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Snooki Gets Arrested, Jersey Shore Scores Series High

Snooki Gets Arrested, Jersey Shore Scores Series High

Nicole SnookiPolizzi gets arrested today (July 30) in Seaside Heights, New Jersey,

TMZ reports the pint-sized Jersey Shore star was taken into police custody after being arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, Jersey Shore hit a new series high for viewership with the premiere of the show’s second season last night (July 29) on MTV.

The Situation and friends brought in 5.3 million viewers – that’s up 4 million from the first season’s premiere!

The premiere also beat Jersey Shore‘s first season finale back in January by nearly half a million viewers.

10+ pictures inside of Snooki getting arrested…

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snooki arrested 01
snooki arrested 02
snooki arrested 03
snooki arrested 04
snooki arrested 05
snooki arrested 06
snooki arrested 07
snooki arrested 08
snooki arrested 09
snooki arrested 10

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  • Lola

    LoL! She looks all drunk!
    Awww! I love her though! She’s soo cute :-)

  • Britt

    Snookie is the best part of the show!
    I would totally be her friend, She looks fun!

  • Mena

    Fascinating. Now I can sleep in peace tonight.

  • BETH

    i want snookie to have her own show


  • Candy

    Omg! She is so tiny!

  • Camry

    She looks like an oompa loompa all she needs is the green hair ;) love the show though! They are a wild bunch!

  • kate

    I am not one to hate on people are to speak badly but why are we paying these people attention?! They have no talent and are just pure trash as human beings!!!

  • Jill

    @BETH: “Snooking for Love” hahaha! That would be so awesome, I can totally see that!
    She would be so funny :)

  • Wishful Thinking

    Great, hopefully this leads to the demise of the show. I wish money was spent on creating better scripted shows a la Seinfeld and Friends than on embarrassing reality shows.

  • Camry

    she looks like an oompa loompa! all she needs is the green hair ;) love the show though! they are a wild bunch!

  • Ella

    Why is this chubby dwarf famous again?

  • Spitwave


    I really wonder… she look like a disgusting wh0re

  • Nicole

    Geez, wanna pull your skirt down a little? NASTY.

  • D list

    She looks gross, and she is not pretty. why are these idiots famous ? All they so is sleep around, drink, party ….. nothing impt. Who watch that rubbish on Show. The JS cast , Kim and Family and Kate Gosselin are what is wrong with society . They have taken tackness to a new low .

  • JM

    #FREE SNOOKI !!!!!!!

  • minnime

    getting arrested is probably the best thing that could happen to this fat chick. she’s about 30 lbs. too big for the clothes she wears. and nothing like a fat ass hanging out of her skirt . . . reference radaronline pictures. very attractive

  • Lucy

    I <3 Snookie

  • mike

    @D list: Get over it. It’s just entertainment.

  • SkinnyJ

    All u Haters need to relax! (and don’t act like u don’t watch) haha!
    It’s just good fun! And they are funny!
    Just enjoy it and have a shot!

  • Alaia

    People actually watch this show? Ladies and gentleman, this is the future of TV.

  • Jld

    FREE SNOOKIE!!!!!!!

  • Alejandro

    Two cute cops arresting her. Why is she struggling???

  • jerseyjoe

    Way to go Sea Side Police….It is trash pickup day isn’t it???? LOL

  • what the hell going on?

    What? How can so many people say that they love Snooki? I meAN LOOK AT HER PERSONALITY? UGHHHH!!

  • Hello

    @Nicole: It might be kind of hard to pull her skirt down with hand cuffs on…duh

  • jerseyjoe

    Time to take away the trash…it is Friday in Jersey after all. Way to go Sea Side Police

  • lol

    Ha the reason why this show is so popular is that if you actually watch the show, they are all about just having harmless fun. People are jealous of their youth and ability to party. Also they show fierce loyalty to their friends against “outsiders” , love their families and know how to cook !!!!

    It’s so refreshing to see young people not bashing their parents. The whole I can’t stand my mom/dad/family is so old and very disrespectful.

  • Linda

    Oh nooooo! FREE SNOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will

    She looks like Christina Aguliera during her Stripped days!

  • Will

    No offense to Snookie.. Haha

  • Kriss

    Awe! Homegirl is just tring to have some fun.
    Poor Snookers

  • laverdadduele

    Her parents must be so proud!

  • Dayana

    so grosss…….

  • well

    the girl needs to eat more fruit and vegetables.

  • Hannah

    There’s not enough important people in the world.

  • jen

    such a trashy show. the IQ of 5.3 million people went down that day.

  • notafan


  • whaaaaat

    whhhhhhhhhhhat is happening?!!
    i really dont see how people can say about such a trashy-ugly-ass showing-b!tch cute!
    such a dirty whore!
    if they did a third season of this show i will probably get rid of my tv!
    I DONT WATCH THE SHOW BUT I HAVE SEEN SOME SEENS AND A COUPLE OF INTERVIES AND ÍT SUCKS!! to be honest i was mostly disgusted by snooki the B!TCH!

  • Lesley

    what a spinner

  • just

    why is all this cops need for this littel size woman.

  • Piggy

    they finally put that little pig in jail, maybe she will lose some weight ,
    she is such a pig, in every sense of the word

  • alam

    that’s really a man right?

  • Vanessa

    Ugly chick.

  • RJ

    i’m sure she was arrested for ratings as she is one of the most recognizable people on the show. don’t be fooled. it was broad daylight. when ronnie got arrested it was on a party night.

  • Honey

    Awwwww I love Snookie!
    Poor thing :-(

  • no way

    She is as tall as she is wide. I am sorry, it is just wrong that this whole reality thing has gone on as long as it has. They are just freaks and the whole thing gives Jersey a bad rap. Look at her, she is just a mess. A chubby little freak.

  • Poopie

    She’s such trash and a waste of a human being!

    Looks like she is not wearing underwear either.

    Stupid bimbo….why is she even on t.v.?

    Just wait and see…….people will soon say….Snookie what/who?


  • Poopie

    To # 25…..(Hello)..

    duh? why does one not wear underwear especially when wearing a stupid very short skirt?

    Only BIMBOS dress like that. Trash too.

    nasty for sure.

  • Brightside

    Why has an overweight, not-very-attractive, untalented and short person become so newsworthy? She doesn’t do anything so I don’t get why people are loving/hating her! She’s a nobody!

  • bar jolie gaga

    I think the arrest was staged for more ratings. Isn’t it convenient it happens on the week that the new Season premieres?