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Natalie Portman: Baby Bump at Palm Springs Film Festival!

Natalie Portman: Baby Bump at Palm Springs Film Festival!

Natalie Portman covers up her baby bump while posing with her Desert Palm Achievement Actress Award at the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala held at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Saturday (January 8) in Palm Springs, Calif.

The 29-year-old pregnant actress was honored with the statue on stage by her ex (and Brothers co-star) Jake Gyllenhaal.

Nat, who wore Cartier Baby Trinity Earrings in white, yellow, and rose gold, also honored Javier Bardem with the International Star Award.

FYI: Nat wore a black silk armuré crepe and ivory silk crepe georgette dress with cotton popeline collar and cuffs with gold metal studs from the Vionnet Spring/Summer 2011 collection. She finished off her look with a Christian Dior bag and shoes.

30+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman‘s baby bump…

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natalie portman baby bump 01
natalie portman baby bump 02
natalie portman baby bump 03
natalie portman baby bump 04
natalie portman baby bump 05
natalie portman baby bump 06
natalie portman baby bump 07
natalie portman baby bump 08
natalie portman baby bump 09
natalie portman baby bump 10
natalie portman baby bump 11
natalie portman baby bump 12
natalie portman baby bump 13
natalie portman baby bump 14
natalie portman baby bump 15
natalie portman baby bump 16
natalie portman baby bump 17
natalie portman baby bump 18
natalie portman baby bump 19
natalie portman baby bump 20
natalie portman baby bump 21
natalie portman baby bump 22
natalie portman baby bump 23
natalie portman baby bump 24
natalie portman baby bump 25
natalie portman baby bump 26
natalie portman baby bump 27
natalie portman baby bump 28
natalie portman baby bump 29
natalie portman baby bump 30
natalie portman baby bump 31
natalie portman baby bump 32

Credit: Michael Buckner, John Shearer, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Kassie

    What baby bump? Gosh people get so weird when someone is pregnant. Is she supposed to be naked to show it off?

  • amfar

    lol you got a point there^. i like natalie’s dress.

  • .bevelo

    She should work with Javier!

  • dense

    What great poise! beautiful,intelligent girl. Some grown actresses should take notes. Very humble, modest, real and actually uses her brain.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Hahahaha he he want baby

  • lilooo

    jake hon’ that’s the king of girl you should or shoud have aimed for!!! smart, beautiful, mature and talented!

  • lila

    @lilooo: Jake is gay.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    They sux

  • lilooo

    @lila cmon because he portrayed a gay cow boy doesn’t mean he’s gay; he’s just good at acting lool! the guy is straight!
    if not i’ll only believe it when i see him dating a guy

  • lila

    @lilooo: i never saw brokeback mountain but yeah jake is gay lol. so many actors are gay but are in the closet.

  • Abby

    Wait, herand JAke dated????????? O_o

    That is one uglyyyyyyyy dress just sayin…

  • L

    Natalie is so cute :)

  • Kalie

    She is really beautiful glad she is more comfortable now showing off her engagement ring. Beats another actress who used to use it as a fashion piece only wore it when she wanted or needed attention. Nat is amazing and NO she isn’t that far along for there to be much of a baby size on her yet..

  • isHotr

    very cute…but going to come out and say it, she kind of looks like kelly osbourne in your pics! haha…

    in other news. who is hotr? her or ben m?

  • Sanjiro

    She’s beautiful as all get out, but GAH that’s a fugly dress! WTF is up with that collar? And the false eyelashes are waaaay too much. Plus the slicked back hair is so severe. Her stylist is gonna need to step up to the plate with the maternity fashion, Natalie is going to be working PR events like crazy the next few months and if this is any indication, well blechhh…

  • the truth

    @Kalie: Come on natalie is very pregnant and is showing. She can’t hide how far long she is. She soon be going in.And this engagement is to cover how far long she is.And why her boyfriend s not with her. Its always someone else. And you are right rachel bilson did use her engagement for attention like she does everything else she does.Natalie don’t have too. But her boyfriend don’t be with her someone else be with her. who bought that ring anyway? Her boyfriend didn’t buy it on what he make. And he seem not to care who she be with at these event. what’s up with that.

  • ♥ Fashion ~ Police ♥

    This is one FUGLY dress !!!!!!!

  • Allie

    natalie portman is one of the few actors i can stand. so glad i dont have to see pictures of her face down in her own sick. i hope she stays a classy chica.

  • Emilie

    They worked together in “Goya’s Ghosts”. ;)

  • http://MissSexyRebecca Letisha Malcolm

    Your dress look bad Nat you can do better than that,you still look amazing

  • lilooo

    @lila: ok if you persist lool i ain’t here tryna change your mind! but closet or not he is straight to me until i see otherwise

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! Hopefully this is the 1st of many awards!!

  • yo sista

    She’s glowing! I hope she wins that Oscar! Go Natalie <3

  • Sweet

    Pretty girl, ugly dress. She is really going for the maternal angle though since it’s way to early to be wearing ugly pregnancy gear. So sick of Jake Gyllenhaal trying to hang on every actress he can find since the break up with his fauxmance partner Taylor Swift. She takes pictures with Zac Efron and he takes one with Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan. stupid games.

  • Jas

    Close up photos show that she has so many spots on her forehead – the condition of her skin is really bad.

    But she is still beautiful!

  • Alias

    The 1st of many awards followed by Razzies for No Strings Attached and Thor

    Btw, makeup can’t cover up her ugly complexion for this hypocrite. Hey Nat, are you going to get a marriage license, since you don’t believe the state should be getting involved because of your previous BS statement to make yourself look like someone taking a stand?

    And the ring looks like a cinnamon bun, LOL

  • *~*+*~*

    natalie is so pretty she looks younger

  • mari anne

    Funny to realize Natalie and Paris Hilton are the same age. I think Nat turns 30 in June. Hideous, ugly dress. but I love the shoes.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh maybe she’ll win the Razzie AND the Oscar like Sandra Bullock!!

  • madmax

    I’m not sure if Jake dated natalie. I know they were friends and there were pap photos of them several years ago walking around one of the canyons and she jumped on his back and he gave her a piggy back ride. They had been seen on and off but I tend to think they weren’t more than friends.

    But aside from Anne H, I think Natalie would have been the other girl that I wouldn’t mind seeing Jake with.

  • Alias

    And like Sandra Bullock, maybe her future husband will cheat on her

  • Alias

    And given how Nat and Ben got together, the odds of that happening are pretty good LOL

  • anemone

    Love Natalie! Wish her the best with the new baby, but that dress is rather fug.

    About Jake Gyllenhaal, honestly I can’t stand him he’s just a huge phony and obviously gay, and ugly boring and untalented, what is he doing in movies anyway??? Why who want’s to see that??He can’t act at all!

  • Brian

    Jake you have to get your mug out in the public and of course it is with another well known celeb. They are all better than you and that’s why you hang with them. You are a mediocre actor at best and would fade into oblilvlon if you didn’t have these beards and friends. You just get more phony the older you get. Guys my age can see it with no question.

  • Austin

    Jake sure has a lot of girl “friends” doesn’t he?

  • Mkhay

    One of the best young actresses out there. But anyways, when did her and Jake date?

  • Batsheeeet

    Mr potato head nose

  • Mandy

    @Mkhay: They never “dated” they were only friends. Just like Taylor the media made it in to something it wasn’t.

  • LOL

    In 5 years Jake will be “dating” Elle Fanning.

  • Alie

    Love Jake & Natalie!!!! They both are gorgeous!!!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Don’t worry Alias – I’m sure your beloved Rachel Bilson is in Canada trying to get Hayden drunk enough to marry her without a pre-nup and she’s poking holes in the condom and forgetting to take her pill!!! So she’ll be able to say she’s getting married and pregnant too…of course she still won’t have all the critical acclaim Natalie has or even a CHANCE of an Oscar but hey she’ll have something new to talk about and you’ll see plenty of pics of her.
    BTW we know Rachel can’t act and you claim Kutcher can’t act BUT Kutcher still manages to get movie roles – in movies that get released in THEATERS. Maybe Rachel should find out his secret.

  • Yuck

    he is so fugly. if his dad wasn’t a producer/director he and his sister would have never made it in the biz. he can’t act for s**t.

  • longchamp

    ah, the bloating – one of the many joys of pregnancy…

  • Alias

    Wow, lexyhatesherface, you sure can dish it out on a Bilson thread but can’t take any criticism of your fellow hypocrite Nat. Truly pathetic

    And really, bringing BIlson into this discussion shows you how obsessed you are with your hatred for her. Get some help, may I suggest Dr. Conrad Murray, I’ve read he’s a pretty good Doc!

    And nice to see you attacking me in with your true username, unlike your cowardly ways with different names LOL

  • Kate

    “@lila cmon because he portrayed a gay cow boy doesn’t mean he’s gay”
    Of course not!
    Jake Gyllenhaal f*cks men and fakes relationships with women – that makes him GAY!

  • Jime

    didn’t know they dated. I thought they were just friends

  • Jime

    didn’t know they dated. I thought they were just friends

  • Elle

    Close up Natalie has wrinkles and acne. She’s not aging well. She and Kelly Osborne do look alike since Kelly lost the weight. People talk about how sweet Natalie is, but she is a homewrecker. She help break up the marriage of Sean Penn. Even this new guy was living with his girlfriend when she got involved with him. She’s pretty slutty anyway looking at all the guys she has been with.

  • Jackie

    Natalie does look old close up. I knew she might be slutty because she is always getting n*ked in her movies.

  • EJ

    She never dated Jake.