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Lana Del Rey Covers 'British Vogue' March 2012

Lana Del Rey Covers 'British Vogue' March 2012

Lana Del Rey graces the cover of British Vogue‘s March issue.

The 25-year-old singer wore Louis Vuitton for the shoot, which she worked on with famed fashion photographer Mario Testino.

Lana recently sat down with UK’s Magic 105.4 and shared her fashion and music inspiration comes from what some may consider an unexpected source.

“I’m not really interested in a ton of female musicians but there is something about Britney [Spears] that compelled me – the way she sings and just the way she looks,” Lana explained.

Lana also chatted with Rolling Stone about her much-buzzed about Saturday Night Live performance.

“I actually felt good about it. I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine … There’s backlash about everything I do. It’s nothing new. When I walk outside, people have something to say about it. It wouldn’t have mattered if I was absolutely excellent,” she told the music mag.

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Credit: Mario Testino; Photos: British Vogue
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  • Alex A Aguilar

    I Love Lana Del Rey.

  • Happy

    Is she a new singer? Because I have never heard about her and she already graces the Vogue UK cover.

  • Charlotte La Bouff

    She is amazing

  • Lola

    How much is her publicist paid?!

  • ha ha

    Everyone knows SNL was an epic fail! She is her own biggest fan, she will disappear soon. She has that Real Housewife type face

  • Z

    Seriously Vogue?! I guess it’s not that hard being on your cover after all…

  • mel

    She looks SOOO pretty when she smiles. In the Video Games video theres a shot at the end where shes singing and smiling and it took my breath away!! Love her voice too, definetly has a Nancy Sinatra feel.

  • tut

    I feel sorry for her..she’s unfortunate looking and now that she got her fake lips she has to keep injecting them with fillers to maintain that’s a rather painful procedure..a big ol’ needle stabbing your lips. Yikes! But I guess a girl’s gotta make her money somehow.

  • Jane

    She’s beautiful and talented! Good cover

  • v

    I had not heard her music before SNL. I actually watched it when it aired that night; she sounded like a drugged out dying animal. If she thinks that was excellent she needs another occupation.

  • Jane

    Ridiculous to give her cover already, but i havet o say she sounds as bad i fnot better as Rihanna or Katy P

  • june
  • Sarah89

    I love her music but her SNL performance was awful! She needs to be honest.. or re-watch her performance..

  • Lila

    she is pretty but omg her voice sucks!!!! Maybe she should try being an actress? Husband and I saw/heard her for the first time on that SNL show and we thought it was a joke she was so bad!!!!!

  • Renae

    I know….isn’t that wierd? Clearly her label ( interscope) is going to use EVERY promotional $$ to assure she becomes a star. She literally just released her album and she’s got the COVER of Vogue? Wow!

  • UgLana

    ugly, talentless…we have one like that already in Hollywood. Her name is Blake Lively. Get lost Lana Del Fake. It isn’t even her real name. Fake name, fake lips, fake personality.

  • lucas


  • Charlie

    ‘sang fine’? A true artist never settles for ‘fine’.

  • fitzlombard

    wintour is so doing her ass!

  • Shannon

    I think it’s obnoxious of her to say she isn’t interested in any other female singers. Maybe she should be. She just sounds really dumb.

  • Cheeze

    Well, I’m a convert. I don’t like her style (personal taste) or the fact that every song on her record is co-written by a hit maker, but the melodies on her album are the shit. I like it, but I can not wait until the new Fiona comes out. I think Lana del Rey should own up to the nose job though, it’s ugly when people aren’t honest about that kind of thing. It’s not like we would judge her about the fact that she had a little one, it’s the fact that she lies about it…it makes me like her less.
    I mean hellooo @ 4:15 in this video

  • Bella Coola

    She’s a fan of Britney. No wonder her albums flop and the reviews are terrible. One talentless hick praising another.

  • Oh
  • fsd

    @Happy: daddy paid for it

  • efron

    @fitzlombard: Anna is not in charge of UK vogue. Get a grip.

  • Did you know…..

    This girl has ZERO singing talent, and the way she just sways and plays with her hair onstage is just plain STUPID. Christ, give the girl a mic stand or something to hang on to if nothing else. That SNL performance was an embarrassment, and I agree with the other poster that said, if she were a true artist, looking “beautiful” and sounding “fine” would never be enough. She doesn’t seem to care about striving for greatness at all. Mediocrity is not ok, unless you wish to be a joke……….

  • sea

    Ducky lips and a voice like a dying cat, overrated.

  • rocknmovies

    She has only released her first album and she is already on Vogue cover… Good PR team there. And she is not half as good as Anna Calvi.

  • Krissy

    “I thought I looked beautiful and sounded fine”.

    WOW. No humility. No ears apparently. No priorities (notice how she put her looks before her sound).

  • YoDa

    She’s a very pretty girl, unique looking. Her songs are different from the others. Most singers have bad days singing live. She looked nervous, puffy, and probably didn’t have enough food in her stomach. But honestly, her voice wasn’t THAT bad.

  • Stealth

    She’s going to kill her career before she gets one. You have to earn certain things not have a publicist pull a massive amount of strings.

  • the_boyfriend

    Gorgeous Cover!
    and Britney’s fanbase has been behind her since the start, all Brit’s forums like exhale, britneyboards and bmk have been supportive.

    Lana’s album is amazing, i don’t get the hate here at JJ.

  • sarah

    OMG, “I looked beautiful and sang fine” that has to be the most pathetic thing a new “singer” can say about her voice and image. What does that say? It says, as long as I’m beautiful, as long as im pretty, as long as im sexy enough I can be a singer/actress/STAR. This is pathetic, people who can’t sing shouldn’t be allowed to become famous.

  • c

    sorry but she looks like a victim of botched plastic surgery. what’s with her lips??

  • naomi

    Why is every positive comment about Lana voted down and every nasty comment voted up?
    She’s a gorgeous girl with a lovely voice who makes amazing music and happens to be a really nice person too.
    Since when is that a bad thing?

  • naomi


    Right, and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are real names.
    Since when is having a stage name wrong?

  • Actually…

    @YoDa: Yes it really was THAT bad. I did chorus in high school and if someone had been so proud of a solo performance like that in my Freshman Girl’s Chorus, everyone would have been rolling their eyes at how delusional she was. I’m not talking about laughing in her face mean girls style (because we all knew how nerve-wracking it is to sing alone), just a side look to try to bring her back to reality with the rest of us. And she was a freshman in high school a decade ago.

  • Glagla

    Uh, exactly why does she appear on here for every three posts Jared makes?

  • DD

    WOW UK Vogue just lost a LOT of credibility having her grace the cover of the magazine.

  • G

    @Happy: Lizzy’s, sorry, Lana’s daddy is rich and connected. He pretty much bought her a singing career.

  • Jewels

    Hey !
    Does anyone know when this edition is available in the UK~ I can’t find it anywhere ……

  • Alt

    @Actually…: I’m tired of hearing ‘she was alone and she was nervous’ you know what’s a harder job than being a performer? being a firefighter, a police officer, heck even a store clerk… she chose to be a performer, she said beforehand that SNL had chose her because of her talent… there is no excuse to what she delivered. it was mediocre and everyone knows how she came up to be “famous” she’s delusional and i’m getting tired of seeing this girl on news stands giving this image that as long as a girl is pretty and sexy she can get whatever she wants. that’s probably why girls my age are so shallow. Everyone wants to be a ‘Lana Del Rey’ because for some reason they think they’d get things easier.

  • Charlie

    @Alt: People like you make me believe that there is hope for the world after all. Everything you said was true.

  • Claire

    I honestly don’t understand all the haters. I love her album.

    Why do people care so much?

  • Charlie

    @Claire: Because she’s horrible live. Anyone can sound good in a studio. A true artist must be able to sing live. That’s why people are criticising her.

  • Amanda

    really hot

  • AlE


    Ugly?? NO WAY. She was pretty before she had anything done and she’s pretty after having work done. END OF!