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Hayden Christensen's Brother: Assault Charges!

Hayden Christensen's Brother: Assault Charges!

Hayden Christensen‘s brother, producer Tove Christensen, was arrested early Wednesday morning (September 2) in Hollywood for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Tove, 36, allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend, pushed her to the ground and hopped in his car. When she reportedly reached inside to grab her purse, Tove drove away and dragged her down the street for 30 feet as she clung to the side of the car.

According to TMZ, LAPD tracked down Tove at his L.A. home, arrested him, and is currently holding him on $30,000 bail.

Tove (pictured here on the left) produced Hayden‘s flick Shattered Glass.

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  • Ann

    What’s up with all these celebrities being so violent!!!

    Hope something is done about this!

    what an a**hole!!!!

  • DV Survivor

    Please, before we start with comments of violence and domestic abuse, this is not a case of either. This is simply an argument that got a little out of hand and was probably instigated by the girlfriend anyway. I am a survivor of DV, I’ve been throttled, thrown out of a moving car, had my arm broken, my nose broken, my head gripped and smashed mutiple times into a radiator (leaving me with extensive facial bruising and a fractured cheekbone), I could go on. When something so minor as this little incident gets reported by the press it detracts from the real issue of DV. When women make such as fuss about little things that barely leave a mark and are often a one-off, again it seriously detracts from the real issue of DV. Please bear that in mind when making a comment because DV is a terrible thing and stories about minor arguments like this do damage to peoples perception of it. Women need to use more common sense in an argument, this girlfriend of his sounds as though she doesn’t have any by calling the police in the first place. It puts those of us who truly do suffer in a very difficult place.

  • stacy

    Douche who lives off his brother

  • kim

    What a family, violent, cheaters on his spouses. The men in this family are horrible.

  • unknown

    Celebs think that can do anything, the same should be done to him.

  • you forgot something

    You forgot to print the part of the story where the police “found visible marks on her arm” in the tmz article. Being dragged 30 feet by a car would entail more than some marks on an arm, surely! There is more to this story, if those are her only marks.

  • kim

    I think Hayden was cast as Darth Vader bc he looks dark and dangerous, probably fights it all the time in himself. Not nice.

  • **Jamie**

    I’m pretty sure they had an argument and all he wanted to do was to get out of the situation as fast as possible. Its not his fault she tried to get her bag out of the car when it was moving. I’m sure he stopped once he noticed she was dragging alongside.

  • @ unknown

    what kind of a celeb is he, he is a nobody

  • @all

    They look like bad dudes, not nice men at all.

  • liz

    Poor Hayden, his brother who makes stupid things and is Hayden and his family who are the culprits.

  • Brandy

    @DV Survivor:
    “…This is simply an argument that got a little out of hand and was probably instigated by the girlfriend anyway…”

    You are def out of your mind.

    What you mean by instigated by the girlfriend?!?!?!?!?!

    There is no situation where anybody should use violence…if this was an argument then it should have stayed like that…he didnt have to drag her with the car like that…

    We can’t allow any level of violence…

  • stacy

    He’s not a celebrity. He runs a “production company” with Hayden, which has produced all of one film. Let’s hope this incident doesn’t hurt Hayden’s career prospects, but more importantly, let’s hope that this girl is OK and gets out of the relationship unscathed any further.

  • Jack

    The brother looks gay anyways — probably he was jealous of the “girlfriend”

    He’ll have enough boyfriends in jail so he should be happy :) da da dooo da :)

  • sweetness


    I feel sad for you if for you this is just an argument that got out of hand…

    and argument that gets out of hand is maybe yelling and walking away…

    but shoving any woman and then knowing dragging his girlfriend 30 feet…I don’t care if she has scratched or not..(maybe she was wearing a leather jacket which protected her skin for doubters!) but this incident should get him doing jail time…and then we will see how he handles life inside a jail cell with his new roomies.

  • natt

    Let’s hope Hayden is not that crazy and do that to Rachel Bilson! If not i’d kill him!

  • lana

    How could anyone defend the indefensible criminal behavior.
    People argue all the time, they don’t get violent. How could you blame the girl? What ever she did she did not endanger him, he is huge. All she wanted was her bag. He would not get arrested without evidence against him.

  • @natt

    He better dump her before he hurts her bc she deserves all the blame, she media whoring her relationship with him and is using it to promote herself. He might just get mad. She deserves what is coming to her, she is trash.

  • me

    I didn’t know that Hayden’s brother would do somthing like that.Hope that he can get out of it. And hope Hayden don’t get into in trouble with rachel like that.Ithink he has called it Quits anyway with her because he never seen to take picures with her anymore.And hope tove’s girlfriend is alright and if they can’t be together leave each other alone.

  • Amy

    Question is, did she hit or push him first? Just pushing seems really odd as the start of a fight, more like the way to get someone back and off you so you can walk away.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    hahahaha.. his brother is the one with the personality. hahahahaha

  • stacy

    OK, as much as Rachel Bilson makes me want to throw up in my mouth, you people wishing her harm and death are seriously sick. First of all, the situation in question has little to do with her, other than the fact that Hayden’s brother is involved. Second of all, no girl deserves a beatdown at the hands of her boyfriend, regardless of who started what.

  • Dassie

    Dude….this is NOT domestic abuse. They had a fight, big deal. It clearly states that she was dragged because she clung to the car…she could’ve let go at any time. She probably didn’t let go because she wanted her purse.

    It’s not like he beat her up.

  • Smilehexe

    :-O Seems as if this family is followed by scandals somehow. One man a cheater, another one treats his girlfriend badly, the third one simply ignores his. Weird enough.
    That she is not hurt more is maybe luck, or she might have worn a jacket of a robust material, who knows?
    And BTW, in this report it sounds to me like the witnesses called 911, not the woman herself. How should she have done, without her purse which probably held her cell? So maybe she should be taken more serious, especially by other women, instead of being called “stupid”?!
    A real gentleman (meaning a respectable date) should have not just allowed her to take her purse out of the car but would have either given her a ride home himself IMO – or at least waited there until a called cab would have arrived. Even after an argument. It was 02:30 a.m. for Christ’s sake, a time a woman should not have to be out on the street alone.
    What a bunch of “heroes”, I guess every woman can be very glad NOT to meet a Christensen in her life, they all seem to be strangers to good manners when it comes to treating women . I’m honestly shocked. Used to have a much higher opinion of this family once, but they managed to ruin their reputation step by step until nothing else is left except contempt, for all of them.

  • yoyo

    QUESTION. who are you guys referring to when you talk about one of the christensen men cheating?? Can someone explain

  • stacy

    @yoyo There’s a rumor that his dad cheated on his mom

  • Smilehexe

    @#26 – yoyo
    The father. Parents got separated (divorced?) after that.
    But this subject has been discussed on these boards a while ago already, and far too detailed.

  • yoyo

    @stacy Really? I find that kind of hard to believe, I don’t know how people would ever really get a hold of that kind of info

  • heather

    What Tove did is indefensible and what happened with Hayden’s dad is also disgusting, but you shouldn’t judge Hayden by what actions the other males in his family do. Sure, he ignores Rachel, but he shouldn’t be assumed to be horrible or violent to her just because his father and brother are disgusting.

  • yoyo

    @smilexhere His parents are separated?? You sure? They were photographed together when hayden was building his barn last yr

  • tonie

    @yoyo The mistress told all about it on her myspace page and someone here found it and provided the link.

  • Anakin

    I wonder if HC will have to fly back to bail his bro out, or maybe have Rachel bail him out, she must have 30 000 lying around somewhere

  • yoyo

    @ tonie Do you know the myspace? I’m very curious about all of this, would like to know more

  • Smilehexe

    @#30 – heather
    Somehow you’re right of course, but HC is such a liar (which is proven) and arrogant, and he is part of this family supporting his brother for years alread… so I’m sorry but I cannot think of him higher anymore. :-( Somehow these people seem to think that if you have more money than other people you can behave as you like, an opinion I cannot share. I think respect towards other people (and animals and nature) should always be a basic, no matter who you are and how much you have. It’s all just material, no real values. The inside counts, and this seems to be rotten to the core.
    @#31 – yoyo
    This is what I’ve been told, by more than one person. Don’t hold me to it. Think I know which pics you refer to – but they were not to see together on them, right?

  • tonie

    @yoyo No I don’t know. I read some after following the link provided. It was in one of the treads here last year sometime.

    @Anakin If I was RB I would try to distance myself from this scandal. Her career isn’t going well enough to put herself in the middle of it. It will be interesting to see if she is seen today and if she is wearing her ring. Will she stand behind her man and his family or jump ship?

  • Anakin


    I don’t really know how her career has anything to do with this, it’s Hayden’s brother, and I think she would help any way she can, innocent until proven guilty. And why would she take off her ring, it wasn’t HC who allegedly assaulted this woman. Your statements don’t make any sense.

  • Smilehexe

    @#36 – tonie
    Yes, a fast sinking ship indeed. Very interesting question you’ve asked here.

  • charlie


  • awesome

    I think it’s very narrowminded of us to blame Hayden Christensen for anything his brother or his father did, who knows if any of it is true anyway.

  • yoyo

    @ Anakin I agree completely with you. This is about Tove, not Hayden. RB has no reason to end their relationship over something his brother did, which doesn’t even involve her.

  • Smilehexe

    @#37 – Anakin
    Can someone really be this naive? Tonie’s statement makes perfect sense. RB has promoted her own (although leading nowhere) “career” through HC’s former fame, her name is linked with his, and vice versa. So in this scandal she will be mentioned, which I think, due to her media whoring for the past few years, is only fair. No pity with these people at all, except with the woman who got hurt last night.

  • heather

    Sure, he supports his brother. There is nothing wrong with that unless there is a history of violence here, which may not be the case. Hopefully this is an isolated case and Tove has learned his lesson. He should take an anger management class.

  • Smilehexe

    @#43 – heather
    And maybe some more driving lessons… how to behave thoughtful towards all the other traffic users, including the ones outside his car and the passengers inside.

  • heather

    I agree. I don’t condone Tove’s behavior AT ALL, but I wouldn’t put Hayden on the hook for this one.

  • cccc

    One incident can constitute domestic abuse. It is troubling that people believe that there has to be a series of abusive acts before we can label the behavior domestic violence.

  • logic

    The man will be charged with domestic violence and possibly will do probation in abuse and anger management classes. If the woman’s reports can be proven and sounds like there is witness’s that can support her claim then Tove is screwed. In any situation the man should have been wise enough to allow her to get her things and leave. That is the correct thing to do. Sounds to me that the men in that family have major issues with woman. HC can’t show emotion he acts as if he is socially and emotionally retarded. As for there production company expect his movie Vansihing to be on hold if FPP is helping produce it.

  • tonie

    Nobody is blaming Hayden for Tove’s behavior. Did you read the title for this thread? It used Hayden’s name not me.

    @Anakin I just feel that RB has used Hayden’s fame to promote herself and now that his name is connected with this ugly incident will she continue to do so? The ring is only worn sometimes and seems to be an accessory not a token of love. She continuiously makes sure the photogs get pics of her wearing it and most articles mention how they’re engaged. She will be mentioned whether she wants to be or not and the relationship doesn’t look very solid to begin with.

  • ihavenolife

    A – HOLE!!!!!!!! dragged 30 freaking feet???!! hope she’s okay!

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    @ DV,
    I pity you. For being a survivor of domestic violence. I applaud you for getting out of your situation. A deadly weapon is a deadly weapon. It could be a gun or a car. The woman was dragged 30 feet! I’m glad she was not injured seriously. Why? Because she should come out having all these broken bones and bruises and bleeding all over to prove that is domestic violence in your head?! A lot of people come out basically unscathed b/c their adrenaline was flowing and being more physically fit to take a beating and coming out of it unscathed. It was 2 something in the morning and they were up that late arguing? It sounds to me like a night of heavy drinking and people that are drunk or happen to be drunk can come out of things unscathed. Not saying they were drinking. Their are different circumstances why a person can come out with minor scratches. The bottom line abuse is abuse and using your car as a deadly weapon is bad. Would have it made you feel better if the girl got really badly injured then? Geez!!! I’m glad the g/f is okay.
    @ Liz,
    Sorry Liz. As much as I don’t care for Rachel Bilson I would not wish her to be dragged to her death by a car or deadly weapon. I would not even wish that on even my most grievous of enemies.

    I used to think Hayden had such a wonderful family at one time. God! Was I wrong.
    Hayden turned out to be dishonest and someone very different to the persona image he represented when he did interviews back in 2005! Hayden is a very cold and very distant and hardly shows any affection towards his fiance’. Who cares if she is wearing a huge rock on her finger. I rather be given more love and affection.

    Tove is now know as prone to violence and also known as a skirt chaser. Word has it he has two illegitimate kids floating around.
    Yeah…The dad is a cheater and did cheat on mom last year. What I thought was such a wonderful family make me almost vomit in my mouth.
    Oh! I know the arguement was heated. Tove could have just handed the g/f her purse out of the car window. He perhaps was too ticked off to take her home but, at least hand her her purse. What did he need with it? Tove looks like a major punk right now and a bully. When your a celebrity you have to be careful to curb your temper before it comes to the point of no return or you will fall into some deep trouble. I can see he wanted to be alone and get away but, at least let the woman have her purse and not drag her 30 feet with your car!
    Both Christensen brothers have one thing in common. They are still very immature and have not grown up yet! Sad.

  • Anakin


    I doubt very much RB will avoid HC just because his brother is in trouble with the law. This isn’t guilt by association like some people seem to be saying. Whether or not she wears her engagement ring all the time or some of the time is really up to her, for a long time I’ve seen Kate Beckinsale not wear her wedding ring, now she’s wearing it all the time, so you can’t really judge a relationship based on when the person wears a ring and where. She may be mentioned because she’s Tove’s future sister in law and that’s about it but I doubt she will be stained by her fiance’s brother’s alleged actions. How people seem to think her or Hayden are affected by this is beyond me other than the
    relative part is beyond me, this isn’t politics.