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Brad Pitt To Create Chilean Miner Movie?

Brad Pitt To Create Chilean Miner Movie?

Brad Pitt‘s production company, Plan B Entertainment, is in negotiations to buy the film rights to the rescued Chilean miners’ story.

A lawyer for the miners told a publication in Santiago (via TheWrap) that Plan B has made a multi-million dollar offer and that there’s potential for several of those rescued to be cast.

The lawyer added that there have been an average of ten offers per day to buy the rights to the story, but that the miners want to form a holding company to split profits evenly before they sign with a producer.

UPDATE: A rep for Plan B told EW the reports are a “huge wave of nothing. We have shown potential interest, but there have been no serious discussions.”

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687 Responses to “Brad Pitt To Create Chilean Miner Movie?”

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  1. 126
    Jane Says:

    Is that Brad in the picture, or his Dad?

  2. 127
    neer Says:

    gwapa, asa imo sulat?

  3. 128
    groundcontrol Says:

    Bummer about JJB. Does anyone know what’s up? Can someone find out?
    I can’t imagine why they’d put such an obstacle in the path of browsers. All they will be doing is losing hits
    and advertising money. Maybe JJB is actually shut down.
    I guess we’ll have to work harder here to keep everyone informed. I know one site that has pictures up before even the best fans LOL!!!!
    Maybe we should take it back. Hee hee.
    Everyone have a great day.

  4. 129
    dianad1968 Says:

    I wonder if the hags and hens are going to get on Matt Damon’s case for “going on and on” about his family? There is a story on People’s site and he is talking about how he met his wife, and it is pretty sacchrine (sp). I suppose we will see Lamey making fun of him like she did regarding Angie’s Vogue interview. This is the second time in just months that MD is doing press for a movie, and we get the stories about his family, but I have yet to hear any snark from the trolls.

  5. 130
    neer Says:

    Every time I see close-up pics of AJ, it’s always the eyes that I am drawn to really look at.
    Very expressive. Even in her films with less speaking scenes, it’s her eyes that do most of the “talking”…and the “loudest”…
    She’s really very good in conveying emotions through her eyes..
    Also, it’s not one-solid color unlike other celebrities
    Hers is green-grayish-smoky set of eyes. Cat-like eyes.

  6. 131
    WBPfan Says:

    Jared, a new thread please — Just saw the cover of the Vogue December Supplement of the Best Dressed — Blake Lively has the cover shot but the sidebar lists Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady GaGa, Sienna Miller and Jessical Biel as well.

  7. 132
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Ooooooh Diana, come on now….don’t you know everyone ELSE is allowed to talk about their children and spouses, and give personal little tidbits about the homelife when doing press tours EXCEPT FOR Angelina. Didn’t you know? To the dumb azz’d gossips like Lamey who have something to say (thank God I don’t read her to know what that is) – here’s how it works: 1) Angelina’s favorite topic in the whole world is her man and her children. 2)The media’s favorite topic in the world is Angelina and her relationship with Brad and her kids. So this is what we get. It’s not Angelina’s fault. In interview after interview after interview, we have her talking about Brad and the kids, because the media IS ASKING HER. ABOUT. BRAD. AND. THE. KIDS. I don’t mind, I love it. Angie can talk about bathtub Brad, great dad Brad, sexy Brad, all she wants — it tickles me pink, plus I know Maniston is somewhere ripping her weave out in frustration over it so, you know, win-win…I’m happy. :)
    Angie strikes me as the type to not tell anyone HOW to do their job. I think she figures they know their magazine better than she does, if that’s what they want to know, I’ll oblige – it’s my fav topic too.
    Occasionally, you MIGHT get a rare interview that asks her about her trip to Pakistan, or the cholera going on in Haiti, or directing, or writing a screenplay, or a million other topics Angelina could blow their socks off with….

    …but those people are few and far between. So until then, expect more…‘How are the kids?’ and ‘What do you love most about Brad?’ questions.

  8. 133
    Dakota Says:

    I guess I won’t be lurking at JJB either. Too bad for fans!

  9. 134
    cecile Says:

    idk why they prefer it that way.. that jjb isn’t visible anymore unless you’re members of that site.On m10, I’ve just met a newest poster and she shared 2 beautiful videos. She’s a Filipina, I hope she’s jj poster too so that you can be able to see those vids/ links posted on jjb.
    btw my 2nd post is still on moderation? jj? . anyway it was all about greetings I said: hi to all known regulars here not known haters LOL! oh and I love clicking thumbs up :)

  10. 135
    JJbetter Says:

    JJB has become too much of a personal journal for some posters and led to a lot of infighting, name calling etc… It started off as a Brad and Angie pix thread but now tons of space is wasted by some regulars posting huge pix of cakes, drinks, clothing, etc.. and posts that have nothing to do with Brad and Angie — comments on car chases, personal car troubles, etc., I stopped going regularly because it just wasn’t worth wading through all that to get to the Brad & Angie pix. Its better to stick with blogs like JJ where you can get the pix without the personal drama. I’m still registered but no plans to drop in again.

  11. 136
    Kriss Says:

    Him again? Its BORING!
    To capitalize on others misery is GREAT BUSINESS for thoese two Jolie-Pitt self promoted “humanitarians”

  12. 137
    Watch me Says:,0,0#2

  13. 138
    Grandpa freeze Says:

    Brad da control freak user continues to use jolie. It’s a shame she’s so naive or she would be able to see him for what he is . A plastic faced user! He got negative feedback for tryin to buy this story so now he’s denying it. People mag has quotes from his management and I really doubt they would lie. Try again botoxic.

  14. 139
    Passing Through Says:

    # 116 Cindy @ 11/16/2010 at 8:12 am
    For those of you that will sign up on jjb, good luck with that. You have to “apply” to become a member, and the moderators take their dear sweet time getting to it. Most of the time, they never do, or they just don’t accept you. Take your pick.
    Sad but true. When I applied Guli had to plead my case with Summer. Of course she then turned around and stabbed me in the back, but still… At least they’re no longer named “EZBoard”…cut easy it ain’t…

  15. 140
    Grandpa freeze Says:

    Yeah, when is botoxic gonna go to haiti ? You know when the Sean Penn movie roles out he and the media will pretend like Sean and Pitt are best friends but he never took the time to check out what his friend is doing in Haiti? He took part in the George clooneys celeb begathon and reports are showing that none of that money has made it to Haiti. Angie didn’t even bother taking part in that begathon cause she knows better. She actually visited and supports SOS village that is actually something worth supporting. Thank u very much

  16. 141
    Passing Through Says:

    # 128 groundcontrol @ 11/16/2010 at 9:28 am
    Bummer about JJB. Does anyone know what’s up? Can someone find out
    I’ll send Summer (one of the mod’s) a PM and ask her about it.

  17. 142
    QQQQ Says:

    Passing Through @ 11/16/2010 at 12:00 am
    Brad not only had to just put up with them being over at his house on a regular, but he had to put up other shenanigans as well. Pitching tepee in his back yard, mixing up potions, waving wands, wailing and shouting and other crazy sh*t.

  18. 143
    Grandma EX Says:

    @Grandpa freeze: #140

    What are you trying to do? Divide and conquer? LOL! Jolie-Pitt fans are smarter than that!

  19. 144
    Cindy Says:

    On my last comment I meant to say I really can’t wait for The Tourist.

    Passing Through, Yeah thats rather sad actually. I’m sure you were allowed in because of your continued devotion and knowledge on B&A, but still don’t you EVER forget that Guli runs the show there. Its not even about fans getting together and talking, and sharing. The only thing that place has to offer is the pictures. I stopped reading the bullshit long ago.

  20. 145
    Grandma EX Says:

    @Kriss: # 136

    You again? BORING!!!! You are really hopelessly stupid!

  21. 146
    Grandpa freeze Says:

    @Grandma EX: You must be new. Lol don’t mind me. I just like sharing my negative opinion of botoxic Pitt and pissin the local bradloons off all at the same time. Two birds one stone
    I hear Angie is going to Bosnia alone ( mr incredble bodyguard will be with her) because botoxic is afraid to go. chicken. Budapest locals says botoxic drives around aimlessly looking for paparazzi and when he spots them he slows down or completely stops so they can get the pix. Typical from the photop king.

  22. 147
    Janet Says:


  23. 148
    LUYN Says:

    Grandpa freeze , SHUT UP.
    Grandpa freeze , YOU’RE A DIRTY B1TCH.
    Grandpa freeze , YOU’RE A UGLY PIG.
    FVCK YOU, Grandpa freeze

  24. 149
    ALI Says:

    It would be good if they took care of their kids from time to time.

  25. 150
    anustin Says:

    neer,sa pikas nga sulat!

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