I was horrified. She said never thought you to be a momager. I demanded proof and she called me to the carpet.

    “make sure they are clean”, “no, put them in the outfits I CHOSE, not what you think” “I dont care If my work suffers, I need college money”, “yeah they puked in the car we were stuck in traffic so long”.

    Until it is put right there sometimes you dont see it. Now I laugh at another friend and chide (?) her. I couldnt do it anymore. I got out. I didnt resign and I stopped answering when they called (never got a third call back, they got the hint or moved to the next idiot).

    We have actors in the family. I asked later did I do the right thing. I was hugged and told yes you did.

    Jon and Kate needs to do some soul searching.

    Jodi, kevin and sister need to shut up and stop showing how jealous they are. They so nicely point out its a terrible life, then why sell to the media? Did they think this would stop her? I dont.

    She will go on as Kate with the 8, Jon begone!

    Hope he didnt cheat, Hope it was a lapse in judgement.

    Wonder when the story on Amy Rolloff cheating gonna come out. lol

    I hear there neighbors really dislike them.

  • julia

    Man those paps will do anything Y are there no real celebrities to hunt down anymore?! too boring?? aren’t selling the craptastic magazines? this is so sad :(

  • kiddo

    I agree Julia and with Britney behaving what else do they have? The paps should follow Joe Biden, get good gaffs and all. This is geting boring.

    or better start following the childrens saviours-Jodi and Kevin! I want to see her run with a bag over her face.

  • Katherine P

    What saddens me are all of these so-called ‘Kate fans’ who obviously condone the exploitation of these children. If it weren’t for these kids, Jon and Kate wouldn’t be on tv, folks….It’s sad.

  • meg

    You know the only thing more annoying than seeing these people’s faces on the cover of every magazine is all of the people who are trying to defend them. I mean seriously they have more than earned enough money that should they have invested it semi-intelligently they should be able to live comfortably and support their children (not including the money from her freakin books). So EXCUSE me if it’s hard to stomache hearing people say “Please just leave this poor family alone.” I’d have a bit more empathy if the only reason Kate was pissed that paps were taking their pics was because she wasn’t profiting from them! When she removes herself from the public eye and try’s to live life as a private citizen THEN leave them alone.. But as long as she’s pimping her kids out for a buck then it may sound harsh but I think the families fair game. It’s just unfortunate because I think of all the problems those kids are gonna have in the future having the paps taking a few pics in the park is gonna be the LEAST damaging- I mean try to come to grips w/ the fact that your parents were to lazy to have to get money like the rest of the country and decided to make money off you for what you were.. Which ironically enough was one of Kate’s chief compliments earlier on to Aunt Jody- She loved them for who they were not what they were. Kate do you really think you’d have a freakin mansion if you hadn’t learned how to capitalize early on, on WHAT they were? Give me a break.

  • MOMOF5

    Of course Katie was there. That is her folding chair because the white one isn’t “travel friendly”.

  • kiddo

    I wonder did they get a bigger house to avoid each other. lol

  • Aw c’mon

    Isn’t it obvious that they wanted the private party for the kids at their home, where it should be. They had the camera crew at another party the next weekend because they knew that the paparnatzi would be there. They didn’t want them at their home. Would you? I think they handled it very well, and the kids were safe at home – nobody hanging off trees and knocking on their door, scaring the kids. TLC handled the second party.
    Everyone was happy, and the kids got 2 parties.