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Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith as they step out on a sunny Thursday (March 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 44-year-old Australian actress, who is set to appear on the big screen later this year in The Paperboy, took her 14-month-old to a kids’ gym.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Earlier this week, Nicole was in France for Paris Fashion Week! She attended a private party for Tod’s on Monday night.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Nicole will replace Rachel Weisz in the upcoming film Railway Man.

FYI: Nicole is carrying a Tod’s signature tote.

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  • kary

    How cute is Faith awww God bless her… little Nicole btw they’re so similar.

  • loli

    I’d like to know if she’s still in touch with Isabella and Connor. And if she’s not, why exactly, she’s still their mother. I always see her with her two little girls, but what about the two oldests ?

  • Moh123

    They are so adorable both, and Nicole look so fresh.

  • vic

    @Moh123: looks fresh? hahahah please. Nicole Kidman is the ultimate BOTOX CYBORG !!!!!

  • alady

    @loli: Why doesn’t the media press this issue with her? All these photo ops with the two younger children and nobody questions her interaction with Isabella and Connor. Waiting for all the comments about her looking so stunning in this outfit when she looks like any other woman shopping with a kid on the hip.

  • jaspisgirl

    i have to agree.i go through my town and i see hundreds of mothers, who look better!!!!!!!!! and i have also seen kids who are more adorable than that little one.sorry 4 saying!!!!!!!!

  • aww

    super cute baby!! :)

  • nicole

    they are both beautiful.

  • lisa

    Adorable <3

  • http://comcast Dee

    If you dislike Nicole Kidman, why oh why do you read and comment on these blogs all the time. @Vic–if you can look like Nicole , bring on the botox. @loli–It’s none of you business !!! Most of these nasty remarks are probably really made by Frozoid, there cannot be this many sick people on this blog. Keep being happy Nicole with your beautiful family.

  • Leslie

    lol omg, can you picture faith with little baby weights??

  • Cari

    @loli: and aLady.

    Actually it is none of your business as to whether she is in touch with anyone including her children. She has mentioned recently that she has seen them. They are 17 and 19. How many 17 and 19 year olds do you know of that hang out constantly with their parents. She has said in an interview that she talks to them or emails with them daily. For all we know Bella and Connor are in some Xenu college. How often do parents see their kids when they are at school.
    You haters pick on anything. She has always zealously protected the privacy of her kids. Most of the pics you see of her with any of her kids are when they are going to and from something. You don’t see pictures of them INSIDE restaurants, INSIDE gyms, INSIDE stores etc. Before she and Keith bought their LA house, several Beverly Hilton hotel folks said she used to meet Bella and Connor there. So you really don’t know do you if she has the older kids over to her new home? Neither do we. And it is none of YOUR or OUR business.

  • KC

    Nicole seems to be a wonderful mother to all of her children. When my son turned 16 he didn’t want to hang around with his mom and dad too much anymore. It isn’t unusual for her older children to be doing their own thing at this point in their lives.

  • alady

    @KC: 16 year old daughters do like to hang out with their moms. They go shopping, have lunch, get mani/pedis together. Remember Kidman does have Isabella too – not just Connor.

  • Lulu

    Sunday had exact mini-diaper bag in light reen color. The kids look very much alike.

  • lucy

    to alady @ 03/09/2012 at 9:29 am

    why is is it any of your business how often Nicole sees her older children? Isabella is 19 years old and Connor is 17. they are not required to be on constant public display. believe it or not; both Connor and Isabella are entitled to their privacy.

  • Shoegal421

    Pretty! She looks so much better with a little red in her hair.

  • Gloria

    Those “other kids” that some seem to obsess about are older and have their own lives. They chose to stay where the money and the cult are with their freaky dad…cult follower. Nicole got out while she could and she lives a normal life..Thank goodness. She has a wonderful family.

  • Arabella

    That woman holds the child like a sack of potatoes. Always has. More interested in the photographer than the baby.

    Cold fish actress with fake fish lips.

  • Arabella

    @Cari: Um, this is a celebrity website. People come here to post anything wish – positive or negative- about actors. It is just as much business as those who don’t like an actor as it is for those who do. Just because you don’t like what they are seeing doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to speculate or to exercise their right of free speech.

    Once a person becomes a celebrity, their public and private lives become the public’s business. Actors know this comes with the territory when they become famous. But for you to say it is not the public’s business to comment on an actor is just woefully naive and misguided.

  • Serena

    @loli: it’s really none of your business, or anyone else’s business, whether she sees her older children or not.

    @jaspisgirl: you see hundreds of mothers who look better in your town? Ha! What are you… a Walmart or Target security guard checking out everyone entering and exiting the store? Or perhaps a bus driver? There are lots of statistics that show the average American woman is very overweight. So you must really like overweight women. Oh well, good for you.

    @Vic: “ultimate BOTOX cyborg”? That shows you haven’t been watching TV. Check out the female contestants on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and other reality shows. And don’t forget some of the female news reporters. And btw… Tom Cruise’s face looks so “stretched and pulled” that with a couple more visits to the doctor, he’ll turn into an Asian-looking man.

  • @alady

    The older children have “disconnected” from Nicole because she is a “suppressive person,” not a Scientologist. She’s lucky to have any contact with them at all. There’s information all over the internet. Tony Ortega’s blogs in The Village Voice are a good place to start. Read before you judge.

  • alady

    @lucy: If the other two children are no one’s business and no one should comment, then you shouldn’t be commenting about the younger two children because they also aren’t your business.

  • 2true

    It matters to the one having a conversation with herself because she’s a “skeptic” – i.e. obsessed with Keith Urban.

  • Vanya

    Adorable little girl!

  • yahoo

    Awww, sweetness.

  • Cari


    Uh, Arabella-I didn’t say people couldn’t comment on things–I said it is none of OUR business. And it isn’t. There are also plenty of actors or A listers who do lead private lives in certain areas. You can’t get much more A plus lister than say Elizabeth Taylor, yet she kept her kids private at the height of her fame as did Jacque Kennedy, and Princess Diana. Obviously it is harder with the Internet going full force and everyone owing cellphones with cameras, but regardless, it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS with regards to the kids. People can ask all they want where the older kids are, the younger kids etc. but I don’t recall any law, God, or whatever saying it was our given right to know all the details as to why we see them or why we don’t.

  • Jonathan Frid

    @alady: Touche!

  • Serena

    @Arabella So you don’t like the way she’s holding her baby?

    Ahhh… I get it, you probably prefer the way this celeb is holding his child like a piglet and getting the child to look at the paps and wave at them!

  • http://yahoo liz

    I can see both sides of the above comments; however, a true fan cares about the celebs they follow and support. Case in point, I’ve been a Nicole Kidman fan for a long time. When she remarried and seemed so happy, I was delighted. Also, when she accomplished what she’d seemed to have wanted so long, two little babies, I was so happy for her. A loving (handsome and talented) husband, sweet little girls, everything. But, if you can believe what you read, I’m really concerned about her hormone level these days. Two of her latest young co-stars (one, of course, a baby TC look alike) have commented on her ‘realistic’ love scenes.
    I’m also having trouble with the necessity to be constantly working. Wasn’t she saying just a while back that she really wanted to stay home with the family? Of course, home is no longer Nashville; she has decided to live in LA. Now honestly, does she really feel the girls would be better off in LA? I hope I’m wrong, but I see such heartache for her in the years ahead unless she gets her priorities in order. Also, I’ve not seen Sunday really look happy since December, when in NY she looked like the happiest little girl in the world. Just saying, Nic don’t blow it, you’ll never have it so good again. You’re almost 45 – the 20′s will never come back, so appreciate what you’ve been blessed with right now.
    Commenters, I hope you disagree with me, and can come up with logical reasons for all I question.

  • my thoughts

    @liz: She is in la because it is easyier to fly back and fro to australia for keith to do the voice and as he only has a few concerts he is in la must of the time too go and look at the rest of the photos and you while see sunday skipping to daycare quite happy

  • really?

    She has decided to live in LA? where do you get that from? Their main residence is Nashville and they’ve never said otherwise. Just because work takes them away from there doesn’t mean they’ve moved out. They’ve been good parents and made sure the kids have continuity in their lives. Sunday gos to school wherever they are in addition to her regular school in Nashville. Faith goes to Gymboree and other activities just like Sunday did when she was younger. What would be the point of taking the whole family to Nashville for one day so Keith can play the Opry when they will need to be in LA eventually to get back to Australia?

    Pictures are one moment in time. Sunday is 3. Do you have kids? have you ever been around any that age? Do you know how quickly their moods change? From a few photos you think Sunday has been unhappy since December?

    I don’t know why i bothered to even respond to your post because for all I know you are one of the regular trolls trying to start ridiculous arguments again. For someone calling themselves a fan you sure have the facts mixed up and make laughable assumptions like her hormones are out of whack. Michelle Pfeiffer must be climbing the walls because Zac Efron was very complimentary towards her as well.

  • melissa

    Faith is so beautiful!!

  • kary

    @liz: omg listen to yourself her hormones are out? She is a good actress she is getting into the role… they’re in LA because Keith ‘s job in the voice is better to fly to Australia from LA… bet you are not a fan you are just another hater troll!

  • Hoppymop

    Go look at the photos from LAX last week and you’ll see Sunday skipping and jumping while holding both her parents hands. She looked like a normal happy kid.

  • Serena

    @liz: really concerned about her hormone level, eh?

    Oh well, if I were you I would be more concerned about your own hormone level. After all, pining away at Nic’s hunky hubby can make someone’s hormone level go haywire.

  • hopeso

    her daughters are so adorable.

  • apple

    If I had their money and their jobs and their kids are still not in a “regular” school, I’d stay in LA for the winter, too. Why suffer through this terrible Tennessee weather if you don’t have to? Plus everyone here has terrible colds and coughs from the weather being sunny one day a freezing the next. Stay healthy Keith. Take care of that beautiful voice and that beautiful family.

  • duh

    Obvious skeptic is obvious. Take a gander at E. Nicole, according to one of them, is going through menopause. According to them Keith has a roving eye. According to them, Nicole needs to straighten up. Put 2 and 2 together from there to here….hormones, “TC”, living in Los Angeles (something taramaclenhitndumb thinks is true), out of control love scenes. Wish I could have saved “really?” and the rest of the logical posters from bothering to respond to this liz idiot. Your instincts were right on the money.

    Skeptics you lose again!

  • lucy

    alady@ 03/09/2012 at 12:02 pm

    oh poor little troll! is that the best you can come up with.

  • we know you

    @liz – Weak try, hater. You should worry about your own hormones. They’ve been out of wack for 7 years now.
    @duh – God, they’re so stupid.

  • Zen


    That is the weakest lame stupid post of all time. It is a farce and shows how down right dumb those haters from e! are.

    They have tried every liar trick in the book. But this one take the prize for stupid!

    LoL OH MY GOD no one is really that dumb are they??? lol lol

  • lulu


    They only lie well when talking to themselves. lol

    No one believes anything they have to say.

    Nic and Keith makes liars out of them everyday and it all gets brushed under the carpet and begins all over again with slightly different ploy.

    Never works though.

    Can’t fix stupid.

  • an opinion

    She left her older kids and decided to move to Nashville. Don’t blame the kids.
    Funny how we see the younger kids with her but not the older. If in fact Nicole sees the older kids. Don’t give the excuse that she is private. Because if that was the fact she would be as private with the younger kids.
    If in fact she felt the Scientology was really bad thing, than a good mother would fight fight fight to save her kids. Nicole did not do that and and good as she wants to portray herself. She was wrong.

  • Leah

    Nicole’s hair always looks a mess. She should at least have a beautician, being a celebrity and all.

  • james

    I also wonder if she ever sees her two older children.

  • james

    @an opinion: #44
    She left her older kids and decided to move to Nashville. Don’t blame the kids.
    Funny how we see the younger kids with her but not the older. If in fact Nicole sees the older kids. Don’t give the excuse that she is private. Because if that was the fact she would be as private with the younger kids.
    If in fact she felt the Scientology was really bad thing, than a good mother would fight fight fight to save her kids. Nicole did not do that and and good as she wants to portray herself. She was wrong.
    Well said. Nicole’s bots have every excuse in book for her negligence’s.

  • Lisa

    Connor and Bella know they are not wanted by Nicole. Tom is the one who loves those children unconditionally. But Nicole is going to pay some day for distancing herself from Connor and Bella. And she just might pay through her younger two children. Karma is a b*tch.
    And all you Nicole-bots little thumbs down, don’t mean squat, because the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH, and in your hearts you know what I say is truth.

  • Roger

    @an opinion: “an opinion”/”james” obviously doesn’t know what Scientology really is and what it does to families. Just read here and learn:

  • Roger

    @Lisa: Wow. Are you a scientologist or just one of the crazy Keith Urban fanatics who can’t stand Nicole because she stole their fantasy man?
    And what’s up with the “Nicole is going to pay someday” cr*p? You sound like an insane stalker. Wow.