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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Monkey Ears!

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Monkey Ears!

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt keeps warm — and looks absolutely adorable doing so — in a monkey ears hat while out with her family on Tuesday (February 16) in Venice, Italy.

The 3-year-old cutie was accompanied by her older siblings Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, and Zahara, 5. Of course proud parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were there and seen taking their kids for ice cream and a gondola ride through the city.

Looks like the twins napped this one out!

FYI: Angie is wearing a black coat and black suede boots all by Ferragamo and is carrying a Loewe Ame Leather handbag.

25+ pictures inside of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her cute monkey ears…

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shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 01
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 02
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 03
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 04
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 05
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 06
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 07
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 08
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 09
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 10
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 11
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 12
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 13
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 14
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 15
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 16
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 17
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 18
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 19
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 20
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 21
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 22
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 23
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 24
shiloh jolie pitt monkey ears 25

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  • lillyb


    but that kid Shiloh is one gourgeous, gourgeous kid. :)

  • lexi

    I love Zahara’s outfit. Very cute :)

  • t.m.delafonda

    I am first. It’s a great day to be off of work!!!! Love the Jolie-Pitts!!!!

  • t.m.delafonda

    @lillyb: Learn how to spell “gorgeous”.

  • Eve

    She is the cutest child ever =)

  • Janelle

    They are all so gorgeous. Little Shiloh and Z are adorable. Angelina and Brad are doing a great job.

  • lillyb


    Damn, why so effing nasty.

    Please go back and crawl into wherever you came from.

  • lillyb

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:


  • shiela

    shiloh is soo cute!….

  • Natasha

    What a lovely family ?

    This is going to be a great day to all the fans of Brad and Angie.

  • Whodunit?

    Gorgeous family.

  • Natasha

    Thanks, JJ !

  • teri

    Oh how funny of Shiloh is. Just love this family!!!!!!!!!!

  • pottersfield

    They must have read the comments about not having all their childred with them. They are still lousy parents.

  • jackson

    PERFECT SHOW, thanks!

    Yeah, buy alcohol.
    Then they can once again celebrate an orgy.

    Brad always looks sad and absent.
    Angelina always looks triumphant.

  • t.m.delafonda

    I LIKE the JP’S, NOT just the kids, NOT just the parents, the FAMILY. SO….I belong on this thread because I am THEIR fan. Stop, covering your half-minded, back-handed compliments, with sugar. MAN UP!!! You don’t like them, so why are you here? You haters/trolls get more and more simple with each thread.

  • lisa

    really all their kids are just too cute.. they will grow up just fine (nasty hater).. they have amazing parents and have seen so much. How wonderful for them to have that at this age.. I remember Brad saying that he did not have his first plane ride until he was 25.. He said he wanted to see the world. Well great that he and Angie are giving their children those experiences. It makes for a much more aware adult..

  • pottersfield

    sorry spelled children wrong

  • anii

    but where are the twins???WHEEERE?

  • lisa


    Stupid as*s it was an eatery.. they had lunch their.. I am not surprised that you and the other freaks latched on that misinformation.. The local tv station said they had lunch..

    you and the other haters can suck it.. LOOK AND WEEP.. the family is together.. Brad travels and supports Angie.. she him..Something he NEVER did when he was with Aniston Living separate lives.. Brad can’t be without his family..

    So get used to it.. they are together.. look at them with their children.. 6 children.. NOW Suck on that..

  • ………………………..

    t.m. delafonda lily b-ish is here because infugmous is here too. They are agreeing with each other because they belong in the trashy category.

  • Sarah

    Great parents also!

  • susi

    I wish they could adopt me as well

  • lillyb



    You Jolie-Pitt fans think you are so superior. but, guess what you are not.

    I was saying how cute Shiloh is, and guess what? she is a cute kid.

    Her parents still suck. bye now.

    I have a patient waiting. .

  • Friends

    Do these children ever go to school? They cause a media frenzy wherever they go which I am beginning to believe is orchestrated by the parents. Brad and Jolie love the attention no matter how much they deny it.

  • Sarah

    Shiloh is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL child! So adorable!
    Great parents also!

  • Shar

    Ooh, I want that cap and jacket Z is wearing in an adult size for me, I love it.

  • ………………………..

    i seen the jp post on tmz most are obessesing about the twins very creepy, now they are here drumming their obsession.

  • teri

    you can see the twins when they first arrived there, over on JJB site. Both the twins are getting so big and so cute. Maybe it was nap time for them and the took the older kids for a boat ride.

  • christyjolie


  • Tina

    AWWW! They are such a cute family. :)

  • vred

    People, open your eyes!
    They are only actors – perfect actor!
    You believe this lie ??????

    They always hide – now suddenly they are in public?? s hide – now suddenly they are in public??

  • Tim

    Angelina is so gorgeous – Brad Pitt is one lucky man!

  • t.m.delafonda

    LOL. YOU ARE A PATIENT!!!! You are going to have to brush up on your insults, sweetie, because, they are extremely juvenile. I have heard worst and laughed at better. If you are a representative of an intellectual, I must be a genius.

  • Lisa

    The entire family is so lovely! Thanks JJ for the posts and could we please have more? I get tired of all the PR you do for Aniston when this family is what people want to be reading about.

  • sharon

    The family is so cute. Shiloh is gorgeous.

  • lillyb


    So sory, i forget u are soo mech mor superor then me. i wish i cold liv up to ur superority. LOL.

  • teri

    Seems Shiloh has a good sense of humor like her daddy.

  • roxy

    Incredible’s fantastic I guess for the children, being in Venice during the carnival..Shiloh is left-handed like Angie..

  • teri

    I wonder why JJ didn’t post the pictures of them arriving carring the twins???????????????? Finally we see the twins and there’s not even a thread. Oh well I’m sure we’ll be getting so many wonderful pictures of the family.

  • Free aj from turkey neck Pitt

    I knew that mofo wouldn’t let angie go that long without breathing down her shirt and trying to control her. That’s pittstain job……. Trying tk control Angie so she can’t find someone new. A better man. If Octomom can get some dates after14 kids and Madonna has a 20 year old ….. Angie won’t find it difficult to fnd a cuddly buddy. Mmmk. Pittstain, stop stalking Angie already and let her have fun in Italy. She won’t have fun with old man turkey neck around.

  • helen

    I love Shiloh’s cap, she is growing very fast!

  • AJ

    Beautiful family.

  • sissysissy

    what a lovely family!!!

    Shi is so adorable! the hat is very cute.

  • bambam

    These kids seems to have the greatest fun together. I wanna be a Jolie-Pitt kid too! lol

  • wow

    I love Jolie Pitt family. They are the cutest.

  • Lovely Family

    The twins can’t keep up without being carried everywhere they are too young. Give them another year and they will be jet-setting with the older kids.

  • teri

    Angelina seems so happy with Brad, don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Brad adores Angelina. Why are you preaching for her to leave the father of her children and the man she’s in love with?

  • jane

    Adorable. Zahara’s outfit is killer.

  • christyjolie