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Kate Hudson Flashes Chest At AMAs 2009

Kate Hudson Flashes Chest At AMAs 2009

Kate Hudson flashes her chest in a sparkly Gianni Versace dress with a plunging neckline at the 2009 American Music Awards at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre on Sunday (November 22).

The 30-year-old actress and Nicole Kidman introduced The Black Eyed Peas, who performed their hit song “Boom Boom Pow.”

Actor Marlon Wayans commented, “Kate Hudson is pretty but she got a chest like me in White Chicks.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate Hudson’s daring dress??

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Photos: Chris Polk/Kevork Djansezian/Kevin Mazur/Getty
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  • shenanyginz

    you’re just throwing everyone under the bus tonight, aren’t you jared?? lol

  • Anon

    What chest?

  • Ruth

    Yuck, she looks really disgusting in that dress. Doesn’t she look in the mirror before leaving home?

  • Whoever

    Marlon Wayans is hilarious! I just went to his twitter page and he was really cracking jokes! There’s nothing wrong with not having boobs, but that is just not flattering!

  • Leslie

    Hi, That dress she look awful to me. It was also bad she was standing next to Nicole K. because Nicole look more prettier in her dress than her. Who in the heck told her to wear that dress anyway? I with Anon on that is what chest because to me she didn’t have any at all it the dress just hang on her.

  • Jess

    The dress doesnt suit her but why make fun of her because she has small breast?! omg…sometimes people really confuse me…now you will make fun of her small breast but if she had breast implants you would also nag and say why didi she do that!

  • truth teller

    She has no breasts. Period.

  • arod

    me luv kate. me no lika da dress.

  • Rhonda

    what breast? she looks old!

  • KC

    Ugh! She is hideous! WHY the hell would you where a dress like that with no breasts at all??? I know for sure now that Alex Rodriguez is gay. She’s built like a damn dude/tranny.

  • Well….

    Well….when you have absolutely no breasts at all to the point of looking deformed…get a small implant!

  • black beauty

    chest? what chest? i’ve seen bigger titties on men

  • oy

    I had the same reaction as Anon#2. Nicole looked like a lady. Kate looked like a rental.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Kate is so gross and sleeps around. I used to be a fan of hers…but not anymore. And what chest??? I don’t see anything there…she must be AAA

  • cari


    that chest belongs to a prepubescent boy.

  • mov

    wow, she actually has no tits!

  • x

    Omg, this chick is so ugly and she is gonna look like an old idiot when arod dumps her dumpy frumpy ass lol!

  • tom

    what does A Rod play with???

  • LCD

    Don’t worry; there’s nothing to show. She’s all fun. I love the backstage pictures. Fergie is so short hee hee … but she looks great tonight.

  • http://JUSTJARED candy

    right now she looks 50, can you see her 10 years from not all botox up, phyllis diller

  • mickey

    She flashes that she has no chest. Perhaps she should’ve accentuated a different body part. And what’s with the lame posing and bad make up. Hot mess alert.

  • RaisingChild

    Man that dress makes her cleavage look unattractive. Hey I’m blaming the dress.

  • poor Kate….

    Kate has lost her looks at a young age while Nicole just keeps looking beautiful, stylish and elegant.

  • Lilac

    where is the nipple???? does it exist? )) Jared is angry and drunk)))

  • chelsey

    God shes sooo pretty and I love her to death, but seriously….GET A BOOB JOB! Even a size B would be SOMETHING!

  • Moe

    OMG my chest is bigger than hers and im a guy WOW!!!

  • IMO

    The dress is ugly, the shoes are too, and they don’t even go with the dress. She also should have wore her hair down. She’s flaunting how skinny she has gotten, but she doesn’t realize that her bony chest isn’t attractive. And she screams “trying too hard”. Her face does look old for her age. It’s from her drinking and fluctuating weight.

  • laura

    maybe her dress is a big “F U” to all you losers telling her to get implants

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    What chest? I don’t believe she has actually hit puberty yet so she hasn’t developed breasts.

    She’s flatter than the ten year boy who lives down the hall from me.

  • Lowest denominator


    Boy, A-Rod sure likes ‘em blonde ‘n’ mannish/boyish/square
    His now ex-wife had “guns”. Madonna was ripped.
    A definite (and alarming) pattern…

    The dress is not that hot to begin with, from every angle.
    TLC’s What Not To Wear tip — big boobs, big straps, lil’ boobs, lil’ straps…Jeez!

  • loran

    OMG if you ever wondered what a retarded monkey looked like…

  • coco

    This dress is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Even she touched her chest when presenting to make sure a nippy was not trying to help present and smile at the crowd. Also, I luv the expression in the 1st pic like “Dang I looks fine!” No gurl – not that fine. This dress is a 4eva 21 knock down cut way too low! NEXT!

  • Whoever


    Yeah that is crossing the line…. some people are really stupid and care too much about the wrong things in life

  • sofia

    Man, she’s really looking rough. Did she always have that wide of a neck? And she must be the flattest girl I’ve ever seen! That’s shocking! Are we sure this is KATE and not OLIVER Hudson? :P

  • kiki

    Ew! Her cleavage is ugly. Hallie Berry she ain’t! LOL

    I agree, it’s disgusting, she needed to look in the mirror before she left home.

  • melissa asherman

    What chest? lol…. she barely even has nipples

  • evalynn

    it’s not the fact that she has a small chest…but that dress is just awful!

  • missme

    I just do not get why she would wear that. I mean at least use some sticky tape to keep the cloth down.

  • RD

    Why did she need to show EVERYTHING.
    I mean, being flat is fine, but why doesn’t she wear a bra and cover up her chest?
    The problem is not the size, but the fact she revealed too much.

  • jana

    ugly ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ugly dress

  • Lila

    I like her for being natural and not giving in to Hollywood pressure. More women need to be like her.

  • ThePex

    I’m willing to trade up my man-boobs for that rockn’ chest she has.

    Just sayin’

  • Michelle

    It isn’t about being flat chested, it is about wearing something which simply doesn’t suit her! She looks really dreadful in that appalling dress.

  • bebe

    she has to do the boob job. it’s okay to feel the pleasure having b cup. come on kate.

  • **JAMIE**

    Actor Marlon Wayans commented, “Kate Hudson is pretty but she got a chest like me in White Chicks.”


  • Gross Me Out.

    And to whomever said she lost weight – noooo she’s GAINED for sure.
    She is not attractive at all. What the hell is arod thinking??
    He had girlfriends before his wife that were all ripped up: a dancer named joslyn morse, a model named alicia marie, jose canseco’s ex-wife jessica canseco….then cynthia then madonna. maybe alicia is the only exotic/ethnic one. the rest are blondes. google them.
    Hate to say it – but kate’s the worst of the bunch.
    She looks like one day she is going to be a FAAATTT WOMAN….

  • Square Body

    Kate hudson has a squarish body with no real as&. She thinks she is hot sh&t bc she is dating arod. Well, already been reports of him running around so….the expiration date on Krod is counting down…


  • Jason from StReeTCaRZ ✠ ✜ ✞

    arod’s girls neck is hella thick yo. nasty dude neck.
    and what happened to her lips? did she ever have any??
    arod must be blinded by her stardom (huh?) bc this chick is beat and her p*ssy be beat up too.

  • EW.

    Jayz brought arod. not kate. ha they hardly even spoke.
    kate has a man chest and i dont think they are together anymore.

  • adrianna

    there’s NOTHING i wonder i she wears bra, seriously i knew she didn’t have big boobs but nothing !!!!!!!!! she seems like she doesn’t care so..

    i guess A-rod don’t care about the boobs lol