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Nicole Kidman: Hollywood's 8th Top-Earning Actress

Nicole Kidman: Hollywood's 8th Top-Earning Actress

Nicole Kidman keeps dry under an umbrella on the set of her new movie, Rabbit Hole, in New York City on Thursday morning (July 2).

The 42-year-old Aussie actress recently tied with Drew Barrymore as Hollywood’s 8th Top-Earning Actress, as determined by Forbes. The pair, who earned $12 million each, trailed Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • D9

    Only 42? She is not aging well.

  • zxc

    Damn she used to was hot. I loved her ice queen look. But now not so much. NICOLE, STOP USING BOTOX AND LIP FOLLERS.

  • laurie

    Don’t like her….

  • n.o.l.a

    she’s looking OOOOLLLLLDDDD.

  • Blue




  • jw

    i took a sh*t this morning thats more attractive than her

  • Catherine

    S T O P Kidman-haters, the war is lost. Kidman is beautiful, she looks like a teenagers..get a life foolish

  • josi

    She is a great actress. I love her!!!!!

  • JosH

    Beautiful lady. Looking forward to this movie..Aaron Eckhart and the legenrary dienne wiest are in the cast

  • JosH

    Beautiful lady. Looking forward to this movie..Aaron Eckhart and the legenrary dienne wiest are in the cast

  • cute

    She is beautiful but she doesn’t look like a teenager.

  • bruno

    nic is wonderful

  • Yuri

    jw, what do you think to get a life? I mean, going in the threads about nicole kidman and hating her is quite morbid.



  • Carole

    what and elegant and classy lady. I love her. she is an amazing actress. yeasterday I saw Margot At The Wedding, I was shocked by her perfomance…Very underrated actress. she has showed her talent for amost 20 years, she still deserves more attention for her talent not for gossip.

  • Benjamine

    amazing actress. I can’t wait to see her directed by Hewig (aka: john mitchell lol). I love both. Nicole is a very talented actress who’s not afraid to work with young and talented directors…

  • sam

    how come ZERO Acadamey Award nominations between them) managed to out bank Oscar winners like Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Winslet.

    Forbes is Full of Crap?

  • lioness

    For 42 she looks really good and is in amazing shape!

  • jw


    Yuri, yuri a loser lol. get a life and stop defending people you don’t even know.

  • to 6

    I’m sure your s*hit can act better too.

  • i love NICOLE

    nicole is amazing

  • andamentothat

    well Nic is looking old but thats ok.. its fine to age.. she must still put out a good performance and thats what counts.

  • Benjamine

    No Jw, you are a loser. hating a celebrity is the dumbest and saddest thing possible…get a life..make more sex.

    same for you @ 20 aka Jw…Even fakes my dear? what a loser..

  • finch

    @Benjamine: Holy shit! Hedwig is directing this? I had no idea. I love John Cameron Mitchell!

  • Benjamine

    Yes he is the director!!

    I love him too!

  • U89

    show us a pic of you jw if you are so beautiful to criticize nicole for her aspect. come on don’t be shy!

    make us laugh please!

  • anoN.y.c.

    do not EVER, never and EVER let them play with your face!

    are you stupid???

    I thought you weren’t. so STOP!

  • jw


    I know i’m ugly, moron lol… the only difference I dont pretend to be hot like Nicole.

    (actually, I’m so hot…I’d do me)

  • dabu

    Classy and beautiful as usual. A true hollywood star and a great actress.

  • to jw

    Jealous much? You doth protest too much!

  • eliza

    Some years she’s higher on the list, some years lower depending on the things she’s done during that year. When it comes to choosing screen roles, I don’t think money is a major consideration for her anymore anyway. She picks challenging, interesting parts, even in low-budget independent films, because she’s not just a celebrity or a “movie star,” she’s a talented actress. That’s why most of the industry’s best directors like to work with her.

  • dIETER

    It’s no wonder that Cameron Diaz earns so much money: she is working so hard !!!

  • Gracie

    Nicole was pregnant for half of 2008 (gave birth to Sunday Rose on July 7). The only movie that she did was “Nine” (in which she had a supporting role), unless her salary for “Australia” was counted in 2008 (she did a few “Australia” re-shoot scenes in late 2008.). I’d say she made a pretty good income while being pregnant six months of 2008! Also, I believe from the roles she takes that money is not a priority for her when she makes her decision to accept a role.

    Nicole is aging gracefully and beautifully. I disagree with those who say she looks “old”. Why do you use “old” in such a derogatory way?Why can’t older women who look older also be beautiful? Do younger people own all the beauty that is allowed? I believe that beauty comes in all ages and in all sizes, shapes, races and colors. From reading about her exercise regimen, she is much more fit than a lot of people in their teens, 20′s and 30′s…fitness and good health count as beautiful, too.

  • Matt

    She’s still quite beautiful, but the huge irony is that if she hadn’t done so many desperate things to try to look younger, she would look way, way hotter. The botox and god-knows-what-else she’s done have really taken their toll on her face.

    Leave your face alone, Nicole!!

  • Pamela

    Beautiful, classy lady who shows great kindness and grace to fans, , always. First class, Nic.

  • silly putty

    # 4- nola

    so what? eVERYBODY including YOU will age unless you die young

  • marina

    her curly hair is getting all frizzy with the rain. She used to look so different with her curly hair, but straight makes her look more sophisticated.

  • what a joke

    This list is full of sh!t , Jolie and Aniston earned more than her? Jolie has earned money for selling her kids to the media and for doing the tabloids covers….she wasn’t even the lead in that crap movie Wanted the other was a cartoon KFP what a joke, where are the real actresses?

  • ALWAYS beautiful

    SHE IS DOING A MOVIE and playing a role and she is not a teenager in this mocie so don’t expect her to look like one! She has to be true to the character or the movie won’t be any good and you”ll all be complaining that she looked way too young for the part!

  • to What a joke

    Before shooting your mouth off why don’t you do some research. Jolie got $15 million plus a percentage of the profits for Wanted and she got an upfront pay check for Salt: said: “Much of Angelina’s earnings came from her share of the profits on Wanted, but she also scored a fat upfront check for Salt, an action film originally slated to star Tom Cruise, in which Jolie plays a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy.”

    And Aniston aside from her over inflated salaries for her movies (Marley and Me and The Baster) (since most of them bomb) also gets residuals from Friends as well asa her pushing SmartWater.

    I’d say Kidman did pretty good in terms of earnings for being out of commission for much of the earning period. And earning most of her money from Australia. If she had done The Reader and maybe one or two other pictures, she’d probably be #1 again.

  • melody

    Wow“`congratulations to nicole!!!!

    You’ve done an amazing job!!!!

    Nicole is one of the best actresses in this world ,Because of pregant she missed the six-month to earn more money!But i think money is not more important in her life.I am very happy she can pregant and birth Sunday Rose.That is more worthy than everything!!

    She is best!!!!!!!

    This year we all expecting NINE and Rabbig Hole.IF nicole will performance in Danish Gril ,and i will be crazy!!!!!!I love that film!!!

  • josi

    Nic look so beautiful.

  • dianelll

    If this movie is any good it will be it will be Dianne West and Sandra Oh that make it happen NOT dumbo ears kidman

  • BelacquaGirl

    Nicole is the best actress in the whole world & she’s very well for her age. If u stupid Nics-haters would just look at her or see one of her movies, u would change ur minds.

  • Daisy

    Here’s the haters who spend their lives googling Nicole

  • samanthha

    nicole kidman is simply gorgeous(L)!
    haters ? i geuss its the thing called jealousy ehh ?

  • suppress your appetite


  • suppress your appetite

    She looks nice!

  • http://facebook jackie


  • http://facebook jackie

    I like her moves their amazing & her too