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Lindsay Lohan's Birthday Bandage Bikini

Lindsay Lohan's Birthday Bandage  Bikini

Lindsay Lohan rocks out a sexy Herve Leger bandage bikini at her 23rd birthday party held at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday (June 27).

The Mean Girls actress hung out with her friends (including Brittny Gastineau) in the VIP cabana.

DJ Steve Aoki spun at the party and when he played Michael Jackson, LiLo did her best impression of the King of Pop!

35+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan breaking out her bandage birthday bikini…

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lindsay lohan birthday bikini 01
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 02
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 03
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 04
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 05
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 06
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 07
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 08
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 09
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 10
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 11
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 12
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 13
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 14
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 15
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 16
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 17
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 18
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 19
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 20
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 21
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 22
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 23
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 24
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 25
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 26
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 27
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 28
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 29
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 30
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 31
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 32
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 33
lindsay lohan birthday bikini 34

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • PUffy poppy

    PUKE CITY!!!!!!!!!

  • Linday

    She looks happy. She eatS and no bitch with her :D

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like the freckles, really do not like. Not nice. Moles everywhere.

  • sandy

    she is sooooooooooo discusting!!!!! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • lala

    she looks really… terrible in the up close photos. and her orange tan.. gah

  • Jennifer

    Everybody makes mistakes, especially when you are young. What makes the people making those nasty negative comments think they are so perfect?

  • Hmm


    Look at the pictures where her armpits are showing..

    Its just beautiful


  • sara-amw

    she still looks ugly, but she looks better now.

  • mari


  • ******

    The last thing I think she can help is having freckles. I think Lindsay looks really good and she looks healthy on top of things. I give her thumbs up. Keep up the good work Lindsay and Happy Birthday:)

  • Raichill

    I wish she would lay off the fake tan. She has red hair and pale skin with freckles. I much prefer pale skin to fake tan that looks orange.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t you get rid of them or something. Some kinda lazer thing. Who wants a gal with a freckly bod.

  • jewel


  • anonymous

    she looks good but aren’t those eyes fake? i think they’re not blue

  • k.c.

    i’m a lindsay fan but…

    anyone who says she looks ‘healthy’ is obviously young and naive or hasn’t been around anyone who has been on drugs. the girl is whacked out of her brain. she needs help.

    come on lins… get your act together, go back to rehab (properly this time) and show everyone what a talented actress you are!!!!

    we believe in you. x

  • Neil

    Interesting that Jared mentions, “Mean Girls”. Makes me think of the Lindsey AND Rachel McAdams and the different directions their careers have gone. One looks to be a future award winner while the other looks destined to take her place in Hollywood’s long and tragic history of train wreck, burnouts.

  • sarahhh

    i like her body!!! i want that body, too

  • marvel

    MY EYES!!

  • kara

    gosh! I’m almost 30 and look younger than her…

  • Adri

    She is a gorgeous girl and is very charismatic….although she is ruining her life. She could be very successful if she’d get off drugs, stop trying to be anorexic, and put her efforts on her career. I hope she does. She always seems sad & insecure lately, and it’s easy to get on the wrong path when you feel like that. Do the right things Lins, even if you don’t feel like it, and everything will start to get better.

  • plez

    She is ONLY 23. WOW the girl needs to slow down.

  • M.T

    she looks sooo Hot and sexy lindsay i love u sooo much and she looks good,healty and happy gooo lindsay

  • M.T

    She is a gorgeous girl and Y’ALL STOP DISSIN!!

  • barron797

    I think her body looks great (like a model) but what’s going on with her face? She looks very off.

    She must be on drugs or something. Her face does not look good or healthy.

  • LolaSvelt

    She used to be so promising…

  • SAS

    her shoes are from forever 21! not some fancy rich bitch store

  • anon

    Sorry not an attractive body shape. Her addictions and lifestyle are really starting to manifest and show. You cant abuse your body indefinitely and think some creams and few nips and tucks are going to cover it up. She’s also risking some serious diseases…then fame wont seem so important.

  • Primp

    I agree with Kara, I’ve always thought she looked older than she is…lot of my mates go for her but I never can see what’s so great about her, she’s just kind of averagely attractive.

  • evy

    She looks horrible!

  • evy

    She looks horrible!

  • M.T

    she looks cute

  • madonna-multimedia

    She’s 23???? OMG she looks like 30 years old woman, not a 23 yrs old gyrll… she need to take care of herself more!

  • selena

    Orange-, sick-, way too thin looking drug addictive girl with bloated (anorexia) belly, no hips, no ass but fake breasts…. sad, ulgy! And very very annoying!! She should have given herself a rehab as birthday present.

  • a

    She looks healthier than a year or two ago. The bathing suit top is nice but the bottom is not flattering AT ALL!

  • jules

    she is disgusting! that’s not a hot body…ew!



  • Yea

    Umm so what if she has freckles?

    To someone they could be beautiful!

    Fcking idiots

  • i hate dumbs

    wtf? lots of models have freckles but they’re just being covered with foundations and have been airbrush when they go out for catwalk or photoshoots same reason you can’t see them. why would would you remove something that has been given to you?

  • yipee!

    when did her eyes get so blue?!!?! she still looks gross!

  • nat

    @Jennifer: don’t confused mistakes with bad decisions.Mistakes are things that you can’t control, bad decisions in the other hand you have a choice, and she had the choice to not go out every night, to not do drugs. I’m sick of the “she is young” as if being young gives you the right to be a mess, to do drugs. Sure you sometimes make bad decisions, but you can’t not live your life without measuring the consequences of your actions. She is 23 and she looks 43, that’s very sad, the way she had lead her life is very sad.I hope that in five years she won’t be broke ’cause that’s where I see her going. She had a brilliant future ahead of her and she messed it up.

  • M

    Shes got the ugliest body EVER. A woman who has lost 100 pounds looks better in a bikini than she does.

  • eekomeeter

    She looks like she’s still partying, neglecting to eat properly and enjoying the attention more than ever. The blue contacts are pathetic.
    As it was said, the best Birthday gift for Lindsay would have been a one way ticket to Rehab.

  • dddjjj333

    WOW she looks coked out of her miiiind… I think she’s wearing those blue color contacts to hide how huge her pupils must be.

  • M

    She looks like a sick man. God shes ugly.

  • irish girl

    This is the best I’ve seen her look in awhile, weight wise. Her face, hoever, looks really bitchy. She does look like a “Mean Girl.”

  • Pat

    Where is her girlfriend Sam?

  • karenina

    her body is greaaat

  • http://aol susan

    She looks way older than 23. And, PLEASE, cut that hair. It looks awful. Put on some pounds, lay off the drugs, get some sleep, stop partying so much and GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. If Spears can make a comeback, so can you, but it takes hard work and dedication. Wake up girl!

  • e

    the expression on her face and her physique really mirror amy whinehouse.

  • hollyword

    she needs to put on sunscreen