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Kate's Wedding Dress Displayed at Buckingham Palace

Kate's Wedding Dress Displayed at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth and Kate view exhibitions for the summer opening of Buckingham Palace on Friday (July 22) in London, England.

The 29-year-old Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, which was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, will be on display during the palace’s summer tours.

Also featured in the exhibit: Kate‘s custom-made bridal shoes, the Cartier “Halo” tiara, her earrings, and a replica of the bridal bouquet.

Visitors will also get to see Kate and Prince William‘s tiered wedding cake!

The tours will run until Oct. 3 and include 19 state rooms, a Royal Fabrege exhibit, and a walk in the south side of the garden. Nearly 125,000 advanced tickets have already been sold!

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Credit: WPA Pool; Photos: Getty
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  • KC

    Kate looks great!

  • Anne

    I love her! Kate is so beautiful!

  • CK

    Too skinny!

  • sea

    Queen Elizabeth is always the best.

  • so so

    Oh please.. that was an over-rated wedding dress.. nothing special about it..

  • kà simly amazing!

    hahahahahahaha william laeve her? Oh REALLY ? Hahahahahaha

  • c

    Who cares, I just wanna see Prince William!! :)

  • sj

    i love Queen Elizabeth!
    Kate looks great. i like the dress

  • olivia

    so did they make 2 cakes and leave one for the display? Or did no one eat the cake? Don’t you think its wasteful to leave that much food uneaten when so many are hungry? Geez i get maybe having a monarchy where only the queen, princes, princess from the main line are paid (and not that much should be the case, since they get free housing and food) but why pay so many ppl for almost nothing UK?

  • leyla

    The Queen is so fierce lol.
    Kate looks pretty as always but def needs to put on weight :o Please.

  • Orion

    Kate, i love you, but you look too scary skinny. Please eat some food.

  • lola

    Girl needs to go to the nearest McDonalds and eat some fries.
    For real Im so sick of hearing from my friends how amazing she looks and how amazingly skinny she is… they praise her for that. She didnt use to be like THAT skinny. The world is messed up- Im tired of people dying because of anorexia and bulimia etc when there are people who SIMPLY DONT HAVE FOOD!
    Dont torture yourself because you want to look like a stick.
    People need to get a clue and start eating healthy food because of the idea of being HEALTHY and not being SKINNY.
    Sorry for the rant, but I felt like I needed to say something about our sucky world. And now Im going to eat some candy because I can! ^_^
    and no Im not obese. IM NORMAL. 120 lbs is normal and Id rather be myself than anyone else :)

  • http://j just jared

    kz it’s easy to sh!t on people. Go away

  • kc

    she looks sooo skinny but still lovely
    the queen is so cute

  • Torrance

    She has lollipop head.

  • Jessica

    Catherine is a true beauty. William and Catherine make me proud to be British, love them !
    Lets not forget Queen Elizabeth. She has served her country her entire life with grace and dignity.

  • K

    Beautiful girl. Very cool to see her with the Queen.

  • Chris

    Kate looks tall and athletic. I don’t know what pictures some of you are looking at.

  • lindag

    Lovely pair! Kate looks classy and beautiful as usual… at ease and rested from their recent tour. Must take a lot of confidence to interact with the Queen alone so early on in the marriage. Good on her!

  • Annah


    That is skin and bones.. NOT MUSCLE.

  • ss

    The same one girl (under different names on this thread) who’s saying Kate looks good like this is probably anorexic or is a prepube girl who hasn’t filled out yet.

    Hey, go get your head fixed. Kate should eat something and YOU should too.

  • elodie

    quenn elisabeth?? Shame on her!!!!

  • Jessa

    @Jessica: I don’t get why the monarchy would make u proud. Proud of inbreeding? Proud of elitism? Proud of funding their lavish lifestyle? Ok, have fun with that.

  • Jessa

    @Jessica: I don’t get why the monarchy would make u proud to be british. Proud of inbreeding? Proud of elitism? Proud of funding their lavish lifestyle? Ok, have fun with that.

  • gross

    doesn’t matter that you’re skinny, you are still unhealthy if you eat McDonalds. How about cooking your own organic food for a change?

  • lola

    I knew someone was gonna bitcchh about this …
    dude/dudette dont take it so seriously.. I just threw it out there lol. I dont eat at mcdonalds EVERYDAY- maybe twice a month if Im having a horrible hangover (we have all been there) I SAID she should eat at mcdonalds because she looks like she hasnt eaten anything with grease in a looooong time.
    If you like organic food fine- If you like mcdonalds fine- I dont really care. BUT for me- I eat what I want, when I want. I drink- sure bad if you say so.. BUT IM HAVING FUN. I DONT FREAKING CARE.
    Ill eat at mcdonalds, but that doesnt mean that I eat there everyday and I dont eat salad etc when Im home! Get a grip. Plus Im 18 (legal age in Sweden btw) – I have time to worry about my health when Im older. Im having FUN and living my life the way I want it. People need to stop over thinking about their weight/food/diet it’s just FOOD at the end of the day. Have a little fatty food time to time no big deal- go out- nobody is gonna judge you because it’s what most people are doing :) I know this sounds naive and all “im having fun”, but Id rather be this way than some of my friends who sit at home counting

  • lola

    *counting calories.

  • Louise


    It’s so obviously a replica of the cake, do you honestly think they would not eat it to then display it?

    As for the comments about the Monarchy in general, unless your actually British and are proud of the heritage you come from then you just simply wouldn’t get it.

    North America for example is substantially derived from pioneers who came from all over europe and if you look at your family line, I can guarantee you that quite a percentage of the population dates back from ancestors who came from Great Britain.

    We unlike so many other countries choose to embrace our history and a large part of that history is derived from the monarchy.

    Culture and the world in general is ever changing but the monarchy has been a constant for our country.

    People who ask why or what are they there for are in my opinion a little ignorant, seeking something they lack or are a little envious.

  • baylor

    @Louise: uh, nobody envies your elitist monarchy. and you are proud of it because of, as you point out, it’s long standing history. it is just silly traditionalist sentiment that you are ENSLAVED by. just because it has been around for hundreds of years and is a part of your history doesnt make it right or something to be ‘proud’ of. it is useless people parading around in crowns of jewels that you have to BOW and CURTSY to because they are Royal and You are not? LOL
    They look down on you because they think they have SPECIAL blood.
    It is Elitist. And tupid. So if you want to be proud of that then go ahead.
    But trust that Americans aren;t jealous of it.

  • anon2

    The queen is sooo cute! I love her flower dress…she outshines Kate which is difficult to do.

  • longlivethequeen

    They said the Queen got spooked by that headless manniquin. It was a little odd with tiara and the veil hanging. Spooky indeed.

  • Mule

    I never realized that the queen is that busty. he he he ……….

  • anon2


    I thought it was a little creepy too. Like a headless bride.

  • Mejay

    I second that! I’m not trying to knock the monarchy, but I really don’t get it. They are just figure heads whose lavish lifestyle is paid for by the working class. It would be as if North Americans bowed and curtsied to inbred decedents of former slave owners…. That being said, they seem like nice people.

  • Vikious

    Kate is already our QUEEN