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Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego Brüno, the Austrian fashion journalist) falls into rapper Eminem‘s lap during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

It seemed completely staged but watch the funny clip of it below! Classic shot here. Mind you, Bruno‘s rear was completely bare. Eminem got 69′d!


This was prior to Zac Efron winning “Best Male Performance” for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Bruno Falls Into Eminem’s Lap!!!

10+ pictures inside of Bruno @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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282 Responses to “Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!”

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  1. 126
    MissNessa Says:

    honestly, that was so f***ed up. yeah in a way it was hilarious but you just don’t do that to someone, homophobic or not., if they don’t know about it. he should’ve done that to someone he knew would think it was hilarious and gone along with it cause then everything would have gone smoothly and all that drama wouldn’t have happened. sacha baron cohen is a dumb*** and eminem should have beat the crap out of him.

  2. 127
    rrr Says:

    Yeah sure, you all accuse Eminem of not having a sense of humor. He Did write all those lyrics but he didn’t shove his balls up in anyone’s face…The movie Borat sucked and Bruno will suck even more…waste of acting talent. And get off eminem’s back…no onw likes the smell of sweaty balls EVER

  3. 128
    Bambu Bonds Says:

    wooow….out of control…That was funny..Now i have to see bruno the movie Great promotion stunt.

  4. 129
    Why don't you get it and Says:

    Why are you AMERICANS so dumb?????……it was STAGED, it was
    a JOKE……Duh…

  5. 130
    DOLAN Says:

    STAGED. Look when he says “put me down!!”. The cameras immediately switch to Eminem and he is looking up angry already.

  6. 131
    Byron Says:

    Emine shoud of smashed him but how can u call eminem a cry baby for walking away… that was fuking mature. There millions of people watching that show… and thers a big difference between making fun of somebody with words then to put ur ass in there face (disrespectful)… i have a lot of respect for eminem and still do

  7. 132
    Dennis Says:

    This was really messed up. But I think it was maybe staged. Shirts are already being sold on E-bay!

  8. 133
    SF Says:

    This is funny?? If crass crude humiliating humour is funny, then HA HA HA. Why Eminem you ask? Simple. He isn’t as famous as he was and some people at MTV thought this was funny. Try it on Kanye, I dare you! He will probably cap all his posts AND not just storm out but ban MTV. Eminem was right to walk away from this insulting display of crass humour. And Jared you find this funny? I never thought you were so… tasteless.

  9. 134
    mia Says:

    Staged or not, Cohen is a jack ass. He was original and funny (for about 10 minutes) years ago. Time to grow up, Sacha.

  10. 135
    Prophet Says:

    Not funny at all. Disgusting. Rude to not only eminem but the winner of the award. Just plain wrong.

  11. 136
    Prophet Says:

    Not funny at all. Disgusting. Rude to not only eminem but the winner of the award. Just plain wrong.

  12. 137
    cort Says:

    I didn’t think it was staged. More points show it wasn’t staged.

    1) Eminem’s curses weren’t bleeped at first. So, it was without warning.
    2) D12 would’ve been holding back laughter had it been staged… esp. Bizarre… but they were dead serious and hitting Bruno pretty hard.
    3) Tyrese was laughing hard and then got serious all of a sudden.
    4) They didn’t even announce the nominees over the loud speaker, they just announced Zac’s name.
    5) If I were Eminem and had a few millions of dollars.. being the type of guy he is, there isn’t an amount of money you could pay me to let some dude stick their ass/junk in my face and embarrass me on television.

    If it was staged, it probably would’ve been funny. That crap was not funny.

  13. 138
    cort Says:

    KStew dropping her award… THAT was funny lol.

  14. 139
    Jayveee Says:

    I have no idea why his album is number 1, I guess people just bought it based on his past work. It is a crap album, by far the worst effort of his to date. I like his past work and have listened to this album over and over trying to like it but it is just a really lame effort.. Doesn’t deserve to be number 1.

  15. 140
    tomtom Says:

    That was painfully awkward to watch. I spent the entirety of the video cringing.

  16. 141
    fdgvd Says:

    Dating a beautiful and sexy girl on ———–
    Dating a handsome and rich man on———-

  17. 142
    Jennifer Says:

    Staged …….and stupid. Americans are such idiots.

  18. 143
    whortensia Says:

    I am amazed they could drop Bruno right into Eminem’s lap. Very well targeted. Who cares whether M&M liked it or not?

  19. 144
    Liz Says:

    Wow. I thought Eminem was a piece of work, but it looks like his “fans” are bigger crybabies than he is. Obviously, it was staged. We just don’t know how staged. But who really freaking cares if it wasn’t? Eminem is a misogynistic homophobe. He’s deserving of a lot worse than this. Seeing so many women defending this guy is disturbing.

    Oh, and best rapper? Please. Selling records doesn’t mean anything. Even Paris Hilton has sold a few records here and there. Eminem isn’t even the best rapper alive. He’s certainly not the best of all time.

  20. 145
    oz trey leah Says:

    eeew thats soo gross.. i dont blame eminem for freaking out. he got really emaressed and really did not deserve to be humiliated like that.. TOO FAR this time sacha, you’re disgusting

  21. 146
    DIEGO Says:

    @RAE4KMA: Not an Eminem fan??? I think you are out numbered. How can you not like Eminem? Is your life that miserable and dull that you have to hate one of the best rappers of all time? And for what reason? You cannot possibly have a reason for not liking Eminem other than you are lame and have bad taste in music. I hope you get assed in the face someday just like em did.

  22. 147
    Bson Says:


  23. 148
    laughing on the floor Says:

    em was not acting neither did he know what was gonna happen.
    his relapse album is shite with all that shock vaule lyrics but what
    happened here shows how much respect em has got…. an ass in
    the face. LOL hahahaha
    em always sings about **** like this and now when it has happened
    to him he does not like it…..
    im so happy that they ***** him up. now he can go back to the studio
    and release more ****** lyrics

  24. 149
    Jake Says:

    I like how Eminem’s little b*tches are crying foul here. How much do you get paid to be his devoted little stans?

  25. 150
    Alona Says:

    Eminem always being rude to people, so why not, why not a **** in his face

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