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Sophia Bush is a Surprised Stunner

Sophia Bush is a Surprised Stunner

Sophia Bush visits a friend but gets startled in the parking garage in Hollywood on Friday (May 29).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill star recently attended a handbag auction in Beverly Hills. The event, Bag Lunch, benefits P.S. Arts, a non-profit organization restoring arts education in public schools.

“There’s a few I’m watching,” said Sophia at the handbag auction. “I got into acting because of a theater program, so I’m passionate about this cause.”

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Credit: JCWB1; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • xyz

    Love her

  • C.

    She’s beautiful, as always ! Love her !

  • Sarah

    She is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anondrenalshighisnl

    plain jane

  • Mary

    Wow, someone really startled her! :)

  • karool

    sooo beautiful!!

  • melissa

    sophia is amazing. she has it all :)

  • lily

    I wonder who she is visiting…

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Carrie

    Even when she’s dressed in sweats and a plain shirt, Sophia still manages to look HOTT.
    I love her!!!

  • Lena

    She got perfect hair !! And she’s perfect !!


    she could always just donate to charity without bidding on a purse. just a suggestion.

  • Kaka

    Yeah JJ this is exciting news.
    A bad actress in stupid shows gets out of her car.
    In other news, my cat just far&ted. The fa^rt smells like cat food.

  • Katy

    She is so Gorgeous!!

  • Kris

    She does donate to charity. I’ve heard of several times when she has given money to some charities. Which is great because a lot of people in Hollywood don’t do that even though they have the money.

  • beth

    She’s really pretty!

  • T

    beautiful as usual

  • Terri

    Sophia looks adorable. It does look like she is packing on the pounds again!


    She actually has her own charity for people to donate IPods to children undergoing chemo, since her BFF had cancer and recovered,

  • oops

    Sorry, I meant @

  • melissa

    packing on the pounds? good grief. she’s like a size 2. she has a baby face!

  • emma.

    Okay.. Sophia is not a bad actress. Whoever says she is, is definitely jealous. If you’ve ever seen her on One Tree Hill, that girl can act.
    And she’s looking cute as usual! Love her.

  • Monica

    Sophia is so precious. Damnn I Love this girl!!

  • blue

    She looks great. She has a nice figure.

  • Sophia’s Bush


  • Hannah

    Really classy ‘pat’ really classy..

    She is beautiful.

  • Realme2008

    She’s beautiful and I like her, but she isn’t a size two. She’s a size four (Like stated in the script of OTH), and that’s very healthy too. Celebrities always lie about heights and sizes for some reason. Like Kim saying she’s a size two. It’s ridiculous.

  • T

    sophia said in women’s health shes a 2

  • Kelly

    Does it really matter what size Sophia is?? The point is, she has a gorgeous body and looks great. So thats all that matters. Although I’ve heard many fans who’ve seen her person say that Sophia looks much skinnier in person than she does on tv or in pictures. So its quite possible she may be a size 2.

  • Megan

    I’ve actually met Sophia (So pretty!!!), and she is thinner in person, but I actually agree with her being a size four. She’s slim, but has some curves to her. I read that she was a size two in health magazine, but I think female celebrities always sorta fib about actual clothing sizes. A size two is really small with basically no curves. I’ve also noticed that she has put on a little weight lately not that it’s a bad thing, but she isn’t a size two . Again, nothing wrong with that.

  • mimi

    she is pregnant?

  • nicole

    she is beeeaautious…take a look at these random shoots…my randoms look horrible and i delete..she has that beautiful face that works with everything…howev i do feel bad that she looks scaaarreed..but i do lovvveee the pics

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s such a cute girl
    i dont no what she does but i sometimes comment on her
    she has a nice body as well
    i love cute girls! =D

  • Anna

    She must have been startled because she didn’t call the paps this time!

  • nicole

    that is why you do so laker fan….cuz her face is natural and gorge…one day i will meet her and tell her how i lover her so…hahah… she is my girl her face..two she is dramatic as well as comdetic w her acting.. best combo…thridly her well put together vocab on any topic..anyyyy

  • nicole

    oh and heyr lashes are amazing

  • nicole

    oh and heyr lashes are amazing

  • Jughed

    looking good..

  • Michaela

    So cute.
    Is she wearing TNA pants?

  • hihi

    She is stunning! She manages to look amazing even in her work-out clothes !

    She has such a good body, wish I looked like that!

    Looove her hair!

  • sharon

    i dont know why celebs are soo keen to be a size 2 i wouldnt want to be its like skeletal and she certainly isnt i dont know why she lies about and kim kardashian is exactly the same!!

  • g.queen

    I love sophia she’s gorgeous, but somehow she looks like pregnant i don’t know but …
    She ‘s still hot and the best !!! keep on diong what you do bbyGirl!!

  • kelsey

    She has her ipod, water and workout clothes. Sophia is probably going to workout with her trainer and not visiting a friend. She looks great and her Nikes look terrific. Anyone know the specific name/model?

  • karmababykarma

    Sophia is NOT pregnant!

  • Mary

    ^ thanks for confirming this cause people are really annoying with rumors.

  • ordinary

    Thanks for confirming it, karmababykarma! I was so like ahh, stop spreading rumors! You wanna know how did that happen? It came straight from othforums, on Sophia section. *rolleyes* Some idiot made a thread saying the title, “baby bump” and that’s how the rumors started to get crazy and got to this site or whatever. Anyways that’s probably how the haters lurked and read the stuff and thought bad things enuff to post here. Urgh.

    So anyways they need to shut their mouths about those stinky nasty stuff. Like that idiot needs to keep her opinion to herself rather than making pictures of her to narrow down to her stomach and make a BIG BIG BIG deal out of it. *rolleyes* No wonder this got out of hand!

    Anyways, thanks for confirmation! :D

  • Sara

    shes not pregnant.. just chunky.. like always.. i think shes kinda fugly to be honest.

  • soovermyself

    karmababykarma (or anyone else)do you know if sophia is seeing someone?

  • Megan


    That’s really mean, and unnecessary.

  • Annie

    Megan, this “hello” person is obviously a huge jealous idiot(who also has no life). The moron isn’t even brave enough to write her real name. Pathetic much??
    Any ways, moving on to better things-Sophia Bush is freaking GORGEOUS. Whether she’s all glammed up or just walking around in sweats, she always looks beautiful.

  • sara

    whats she doing at the mo, now that One Tree Hill is off air for a few months? Not being rude to Sophia but Jared you need to start posting interesting things. Way too many post of “celebs” strolling, coming out of cars, going into cars, buying a drink, etc. I dont mind the events and award show posts but the random posts are kinda boring.