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Jennifer Aniston & Nicole Kidman: Hawaiian Hotties!

Jennifer Aniston & Nicole Kidman: Hawaiian Hotties!

Jennifer Aniston can’t contain her smiling as she films Just Go With It in Maui, Hawaii on Thursday (May 6).

The 41-year-old actress was also joined by Nicole Kidman, who ironically was born in Hawaii! The Australian actress was joined on-set by Adam Sandler.

Bailee Madison, the 10-year-old Road to Terabithia cutie was also on the island taking a break from filming with some chips!

10+ pictures inside of the Hawaiian hotties, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman

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jennifer aniston hawaiian hottie 02
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  • nina

    Wow, first

  • RioNemesi

    i was missing my Jen fix thanks JJ :D

  • Ms Anonymous

    Nicole is just an incredible actress, and Jen haters to the left!

  • jessalyn

    I don’t really understand the whole Angelina/Aniston conflict. They are both so different, I don’t think you can compare them. I do however think they are both lovely ladies, and Jen looks fantastic here.

    Nicole is lovely as well, but the plastic surgery needs to stop. She’s to naturally gorgeous to keep injecting things into her face.

  • happy girl

    Jan Brady got photoshopped but Jan Brady still has no bra and no career. Pathetic. Aniston needs to do TV again. The film thing not working out.

  • happy girl

    Hmm, let’s see the Tourist with Johny Depp or Derailed the Sequel? lol. Easy answer. Ms Aniston I have seen film actresses and Ms Aniston you are no film actress.

  • African Girl

    Nicole Kidman is GORGEOUS!!! Look at the skin on that woman…Now THAT is what the call porcelain skin. I wish she’d stay red haired more often, it suits her.
    Sooooo is JA playing a 13yrs old in this movie…just asking because of all the cutesy outfit the put her in. I’d so love to see in her in a period piece. Okay I just busted a rib imagining her in a victorian outfit. Lmao! Poor dear!

  • happy girl

    African Girl: A Victorian outfit for a period piece for like a Lifetime Movie of the week movie. It certainly would not be for a real movie in the theaters. lol. Does she still think she is a teen? That Barbie pink dress is a bit young for a 40 year old.

  • sasha


  • tony

    “Nicole is lovely as well, but the plastic surgery needs to stop. She’s to naturally gorgeous to keep injecting things into her face”
    LMAOOO, what the f-0c-k?? What kind of plastic surgery or “injection” are you talking about? Nicole looks amazing and incredibly beautiful this latest days!! are you in denial? gosh, haters are without shame.

  • African Girl

    Lmao @ JA on Lifetime Movies…not that there’s anything wrong with it of course. Hehehehehehe!

  • lil

    Jennifer, go to Greece to help your people.

  • brad


  • Marieme


    Hottie – Nicole!

    Nottie – Fugs.

  • Kirsten

    I just wish she would stop dying her hair. Change it up. I haven’t seen her real color in years.

  • angiechickenbone

    happy girl = jealous girl….xoxoxo..

  • T pain

    Jen hun, you shouldn’t show your ears…

    Keebler Elf much??

  • tom

    NK is well recognized in the world is beautiful,Aniston you cannot compare with her.

  • happy girl

    African Girl: Lol! Oh I love Lifetime too – I particularly love it since I don’t have to pay $15 at the Box Office to see their films. If I am paying $15, I want to see a star not a, cough cough, 40 yr old “teen” in Barbie pink spaghetti straps. Cough Cough. hehe. lol!

  • happy girl

    lol to the comment about helping greece. maybe greece doesn’t want her help! lol. other haters attacking angie will be ignored. let’s focus on the barbie pink summer dress from above “serious” cough cough “actress…. 10 movie bombs, one more to go!

  • Zoe

    @jessalyn: What plastic surgery? Kidman looks absolutely stunning and very natural these days. It’s like some people NEED to say something negative about her so they repeat the same old thing again and again without even looking at the pictures. There are many many actresses who look like they’ve had far more plastic surgery than Nicole (that includes Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie) but she’s the only one being bashed for it. Why? Is it because there’s nothing to criticize her about? She’s one of the best actresses in the world and she’s apparently a very nice, down-to-earth person too. There’s no scandal about her, she keeps her private life private. So let’s trash her about her looks, huh?

  • Ramona
  • Leather

    aniston like women farmers.

  • Marley

    jen is like her character Marley in the movie Marley and Me. wants what she wants, to hell with family and friends. it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! she can buy booty calls, positive press and plastic surgeons to fight like hell aging. as her fans proclaim…WAY TO GO JEN!!!!!

  • Lennie

    Wow I just realize that Chinifer Maniston and Nicole Kidman are the same age! Why Chin Chin is always dressed like a 20 year old wannabe while Nicole is so lady classy? Anyway they both seem to be high on the botox, Chin’s face is literally BLOATED. At least Nicole is a true skilled actress who IMO doesn’t need to tag along co-stars to prove she can act. As for Maniston well I guess it would be hard for her to date either Nicole or Adam Sandler this time. Boo hoo where’s Gerry fingering?

  • chez

    @happy girl:

    oh clam up! She is fabulous!

  • Marley

    manny’s fans tout that she looks sooo young. never mind that her “young” looking pics get the approval of her #1 gay. a lot of the un-photoshopped pics don’t get posted.

  • JJ

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! she’s amazing! thanks justjared!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Adam Sandler needs to give it up. Casting Jen and Nicole isn’t going to help his movies. He’s just not funny anymore. He should have rode off into the sunset on a high note but instead he’s going to go down in flames!!!

  • Helen

    Aniston looks pregnant!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Look at pic #9!

    Young girl in her early 20s at most, JA – similar hairstyle, similar dress – yet the difference in ages is painfully obvious. Ay.

    It is past time she woke up and switched to making a different kind of movies. Oh a rom com now and then, if she wants but alternate woman, alternate! Yes, you’ll never get an Oscar but just because you are not the best actress out-there doesn’t mean you can’t at least try and expand. It doesn’t have to be heavy duty drama – she can’t pull that off anyway – but it can be something at least a bit different. Action for example. That works. Action – drama, even better.

    You’re over 40, a mature woman – start acting like it, or better yet, start thinking like it!

  • CanadaLovesJen

    Yeah Jen. Gorgeous.

    The fat pig who are fans of the UnHOly one can suck it.

  • Puffin

    Jen is the hottie here – not Nicole. Once again, Nicole was given the wrong role. Instead of being a classmate’s of Jen, she would have made a better mother. These women do not look the same age. At least Jen doesn’t need to wear a wig!

  • CanadaLovesJen

    @Iffy Miffy:

    You’re fat aren’t you? You are dowdy aren’t you? You wear mom Jeans which makes your man (if you have one ) cringe don’t you.

    She’s stunning.

    WhureLiE is a nasty and psychotic. Her father Jon Voight wasn’t lying.

    Jen’s never shagged a family member either. S-L-u-Telina is all about incest. I fear for her accessories she calls children

  • lumbridge

    That is a good shot of Nicole it makes her look elegant and her face looks good because of the distance, angle and lighting. Not sure why Nicole Kidman is in this movie as she can act. The other woman looks like she has had too much done to her face, her eyes disappear into her head in one of the photos where she is opening her mouth, which is probably the botox and surgeries. The hair parting shows her ears to be getting lower and lower which makes her look like an elf from Lord of the Rings. She need to take some acting lessons and I guess she will be standing on a box to be in the same scene as NK because she isn’t very tall. This woman belongs in TV movieland. I feel sorry for her castmates from is so unfair when all you need to do in Hollywood is marry/divorce the right person to continue to get roles…none of the others get these chances just the elf.


    what an lovely look,so summery and let back!

  • cee

    She has the arms of a 40 year old woman. They can PR all they want how beautiful and great shape she looks but the truth is in pictures that are not touched up. SHe has a tendency to be heavy in the thigh and her arms look old. So give it up Huvane and let her become what she is a TV sitcom actress.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …i dont understand how this woman gets work. i really don’t. how can people allow her to continue putting out such horrible material. every scene of every movie she’s in is a slap to real actresses who make real movies. shiit’s disgusting. LOL..

  • lUCY

    Her breasts are nasty – at some point, you have to give up and wear a bra – she’s not 20 anymore, although she is trying desperately to cling to that age. The dress is for a movie, so can’t fault her for that, but the comparison with Nicole is interesting. Nicole is an elegant woman; Jennifer seems closer to those Jersey girls – smoking, tanning and hanging out with a bunch of loser men who will use her and toss her aside. Time to grow up.

  • the observer

    @Iffy Miffy:
    RE: IFFY MIFFY #31
    I had the exact same impression when I first saw the photo. Went
    back to it again after reading your post. Guess what? The lovely
    young beauty who shamed Aniston in the original photo has
    mysteriously been removed. WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?

  • Randy

    Two gorgeous women. Nicole’s skin is amazing.

  • ann

    How can she be soooo pretty??? Jen looks completely gorgeous!! I love her in pink outfits!!! Nicole also looks amazing as always!! They both are terrific actress!!! I just can’t wait to see the movie!!! It’s gonna be hilarious!!!

  • andres

    Nicole K looks amazing…

  • bet

    gorgeous babe with pink. she look freash , the leg is amazing. three buety women with amazing legs.

  • shelly

    Natural beauty and a work ethic to maintain by exercise and healthy diet. Lucky women. Both very beautiful. And NK has Keith. Hottest guy on planet. No easy accomplishment – snagging him as her husband.

  • JANE

    They are both gorgeous ladies, people are so envious…

  • lillybogi

    Both of them are beautiful women. I see all the loons are here.
    Never ceases to amaze me the comments from “women” about “women”. UNREAL.
    I thiink with the wealth, beauty and brains that both Nicole and Jennifer have, they really are not to bothered with what some petty people with no lives have to say.
    I can tell the intellect level of some of the comments, and the writing habits…and it makes me LMAO.
    Whether this move tanks, or is a hit remains to be seen. The Bounty Hunter received horrible reviews, and nobody thought it would do as well as it did, but it was on the strenght of Jennifer Aniston that it made as much as it did. Please don’t respond to me with some stupid spin either, that it tanked. If you want to see a movie that tanked I can show you actual data.

  • irene olson

    Nicole is beautiful; Jen, is maybe, cute.

  • meg

    Why would anyone pay 15 dollars to see a movie nicole kidman is in wait a week or two and it will be on t v

  • Carrie

    Both Jen & Nic are the example of perfect woman. They are full of natural beauty and grace. No wonder they are in such high demand in the biz. Everyone wants Jen to be in their movies. I hope Jen does take some time off and take abreak for a bit. She doesn’t need the money that is for sure. She has so many more movies planned, I hope she doesn’t burn herself out. I doubt that will happen. She is in great health and has never looked younger and stronger in her life. You can see that she is very happy with her life and no one deserves that more than she does. To work together with such a great group of “A” listers must be such an honor for all of them.