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Hayden Christensen: 'Takers' Premiere Perfection

Hayden Christensen: 'Takers' Premiere Perfection

Hayden Christensen walks the red carpet at the premiere of his new thriller Takers at the ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Wednesday (August 4) in Los Angeles.

Takers is about a group of professional bank robbers (Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Idris Elba and Hayden), who are pulled into one last job by a recently paroled cohort (T.I.) only to be pitted against a hard-boiled detective (Matt Dillon) who interrupts their heist.

The film, which also stars Avatar‘s Zoe Saldana, will be released into theaters on August 27th!

FYI: Hayden is wearing a pair of Ferragamo lace-up shoes.

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, Film Magic
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  • j

    he’s looking a lot better lately, like he’s gained some weight.

  • Ana

    He’s so cute ^_^ !
    My celeb crush <33

    Is he not with Rachel Bit**son anymore?? I hope not.

    I’m still a Hayden & Natalie Portman supporter :D

  • Callie

    I’m so excited for this movie! Paul Walker is hot :)

  • Lexy loves bilson

    Is he jobless?

  • Lake

    All it took was getting rid of that blood sucking tick RB. Good job Hayden! Keep it up!

  • funny

    RB goes missing and HC has 3 posts at JJ-maybe his money is worth more LOL

  • Deborah

    He is the best looking guy on the planet and in this movie. He is a dreamboat. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  • Bella

    I think Hayden is delicious to look at I just wish he wouldn’t let his mum comb his hair before a premiere.

  • Bella

    Is it true have they really split??? I think Rachel is ok but always thought he could do better. I don’t want to start a sling match for all the Bilson haters, just want to know if they have broken up.

  • Flick

    Awesome. This is why he’s a movie star.

  • Blahzae

    @Bella: Yes Bella they split she told everyone (meaning us weekly) back in June that it was over. Her exact quote was ” No wedding….no nothing” and shrugged and showed them her ringless hand. Leave it to her to use a double negative lmao
    . Anyways moving on this post is about Hayden for once and not the ex. ^.^
    He looked nice at the premiere and I thought his hair was fine had an old hollywood traditional feel … which is the way alot of the characters dress in Takers…. think the Rat Pack of the 1950′s and ’60s with assualt weapons ;p

  • jill

    He looks like a weight has been taken off his shoulders


    Was Chris Brown there?

  • @13

    @BIEBER: Unfortunately Chris Brown was there and acted like a fool at the after party screaming and cussing because the audience wasnt into his music.

  • Blahzae

    You know a thought came to me … as to why his ex who is always posted on this site every damn day…( of course doing nothing walking around shopping and calling the paps )but she is of course usually posted everyday but for almost a week now it has just stoped.
    My theory is
    1 . she is broke and cant afford to pay for the paps to show up or to pay for posts on all the sites.
    and 2 if someone can pay to be on sites like these like she always does then maybe someone else can pay to have that same someone not posted about… lets say while they are in town.
    Sort of Revenge of Ex. ( regardless that is was a fake relationship)

    So maybe since he has sooooo much more money than her it isnt even funny … he is making sure the little presswhore that is his ex isnt getting posted. LMAO
    First of all it rather clever and second of all it is rather funny… like Karma coming to take a chunk out of your butt I guess.;p
    It wouldnt surprise me without his money she is broke and has to run back to her daddy and his money wont last forever… compared to Haydens so that really wouldnt surprise me if that is what is going on.
    I can say this though if they were back on this would of been the “event” to show up together again…. and clearly that didnt happen.
    Instead he brought his brother Tove which makes since because Tove is his producing partner and second unlike Hayden Tove loves LA and these kinds of events.
    lol Maybe she should of fake dated Tove instead lol Wrong brother;p

    Over 20,000 people watch the broadcast of the premiere and the after party on facebook and ustream so maybe this film has some legs after all. :)

  • H728

    He looks great! Seems like the old happy Hayden is back, which is a good sign. :)

  • @16

    @H728: It is nice to see a glow to him again and a smile on his face, his eyes actually have light in them again ^>^

  • Lora


    Theory 1 looks more true to life lol… I do not really think that HC will bother and get so low as to pay for news abt RB not to show up here. Hate to say this… but we still have her birthday ahead. And no official confirmation of their split up. Eager for it.

  • annie

    hayden looked great,watched the premiere,t.i. great as well.cannot wait for this movie.wanted to see paul walker but missed theory on smelly bilson,went into hiding cuz den was coming to town,STAY HIDDEN RB

  • @Lora

    His ex confirmed it herself when she announced the split and her people did not deny it after she said it. His people had no comment of course.
    When there were rumors of a major split and a end to their sham engagement before both of their people right away denied those rumors about a year ago.
    But this time………. silence except from his ex herself.
    She made it clear in a very tacky way they had ended and hasnt worn the ring since. Not once.( He mostly took it back)
    Also simply going to the premiere today and supporting him would of been an easy way if ever there was one to say they were still together, but I guess her invite got lost in the mail because she was not there. lol
    I dont know really what people expect for confirmation Hayden is never going to scream HEY WE BROKE UP that isnt his style and she has already told everyone there is “Nothing” now.
    If your waiting for him to come out and talk about it and say they ended you are going to be waiting a very very long time.
    As far as her b day in concerned… why not spend time together now.. why wait till her b day if they were together…. that doesnt make any sense no couple on earth only sees eachother on b days and holidays only especially when one of them is in town!!! I mean that just doesnt happen. Sorry but that is common sense.
    Also Hayden is slated to be on the Regis and Kelly Show August 20th and then at the premieres in NYC (and possibly overseas) around that time ( the 24th / 25th is around the time for those premieres I believe) So he isnt going to be in Cali around her b day so I wouldnt hold your breath to see them together on her b day. Because like I said a REAL couple doesnt avoid eachother for months and only get together because of a B day when they could of just went to a major event today. That just doesnt make sense.
    Rant done :P

  • Lora

    Rant is very well done I should say lol! Bravo!

    You know I am just afraid to be too happy abt their split up as I would wish to. Remember Sienna Miller and Jude Law?? They broke their engagement with a scandal and yet they are together again. Will merry soon.
    No, I am not waiting for any comments from HIM. Real men never talk abt women. That what he perfectly proves. But I read somewhere (sorry not to be precise here) that some tabloid or her people have already have her official letter of engagement cancelled. So, I am waiting for HER to publish this letter.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I see the crazies are back stealing my ID. Where’s the media whore?? Using his CC to buy herself a b-day gift??

  • H728

    Who cares where RB is now? Her not showing in the Takers premiere should be enough to tell you that the PR relationship between Hayden and her is over.
    I am not a fan for both Jude and Sienna but at least they together look like a real couple.

  • melinda

    yeah too.

  • @Lora

    @Lora: Im sure if there was a letter canceling her engagement to him then it would be out by now… especially with all the attention Hayden is getting at the moment. Then again maybe she is waiting to make it official they split so some attention goes back on her LMAO
    That would be rather funny though… considering she already announced the split over a month and a half ago going on two months lol
    No one really cared then and if she released a official decree lol that they are over it would be funny as hell .
    It would be one of the most big headed things a presswhore has done in awhile and that is saying something.
    Of course she is trying to walk away making it look like she is the winner in all this and coming out ahead after the split of their publiciy relationship, so she might make it official so she can be like
    ” See I ended it” lol
    Funny thing is he is clearly doing just fine if not better than ever with Takers coming out and several other films on the way including Vanishing on 7th st heading to Toronto next month.
    Im sure if she does that it will come with a sob story aswell. lol
    Because she knows she can say whatever she wants about the split and he wont talk about it still.

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ LORA

    good comments there,
    yes both jude and sienna have had there moments,
    but lets face it jude has never taken his gran to a event like
    hayden did,remember the cfda awards?

    i mean the humilation the ex fashioista must have been feeling?
    somthing like like that she would have killed for just to go,
    and he looked a looked a lot happier as well

    this pic makes me lol makes you wonder now what he was thinking?
    talk about having the last laugh.

  • Lora

    @H728: Yes I agree Sienna and Jude look perfectly together, though I dislike her.

    It is a gift to see Hayden so radiant with no sign of inner torments. Hope he is not acting.

  • lmao
    Tove is using his best presswhore pose I see in the picture from this link. lol
    Honestly Hayden’s ex and Tove would of gotten along better I think, they both love press, parties, premieres, presswhoring, LA and the paps and last but not least using Hayden in everyway they can.
    I wouldnt be surprised if the whole PR former relationship between Hayden and his ex was the brainchild of Tove himself…. he is only talked about as long as Hayden is and Hayden avoids being talked about for the most part until that PR nightmare. So he nudged Hayden into the PR relationship… because it would “help his career” and his brothers and help them get films made for their production company. Yeah that worked out great Forest Park Pictures was actually fine until the PR crud started then it folded, smooth move on that one.
    So he may have given Hayden a little brotherly advise and encouraged the arrangement because of course who wouldnt listen to their older brother, they are looking out for what is best for you right?
    Im thinking wrong in this case.
    If Tove got with Hayden’s PR ex it wouldnt surprise me in the least because Tove would love those kind of scandalous headlines.

  • @Lora

    @Lora: No acting is what he was doing earlier this year when he got really really thin alot thinner then he is now lost all color and looked miserable as hell.
    Once she vanished and he went to the CFDA’s with grandma you could start to see the light come back in him. That is the face of a man that is free after being trapped for awhile.

  • holycr@p

    @WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: After looking at the picture you linked of him at the CFDA’s and then looking at the ones of him from just the last 24 hrs. He looks ALOT different he looks alot healthier now and has for sure gained some weight.
    When you compare them side by side it is shocking how bad he was looking just a couple of months ago although like I said at that event he looked happier than he had looked in a long long time. Beaming proudly next to his grandmother ( he never beamed proudly next to his ex like that ever!).
    He looks like a different man today. But thats a good thing.
    Funny that the turn around in his appearance has occured during his PR ex’s abscence from his life.
    Coincidence? I think not …. lol

  • padme

    @ana and @melinda -
    me three….I’ve always loved Hayden and Natalie together since their SW days. He had more chemistry with her than any of his other female co-stars. They looked naturally happy together and very relaxed with each other, unlike him and Biatchson. When he was with RB, his smile looked fake….like she forced him to smile for the press to pretend that they were a happy couple….NOT! Glad he got rid of her! Now if only Natalie can get rid of her ballerina bf… :p

  • the truth

    @Lora: Its suppose to be about him ok. Hayden has went to many events without her and nothing was say about it. This wasn’t suppose to be about rachel anyway. its his moment. If rachel would have done the break-up right. All these questions wouldn’t have to asked right now. Rachel just used her split for attention that didn’t get her nowhere.Do you know what a split is? It happen months ago both agreed to it.This for Hayden and his cast that is in the movie. Why would you want your ex to come your premiere anyway?This not jude law and sienna miller.What are you talking about? They have been split longer than that.If it was april official then it has been four months. She just don’t want no one to know that she was crazy for a guy who didn’t want her anymore. We don’t need anymore statement about their relationship. She should have told the true in the first place instead are let it lag on like this.She knew about his premiere and that she wasn’t going to be with him when it happen. Thought people would miss her like some are you do.It over and there should be no talk about her when hayden is solo.Rachel can find her another man don’t you think? Hayden did look good as always. He’s not bothered by it he has moved on. So has she.Takers look like its going to be great! Can’t wait to see it.Wish jj would have posted it earlier.Cute Hayden!

  • chloe

    he is cute! takers will be a hit!

  • @padme

    @padme: It was obvious Hayden was fond of Natalie… I think the problem is she didnt feel the same way. When asked about it latter he bitterly told an interviewer they never dated. So that says it all.
    Also isnt the girl she use to be anymore you could say she went to the darkside lol
    She is the face of dior cosmectics… which tests on animals and sells fur prodcuts something she use to claim she would never support or get involved with a company that does. A year earlier she was high on her horse trying to get people to buy her vegan shoes when that didnt work out she went with Dior.
    Also she moved to la something she said she would never do
    She is doing a film with Ashton Kutcher praising his acting ability I dont even need to go into why that is bull do I? lol
    Sadly Natalie isnt in the best place at the moment either and would probably use Hayden just like his ex did. I hope Natlalie gets her standards back she chucked out the door in the past year but sadly i wont ever adore her the way I use to.:(
    Oddly enough some people felt Hayden’s EX was the poor mans rip off of Natalie in the looks department so maybe when Natalie herself took a turn for the worse and maybe her appeal went away for Hayden so did her “rip offs” appeal to

  • ???

    Is he now dating Sophie Monk?

  • damntoosure

    That ALL those spinsters if not teen/tweentards members of his (HC) IMDB Board are now flocking here posting different names – just soo freakin’ obvious!!!

  • What for

    I don’t know what the fuss is about. He isn’t better looking than Paul Walker and many other young stars (including Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Chase Crawford, etc.) His work isn’t that great either.
    All he’s done lately is take a break from his engagement to Rachel Bilson.

    There’s something ugly about the proportions of his face. Big forehead. Nose mouth and chin crowded together. Teeth grayish. He used to be cute. Not aging well.

  • lisa
    Hayden and Sophie Monk? NO, PLEASE!

  • searlus

    If Manakin & that OC-Gremlin’s contract-arrangement had already expired… so who’s going to “bet” on his the “next starlet-wh0re as his future celeb hook-up”?!
    He is not really into those “decent” gals when he religiously prefers the likes of Sienna “Sluttienna” Miller (a man-eating wh0re-case closed), Elizabetta Canalis (an Italian version of Sluttienna now hooking up w/ George Clooney – do check out her mostly “stripped” pics on the net if you care) & the last, “the funniest & the phoniest Rachel “Gremlin” Bilson” (a formidable media/paparazzi wh0re).
    So do one of the members of the “Hills, the Jersey Shore or even the Karda$$hians” is “available”?!

  • Flick

    Big forehead tends to mean big brain which means intelligence.

    Grayish teeth? Point them out.

    Poor What for, all jealous. He’s a LOT better looking than scruffy RP, who always looks pale and gaunt. My god you guys think HC looks skinny have you SEEN RP? Lautner, OK, fair enough because he’s incredibly hot to look at but he has a baby face that does not match that buff body– a body that will fall to pieces once he hits 30. So if you like teenagers go with the Twilight group. If you like former teens who are becoming amazing looking men go with HC.

  • Viper


    Say what you will about Natalie but she is still marketable and talented. You don’t have any idea what Dior’s line is she is doing it might be animal free they never really said. She will make a statement pretty sure as to what the product will be once it is out. As for who she works with well Kevin Klein is in the same movie with ashton so do we believe bc they are both in the movie with ashton they are lowering themselves. HC has worked with the likes of Chris Brown and Paul Walker who I’m told is not top of the food chain either, some say he isn’t a good actor either. I don’t know, I don’t watch his movies. So to judge natalie on who she works with isn’t fair she has worked with the best and worst but that is not by her choice only by a directors. Also she was in HEAT with Al and Robert a bit part but still she was in it. As for darkside I see Nat and HC have traveled thato road. Oh and wasn’t heat one of the movies he mentioned he loved.

  • blairite

    “Very Nice”… she just looks like the blonde, tall, tacky but still the ugly version of his microscopic ex – very apt for #39′s tagged as “next starlet-***** as his future celeb hook-up”?!
    Cant actually wait for the next presswhooring… Haydeign’s fartnatics would “cry out loud” all over again LOL

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    If, it is true with him now dating Sophia Monk?? At least she is actually gorgeous and has talent. She is better then the brainless untalented media wh87ing midget! Maybe, Hayden taste in woman is improving. Fianally!!

  • @38
  • jjfan1


  • haters


    Love Chris Brown I am so tired of you racist pigs and boot-kissing fools trying to talk this 21 year old kid. You say nothing about Eminem who beat his wife and has made countless songs about killing her. But he is “special” as is abusers Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Tommy Lee, Robert Downey Jr. and th other “special” ADULT American males that no one seems to criticize for having repeatedly conducted the same behavior. Yey you have so much to say about this 21 yr old kid who had 1 fight with a fool 2 yrs ago. FU!

    Hold your head Chris we know what’s really going on here!

  • Brightside

    I really wish people would stop knocking Sienna…so she’s made a few mistakes in her love-life..but…jeez…haven’t we all, at some stage in our lives! I think that she never stopped loving Jude and he never really stopped loving her…so I’m happy for them, that they have put the past behind them and moved forward into what will, hopefully, be a more mature and better relationship for the both of them. I reckon it’s time to do the same and let it go now!

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry about that its there dont know why its not showing