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Beyonce Shows Off Her Post Baby Body

Beyonce Shows Off Her Post Baby Body

Beyonce steps out for the first time since giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy on Monday (February 6) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer came out to support hubby Jay-Z at his Carnegie Hall concert, which benefited United Way of New York City and his The Shawn Carter Foundation.

Beyonce showed off her post-baby body in a figure-hugging Alice by Temperley dress with Ofira & Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, an Alexander McQueen clutch, and Christian Louboutin heels.

During the concert, Jay shouted, “One hand in the air for Blue,” before singing “Glory,” the track he released just a few days after baby Blue was born on January 7.

“I didn’t think I was gonna make it through that one, that was tough,” Jay said after performing the number (via MTV News).

FYI: Jay is wearing a Tom Ford tux.

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  • Wes

    Post-pregnancy LOL sure!!

  • jess

    For all the tortured animals that were skinned alive for her fur loving style…I do hope karma comes her way sooner than later…

  • theresa

    to Wes

    she had a baby idiot. believe or not women actually do gain weight when they get pregnant. and it doesn’t come off when the baby is born.

  • Zine

    Her face has new wrinkles….looks like crash dieting. :( Its truly disgusting how PREGNANT women are expected to look like Playboy models. The treatment just after they give birth is even more horrible.

  • BAAA

    I’m a big fan of BeyoncĂ©. I think she’s one of the best performers out there. I don’t believe in her “pregnancy” for one second though…. I’m sorry. It can’t get down my throat. Yeah, I know she’s a private person and not many pics were taken but she couldn’t have hidden that pregnancy that well….. Post baby body my ass. She just stuffed up her bra to make it look bigger. I know people who do that too!

  • marisa

    Her hips weren’t even that big when she was pregnant..yea right.
    I like Beyonce and think she’s beautiful, but I just don’t believe that pregnancy thing.

  • cookie

    either this pregnancy was fake as lana del rey’s lips or she got a nice tummy tuck right after giving birth.

  • sdf

    She looks great!

  • Annoying

    So many celebrities give birth and show up a month or so later looking amazing but because of all the speculation surrounding her pregnancy this is just going to make people go nuts which is kinda disgusting because her uterus is not that important. People believe what they want but I think she gave birth and as a mother of two 3 weeks after giving birth you could not tell I had just had a baby of course spandex helped LMAO but still only those who knew I was pregnant could tell I had just had a baby.

  • sdf

    also, you guys…don’t act like she isn’t wearing a spanx…obviously..she did have a baby.

  • llws88

    Beyonce has never been a twig…but her hips were never this wide…definitely post baby body…but either way she looks stunning!

    Love the blue nail polish!

  • http://HOTMAIL MONI

    i think she never was pregnant

  • fan

    She looks great. Celebrities get back into shape so soon because that’s their career and they can afford to with the money they have for personal chefs, dieticians, trainers and etc. God bless the Carters…=)

  • sceptic

    Post Pillow Baby Body. You people, don’t act like she was stick thin before. Here come the, “I lost so-and-so amount of weight in SO LITTLE time stories.” Don’t believe it for a second,

  • pregnancy


    you have to be pregnant to have a post baby body…

  • Breezedash

    Who’s says that she wasn’t pregnant??? Stupid people. Beyonce looks amazing and beautiful.dont be jealous

  • sceptic

    Wow @Fish. What a ray of sunshine you are. You’re WORSE, than the people not believing Beyonce’s lies. At least they don’t wish harm on her. You’re disgusting.

  • steffie321

    She is overrated and annoying. How about showing a pic of the father who was kept from seeing his premature twin babies. Their family was kept apart because of B’s delusional thinking she gave birth to the messiah. Can we ignore her, Kim K and LOhan so they will go away. Can I get an Amen!

  • Sara

    she wasnt even pregnant! i used to be a fan(ish) but now…NO

  • Shelly

    @karen: FULLY AGREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FaithHillFanatic

    Of course she got her post baby body back faster than most women who have had a child. All she had to do was take off that fake pregnancy bump she wore trying to fool everyone into believing that she was pregnant. Beyonce was NOT fooling anyone. I for one do NOT believe that she was ever pregnant. I think Beyonce hired a surrogate to carry her child. For one, Beyonce loves any form of media attention and if she was really pregnant she would have done a magazine photo shoot where her pregnant tummy could have been seen by millions of adoring fans. However, thats hard to do when you are NOT actually/really pregnant. Beyonce just needs to come clean and admit that she was NEVER pregnant to begin with.

  • Shauna

    No offense, but there is NO WAY possible a woman can have a body like this after giving birth less than a month ago no matter how much money you have or how many spanx you wear! This only further confirms that her pregancy was fake and Blue Ivy was delivered via a surrogate!

  • http://@ioanaiosif sophie

    Her daughter and I share the same birthday. That’s cool! I don’t care if she was really pregnant or not….maybe she her reasons(health problems) and she doesn’t have to explain herself to us. We shouldn’t judge anyone…

  • Bbi

    i don’t believe she really was preggo cuz Jennifer Garner and Hilary were preggo before she was and they aren’t even close too pop sooo :s I just thing thats weird right! but i wish her all the luck and stuff!

  • http://@ioanaiosif sophie

    @sophie: maybe she had her reasons. Sorry!

  • prove it

    no one would care if they had a child via a surrogate. their child, their business, their lives.
    deceiving the public by pretending to be pregnant? that’s despicable! so unnecessary. that’s low.

  • shakirakitten

    Beyonce looks great and so womanly with those curves. She also seems radiant and I am certain that she is very happy with her baby and having a night out with her husband.

  • Cute

    Use are all pathetic she doesnt even look like she has lost all her baby weight she is still ALOT bigger then she was before she got pregnant and yes she has definitly had a baby look at those hips, hips dont lie bitch es and no i dont have a problem with her size she looks stunning

  • pinaynay

    she just took foam off and boom, “post-pregnancy” body

  • Cute

    @Shauna: your all crap the exact day i had my baby well as soon as she came out of me my body looked like i had never had a baby my stomach went flat and thats it but beyonces body looks like shes had a baby

  • asokewo

    I dont know why people are creating a fuss about whether she was or wasnt pregnant. “HI my names beyonce im going have the hospital where my baby born was born all to myself so people dont bombard my little one with publicity.” yes she caused controversy doing that but do you people really think she would’ve done that if she wasn’t pregnant. and gone to such a length..come on people she is a mother…..let her be a mother and if the woman wants to keep to her child’s privacy let her!!!!! We’re so used to seeing celeb moms with their children in the media all the time that when someone as big as beyonce doesn’t do that and she defies the norm, people go crazy accusing her not being pregnant…..I admire the woma so stop with all these rumours, as for the body, she has a bad assss figure that secretly we know we would love if we had a baby, but people are hating for no reason…..Love you beyyy!!!

  • Keilee

    Just to play devils advocate here, not saying I believe one way or another (other than that shes a selfish witch to separate those parents from their kids) its perfectly reasonable to assume that YES she would do that if she werent pregnant so that nobody but the nurses and doctor, whom im sure would be made to sign a non disclosure, could possibly see teh surogate. the privacy could have been so that nobody saw the pregnant surrogate or the fact beyonce wasnt pregant. just because she had all that ridiculous security, and seriously who the flaming fck does she think she is to do that, does not automatically mean tht she was pregnant. your logic is seriously flawed.

  • Shauna

    And to add even more to my #22 comment, what else that further proves that she had a surrogate was that she has absolutely no weight gain in her face. It is FACT that all pregnant women have some kind of face puffiness, especially in the cheek and nose areas! When you look at Beyonce’s face, there is no indication that there was never and weight gain, and that is absolutely impossible when you give birth less than a month ago!

  • Mary

    She kind of has the same figure as Kim Kardashian, now

  • Juliaakagg

    Wide hips! Post baby body. When I gave birth I looked better. My ass didn’t look soo big! I bet she gave birth! And u guys are hatters!

  • Josh

    I cant at the stupidity on this site. Obviously so many pregnancy experts in here..They had a miscarriage and when she was finally pregnant and people like you guys questioned her pregnancy…smh.. Whatever, keep on posting about how its not her baby etc….only thing that counts is that they are a very happy family.

  • Yesss

    Beyonce looks WOnderful and she looks tired, like she has been up late with Blue! Her hips look really wide!
    Welcome to Motherhood Bey! You still look Fab to me!

  • Yesss

    I wud have to see her side ways to judge how big or small the tummy really is though, all the angles are from the front!

  • Yesss

    Even if people saw the video of Bey giving Birth they still would not Believe it. Mercy! Let the Woman live in Peace!

  • Joe Blow

    Congratulations to them and I also believe she gave birth to her little girl and look forward to seeing pics. She and Jay will be wonderful parents.

  • Lola

    Them hips do not lie.

  • Lola

    @Shauna: Girl boo. My first thought was, she has her face back now.

  • She Stinks!

    Of course she looks great, she gave birth to a pillow. She had a surrogate, it was obvious.

  • From Paris with Love

    At first I laughed at the fake pregnancy rumors but now I really don’t know.
    Look at Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff… I Mean 9 months is 9 months, it’s a long time. Really weird o_O

  • sashafake


  • rachel

    Fat girls are gonna be mad
    Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you have to eat for america.
    Beyonce looks gorgeous.

  • LOLK

    She looks like she never gave birth, and Lauryn Hill performed 6 days after giving birth to her sixth child too and looked skinny as hell as if she has never had a baby her entire life

  • rosadimaggio63

    Non capisco come mai queste negre, hanno sempre bisogno di mostrare i loro gioielli alquanto vistosi ed orribibi…. :((

  • mimi

    i think she had a baby. look at those hips of hers.

  • Courtney

    @Shauna you’re an idiot not all pregnant women’s faces swell up look for example at the pictures of Eva Marie Saint when she won her academy award 9 months pregnant with her son Darrell her face wasn’t swollen at all and she delivered two days later. other womens faces swell up due to life Threatenning complications with pregnancy like a hernia or toximia look at Bey’s friend Mariah Carey when she was pregnant with her twins from September 2010 to April 2011 her face swelled up because of those complications and more but by the beginning of November she looked pretty much the same as she had before she was pregnant granted yeah she has trainers and is on Jenny Craig so she doesn’t end up a diabetic for the rest of her life as she had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with Roc n Roe. ever occured to you that Beyonce may have gained about 42lbs while pregnant which is 19.09 kilos and baby Blue Ivy weighed 3.181 kilos or 7lbs which is 1/6 of that