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Sophia Bush: The Art Of Elysium Genesis!

Sophia Bush: The Art Of Elysium Genesis!

Sophia Bush is black, white and sexy all over at the The Art of Elysium Genesis celebration at HD Buttercup on Saturday (October 10) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old One Tree Hill actress kept close to Ryan Kavanaugh , the boss man of ROGUE Pictures (they sponsored the event).

The Art of Elysium is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging actors, artists and musicians to share their time and talent with children who are battling serious medical conditions.

15+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush supporting the The Art Of Elysium Genesis…

Just Jared on Facebook
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 01
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 02
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 03
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 04
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 05
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 06
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 07
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 08
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 09
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 10
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 11
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 12
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 13
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 14
sophia bush art of elysium genesis 15

Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • Kris

    Sophia looks sexy and so gorgeous!!!

  • lubvee

    lipstick color looks bit old on her.. bright and bold color looks gd on her body like last pictures

  • LuckyL

    I forget, is she married?

    I love that dress cut. Exactly the type I like to wear.

  • Mel

    The haters can just go f*ck themselves over and over again.

  • Tonya

    i can’t get enough of her. So happy she’s making appearances again. It sucked when she couldn’t go to fashion week :(

  • Ali

    Not gonna lie, I really don’t like the dress and her makeup looks way too heavy. I love that she’s letting her hair grow though.

  • she shall remain nameless

    She’s gorgeous no matter what!!

  • j

    love her.
    ill always support Sophia (:

  • Saudia

    She looks amazing! Love Sophia Bush :)

  • julie

    Her publicists are not on here, just her fans, who love her. Relax. She’s adorable. That simple.

  • Jen

    I want Sophia’s dress!!!! She looks so damn sexy!!!

  • Allie

    LOVE SOPHIA!!! looking gorgeous as always.
    thank you justjared for posting a few stories about her recently. keep it up!

  • luanna

    love the dress! she’s gorgeus

  • brooke

    fame whore

  • Galaca

    This dress is ugly and shows that Sophia does not have much of a waist.

  • B

    G O R G E O U S
    I love that dress on her
    She is at another event tonight, I already saw some thumbnails cannot wait to see them on here. Love seeing her out again.

  • Shana

    Give it a rest. Sophia looks SEXY in that dress. It looks beautiful on her body and I’m so happy her body is hott as hell and doesn’t look like one of those stick figures some women are supporting these days.

  • Jane

    Sophia is beautiful, intelligent and charming. Stop the bitter posts. You haters post negative comment s about everyone. Seek therapy instead.

  • Liv

    Geez could some of you hos be more bitter? This is coming from not a pr person, I can guarantee.

  • zena

    This is the prettiest I’ve seen Sophia in a long time, and I think it’s because she’s let her hair go back to a darker shade, which complements her fair complexion perfectly.

    The lighter look doesn’t work for her as much as bolder/darker shades do, so I think this look is awesome.

  • Noticias de famosos

    I love the dress she wears!! it is fantastic!

  • smilie

    omg, have u seen the new pics of her…seriously stunning! she is wearing black lace dress. the sexiest ever.

    and she looks alright here. kinda seen the dress before. always a stunning face :)

  • ondine

    @smilie: @smilie:

    where can you see her new pictures ?

  • kelly

    anorther horrible dress…someone should teach her to dress for her body. she hasn’t been wearing things that are flattering lately. and this is the worst yet.

  • anni

    perfect as usal :-))

  • mary

    I love her!!

  • AM

    She looks amazing as always

  • Kelsey

    She likes her tight dresses. Pretty girl, not the most flattering dress. Wish I had her chest!

  • Liv

    I think she looks great. I’m sick of seeing the stick figures usually featured here.

  • Liv

    I think she looks great. I’m sick of seeing the stick figures usually featured here.

  • ana

    looks amazing!!!

  • Jess

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is TOO beautiful for words.

  • Jill


  • oth

    @brooke: Give her a break she was invited to these events why are you so bitter and jealous of her. So what if she is doing her co-stars they are hot and anyone would jump on those guys. Don’t be hating because none of those guys would even waste a minute of their time on you. Was she in the news for getting drunk and getting high? I don’t think so until then STFU

  • ella

    no but seriously…why is she EVERYWHERE all of a sudden? and wearing horrible dresses? sophia, OTH fans like you or whatever, but no one else knows who you are…stop going to random events that have nothing to do with you like you’re a celebrity.

  • Lucy

    Nasty people post nasty comments. Must blow to be one of you.
    Love seeing Sophia in Los Angeles and all the events in a couple days. You are so well spoken and have so many longtime friends. That alone is a testament to the terrific person you are.

  • Ally

    Awww. Look at the haters get their panties all tied up in a bunch. No body cares what the h*ll you idiots think, so just move the f*ck on. These morons don’t realize that their bitter posts aren’t going to stay on JJ for long so their just wasting their time. Furthermore, Jared loves Sophia. Why? Well one of the many reasons is because every time you post, you just give his site more hits.
    And Ella, the reason Sophia is everywhere is because people actually care enough about her to invite her to their events and shows. And if you think that only OTH fans know who she is, then you may want double check. Because most of my friends who do know her have never even seen a single episode of OTH but know who she is because of her movies like JTMD and The Hitcher. So if you don’t want to see pictures of her, then shut the f*ck up and don’t bother looking at them. I swear, this site has some of the biggest, immature idiots posting here everyday.

  • xo

    Unattractive and overweight are better adjectives xo

  • Kayla

    Well, well. Aren’t you a bitter little b*tch.
    How about the adjectives SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS???
    Now those describe Sophia perfectly.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow im totally amazed
    she looks gorgeous
    dress is alright but she wears it really nicely
    legs look good, her face looks cute as always, and i like her hair
    she has a nice little butt as well =]

  • Erica

    @Ally: The negative comments get deleted because Bush and company are part of the Nazi regime. They drink Starbucks grandes all day long so they can be on here 24 / 7. Hey guys, take a nap once in a while.

  • Liv


    What a moronic comment. Yes, I bet that Sophia and everyone she knows spend all their time on JustJared leaving her good comments. I wouldn’t expect anything smarter from someone who compares Nazis with normal people to get their point across.

  • Sheila

    Erika, have you ever considered get psychological help?? You dumbasses sit in front of your computers and bash celebrities all day left and right and you expect people including fans to put up with it?? Helll No.
    You seem really bitter and over the edge. Did you take your little happy pill this morning??
    I came on here to say that Sophia looks absolutely beautiful and ravishing from head to toes. Which I have, so I’ll be leaving now.
    You keep doing your thing Sophia. Your fans LOVE you.

  • jamie

    Just amazing..

  • Erica

    @Sheila: Every bad comment about Sophia gets deleted. Not for other threads just her threads. It is so obvious her and her PR Team are monitoring this thread. I did not even “bash” her – say anything mean about her – and look how you jump down my throat.
    YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR HAPPY PILL SOPHIA. Real celebrities/stars are not obsessive compulsive about their posts on JJ. Ravishing from head to toe – way to be obvious Sophia. Pathetic much?

  • Sheila

    Are you f*ckin serious??? I read articles on celebs on Just Jared everyday and SO many people bash celebrities all f*ckin day that its ridiculous. Just Jared is a site where you make comments and post your opinions. Its not a site thats here to promote bashing or insults. When fans see people making bashing comments about their favorite celebrities, they report them to Jared. Some fans don’t care enough about doing that while others do. Its obvious that Sophia fans do care.
    Sophia and her PR team could really f*ckin care less about what these “faceless” idiots who like to spew crap on the internet have to say. Her fans on the other hand, like me, who don’t like reading that kind of stuff, report it to Jared. Big f*ckin deal. I’ve seen many people reporting negative comments about every other celebrity that Jared posts about too.
    You think Sophia and her PR team really care all that much about Just Jared to sit there and moniter it all day??? GET REAL.
    FYI, Sophia IS ravishing from head to toes. She’s one of my FAVORITE actresses and I happen to think she’s GORGEOUS.
    So get the f*ck over it.

  • Amy

    Funny how my comment was deleted. haha

    Yeah her PR team has nothing to do with this *roles eyes*

  • Kris

    I just love the way haters act like they’re not obsessed but then contradict their “words” by coming back over and over again like obsessed little freaks.
    But whatever. Sophia looks sexy and gorgeous in these pictures. But then again, thats nothing new.

  • anonymous

    @Hi Sophia: Obviously, you’re the one that need to take your meds. Hence your post. I wonder who is OCD

  • Max

    Sophia is a BEAUTY.
    Beautiful and Sexy woman.