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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy: Romantic Weekend! - Pics!

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy: Romantic Weekend! - Pics!

Taylor Swift holds hands with rumored boyfriend Conor Kennedy on Saturday (July 28) as the spend they weekend together at his family’s compound in Hyannis Port, Mass.

The 18-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy wrapped his arm around the 22-year-old singer’s waist as they walked along a dock following a boat ride.

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Taylor and rumored beau Conor made a pit stop at a pizza restaurant over the weekend.

“He found her a seat. It was very sweet,” a source told the New York Post. “She was laughing and talked with a lot of little kids.”

FYI: Taylor is carrying Coach‘s Legacy Leather Saddle Bag.

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  • lauren

    um. really taylor?
    you can so much better.

  • cami

    let me know when she writes a breakup song about him.

  • Love The Shoes

    Ooh! Doesn’t she know that’s a no no! He’s a Keeennnneeedddyy!!!!! and ya know what that means! He’s a Democrat! Run Taylor Run!

  • Emma

    He’s only 18 and she’s turning 23, she has a facination with teenage boys. Kinda icky.

  • s

    Wow! She’ll do anything to stay in the spotlight!

  • Lailah

    Aww, didn’t his mom just pass? Very sad. I’m glad he has someone with him. As for Taylor, she’s a cool girl. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  • No name

    lol…She looks like she SO doesn’t want to be photographed…not.

  • tima

    Could they look more All-American?! Cute.

  • Lailah

    @Emma: That’s not even that much of an age difference. She looks so happy? Why can’t people just stop being so judgmental?

  • Jeremy

    Cute couple i suppose. Can’t wait to hear all about their romance and break up in her next song.

  • lola_uk

    I’ll say the same thing i said before:
    I’m so confused by this woman. She’s 22-years-old, but has the lyrical depth and insight of a 12-year-old girl, she INSISTS on dating teenage boys but she dresses like my 75-year-old grand mum. Get it together, woman!

  • Love The Shoes

    Btw, his mom is the one who committed suicide a few months ago.

  • Mackenzie

    Seriously give her a break. His mum just died. Give the poor kid a break. And Taylor Swift? She’s a sweet girl. So he’s 18 and she’s 22? Obviously this kid has been through tragedy that has probably made him extremely mature for his age. If they make each other happy, who are any of you to judge? His mom committed suicide – 2 months ago? The kid is smiling! I think it’s great! Love is louder people. Get it together.

  • Mackenzie

    @lola_uk: I find it hilarious that people actually judge her based on her songs and her clothes? There is so much more to life than being superficial. Should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Fassdong

    Kennedy Curse!

  • dana

    She’s gone thru a lot of men for only being 22 don’t you think?

  • Ev

    Her outfits are cute. That is all.

  • Barbara

    So is she bearding for another gay guy or is he straight and she’s really dating him?. Maybe she’s finally found a real boyfriend who’s on her wavelentgh and wants to acutually have sex with a girl. Afterall, Taylor comes off as a 17 year old cheerleader and he just turned 18. They can compare their SAT scores together.

  • NBTT

    I don’t believe it. What the heck is wrong with people here? So what when she’s a little bit older than him? Age is just a number. And to judge him because he’s a Kennedy. People get over yourselves. To be part of the Kennedy clan isn’t the worst. Some people would be more than happy to get the chance to be part of this family, it can smooth the way in many different ways.
    It’s really hard to believe how stupid a lot of people react to something like that for heavens sake.

  • ace11

    Much better choice for her than Jake Gyllenhaal

  • KissThis

    Good for them, at least they have someone. If it was me, I wouldn’t date an 18 year old and I’m younger than Taylor, but maybe he’s mature for his age.

  • Ava

    Maybe after her experiences with the older guys (John Mayer, Jake G) she went to the opposite direction. On another note, I hope this boy is alright… especially losing his mom :(

  • Mackenzie

    Taylor Swift is probably off with her man while we’re talking about her. Happiness and love takes courage. Why don’t you guys go find lives?

  • lori

    he must be really tall…..she’s like 5’10″ or more. he must 6’4″?

  • Theresa

    ¨he is 18 hello

  • amy blue

    Just picked up my copy of the ny post on ebay

  • Missy

    Aiming a little young there, TSwift.

  • Missy

    lol watch out everyone a new album is in the making

  • anon

    So… is this boyfriend number 20 or 25? I’ve lost track.

  • hold up

    shes not been with someone since 2010 so give her a break and let her be happy my god. conor is a decent young man and stop judging them for their age. theres so many 20 plus years old there that has a mind of a 12 years old. older age doesn’t mean mature. there are 18 yrs old there thats more mature than any 20plus year old.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Love The Shoes: Is saying “Democrat or Republican” against the rules on JJ? Why did I get a…….Hidden due to low comment rating? What the H is up with that?

  • Sophia

    For being 22, she sure know her way around…

  • K

    How do you go from dating men in their 30′s to an 18 year old? Little swifty gets around!

  • stan

    Slutshaming again? What an ignorant bunch. 99% sure she dates a lot less than your average young American girl. Her trouble is that she is a celebrity….any male friend she is out with becomes her boyfriend in the media. Oh well…

    Let her try to find happiness. Girlfriend lived like a nun for 2 years for fukks sake.

  • MK

    I love Taylor, but I think she is dating the wrong aged men…she needs someone not too much younger than her (they’re probably still too immature) and not too old (John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal anyone?). She needs someone around her own age. But if she’s happy, then I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end!

  • yau

    chill down.
    what do you guys have with your ‘only dating famous boys to get attention’ thing?
    if you didn’t forget taylor is also very famous and famous people are dating famous people.

  • vanessa

    i dont love her but i dont know i am happy

  • Kim

    WHY is she dating an 18 year old kid?

    And WHY is she dressed like a 70 year old woman going to Church? I 100% understand dressing modestly, but I mean THIS, come on. I feel like she has a love for old lady clothes or something.

    P.S. He needs a haircut.

  • Frozoid

    His mother committed suicide just two months ago. It’s very weird that he doesn’t seem sad at all. Must be in denial.

  • Frozoid

    @Lailah: Actually at that age it’s a HUGE age difference.

    Ever seen the maturity levels of an 18 year old college freshman and a senior? They’re oceans apart.
    Also, it’s odd that he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. His mother just hung herself two months ago.

  • Too American

    yeah, it’s all too sweet initially with her when she’s pretending to be someone she’s not…and then she unleashes the real taylor swift on them and they feel like ordering a restraining order against her, that’s when they dump her!!!..and she says, ‘I’ll find someone who actually treats me well’, in her NAUSEATING SONGS which two year-olds buy:P

  • Yawn

    @Emma: Yeah, she reminds me of vanessa whats her name.

  • maria

    They actually look good together. She is so tall and skinny, and he is tall and lanky. Why is the age issue such a big deal? If you’re attracted to someone who is close in age, would you say no to dating because of a number? That’s so silly. She’s the one who has to decide if his age is a deal breaker, and I’d say she likes him, no matter how old she is. Older guys are obviously not for her either.

  • A

    @Love The Shoes:

    Better a Democrat than a war-mongering Republican. At least with Connor, she won’t have to go fight in Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan, or any other useless war a Republican will start. Taylor, regardless of who you date, do yourself a favor: STAY AWAY FROM THE BUSHES, ROMNEYS, KOCH BROTHERS, and the rest of the war-mongering Republican clans.

  • Louise

    He is way too young for her. Males are more immature than girls and the male should be five years older, not the female being five years older. Taylor is such a putz.

  • Yas

    JAIL BAIT…. Get a MAN woman!

  • Kim

    @Yawn: OMG YES. I was thinking the samething.

    They needs to find MEN their own age. Not boys who are just barely legal or boys who can’t even legally drink yet.

  • person

    Since when is a four year age difference such a huge deal?
    This website is so age-obsessed? Pretty much every article includes the subject’s age, as well as several comments claiming the person looks too old for their age, or dresses too young, or whatever. Get over it.

  • fauzan swift

    They are looking freaky couple. I dont like the boy! Sorry Taylor, U should back in Lautner’s arms…

  • Kim

    @person: When the guy JUST turned 18 and the girl is almost 23 years old. You’re going to get people commenting about age. Its a known fact boys aren’t as mature as girls, therefore people find it odd she’d want to date a kid who just became legal.