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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian enjoy a romantic getaway in Aspen, Colorado as they snowboard together on Monday (December 28).

Eddie, 36, and LeAnn, 27, are spending more time together out in public after a divorce settlement was reached with LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. The divorce will officially occur as of June 19, 2010.

Yesterday, the How Do I Live country singer was seen out buying some tequila!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Aspen snowboarding sweethearts…

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503 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!”

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  1. 51
    Mer Says:

    Let them bash away, it’s not going to change a thing. Jealousy is an emotion that most people can’t control. If I wasn’t a fan of Eddie and LeAnn, I’d be jealous, too. Besides their only saying the same thing over and over again.

    Eddie and LeAnn are doing what a couple does in a relationship, among other things, LOL – their dating and having a great time together!

  2. 52
    gwen Says:

    liz (aka cbme, micheala)

    1)”No “Gwen” comment yet?? ”

    Thanks for outting yourself. Only cbme/michela would be obsessed enough to write a post inquring about where I am. So what is the matter, are other posters giving you a smackdown? That is why you have posted under FIVE different names in this thread alone because you are still trying to prove to me that Leann has fans. Your obsession for me shines through no matter what name you post under.

    Posting under THREE names wasn’t enough to convince everyone that Leann has fans, so you decided to post under FOUR different names to make it look like LR has four steady “fans”?Poor Leann, she can not make the public like her so she creates that support by having her pr person post under diffirent names.

    2)”She’s probably on another site right now commenting about them. ”

    Wow, you are so obsessed with me that you wonder what I am doing every hour of the day? Typical lydia/validate/michela/cbme. But hey, this just further proves that you are cbme and michela and that you are lying when you say that you do not post under diffirent names.The worst thing you could have done for yourself was start posting as “liz”. And the sad thing is that you are too dense to see that your little obsession with me exposes that “liz” is michela/cbme.

    Now what does that say about you when you are taking the time and energy to post about where I am. Why do you seem to think that you are the only one who can comment on EC and LR threads?

    3)”Anyway… I love how people talk about how Leann is out for press when Eddie and his ex are constantly bashing each other in the tabloids and his ex goes on and on about Leann in the tabloids and to anyone that will listen.”

    So you are mad because BG won’t sit back and take the **** that Leann is dishing out? BG does not owe LR a thing. LR didn’t care about BG when she was being spotted at hotels with BG husband, so why should BG play nice and be sensitive to LR needs? Why do you seem to think that LR gets a free pass? She had an affair with a married man and keeps taunting the married man’s wife, LR is guitly. LR is an attention seeker, and that isn’t going to change because you hate on BG or stalk other posters. EC is being bashed because of stunts like this. EC accused BG of tipping off the paps, yet it is EC and LR who are seen every week. Well at least this just makes people not trust his petition.

    4)” Leann has kept quiet for the most part and hasn’t been speaking to the tabloids about her relationship. ”

    WRONG. Leann has been talking to the tabloids via “sources”. Leann has used People magazine, In Touch, US Weekly, NE, Extra, the Insider as her mouthpieces. If LR wasn’t leaking info to the tabloids how did People magazine learn about how they spent Christmas or that Leann gave EC a pole dance in Vegas? Since EC and LR have not sued People magazine, that means that they agree with what People magazine wrote and EC and LR agree because that is the info that they feed People magazine.

    5)”So who’s the publicity wh*re?”

    Since the public is seeing Leann and Eddie snowboarding, Eddie and Leann are the publicity *****. Even when his show is running a rerun, EC uses LR for FREE PUBLICITY. You almost get the impression that EC is auditioning when he makes these public appearance with LR. It is as if EC is showing producers and directors that he is such a ‘great actor” that he can pretend not to be repulsed by LR presence.

  3. 53
    gwen Says:


    mer (aka cbme, liz, michela)

    1)”Let them bash away, it’s not going to change a thing.”

    Since you are still posting under different names, you prove otherwise. LR and EC do not have the support of the public. If EC and LR were not concerned about what the public thinks of them, they wouldn’t keep trying to convince the public that they are “in love” and thus what they did was okay because they did it for love.

    2)”Jealousy is an emotion that most people can’t control.”

    So is that why Leann is constantly taunting BG, LR has lost control of her jealously of BG?

    3)” If I wasn’t a fan of Eddie and LeAnn, I’d be jealous, too. ‘

    What exactly is there to be jealous of? That LR has to pay EC to be by her side? That LR has to cover up EC affairs by paying off his mistresses? That LR has to pay People magazine to make up for what she can not get from EC? EC is not a prize. He is a cheater and a liar. With each photo-op he becomes more and more of a jerk. He doesn’t even think that he has to abide by the promises that he made to his kids in front of thousands of viewers. If EC doesn’t care about his kids, there is no way that he cares or loves LR.

    4)”Besides their only saying the same thing over and over again. ”

    We know that you are saying the same thing over and over again, you even post under several different names to do it. Thanks again for once aagain proving that michela/cbme is responsible for “mer” too. When you get smacked down as one poster, you just take a different name and post the exact same message. EC and LR reputation are toast. The public doesn’t like them. All LR and EC have the media/press that they have to pay to write nice things.

    Well at least LR can’t say that you didn’t try. That’s how many different names in one thread? SIX ( kelly, liz, chelsea, cbme, mer, michela)

    5)”Eddie and LeAnn are doing what a couple does in a relationship,”

    WRONG. It is Monday. This is just another WATCH MY SHOW photo-op. What couple stages photo-ops Sat-Mon to hype up their show? None. If it was love LR would not have to emplay People magazine to write fluff pieces. EC is using LR for free publcity and nothing proves this like the these photo-ops.

    6)” among other things, LOL – their dating and having a great time together!”

    Eddie is dating and having a great time, but it is not with LR. EC is dating and having a good time with SMJ and LR money and the free publicity he gets from these photo-ops. The media/press should just be honest and acknowledge that these photo-ops are mere auditionining devices for EC, something that he can put in his portfolio when he goes in search for his next acting gig. Nothing in this photo-op says love. Even the media/press don’t believe that EC and LR are in love because they have to tell the reader what is going.

  4. 54
    cbme Says:

    Michaela, Did you see the article in People about how LeAnn and Eddie spent Christmas. I have not been able to find it. Directions, please.

  5. 55
    Confused Says:


  6. 56
    betty Says:

    cbme You need to take a break all that typing you are doing to hype Leann and Eddie is rusting your brain. no one gives a good you know where or what these two do so why the hype ,. There are a lot of celebs in Aspen more popular than these two clowns and they are trying to stay incognito thats what normal people do when they want R&^R., You can tell its phony because of the write up/ They act like its a first date every time they step out\ and want everyone to see aren’t they doing what other dating couples do so what is the big deal they need to grow up..

  7. 57
    Go Ask Alice Says:


    Go Ask Gwen

  8. 58
    cbme Says:

    Gwen, Since you know LeAnn and Eddie so well, are they staying in Aspen for the new year’s celebrations? What are they doing next week? What did Eddie give LeAnn for Christmas? I don’t want to know what LeAnn gave him; it’s probably boring since it is a man’s gift. Tell me all about their personal stuff.

  9. 59
    cbme Says:

    Gwen, Go Ask Alice told me to ask you where the info is in People mag about how Eddie and LeAnn spent their Christmas. Please tell us because we don’t believe it unless we see it.

  10. 60
    chelsea Says:

    @ gwen
    GET A F*CKING LIFE you stupid c*nt. just because your life is so pathetic that you must write an essay on a celeb gossip site doesnt mean we want to hear your opinions. Oh and by the way Leann’s last album sold about 500,000 copies in the states and about 700,000 overseas. So if its anyone who has no fans its you because leann has plenty of fans here and overseas. Leann also has more talent than any of these tween stars like your precious miley, taylor swift or f*ggot boys jonas bros.

    FYI – stop posting under 5 different names you halfwit. no one cares about your opinion or multiple personalities you fat slob.

  11. 61
    MRL Says:

    @Gwen I actually wasn’t trying to be catty there, but I was just thinking. His former mistress said that every winter, he’d take her on vacation and would teach her to snowboard. I can’t help but think it would be really messed up if he were to bring this one to the same place he took the other!! Nothing surprises me anymore! Thanks for the response. I’ve never blogged before, and I didn’t realize people were so serious and aggressive on these sites! I’m thinking maybe on my free time I’ll take up knitting instead!! :) LOL Happy New Year everyone!!

  12. 62
    wtf Says:

    They will be broken up in less then two months. Cheaters and liars always get what they give out.

  13. 63
    cbme Says:

    Did you know? LeAnn is a cousin to former First Lady Rosalyn Carter?

  14. 64
    wtf Says:

    I agree with number 61. Some of you people who get so upset about people you don’t even know is very, very scary!

  15. 65
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Stop asking qwen to stop writing about LeAnn and Eddie.
    It makes gwen happy.

    Really,does anyone read those long posts by gwen? I don’t.
    I am sure few people here read gwen’s posts.

  16. 66
    gwen Says:

    Oh no I angered Leann’s pr person and now she has returned to the board posting under yet a diffirent name. Everyone welcome “Go Ask Alice”, another “fan” and “I hate GWEN” posters cbme/michela/liz created by changing her name. You can change your name, but your obsession with me still stands.

  17. 67
    gwen Says:

    @Go Ask Alice:

    Go ask Alice (aka cbme, michela,)

    Now why is it okay for you to post on this internet all day long and everyday, but you want to ***** and whine when other posters respond to you? It is not the fact that my posts are long, but the fact that I am puttting you in a position in THINK. You are angry because I force you to THINK. How nice, you get smacked down as one poster and you just start posting as another poster.

    We know that you read my posts, hence why you took the time and energy to write a post just to tell me that you don’t read my posts. We know that posting about EC and LR makes you happy, just look at how busy you have been today with all of your different names.

  18. 68
    gwen Says:


    I didn’t think that you were being catty when you made that statement.

  19. 69
    gwen Says:


    Don’t you mean YOU posting under the name of “Go Ask Alice” told yourself to ask me about the info?. ou already know where the info at People is located and you can not deny it because you posted the link as “michela” in the other thread. You even thanked yourself for posting it. Seriously, why are you so dense?

  20. 70
    Ruth Says:

    Just wanted to say a couple of things:

    1. I am just Ruth and don’t post under any other name.
    2. This isn’t about the affair itself because that isn’t breaking news to anyone. This is about HOW they behaved towards their spouses, their lack of discretion, the abuse and pain they caused their loved ones and the constant PR onslaught to persuade US, the public, that they are wonderful people, so beautiful and in love. Well they may be in love but they are also trying to save two careers here – LeAnn’s failing singing career and his z-list career as a so-called actor (very handsome but couldn’t act if you put a gun to his head). Their PR is tactless and insensitive and not persuading anyone as to their characters. Most “celebs” in their position would keep low and wait out the time until his divorce has been completed.

  21. 71
    cbme Says:

    Gwen, No, I am not Michaela or Go Ask Alice or any of those people – I am just me. You know, I don’t know why I am so dumb!!

  22. 72
    gwen Says:

    cbme (aka michela, liz,)

    1)”Gwen, Since you know LeAnn and Eddie so well, are they staying in Aspen for the new year’s celebrations? ”

    And? Just because they are in Aspen for New Years it does not mean that they have to tell the whole world about it. If you are in love, you are not going to waste all of your time on making people believe that it is true. This is nothing more than just another WATCH MY SHOW photo-op. You are believing the hype that LR paid these tabloids to create.

    2)”What are they doing next week?”

    I’m sure that Leann will let us all know what she and EC are doing next week. A week doesn’t go by where LR takes it upon herself to taunt BG and her kids. GREMleann Rimes loves to wrack havoc in the lives of others, just look at how she gloats.

    3)”What did Eddie give LeAnn for Christmas?”

    He let LR buy tequila for him and SMJ.

    4)”I don’t want to know what LeAnn gave him”

    Leann gave EC a trip to Aspen with SMJ.

    5)” it’s probably boring since it is a man’s gift. ‘

    So EC finds sleeping with Leann boring. No wonder he cheated on her with SMJ.

    6)”Tell me all about their personal stuff.’

    Leann does a great job at telling the world about her personal life. LR has no one to blame but herself. It is not my fault, BG, DS, or the public’s fault that Leann is such an attention hog.

    You are just mad because once again, EC and LR latest pr stunt bombed. The public still think that they are scum and still do not believe that they are in love.

  23. 73
    Mer Says:

    Here is the People article about Eddie and LeAnn sharing Christmas together, along with LeAnn’s parents.,,20333143,00.html

  24. 74
    gwen Says:


    cbme (aka mer, michela, go ask alice, liz)

    WRONG. The fact that a “different” poster shows up everytime that I challenge you proves otherwise. If you are not posting under different names, then “Go Ask Alice” or “MER” would not have even showed up.

    Dense doesn’t mean dumb, it means slow. JUST KIDDING!!!! Remember when you told me that “teehee doesn’t mean laughing, it means giggling and sniggering”. Now if you would make a statement like that, then I know that you are posting under different names.

  25. 75
    cbme Says:

    @gwen: Gwen, I am serious when I say “thanks” for telling me that the reference to Christmas Day was in another thread. I really had forgotten it was there. I am seriously saying “thank you.”

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