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Leonardo DiCaprio & Channing Tatum: Summer of Sony in Mexico!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Channing Tatum: Summer of Sony in Mexico!

Leonardo DiCaprio meets up with Jamie Foxx at the party for their film Django Unchained at Summer of Sony 4 Spring Edition held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Saturday (April 14) in Cancun, Mexico.

Earlier that same day, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill attended the 21 Jump Street photo call as part of the event. The duo dressed in full police garb as they signed autographs for fans and posed for pics!

“Forget 21 Jump Street. In Mexico it’s all about Comando Especial,” Jonah tweeted along with a movie poster for the flick, which read Comando Especial!

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Credit: Matt Dames; Photos: Getty
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  • @49

    Who are you to tell me what not to do? This is a Leo thread so why is it such a big deal that I wanna read about him and his present life not his past that`s over and not relevant? Why don`t you or benita ignore those fans so they might just stop coming here to talk crap?
    @benita: Why are you so worked up that people call you obsessed? Why is it a shocker? That you just won`t stop talking about someone you hate and someone who is not relevant in Leo`s life anymore? And that you are boring? You are posting the same thing over and over again. That is boring.
    Also who told you that you can`t say whatever you want? Unlike #49 I`m not telling you what to or not to do. I`m just trying to make you see my point. That maybe, just maybe people wanna move on from the Bar stuff already and not read the same thing again and again. At least not on the Leo threads. You have the right to think and post whatever you want. But why here?

  • @benita

    Oh, just because people are tired of you cr*p they should leave. How about you going and continue reading instead of posting the same stuff again and again? Keep your advice to yourself about what should I do. I didn`t ask for it. It is a forum where not everyone agrees with you. If you can`t handle it maybe you should leave. Just an idea!

  • @ToBenita #43

    So a Brasilian gossip columnist is more aware about Leo’s whereabouts in Cancun than a Mexican reporter? I wonder who is that girl’s source….

  • benita

    @@@benita: its often Bar herself—there are obvious similarities sometimes between some posts and her inane twitter and inane tumblr account…the one she was in denial about having…and the official one.

    Why does it bother them so much that I would like to see him with a beautiful woman of color—just something different because all four of the “public” girls were exactly the same, blond, under 25 lingerie models, except for Blake, who also models. The first three (Gisele, Bar, Blake) even had the same surgeries (nose, breasts, lightened hair, collagen for bar for a while) JUST SOMEONE DIFFERENT.

    I mean we know Bar’s family and mother is racist, with the “I cant wait to see the blonde baby” crap and the “GO STRAIGHTEN YOUR NAPPY HEAD” comments they used to leave me. I’m white, by the way. Why does it upset this poster (ha) that we dont think that BLONDE AND BLUE EYED is the BEST? I mean Bar’s not even naturally blonde, she’s a brunette)

    show us that something else matters leo, is all Im saying. Maybe he’ll never have a woman of color as the PUBLIC girlfriend, but as someone on LSA said “he’ll hit on a pretty sister.”

    Someone on LSA even said the Refaeli camp was upset that he was dating a black girl in NYC last year…that that would jeopardize her standing as a “supermodel.” (She isnt) which is really a leap of logic—since blacks are “inferior” him preferring one or sleeping with one would make her look less professionally qualified. ARE YOU SH***TTING ME?

    Really dont like that, do you honeys, hmmm?

  • benita





  • benita


  • @benita

    Who said not to say whatever you want? You get so offended when people try to tell you that the Bar topic is just annoying and boring on the Leo thread. And you just keep pushing it no matter what then you get all upset that people call you names and stuff like that. It`s like you intentionally want to annoy people and ruin these threads. And it`s all about taking `whatever you wanna say` about Bar to her threads and not here.
    Keep going on and ruin yet another thread if that`s what makes you feel better. And be offended when you are called obsessed and all those other names.

  • benita

    it says at the bottom the brazilian was sent to cover the sony junket….so maybe she does know. Leo needs his glasses, he’s squinting, looks good otherwise, and I like Kerry’s dress—looks like Pucci. he has his arm around her so it looks like he doesnt mind touching the merchandise! Although she probably knows him by rep and has a functional relationship with a husband or boyfriend somewhere…the truly smart women wont touch him, sigh.

  • benita



  • benita



  • benita


  • @benita

    Then don`t read it. I said just keep pushing the Bar talk because apparently that`s the only thing that keeps you happy and brings some meaning to your life. Otherwise why would you focus on her so much?
    And the funny part is that you call my comment `blah blah blah`. That`s priceless from someone who is stuck in the past and posts like a broken record! LOL!

  • @benita

    Oh, of course. I forgot. If someone doesn`t like your comments and your obsession with Bar that`s part of her `team` and that person cannot be anyone else other than Bar, her mom or Adi. How could I forget that? It`s not like you haven`t posted that like a 100 times already! It`s completely new and not boring at all! LOL!

  • @Asian Persuasion-38

    I think you’re absolutely spot on.
    It’s also strange this tin.., sorry benita claims she’s a ‘white blonde’ but never stops obsessing about anon bloggers on ‘non-blonde’ websites, trashing Leo’s blondes and claiming Leo is sleeping with ‘non blondes’ to make herself and her ilk feel better. Craaazy

  • Desperate Much?

    OMG OMG. Leo put his arm around Kerry in a press junket. He must be lusting after her, he wants her, feel the desire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Le scandal

  • benita

    okey doke… I read his Bellazon, and there is no article posted on bellazon that they arrived together or were seen on the beach-a poster joked she was seen on the beach with him, he was seen on the beach with CHANNING TATUM.

    Anyway. I still have hope it’s over, but it really isnt that big a deal. And they might have left already as the event was Saturday. He stayed at Velas–I stayed at Velas in Puerto Vallarta….very nice. So I dunno.

    Have to go now!

  • benita

    @@Asian Persuasion-38: why do you love blondes so much? I have to ask again.


  • AsianPersuasion

    He should be with an Asian girl like most successful white men! I’m only half kidding ;)

  • from bz

    Correct me if I`m wrong but the second paragraph claims he arrived with Erin. And what do you know it`s from his bz thread… Page 995 posted by by_princess. :)

    `DiCaprio claims to be “in character” and not participate in interviews about the new Tarantino movie

    In Cancun, Mexico, to promote “Django Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Summer of Sony in the event, held by the studio, actor Leonardo DiCaprio declined to participate in any conversations with the press held on Sunday (15), which included the presence of the filmmaker, the actors Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz and actress Kerry Washington.

    DiCaprio arrived in Cancun on Saturday (14), with his girlfriend (the model Erin Heatherton, 22), and attended the party held that evening, but according to a spokesperson for Sony, claimed he did not want to talk to journalists because it is “in character. ”
    Tarantino’s new production takes place in 19th century America, two years before the Civil War. Jamie Foxx is Django, a slave whose brutal history with its former owners leads him to know the German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Waltz). Schultz is on track and Brittle Brothers criminals Django can only take him to his reward. Schultz bought Django with the promise to release him after the capture of the Brittle Brothers – dead or alive. The success of the enterprise leads to release Django Schultz, but the two go together and go on his journey in search of the most wanted criminals in the southern United States. With a nose for hunting, Django remains focused on one goal: to find and rescue, Broomhilda (Washington), his wife, who was separated long ago by slave traders. The search for Django and Schultz eventually leads them to Calvin Candie (DiCaprio), the owner of “Candyland”, a plantation where slaves are trained by Ace Woody (Kurt Russell) to fight each other for sport. By exploring the site under false pretenses, Django and Schultz arouse the suspicions of Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson), the loyal domestic slave Candie. His movements are being monitored and a treacherous organization closes the siege about them.`

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  • Yaya

    I’m so excited about Django Unchained. I was wondering why Leo had that beard when he went to Mexico, now I know why.

  • tk

    Why are all male celebrities suddenly growing beards?

  • benita

    @AsianPersuasion: i know but those guys want a servant-asian women are supposed to be good “rules followers” and cook and clean for them….if that is what they want they can have it. I know an MD with a chinese fetish—he has a main one but messes around with others. so you all can have him if you like!

  • benita

    @from bz: i really didnt see this…and I dont know what the source is. BUt whatever, suppose she is there…big deal. One day she wont be.

    One day soon hopefully! Just right now its hard to find a replacement–he’s been through all the other panty models, or they are married,

    “One fine day…..” :) :) :)

  • benita

    it just makes me smh when the barfies get upset when someone suggests that Leo might like or occasionally sleep with someone who is not aryan….what’s in their heads that they cant cope with that? and it is the barfies…I know who I’m talking to.

  • Creed

    IMO I think it would be perfectly fine if Leo married a Beautiful, Sexy, Young, Girl who was like 22 years younger than him, IF SHE HAD HALF A BRAIN IN HER HEAD.

  • hmm

    Can We Please Get Back To The ACTUAL Post rather then this nonsense of HIS PERSONAL LIFE!!! Underline HIS personal life! Bar/Erin whatever who actually cares??
    On the post
    I think he looks great, yes not really attractive but I doubt his character is suppose to be attractive
    I’m sooooo excited for this movie. Leo is a villainous role,never seen it before
    I can’t w8 till the release :D

  • FrG

    First of all i’m a big fan of Leo, i have seen all his movies at the time even before Titanic.
    But damn Leo you have everything, money, fame and now the body you have just reflect your style of life and look at your face it seems you are drinking a lot of alcohol, and you seem to get that unattractive little soft around the edges like an old man neglecting, when you are actually young.
    It would be so more healthy for you to be in good shape and athletic instead of being neglecting. Because you have everything you have nothing to complain about. You look like a lazy guy outside your work. I mean that sad.

  • FrG

    BTW that beard is not at all for the character, we can see pics of the shooting.

  • guli

    to # 43 – the article Brazil translated in english here-In Cancun, Mexico, to promote “Django Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Summer of Sony in the event, held by the studio, actor Leonardo DiCaprio declined to participate in any conversations with the press held on Sunday (15), which included the presence of the filmmaker, the actors Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz and actress Kerry Washington.

    DiCaprio arrived in Cancun on Saturday (14), with his girlfriend (the model Erin Heatherton, 22), and attended the party held that evening, but according to a spokesperson for Sony, claimed he did not want to talk to journalists because it is “in character. “The filming of “Django”, which is due out in January 2013, are being held in New Orleans, USA, and the cast came directly from the set to attend the event. Leo participated only in the shoot and leaves the Mexican city on Sunday. – and as you can see there IS false info in their reports . there is NO evidence to substantiate any thing about various implications , just like tricky photos of someone in a black hoody with face covered and short middle finger -NOT LEO- here`s more to chew on -Django Unchained | In Theaters Dec 25 | Official Site
    Django Unchained, a film by Quentin Tarantino – In Theaters Dec 25, 2012

  • Dasha

    I can’t wait to see this movie, I love you Leo!!!!

  • hmm

    he actually look slimmer? in the full body shots, his body looks a lot skinnier than before. His face stays bloated looking for some weird reason lol it’s probably all the cigars and alcohol. I don’t think he minds though, he’s always wanted to get rid of the pretty boy image, so the uglier he gets, the happier he probably is lol

  • Wha?

    Why is his face so puffy? He’s not fat enough to have a face that bloated.

  • jennifer

    If she can’t control him at 4, just think how will be when he is a teen.


    @FrG: Yeah, he’s pretty much given up on himself. Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Phillippe, and Mark Walberg show what healthy malse can look like at 40, and Leo is nowhere near any of them in terms of looks.
    Give me Ryan, Ryan and Mark…

    PS: Face puff = long term alcohol abuse.

  • Cheeky

    I think that Leo is genetically predisposed to having fuller cheeks. If you look at his parents, he’s the spitting image of them and their faces are a little fuller. Irmelin less so lately because she’s lost some weight and looks slim and gorgeous. I agree with @Jes: and think that Leo looks great for his age and a lot better than other guys his age.

  • @80

    ??? the article was actually posted ” 3 ” times under this thread….. the question is how a Brasilian reporter is more aware about Leo arriving with his 22 year-old model girlfriend and no reliable Mexican journalists have spotted her a the party nor at the event…., no sighting of her, no photo…??? Weird, isn’t it?

  • sarahman

    @WICKED WENCH: ew mark wahlberg? really? he looks like he’s on steroids. Ryan Reynolds is such a ken doll. Leo looks like shit now but at least he doesn’t look like a gym rat like those guys. I can’t stand guys who look like they spend half their day in the gym.

  • Cheeky

    I guess I’m in the minority. I think the beard is sexy and very masculine. I for one hope that the look comes back for (short) while. As for the hair color, I dig that too. It makes him look more Irish with the contrasting blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair.

  • LadyG

    Whats the link to his bz thread?

  • NO EXES?

    I agree Coco. Good observation.
    -Looks like we have Bars #1 fan in post 10? Dropping a hint? Yep, I do believe something is up, especially with the following hints:
    - bar rep presence has not abided in the last year on dicaprio threads
    - strategically placed messages suggesting they still have a strong bond
    - Leo’s friends taking pics with her the last 6 months
    - Tobey and Jennifer trips with the little Sweetheart, in logical order
    Don’t be fooled. A Bar and LEO reunion may be hot on its way?!!! Marriage. conversion, and babies already being calendared?
    Erin, ASIDE, who here wants to see LEO with a different GIRL completely? NO EXes?

  • Missy

    God, what is everyone going on about? He still is handsome. He has yet to lose to weight he gained for his role in J. Edgar Hoover. (which he wanted to do himself, gain weight for that part because he is a serious committed actor, and doesn’t only care about his looks!) and his extremely dark hair/eyebrows/beard which he has for this role makes him look less soft/older. He has looked like this before, except in Revolutionary Road, because he went back to his own weight and shaved and was pretty much blonde again. He looked amazing there, both him and Kate didn’t look much different from their Titanic days. So stop the complaining, also if you are a fan you should be concerned about his acting more than about his looks. And yes he is aging, aren’t we all? At least he is human, that’s a good thing to me!

    And to answer the question above: I think he would be amazing with Kate Winslet. The way he looks at her still, and holds her and even bought her this beautiful ring, i never see him act that way with his girlfriends. He respects her so much, it’s obvious.

  • @88

    No sighting or photo of her in Mexico. And other than this Sony event there was no photo or sighting of Leo either as far as I know.

  • @80-@88

    EH was in NY all weekend long. A friend of mine say her shopping Saturday, she was with her little dog.

  • @95

    She could have flown to Mexico later on Saturday…

  • @95

    It takes long hours to get to Mexico from New York but it is possible. Who knows?

  • Erin

    I really doubt that she has been in Mexico. We would have seen at least one picture of her at the Sonny party, lurking behind like in the Mobli party.

  • @Erin

    No she wasn’t in Mexico….and she is still in NY, and guess what she’s doing for her living at the moment? Waving push-up bras, blowing kissses in a tight dress and high heels flanked between two other VS Barbies…LOL!

  • @@95

    Yep its possible
    I think she was in Mexico, I dont know it as a fact. But you know Leo’s hysterical fangirls any twitter sighting or magazine clip of them is a LIE. Because Leo hates her, she is his puppy and they are not together yada yada yada. Anything to make themselves feel better lol
    And today, yes she has being doing her job as a VS Angel. The b***h Sarcasm off

  • @100

    Who said that Leo hates her? Seems like you need to make things up all the time to make yourself feel better!