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Kris Allen: 'The Truth' Video Preview!

Kris Allen: 'The Truth' Video Preview!

Kris Allen shoots his new music video for “The Truth” in the middle of the Californian desert.

But the weather wasn’t very cooperative!

“Apparently, in the desert, when it starts raining the ground just turns into mush,” the 25-year-old American Idol champ told MTV. “It started to monsoon, man! It was crazy. It was one of the biggest storms I’ve ever been in but it was almost kind of fun in a way. We were just standing outside, [but] I felt like we had just jumped in the pool.”

Thankfully, Kris and the crew resumed taping at a later date when the weather was nicer.

Kris is currently on tour supporting the Barenaked Ladies.

10+ pictures inside of Kris Allen shooting his “The Truth” video…

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kris allen the truth video preview 01
kris allen the truth video preview 02
kris allen the truth video preview 03
kris allen the truth video preview 04
kris allen the truth video preview 05
kris allen the truth video preview 06
kris allen the truth video preview 07
kris allen the truth video preview 08
kris allen the truth video preview 09
kris allen the truth video preview 10
kris allen the truth video preview 11
kris allen the truth video preview 12

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  • john


  • Matthew

    I like this guy.

  • Gatsby

    They’re still letting this short dude make music after his album bombed?

  • Callie

    I can’t wait to see this video, it looks good.

  • Chauncey

    Seriously? I heard he couldn’t sell out a 500 seat bar. It’s The Truth! LOL! Good luck Kris.

  • Andie

    I adore him. Can’t wait to see the video. He’s a hottie!!

  • Caiti

    I love this song! I cannot wait to see the video. He looks so gorgeous. Love him. Thanks for the pics, Jared.

  • Jane

    I cannot believe they are making a video of a singer that cannot even sell out half a 800 seat venu….well I hope it goes well

  • emma

    The Truth is beautiful song. can not wait to see the video!!!

  • KellStar

    Without Jared, I would probably think this guy is dead. All the press goes to Adam! I give Kris props though for always staying humble and grateful.

  • Sarah

    Love this song. Can’t wait to see the video!

  • Mary

    Can’t wait for this video! Everything about it is so intriguing.

    And Gatsby, maybe to you his album bombed but to his label, they’ve made their profit off that “bombed” album. It’s not always the way we outsiders see it. This is business and profit is what matters to them, the amount of mony they invested in it and how much they got in the end.

  • lisa

    Glamberts so predictable…… lol

  • Rachel

    Great pictures! This video should be awesome. Love the song, love Kris. Keith Urban said he’s looking for a song he and Kris can record together. Kris’ music has charted on HAC, AC, Top 40, and Christian radio. Can’t wait to see it chart on Country as well which a duet with Keith is sure to do. I don’t know if “The Truth” will sell 1.5 million like “Live Like We’re Dying” did because people are buying the album version as well as the single version featuring Pat Monahan, so the sales numbers are split. But, TT is already in the top 20 on HAC radio, and once this video is released, it’s sure to go higher making it another big radio hit for Kris.

  • Kallie

    yeah, I love this song.

  • millyfromphilly


    You are delusional if you think he made money for the label…

  • millyfromphilly

    @Matthew: BAHHAHA

  • Jon

    I don’t care what anyone says, I just love Kris and his music. Can’t wait to go to his show soon.

  • Chris

    Thanks for posting these pictures, Jared. I’m really looking forward to this video. As someone said above, it’s intriguing. Love the song and love Kris Allen’s album.

  • Beth

    @millyfromphilly: Why don’t you just not worry about it? Obviously, the label is happy with Kris if he is getting another single and video and working on a new album soon. Sorry for you life that you are such a negative person.

  • Darrem


  • B

    why dont straight dudes like him?

  • Darren

    @B: because he’s fkn wet

  • Ash

    ugly man.fake champ.

  • Darren

    @B: If you don’t know what that means, it’s a British term look it up lol

  • http://www. JJ

    It’s weird how his stans think anyone who doesn’t like this hillbilly must be a fan of another Idol, are his fans really that delusional?

  • whatever

    Huuuuuge Glambert fan but I love Kris. He’s cute. Lol.

  • this *** can’t sing

  • Amber

    Isn’t it exhausting to keep beating that horse? I LOVE Adam most of all but I think Kris is adorable. I’ve seen them both in concert and they couldn’t be more different. This video looks really intriguing. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Jo

    Dude can sing, I saw him a few days ago when he was opening for Bare Naked Ladies. He was better than them!

  • Tash

    @B: Maybe because his entire appeal is his ‘looks’ and his interviews are painful? That’s why my brother can’t stand him. Or couldn’t rather since he no longer talks about him….it’s as if Kris Allen falled off the face of the earth. I personally dislike him because he comes from my town and they pimp him out everywhere you go, it’s really annoying and reta*ded but that’s Arkansas for ya. I also stopped caring for him once I realized what his stance on the war was but that’s just my views.

  • :)
  • Joy

    Thanks for the pictures, Jared! What a great guy he is…wickedly talented, kind, funny, and so hot he should be nicknamed “foreplay”. lol He’s the total package, and we want more, so PLEASE keep the Kris info and pics coming!

  • ben

    he looks a monkey in need of the toilet

  • scp
  • abie



  • lz

    I’m so excited to see this video. Love the pics – thanks for posting them.

  • steph

    The shot with the chandeliers hanging in the middle of the desert looks pretty cool. I think I can only buy that weird ugly-looking jacket if the video is as whacked out, dreamlike, and creepy as it sounds like it’s going to be. Looking forward to the video’s release!

  • Sam

    Did some of you guys make it through kindergarten? Don’t you get tired of looking for Kris articles to post negative comments. Idol ended last year, please let it go and try and make it to another Adam show…you’ll have alot more fun then chasing down articles to diss Kris. As far as the video, I’m intrigued. How will they tie in Pat/the actress, Cindy Vela and magical orbs and chandeliers will be interesting to say the least. Can’t wait.

  • Couldbeanyone

    Why is this relevant to anything??? And it’s not true. I was in San Diego. There were PLENTY of straight dudes. But again…why call people names. If someone likes Kris they like him. Who cares what the person’s sexual affilliation is? Only a child would pick on this.

  • Farouk


    Especially when they’re scared and that’s when there’s so much goodness surrounding Kris.

  • Maybeline


    What are you? Five? Good grief. Don’t you have to be 13 to post?

  • Candy

    Lots of straight dudes like Kris. There’s always lots at his shows. Gay dudes love him, too, because he’s hot. Unlike Adam’s who are all 55 year old overweight women.


    cant wait !!!! love him he had a great voice !! keep it up Jj !

  • teamaims

    I’m excited for the video!

  • LMAO

    Excited for this video. I don’t understand why people keep coming back just to talk crap though, and this goes for any artist. If you don’t like it, it’s not too hard to scroll.

  • Skipper

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE KRIS ALLEN PERIOD. Love the fact the radio has embraced him & he has sold over 1.5 million for Live Like We’re Dying, and that this song is moving in that direction. The video is going to be HAWT!!!!!!!!

  • sahsouha1

    Gorgeous BB Gorgeous..that boy is super hot..he should act..

  • michele

    So excited for this video! Cant wait!! If you have been to a Kris Allen concert you know how amazing him and his band are! So I suggest until you see him live that you dont judge cuz you really have no idea. He has a beautiful voice and his band really ROCKS!! And OMG he doesnt have be autotuned like most other singers nowadays. I have every belief Kris will go far in the music industry. Hes living his dream and doing what he loves and thats really all that matters.

  • Patti

    Kris is amazing. I can’t wait to see this video!